June 15, 2010

Woodson Coffee (1862-1953)

Update May 24, 2012

After Ollie died in 1930, Woodson married a second time to Velda Marguerite Bangs in 1932.  Velda was then 36 years old and had not been previously married.  She was apparently visiting with Andrew Bangs, her brother, who was a resident of Amarillo in 1930.

There were no children born to Woodson and Velda.  However, in searching for more information about her life I found that she was a daughter of Waltus Justus and Cora Maria Powers Bangs.

The Bangs ancestors seemed to have migrated to the plains of IL sometime in the early to mid-1800's.  I start Velda's ancestry with Andrew Cook Banks, born in VT in 1830 and his wife, Frances Morse, also born in VT in 1931.

The first Bangs in that part of IL now known as Wauconda (a Sioux word meaning "great spirit") was Justus Bangs.  The area was first known as Rice's Prairie and later renamed Bangs Lake for Justus.  By 1850 it had become the township of Wauconda.*

Justus Bangs was the father of Andrew Cook Bangs.  Andrew was the father of Walter Justus Bangs who married Cora Powers and, they were parents of Velda.

*Kathy Catrambone, Author, Images of Ameria: Wauconda, Marianne Folise, Author (Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing, 2011), Page 7.

Woodson, born Mar 1, 1862 in Gonzales Co., TX, died June. 12, 1953 in Amarillo, Potter Co., TX.  Woodson married Ollie Pickens on Aug. 14, 1890 in Throckmorton, the daughter of Judge Cornelius Kinchelo and Ruth B. Greenwood Stribling.  She and Woodson had at least nine children: Ruth, Benjamin, Grace, Woodson, Jr., Oran, Roy Coburn, Frank (died young), Ollie and Jack Kinchelo.  Ollie died of influenza on Jan. 23, 1930 in San Antonio.  She and Woodson are buried at the Llano Cemetery in Amarillo.

The above was published in the June 4, 2010 blog about Mansel Matthews & Georgiana Frances Reynolds Coffee.

Woodson Coffee, Sr.
Woodson and Ollie were the parents of nine children:

Ruth, born Nov. 17, 1891 in Throckmorton Co., TX, died in Amarillo, Potter Co., TX on Mar. 30, 1987,  Ruth married Edgar Coble on Apr. 7, 1915 in Throckmorton.  He died on Aug. 21, 1954 in Amarillo.  Both are buried there at the Llano cemetery.

Benjamin Stribling, born Dec. 1, 1892 in Throckmorton, died in Amarillo on Oct. 9, 1914.  He was buried in Miami, Roberts Co., TX at the Miami cemetery.

Grace, born Mar 9, 1894 in OK Indian Territory, died there Mar. 28, 1894.  Burial place not given.

Woodson, Jr and Mamie Coffee
Woodson, Jr., born May 29, 1895 in Morton Co., TX, died in Amarillo on Sep. 1, 1984.  He married Ida Mae "Mamie" LNU on Jun. 10, 1916.  She was born Dec. 8, 1893 in MO and died Jun. 2, 1984 in Amarillo.  They too are buried at Llano.

Oran, born Jan. 24, 1897 in Roberts Co., TX, died Nov. 3, 1965.  He married Frances Elizabeth Rock on Aug. 9, 1931 in Pagosa Springs, Archuleta Co., CO.  She was born there on Jul. 10, 1912 and died on Jan. 3, 2004 in Boerne, Kendall Co., TX.  They were the parents of my friend, Kathy Coffee Simmons.  They too are buried at Llano.

Roy Coburn Coffee
Roy Coburn, born Sep. 15, 1898, died Sep. 12, 1964 in Dumas, Moore Co., TX.  He married in Feb. 1941 to Celia Catherine West, born Jan. 7, 1903, died Jan. 11, 1985 in Amarillo.  Also buried at Llano.

Frank, born Nov. 11, 1900, died Apr. 14, 1901.

Claude and Girlie Coffee Arnot
Oliver "Girlie", born Oct. 8, 1901, died Jan. 31, 1984 in Bexar Co., TX.  She married first Waid Scott Willis and had a son, Waid, Jr., born Aug. 16, 1923, died Feb. 16, 1947 in Bexar Co.  Waid, Sr. died in 1951 and sometime after that, Girlie married Claude William Arnot, born 1895, died Jul. 16, 1991 n Bexar Co.  Waid, Sr. and Jr. are buried at Mount Carmel Cemetery in Wolfe City, Hunt Co., TX.  Girlie and Claude are buried at Locke Hill cemetery in San Antonio.

The last child was Jack Kinchelo Coffee, born Ju. 24, 1903, died Mar. 11, 1969.  He was married on Dec. 19, 1929 to Vida Pearl Davis, born Mar. 11, 1905, died Jan. 18, 1991.

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