January 27, 2011

William Harrison & Hillead Oakley Caudille Coffee Update 3-9-2011

After posting the last blog about Arthur E. & Nora B. Vickery Coffee, I decided to take another look at the children of William and Hillead.  Turns out, I had more information than I expected.

In addition to Arthur, child number 7, William and Hillead had at least 12 other children, all born in McDonald Co., MO:

James Milo, born Jul. 8, 1869, died Mar. 23, 1936 in Fairview, Newton Co., MO and was buried there at the Dice Cemetery.  His first wife was Sarah Horner who gave him Hugh Edwin, born Sep. 12, 1895, died Mar. 14, 1926 in Fairview, Newton Co., MO.  His wife was Mellie E. Russell, born Mar. 25, 1899, a daughter of Steve and Maggie J. Russell.  Mellie died Dec. 27, 1976 in Fairview.  Hugh and Mellie are both buried at Fairview Cemetery.  Children:  Kenneth W., Shirley; Joan (or, Joanne) and Mellie Hugh, a daughter, born shortly after Hugh died.

James and Sarah's second and last child was Floyd, born Sep. 8, 1901 in McDonald Co., died Oct. 7, 1976 in Payne Co., OK.  He married Georgia E. Carpenter in Nov., 1932 at Newton Co., MO.  She was born in MO on Nov. 9, 1903 and died in OK on Jan. 4, 2001.  Both are buried at Fairlawn Cemetery in Cushing, Payne Co.  Their children were Jane, born MO and Robert, born OK.

James married second to Mariana Lewis c1909 in MO.  Mariana was the daughter of E. J. Lewis and was born in Wales in May, 1885.  They had one child, Helen Louise, born c1913 in Fairview.

William and Hillead's second child was Mary Eliza, born Jan. 8, 1873, died Apr. 20, 1933 in Pineville, McDonald Co.  She married James William Ross, a son of Samuel Lafayette and Mahala Prigmore Ross.  James was born Oct. 5, 1865 in Lincoln, Lancaster Co., NE and died in Pineville on Feb. 12, 1937.  Both he and Mary are buried in Pineville.  I know of one child, Hillead Mahala, born Feb. 22, 1895 in Bethel, TX [several of those in TX, and no county was given] and died in Dallas, Dallas Co., TX on Jul. 12, 1954.  She is buried at Miami, Ottawa Co., OK under the surname Jeffers.

Coffee-Booth Marriage
Edward Enoch was the third child.  He was born Apr. 27, 1874 and died May 27, 1961 at Pineville.  His wife was Pearl C. Whiteside, born in Arkansas to James N. & Henrietta Whiteside on Jan. 7, 1887.  She and Edward were married in Pineville on Sep. 6, 1903.  Pearl died Jan. 24, 1977 in Pineville and both she and Edward are buried there.  Children were Gladys, born c1907 and Glesnor James, a son, born Feb. 27, 1909. He married Ruby L. Booth, daughter of John E. and Hattie M. Booth on Jan. 5, 1931 in Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO, and died there on Mar. 7, 1968. Ruby L. was born c1911 in Baxter Springs, Cherokee Co., KS.

Minnie Zeronia [sic] followed Edward.  She was born Oct. 16, 1875 and died May 29, 1943 at White Rock Twp., in McDonald Co.  Minnie first Married Samuel H. Largent on Mar. 26, 1893.  He was born in West Virginia in Nov. 1865 and died on Jan. 26, 1908 in McDonald Co.  Their children were:  Frank W., Christel [sic] P., Leslie Verne; Archie E., and Samuel H., Jr.  Minnie married second to George Washington Mulkey on Nov. 12, 1912.  She became the mother of two of his children, Leva, a daughter born c1915 and Fred, born c1919.  George died on May 21, 1939.  Both he, Minnie and Samuel, as well as Archie and Samuel, Jr. are buried at Jane Cemetery in McDonald Co.

Child five was Albie Ravendale, a daughter, born Jan. 27, 1877.  She married twice: first to William H. Carnes and second to E. E. Parsons.  She died on Mar. 11, 1923 in Jane.  Child six was Alex M., who was born Jun. 8, 1878  and died in Aug., 1879 in Jane. He is buried at Jane cemetery.  Albie is probably there as well but I have found no record.

Arthur was number 7.  See earlier blog.

John Finis followed Arthur.  He was born Jun. 23, 1881, died Jan. 2, 1957 in Rogers, Benton Co., AR.  His wife was Cora L. Anglin, daughter of Jim and Ida Anglin.  She was born Nov. 21, 1890 in McDonald Co. and died Jul., 1976 in Rogers.  They were married on Apr. 11, 1909 in McDonald Co., and were parents of at least four children:  One unnamed infant was born c Dec. 1912 and died on Dec. 22 of that year and was buried at Jane.  Pansy Ollie Dean was born Aug. 30, 1914 and died on Oct. 15 of that year.  See is also buried at Jane.  Two other daughters, Oretta [sic] was born c1916 and Loretta [sic] was born c1917.

The next two children of William and Hillead died in infancy.  Meredith, a son, was born Feb. 26, 1884 and died in May, 1885 and was buried at Jane.  Albert was born May 26, 1885 and died in 1887 and is also probably buried at Jane.

Pearl came next, born Jun. 12, 1888 in McDonald Co., died in South Dakota, year unknown. She married Noah T. Landers c1903 in McDonald Co. where they lived until sometime after the 1910 census. They had four children in McDonald Co.: Ruel E., Earl M., Orval C., and Jewel B. By 1920 they were in Union Co., SD where they farmed and lived out the remainder of their lives. Noah died in 1963 at Elk Point in Union Co., and both are believed buried at the Elk Point cemetery.

Grace followed on Mar. 20, 1890 and died Aug. 5, 1921 at Jane.  She apparently also never married.

The last child of William and Hillead was Oma, born Jun. 13, 1893, died Sep. 7, 1958 at Pineville.  Oma married Luther A. Winters, a son of Reuben and Rhoda Lucinda Pendergraft Winters.  Luther was born in MO on Jul. 12, 1890 and died there on Mar. 10, 1967.  He and Oma were married in McDonald Co. on May 29, 1910.  They were parents of one child, a son Chester A. born c1912 in Pineville.  She and Luther, as well as Luther's parents are buried at Brush Creek cemetery in Pineville.

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