January 26, 2011

Arthur E. & Nora B. Vickery Coffee

Arthur was born Oct. 8, 1879 in McDonald Co., MO and died Feb. 4, 1938 in Sioux City, Woodbury, IA [unsourced dates].  He was a son of William Harrison and Hillead Oakley Caudille Coffee.  Readers can click on the blog title to read a bit more of this family from a 2007 blog.

We can find Arthur with his parents in White Rock, McDonald Co. from 1880 through 1900.  He married Nora B. Vickery on Oct. 26, 1902 in Pineville, McDonald Co.¹ They lived there and Nora gave birth to their children there.  Arthur registered in 1918 for the WW1 draft² in McDonald Co., and in 1920 the family was enumerated in that county's census.  By 1930 the family was in Fairview, Clay Co., SD.

The children were:

Violet E., born c1904 and was with her parents through the 1920 census in White Rock.

1945 SD State Census - Martin
Martin, born c1905, was with his parents through 1920 and in 1930 he was a boarder with the Henry Anderson family in Fairview, SD.  He also appeared unmarried in the 1945 state census at Elk Point in Union Co., SD.  He indicated then that he was a veteran of WWII but, I cannot find a record.

Winifred. born c1909, lived with his parents through 1920 in MO and was with them in Fairview in 1930.  He too appeared unmarried in the 1945 SD state census.  Both he and Martin were farmers.

Jesse, born c1916, lived with his parents through the 1930 census.  I have not found him after that date.

1935 SD State Census - Earl
Aaron and Earl were apparently twins, both born c1916.  They were both with their parents through 1930.  In 1935, Earl was enumerated in the SD state census at Elk Point, and in 1945 in Sioux Falls, Minnehaha Co., SD.  In the latter record he reported that he was married.³  No other information has been found.

1945 SD State Census -Earl
The last two children were daughters Viva, born c1918 and Myrtle, born c1922.  Viva was with her family through 1930 in Fairview.  Myrtle was apparently born just before the family relocated to SD.  She appears for the first time in the 1930 census.  I have found no further information on either of them.

I am seeking to document the birth and death dates for Arthur and Nora as well as spouses and other vital info for their children.

¹Name: Arthur Coffee Marriage Date: 26 Oct 1902 Marriage Location: Mcdonald, Missouri Marriage County: Mcdonald Spouse Name: Nora Vickery.
 ²Arthur E. Coffee registered for the draft in McDonald Co., MO on Sep. 12, 1918. He was short and stout with blue eyes and light colored hair. He was 38 yrs. old, born Oct.8, 1876. He was a resident of Jane, McDonald Co., MO and resided there with his wife, Nora B. Coffee. He signed the registration card as Authar E. Coffee.
³The state census was recorded on what appears to be index cards; not the traditional forms used for Federal records.  Each person in a family had their own card, but none has yet been found for Earl's wife and possible children.  There is an E. E. Coffey, born 1916, buried at Tecumseh cemetery in Pottawatomie County, OK and a daughter, Judy Coffey McMahan who was born Feb. 4, 1957, in Longview, Wash., to E.E. and Oneta (Porter) Coffey.  This may be Earl, son of Arthur and Nora.

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