August 16, 2010

Martin Coffey Descendants

I have written a bit about Martin in a previous blog; click on the title link to read that posting.

Martin is often said to have been married twice, each time to a wife named Nancy.  His first wife is alleged to have been Nancy Phelps with whom he had at least six children.  His second wife is alleged to have been Nancy Hereford with whom he had at least five more children.

I have not found a birth or death date for Nancy but she must have died c1818 as that is the year that her last child Joel is thought to have been born.  I am somewhat suspicious of that account however, as Martin's first child with Nancy Hereford, named James, is said to have been born on Sep. 7, 1818 in Jamestown, Russell Co., KY.

The children of Nancy Phelps are believed to have all been born in Wayne Co., while the children of Nancy Hereford are believed to have all been born in Russell Co.

Two daughters of Nancy Phelps Coffey, Mary Ann, born Sep. 16, 1799 in Wayne Co., died Aug. 24, 1881 in Warren Co., IL; and Nancy Ellen, born c1813 in Wayne Co., married brothers, sons of James and Jane Heriford (Hereford) Meadows.  Their parents lend a bit of credence to the Nancy Hereford wife because of the close association of the Coffey/Meadows families.

Be that as it may, I will discuss the two daughters who married the Meadows brothers.

Mary Ann Coffey married Henry Meadows on Mar. 24, 1818 in Barren Co., KY.  Henry was born on Mr. 28, 1797 in Russell Co., and died in Berwick, Warren Co., IL on Jan. 13, 1851. 

The were parents of at least five children, probably more.  The ones that I know of are:

James V., born Nov. 11, 1825 in Barren Co., KY, died Jun, 15, 1911 in Woodward, Dallas Co., IA

Henry Winfrey, born Dec. 20, 1831 in Warren Co., IL,  and died there on Oct. 3, 1896

Althea, born Jan. 15, 1834 in Warren Co., died Aug. 17, 1924 in Indian Point, Knox Co., IL.  She married Joseph Henry Murphy, born c1829 in KY, prior to 1850.  In 1900 Althea reported in the census that she was the mother of nine and that eight were still living at that time.  They were:  Melangthon Calvin, born Jul. 23, 1853, died Apr. 15, 1920 in Abingdon, Knox Co., IL; Ada E., born c1855; Clorinda, born c1857; Meadie or Medeah, born Feb., 1859, died Oct. 9, 1944 in Abingdon; Ira E., born c1861; Joseph Warren, born Noc. 24, 1865, died Mar. 8, 1942 in Abingdon; Dr. Orley H., born Apr. 20, 1868, died May 19, 1933 in Nixon, Dewitt Co., IL; and Ava, born Sep., 1876.  All of the children were born in Warren Co.  Meadie and Joseph Warren are buried at the Abingdon cemetery.

Artemesia, born Sep. 20, 1836 in Knox Co., died Dec. 20, 1919 in Abingdon.  She too is tought to be at Abingdon cemetery.

Erastus, born Apr. 16, 1842, died Sep. 19, 1882.
Nancy Ellen Coffey married William Perry Meadows on Apr. 15, 1831 in Barren Co., KY.  William was born Jun. 26, 1811 in Wayne Co., and died Apr. 24, 1870 in Warren Co., IL.  I have not found death information of Nancy.

I only know of two children; there were probably others:

Elijah Jenkins, born Mar. 16, 1844, in Berwick, Warren Co., and died there Apr. 19, 1927

George Washington, born Aug. 14, 1852 in Warren Co., and died in Berwick on Apr. 24, 1934.
All of these folks are said to be descendants of Chesley and Jane Cleveland Coffey.  Martin is most often written about as "Mystery Martin."  In other words, he may or may not be a descendant of the even more mysterious Chesley.

Do you know more?

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