November 1, 2010

Sheridan L. "Sherd" Dobbs & Sarah "Sally" Coffey

Sherd Dobbs
Sarah Coffey Dobbs
Sherd Dobbs was born Sep. 4, 1844 in Wayne Co., KY and died in McCreary Co. on Dec. 17, 1941.  He and Sarah Coffey were married and were parents of at least four children.  Sarah was the daughter of Nelson N. and Keziah "Kizzie" Watters.  She was born c1846 in Wayne Co., and died Jan. 23, 1910 in McCreary Co.

Their children were:

Benjamin Franklin, born about Feb., 1870, married Luraney Coffey, born c1878 to Henry Baker and Sarah Elizabeth Dobbs Coffey.  Sarah Elizabeth was sister to Sherd and therefore, an aunt to Benjamin and, Benjamin a double first cousin to Luraney.

Ben and Luraney's children were:
Alice, born c1898; Katie (or Roxie?), born c1901; Florida, born Aug. 19, 1903 in Wayne Co., died Apr. 5, 1963 in Fayette Co., KY.  Florida kept it in the family and married Edgar Dobbs, Benjamin's triple first cousin, once removed and double sixth cousin, once removed.  Edgar's parents were Joseph Dobbs and Polly Ann Coffey, a daughter of Joseph and Louisa J. Jones Coffey.  I know of one child born to Edgar and Florida, a son Howard, born 1927, died Dec. 21, 1984 in Pulaski Co.  The last Ben-Luraney child that I am aware of was Ester Loraine, born Feb. 14, 1910, died Oct. 7, 1911.
Eli Dobbs
Eli, born c1872, married c1912 to Lettie (LNU), born c1894. Their children were Willer, born c1913; Austin, born c1918; Arthur, born c1920; Myrtle, born c1925 and Clifford, born c1929. Myrtle and Clifford may have been born in Florida.

Angelina, born Nov. 7, 1876 in Wayne Co., died Jan. 28, 1958 in McCreary Co. She married on Dec. 20, 1900 James C. "Jim" Coffey, born Jun. 6, 1879 in Wayne Co. Jim was the son of Richard Henderson and Catherine C. Jones Coffey. Jim and Angelina were first cousins; his father was her uncle.

Angelina and Jim were parents to at least eight children:

James Beecher Coffey
Ollie, born Oct. 16, 1901, Wayne Co., died Jan. 4, 1988 in McCreary Co.; India, born Dec. 7, 1902 in Wayne Co., died Jan. 1, 1987 in Kentucky; Saphronia Katherine "Frona" born Apr. 7, 1906 in Wayne Co., died Oct. 6, 1978 in McCreary Co.  She married George Washington Worley, born Mar. 11, 1901 in Wayne Co., died Jul. 24, 1974 in Scott Co., TN.  Their children known to me were Lona, Carrie and Lonzo.  Following Saphronia was Marie, born Aug. 31, 1910, died Apr. 11, 1976; James Beecher, born Mar. 8, 1911 in Wayne Co., died Aug. 6, 1971 in Kentucky.  He married Anna Young on Dec. 23, 1940 in McCreary Co.  Roberta, born May 7, 1913, died Mar. 22, 1914, McCreary Co.; Raymond R., born Jan. 29, 1915 in McCreary Co., died Oct. 15, 1937 in Danville, Boyle Co.; and finally, Lillie, born c1918 in Kentucky.

Thomas was the last child that I am aware of that was born to Sherd and Sally.  He was born Dec. 14, 1877 in TN and died Sep. 6, 1950 in Cooperative, McCreary Co., KY.  He married Julia Jones, a daughter of Charlie and Lizzie Jones, on Jan. 28, 1900.  Julia was born Feb. 19, 1879 in Slavans, McCreary Co., and died Feb. 21, 1940 in Cooperative.

Their children were:
Lillie, born Nov. 20, 1910 in Whitley Co., died Sep. 19, 2000 in Stearns, McCreary Co.  Lillie married  John Herbert Coffey, a son of Reuben and Mary Alice Vaughn Coffey on Nov. 23, 1933 in McCreary Co.  Lillie and Reuben were first cousins, once removed and second cousin to here husband, John Herbert.  I know of one child for Lillie, a son Dallas, born Nov. 1, 1944, died Oct. 4, 1947.
Following Lillie was Parker, born Jul. 10, 1913 in McCreary Co.  No further info.
Ester was next.  She was born Sep. 4, 1918 in McCreary Co., died Nov. 24, 2003 in KY.  She continued the family tradition by marrying Sterling E. Coffey, another son of Reuben and Mary Alive Vaughn Coffey.
The fourth child of Thomas and Julia was another daughter whose name I believe to also be Ester, or Dora Ester and have possibly confused the same child as two different people.  Whether or not they are the same, Dora Ester married Clyde Estill Coffey, still another son of Reuben and Mary Alice Vaughn Coffey.  Clyde was born Dec. 26, 1918 and died Dec. 22, 1968 in McCreary Co.  He and Dora were married on Jun. 11, 1941 in Stearns.
I plan to further check the "case of the two Esters."

Unless otherwise indicated, photos are courtesy of Theresa/Thunderbird584

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