January 25, 2010

Albert Sampson & Mary E. Johnson Calloway

Albert was a son of Larkin and Sarah Coffey Calloway.  He was born in April, 1846, probably in Watauga Co., NC.  His death date and place is not yet known.  He married Mary E. Johnson c1868.  Mary was born Nov., 1851 and her death date and place is also yet unknown.

Albert and Mary had eight children, four sons and four daughters:

Albert Sampson Calloway Family
- William Clingman Calloway was born Jan. 26, 1870 in Watauga Co. and died Jan. 2, 1954 in that county.  He married Minerva Victori[a?] Aldridge, a daughter of James and Sallie Gragg Aldridge.  Minerva was born Nov. 24, 1874 in Watauga Co. and died there on Oct. 21, 1948.  Both she and William are buried at the Coleman cemetery in Foscoe, Watauga Co.

 - Julius Monroe Calloway, born Mar. 30, 1872 in Watauga Co. and died on Feb. 4, 1951.  He married Sabert "Sabra" Caroline Ward c1928.  Julius died on Feb. 4, 1951 in Shulls Mill, Watauga Co. and Sabert died Dec. 30, 1966 in Avery Co., NC.  After Julius died in 1951, Sabra married Joe Presnell but when she died, her children buried her at Calloway Cemetery in Foscoe with their father.

Julius and Sabra had 13 children:  May Belle, Goldie, Albert Johnson, Ivey June, Mary Sadie, Frank Wesley, William Cling, Stephen Monroe, Denver (died in infancy), Robert James (died at age 17), Norma Jean, Jimmy "J.C." Carol and Wanda Sue.

 - Sarah, born Dec., 1875

 - Ella, born May., 1882

 - Larkin Alberton, born Apr. 1, 1885 in Watauga Co., died Jan. 27, 1960 at Boone.  Larkin married his distant cousin, Nettie Louise Coffey, a daughter of Francis Richmond and Etta May Hayes Coffey.  Their children were DeEtte, born 1914; Nellie M., born 1917, died 1923; MacDonald, born 1919, died 1935 and Claude Coolidge, born 1922.

 - Lilly Jane, born 1887, died 1964, married Robert Eli Long.  I know of one child, Bruce Calloway Long, born 1912 in Watauga Co.  Lillie, and probably Robert as well, is buried at Calloway Cemetery in Foscoe.

 - Sherley Blaine, born Jan. 24, 1890.  He married Nettie G. Byers, born c1895 in NC.  They had children: Asia, born 1915; Mary Alice, born 1917; John Henry, born 1919; Della Mae, born 1921; Wanda Lee, born 1924; and Lola Bell, born 1927, all in Watauga Co.

 - Connie Dora, born Apr. 27, 1893 in Watauga Co., married Walter H. Maupin.  They are thought to have settled in Tennessee after their marriage.

In the photo are, sitting, Mary E. Johnson Calloway, Albert C Sampson Calloway, From left to right 1st row Lillie/Lula J, Connie Dora (in Marys lap), Sherley Blaine 1886 (in Sampson's lap), Larkin Alberton.  Second row left to right: Ella, Julius Monroe, Sarah, and William Clingman. The small picture in the corner under Mary is of Albert Calloway and his Aunt Lillie (the baby in Marys lap) [Photo courtesy of Wendy Calloway Lindsey, Jan., 2010].

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