May 27, 2010

Salathiel (Sail or Sale) Coffey (1812KY - 1892TX)

Back on Feb. 6, 2006 I wrote a short blog on Salathiel. It was mostly information - a copy, really - about him from the Biographical Souvenir of the State of Texas, Illustrated. Since that time, I have compiled much more information for his family than I have time to include here. Needless to say, Ill share the info with anyone who needs it.

Salathiel was born Apr. 20, 1812 in Logan Co., KY and died on May 29, 1892 in Collin Co., TX.  He was buried at Forest Grove cemetery in Collin Co. His first wife was Nancy Dunbar of Russell Co., KY, born c1809, died May 29, 1892 in Collin Co.  I am not sure where Nancy is buried, but most likely she is also in Forest Grove.

[My understanding is the Forest Grove and Fitzhugh cemeteries are considered one cemetery now?  Anyone know for sure?]

With wife Nancy, Sail/Sale Coffey fathered at least seven children:

First - Lettitia, born Oct. 15, 1838 in Wayne Co., KY.  She married Thomas Jefferson Reagan who was born c1838 in Missouri.  Both Lettitia and Thomas died before August., 1869. To them were born three children:  Lettitia Ellen, born c1858, George Washington, born c1859 and Mary Catherine, dob unknown.  Lettitia and Mary were mentioned in a petition brought before the August 1869 term of a court in Collin Co., TX wherein "Sayles Coffey" sought to and become guardian of "Lentittia and Mary Catherine Regan", both "orphans and minors under the age of 14 years and living in Collin County..."  The two girls were found living with Martin Watson, relationship yet unknown, in McKinney, Collin Co., in the 1870 census.

Second - Mary Ann "Polly Ann", born Jun. 22, 1840, died Jan. 7, 1918 in McKinney.  Polly married Elder John Meyers McKinney, born Apr. 14, 1832 in MO, died Jan 1, 1918 in McKinney.  Both are buried in Forest Grove/Fitzhugh.  Their children were 1)J. D., born Oct. 5, 1859, died Aug. 8, 1925 in McKinney.  He is buried at Pecan Grove cemetery in McKinney; 2)Giles Lee, born Aug. 25, 1866, died Jun. 1, 1959 in McKinney.  Giles married Mary Mathews, born Jun., 1866 in Wood Co., TX.  Their children were Ettie, born 184; Cecil, born 1893 and Eustace, born 1898.  3)John S., born 1868, died 1954; and 4) Wiley Benton, born 1870, died 1954.  Wiley married Lula A. Klepper c1900 in McKinney and fathered Collin, born 1902, died 1918 and Juanita, born c1904.

Third - William Stanley, born 1842 in Russell Co., KY, died 1922 in McKinney.  He married Sarah Elisabeth Lucas on Feb. 27, 1866 in McKinney.  She was born Aug. 27, 1847 in TX and died Mar. 7, 1892.  They too are buried at Forest Grove/Fitzhugh.  William and Sarah had at least 10 children:

1 - Dr. John Cicero, born Jan. 6, 1867 in McKinney, died Apr. 7, 1954 in Wichita Co., TX.  Dr. John married Gabriella "Ella" Coffey, a daughter of Matthew Slaughter and Virginia Texana Butridge Coffey.  These two Coffey families were not related.  John descended from Edward while Matthew Slaughter descended from Peter.*  John and Ella had only one child, Ruth, born Aug. 5, 1897, married Roy Raymond Hunter of TX c1929.  They had a child, Virginia, born c1930 in Knox Co., TX.  Sarah Lucas Coffey is buried at Fitzhugh.  William's burial place has not been located but, he too is likely at Fitzhugh.

2 - Robert Henry, born Oct., 1868 in Collin Co. and died Apr. 13, 1950.  He married Minnie Mabel Biddy on Dec. 18, 1892 in McKinney.  She was born Sep., 1874 in TN and died Feb. 20, 1968 in Collin Co.  Robert is at Fitzhugh where Minnie is also likely to have been buried.  Their children were:  1) Clarence Milton, born Nov. 5, 1893, died Feb. 26, 1949 in Wylie, Collin Co.  He married Ola Ellen Leake on Aug. 3, 1913 in Collin Co.  She was born there on Nov. 24, 1893.  Clarence is buried at Forest Grove; Ora's death date and burial place is not yet known.  They are known to have had at least two children: Marcella Ann, born 1915 and Alma Christine, born 1919, both in Collin Co. 2) Tressie Alma, born Oct., 1896, died May 27, 1995 in Collin Co.  She married Virgil Robert Osborn Oct. 9, 1912.  His birth date is not yet known; he died May 29, 1997 in Collin Co.  They had at least two children:  Willis, born c1914 and Vernon, born c1916. 3) Hallie Elizabeth, born May, 1899, died Jun. 3, 1993 in Collin Co.  She married Roy Lee Biggs on Jan. 18, 1920 in Collin Co.  Their children were Elizabeth and Billie Jean.  4) Edgar Biddy, born Aug. 1901, died Jul. 31, 1967 in Collin Co.  His wife was Lucille.

3 - Mary Frances "Molly," born Dec. 16, 1869, died Jan. 2, 1892.  She married Samuel Lloyd Renfrow on Apr. 13, 1887 in Collin Co.  He was born there c1876 and died in McKinney on Apr. 3, 1907.  Their children were: Ethert Alford, born 1887; William Lloyd, born 1890; Alberta; and Edgar, born 1891.

4 - Denie Elzada, born Nov. 17, 1871 in Lucas, Collin Co., died Jun. 14, 1948 in Wylie.  She married first to General Jackson "Jack" Moss.  His birth and death dates are not yet known.  Their children were Sarah Leona, born Jun. 27, 1889, died Nov. 11, 1959 in Wylie, and Orlia Jackson, born Nov. 27, 1891 in Lucas, died Mar. 20, 1975 in Lubbock.  Denie's second husband was William Dillon Goode with whom she had at least two more daughters, Clarice Lora, born 1908 and Virginia Belle, born 1910.

5 - Missouri B., born Aug. 14, 1873, died Mar. 7, 1875.

6 - Laura Ellen, born Mar. 7, 1875, died Feb. 12, 1966 in Paducah, Cottle Co., TX.  Laura married William Johnson Ledbetter c1896.  He was born Jul. 3, 1866 in TN, died Feb. 17, 1932 in Paducah.  Their children were: Horace, Aaron, Roy Robert; Nila Erona; Ruth Ellen; and Mary Elizabeth.

7 - Salathiel "Sales", born Dec. 13, 1876 in Collin Co., died Dec. 17, 2944 in Amarillo, Potter Co., TX.  Sales married Eva Phylena Conner, a daughter of Julius and Mary Hinman Conner on Dec. 19, 1900.  She was born Mar. 15, 1880 in Hopkins Co., TX and died Dec. 21, 1945 in Amarillo.  Their children were: Leona, born 1905; Laura Ella, born 1908; Frances Lorene, born 1915 and Willis, born 1917.  Laura married Arlie Collie Swint c1926 and had children: J. Ronald, born 1928 and Irma Glyn, born 1931.

8 - Alwilda Davis, born Jul. 31, 1878 in Collin Co., died in McKinney on Jan. 11, 1968.  She married Silas Earl Walker on Dec. 5, 1899.  He was born Sep. 6, 1875 to J. F. and Martha Williams Walker and died Apr. 3, 1926 in McKinney.  Their children were Jessie Lois, born 1901; Silas Earl, Jr., born 1905; and Vernon Coffey, born 1908.

9 - Charles Milton, born Aug. 18, 1880, died Oct. 6, 1918 in McKinney.

10 - Homer Lucas, born Aug. 14, 1882, died Feb. 11, 1958 in McKinney.  He married Lela Mae Holder, daughter of W. A. and Elizabeth Johnson Holder in Nov., 1902.  She was born Feb. 1884 in TX and died Feb. 15, 1939 in McKinney.  They had at least one child, Sarah Elizabeth, born Jul. 16, 1906.  Homer and Lela are buried at Johnson Cemetery in Collin Co.
More later!

*We know through DNA testing that Edward and Peter were some kin to one another but so far back in their ancestry that the kinship was extremely diluted.

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