December 1, 2009

Thomas Reed Crawford of Amherst Co., VA

Update 12/03/2009:  The bottom photo was taken c1902 and shows Tom Crawford and his wife, Mary Frances "Fannie" Ogden.  The top photo is Tom Crawford in his later years.

The child between the couple is Van who married Estelle Crist.  Children behind Tom and Fannie are, l-r: Thomas Powell, who married Alma Gertrude Coffey; Lawrence and Houston.  Houston married Hallie Coffey, daughter of Arthur and Jenny Davis Coffey.  Lawrence is believed to have never married.

The older children, l-r, are: Massie, wife of "Fed" Coffey; Walter who married Beatrice Coffey; Christina who married a Wright; Ora who married Hugh Nelson Coffey; Zack Coffey and his wife, Catherine.

I believe this is the Thomas Reed Crawford family of Amherst Co., VA.  Several of their childred married into the Coffey family.

Thomas married Mary Frances Ogden c1873 and subsequently fathered at least 10 children.
The problem with the photo being of this Crawford family is, not withstanding how young the [apparent] wife appears, the age difference between the four younger children and the six older children. 

My files show that Thomas Reed was born Jan. 20, 1847 in Virginia and died Feb. 5, 1926 in Amherst Co.  Mary Frances Ogden, a daughter of Zachariah Ogden, Jr. and his wife Mary Elizabeth White, was born Feb., 1860 in Amherst Co.  Thomas was a son of Mansfield and Catherine [maiden name unknown] Crawford.

Their children were:

Mary Katherine, born c1874, married Zachariah Coffey c1897.  Zach was the son of Frederick and Catherine H. Ogden Coffey.

Christianna, born Oct., 1874.  No other information.

Susie Massie, born Apr. 6, 1876 in Amherst Co., and died there on Dec. 8, 1938.  Susie married Frederick "Fed" Coffey, Jr.   He was a brother to Zach who married Mary Katherine.

Walter J., born Oct. 5, 1878 in Amherst Co., died in VA on Jul. 13, 1943.  He married Beatrice Coffey on Jan. 13, 1909.  Beatrice was a daughter of George Washington and Sarah Frances Coffey Coffey. 

George was born Sep. 16, 1853 to Reuben Wetzel and Sarah Jane Wood Coffey.  He died May 31, 1928 in Amherst Co.  Sarah Frances was born Sep. 2, 1856 to William "Billy" and Sarah G. (Ann?) Crawford Coffey.  Reuben and "Billy" were distant cousins, and "Billy" was a son of Jordan and Elizabeth Rippetoe Coffey, founders of "Coffeytown" in Amherst Co.
Ora Wills, born Jul. 28, 1881 in Amherst Co., died there on Dec. 20, 1976.  She married Hugh Nelson Coffey, a son of Harden and Elizabeth "Bettie" Crawford.  Hugh was born Jul. 4, 1876 in Amherst Co. and died there on Dec. 20, 1957.

Thomas Powell, born Jul. 12, 1884 in VA, married c1907 to Alma Gertrude Coffey, born May, 1890 to Arthur and Virginia Ann "Jenny" Davis Coffey.

John Houston, born Nov. 14, 1886 in Alto, Amherst Co., died Mar. 28, 1973 in VA.  He married Hallie Pearl Coffey, born Feb. 21, 1892 in Amherst Co., died Oct. 2, 1973.  Hallie Pearl was sister to Alma Gertrude.

Lawrence DeWitt, born Aug. 28, 1890 in Alto.  No other information.

Lucy, born May, 1893 in Amherst Co., married John E. Cash c1915.

Van Talmage, born Jun, 6, 1898 in Amherst Co., married Estelle Crist c1923.

Please contact me if you can confirm that the photo is this family.  It would be extremely helpful if you can also assign names to the children.

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