December 2, 2010

Rev. Patrick Henry & Cora Lee Coffey Clements

Patrick's father was James P. Clements.  His mother was Eliza Jane Allen.

"Mr. Clements has for ancestors Methodist people for a hundred years; so he has a right to shout, on proper occasions.  His birthplace was on the rich level of blue grass found all along the platform of the Blue Ridge.  He dates from October 9, 1861.  He was blessed with the favor of working on a farm in early life.  It beats a gymnasium to strengthen the thews and tendons of a young fellow.  And he learns much of the things needful in the country pulpit, as illustrations and the drift of thought.  He also was clerk in a store, another valuable aid in knowing the people.  Our Academy at Bedford and our College at Ashland educated Mr. Clements, 'in book-learning.'

He is stout for his inches, five feet nine; 165 pounds, hair, auburn; voice clear, sonorous reaching.  He speaks with moderate speed, perhaps faster that the average.

He came into the Conference in the usual way in 1895.  He and Miss Coffey were married April 19, 1899.  They have a clever boy to gladden their hearts.

Mr. Clements served two years at South View and Providence, near Lynchburg, and then was assigned to Lunenburg, where he now expounds.  He has made marked improvements in the material and spiritual condition of his present charge.  There is much subterranean, wholesome humon in 'Pat' Clements, which bubbles up at times.  And, withal, the grave questions he is charged to expound, fill his soul with profound seriousness."*
The following is amended from what you may have read here previously:

 His wife was Cora Lee Coffey, born Dec. 16, 1875 in Amherst Co., VA to Daniel Rufus and Mildred J. Lawman Coffey. 

Patrick Henry Coffey died on Sep. 29, 1950 in Wakefield, Sussex Co., VA and was buried at Blandford Cemetery in Petersburg, VA. Cora died on Feb. 8, 1964 in Hampton, VA and was also buried at Blandford.

Their children were Bascom L., born c1901; Louise T., born c1904; and Mildred L., born c1915.

James P. Clements was born in Amherst Co., VA on Aug. 4, 1823 and died there on Mar. 13, 1924.  Eliza was also born in Amherst Co. on May 28, 1827 and died there on Nov. 26, 1899.  Both she and James are buried at Mount Horab United Methodist Church Cemetery at Amherst, Amherst Co.

A daughter of James and Eliza was Mary Jane Clements, born 1858, died 1937 in Amherst Co., married Augustus Decereaux Whitten.  Their son, Marvin Harrison Whitte, born 1882, died 1975, married  Hattie Stinnett in 1902, Caswell Co., NC.  Their daughter, Lottie Pearl Whitten, (1913-1997) married Reuben Loyal Coffey (1909-1988), a son of Reuben Wood and Nettie Belle Nicely Coffey.

James Thomas Clements, another son of James and Eliza, married Lucy Johnson and their daughter Nevie, married John Woodson Coffey, a son of Henry Landon and Lillie Belle Burch Coffey.  Another daughter, Ella Lazenby married Harry B. Coffey, a son of Henley and Avarilla Ogden Coffey.  Still another daughter, Sadie Lillian married Edgar Littleton Coffey, brother to Harry B.

*John James Lafferty D. Litt., Author, Sketches and Portraits of the Virginia Conference: Twentieth Century Edition (Richmond, VA: n.p., 1901), Page 463.

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