May 27, 2010

Salathiel & Nancy Dunbar Coffey - Continued

The fourth child of Salathiel and Nancy was Harriet, born Jul. 28, 1845 in KY, died Jan. 19, 1891 in Collin Co., TX.  She married Robert Benton Whisenant on Sep. 3, 1865 in Collin Co.  He was born Jan. 18, 1843 in Newton Co., MO and died Jan. 9, 1937 in Allen, Collin Co.  Robert is buried at the Allen Cemetery while Harriet was buried in Plano at the Bowman Family Cemetery.

There were at least 10 children born to this union:  Mary Ann; John Milton; Virginia E.; Maude Franklin, died young; Edgar L., died young; Sarah Frances, died young; Forest B., Henry; Walter S.; and Antha.  John married Ola Stancell and died in Collin Co. in 1935.  Forest married Sarah A. Bryan and died in 1917.

Next born was Milton Wolford "Mint" Coffey who married Amanda Virginia "Jennie Lewis.  You can read about his family here and here.

Following Mint was Zachariah Taylor, born Oct. 20, 1848 in Russell Co., KY, died Jun. 21, 1922 in McKinney, Collin Co., TX.  He married Mary Elizabeth Snider c1873.  She was born Mar 12, 1855, and died Apr. 9, 1898 in Collin Co.

They had at least 12 children:

1 - James Allen, died young

2 - Unnamed infant, died young

3 - Atha Ann, died in her ver early 20s.

4 - Lucy Jane, born 1878 in Collin Co., died in Fort Worth on Aug 1, 1962.  Lucy married Luther T. Hunter, born Jun. 24, 1878, died Aug. 8, 1970 in Montague Co., TX.  Both are buried at Forest Grove.

5 - Zithia Ellen, born Jan. 22, 1880, died Mar. 9, 1969 in McKinney.  She married William Ambers Dungan, born Aug. 16, 1880 in Copiah Co., MS and died in McKinney on Jan. 21, 1967.  They too are buried at Forest Grove.  Children were:  Eustace, Arvel, William, Mary Lou and Joe D.

6 - Mellie Missouri, born 1883, died c1924.

7 - Salathiel Snider, born 1885, died 1889 in Collin Co. and was buried at Forest Grove.

8 - Josephine Alice "Josie", born 1887, died 1975 in Garland, Dallas Co., TX.  Josie married Claude Cecil Martin, born Jan. 28, 1877 in DeKalb Co., TN, died Apr. 22, 1923 in Childress Co., TX.

9 - Edith Eudora, born 1890, married George M. Martin, born c1885 in TN and possible brother to Claude.

10 - Myrtle Harriet, born 1893 in Collin Co., died 1971 in McKinney as was buried at Pecan Grove Cemetery in McKinney.  She married a Mr. Orr. 

11 - Jesse Wolford, born 1896 in Collin Co., died 194 in McKinney.  He married Mildred Elizabeth Joplin on Feb. 26, 1927 in Collin Co., the daughter of Robert Alfred and Katie L. McEntire Joplin.  Mildred was born in 1903 and died Oct. 9, 1989 in McKinney.  Both are buried at Pecan Grove.

12 - America Leta, born 1897.  No other information.
The last child of Salathiel and Nancy was Nancy Jane, born 1851 in Russell Co., KY, died Mar. 16, 1946 in Vashti, Clay Co., TX.  Nancy married  Joseph F. "Joe" Liggett on Feb. 1, 1870.  He was born Dec. 15, 1846 and died Oct. 25, 1921 in Clay Co.  Both are buried at the Vashti cemetery.

There were at least nine children born to them:

1 - America - no information

2 - Sales - no information

3 - Theodocia Ellen, born 1870 in Allen, died Dec. 13, 1954 in Dallas and was buried in the Allen cemetery in Collin Co.  Her husband was a Mr. Richards.

4 - Mary Florence was born in 1878 and died in 1972 at Henrietta in Clay Co., TX and was buried at Vashti.  Her husband was a Mr. Bragg.

5 - Robert Leslie, born 1882, died 1969 in Bowie, Montague Co.

6 - Birdie Ettaroe, born 1884, died 1969 in Irvin, Dallas Co.  She is also buried at Vashti.  Her husband was a Mr. Barker.

7 - Charles S., born 1887.  No other information.

8 - Valaria Jessie, born 1889, died 1927.  No other information.

9 - Elmer Scales, born 1891 in Bowie Co., died 1972 in Wichita Falls, Wichita Co., TX and was buried at Vashti.  His wife was Ruby Lee, born 1900, died 1985 in Collin Co.  They were married Mar. 16, 1919.
This family information as presented here is not complete.  I have more definitive dates and places.  Send e-mail for more information.

Corrections and/or additions are welcomed.

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