June 15, 2010

Cleaveland and Mattie Lenora Swagerty Coffee

Cleaveland C. Coffee
Cleaveland [sic] was a son of Mansel and Georgiana Reynolds Coffee.  He was born Oct. 26 1867 in Texas and died in Reserve, Caltron Co., NM on Aug. 4, 1929.  In this photo he looks a lot like his brother Woodson.

Mattie Lenora Swagerty
He married Mattie Lenora Swagerty on Dec. 31, 1890. She was the daughter of W. T. and Lucy King Swagerty and was born Dec. 15, 1871 in Hunt Co., TX, died Jul. 21, 1959 in Amarillo.

Mattie and Cleaveland were parents of nine children:

First was Clyde M., born Oct. 5, 1892 in Hall Co., TX, died Jul. 8, 1930 in Roberts Co., TX and is buried there in the Miami cemetery.

Norman Coffee
Norman, born Feb. 28, 1894 in Memphis, Hall Co., death date not known.  When he registered for the draft in WW1, Norman was unmarried and farming in Miami.  He was a graduate of the military school, Amarillo Academy.

Floyd Thomas, born Dec. 12, 1895, died Dec. 26, 1971 in Pampa, Gray Co., TX.  Floyd married Cora Lee Orr on Feb. 2, 1921.  She was born Aug. 9, 1895 and died Mar. 24, 1982, also in Gray.  Both are buried at the Miami cemetery.

A daughter, Effie Lelia was born to Cleaveland and Mattie, but nothing else is known.

Bessie Lucy Coffee

Hattie G., born Jun., 1899 married J. B. McCarley.

Bessie Lucy, born c1903, died Jul. 11, 1977 in Randall Co., TX.  She married a Mr. Beair.

Ada, born c1905, married Ellis Buchanan, born Feb. 28, 2006 at Waterloo, Black Hawk Co., IA, married 1932 at Liberal, Seward Co., KS.  He died Mar. 2, 2008 in Amarillo

The last two children were William J. "Bill" and Mattie Lenonra, born Mar. 27, 1907 in Texas, died Jul. 4, 1937 in Amarillo.  She is buried at the Miami Cemetery in Roberts Co., TX.  William was born c1909 in TX.  Nothing else is known of either child.

Photos are courtesy of Kathy Coffee Simmons and used with permission.

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