February 2, 2010

Rufus & Cordelia Jane Carroll Coffey

Front L-R: Martha, Rufus, Cordelia & Bernice
Rear L-R: James Fred, William Frank & Oma Anna

Rufus was a son of William Allen and Mary Wiseman Coffey.  He was born on Jan. 24, 1860 in Brumley, Miller Co., MO and died in Bristow, Creek Co., OK in 1931.  He and Cordelia were married in Missouri on Mar. 13, 1884.  Cordelia was born Dec. 10, 1863 in Macon Co., GA and died in Bristow in 1942.  They are both buried at Bristow city cemetery.

The children of Rufus and Cordelia were:

William Frank, born Apr. 4, 1885 in Camden Co., MO and died Mar. 31, 1966 in OK.  Frank married twice.  His first wife was Sarah Ellen Scott, born Feb. 4, 1888 in MO and died July 1, 1924 in Bristow.  They had two children together, Stella, born c1908 in MO and, Alice Jane, born Feb. 24, 1911 in Bristow.  Alice died at the age of 20 in Bristow and was buried there in the city cemetery.

Frank's second wife was Senith E. Johnson Kennedy, born Dec. 11, 1902 in OK.  In 1920 Senith and her brother Henry lived with her mother and step-father Jeff Turner in Bristow.  Senith was apparently married to a Mr. Kennedy shortly thereafter.  By 1926 she was married to Frank and so did not appear in the 1930 census as a Kennedy.  The 1930 census for Frank and Senith enumerated several children in the household:  Gordon, age 9 (born c1921); Bryce, age 7 (born c1923); John J., age 5 (born c1925) and Robert, 18 mos. (born c Aug., 1928).  It appears then from this record that the three eldest children were Kennedys while Robert was a Coffey.

 Not much has been yet discovered about the remaining children:

James Fred, born Apr. 2, 1889 in Camden Co.  He married Cora Faye Rhodes.  Of the two brothers, James is the only one for whom a WW1 draft registration has been found.  He registered in Copeland precinct, Gray Co., KS on Jun. 5, 1917.  Jeff was single and a self-employed farmer in Copeland.  He was described as being of medium build and height with blue eyes and black hair.  He was 28 years old, and gave his birth date as Apr. 2, 1889 in Toronto, MO.

Oma Anna, born Aug. 23, 1894 in Camden Co., married Ray Gustin.

Martha J., born Aug. 22, 1899 in Camden Co., died Apr. 24, 1984 in Creek Co.  She married James Floyd Webster, born Dec. 12, 1897, died Jun. 12, 1978 in Creek Co.  Both are buried at Bristow in the city cemetery.

Bernice Fanny, born Aug. 13, 1905 in Camden Co., died Sep. 18, 1983 in Creek Co.  She married Raymond L. Ramsey, born Apr. 17, 1902, died July 26, 1991.  Both are buried at Bristow in the city cemetery.

Much info is still needed: The burial place of James and his family as well as Oma Ann and her family is unknown. Neither do I have a complete list of all the grand children of Rufus and Cordelia.

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