January 7, 2011

David Robinson & Beatrice Anna Coffey

I wanted to include these photos in the previous blog.  However, given width limitations of the blog, the ideal placement of photos is not always an option.

David had been previously married to Nancy Blake on Jan. 4, 1867 in Pike Co., OH and they were parents of several children.  There were no known children born to him and Beatrice Anna Coffey.

This photo, from the collection of Shirley Houk, shows David, some of his and Nancy's descendants and a nice photograph of Anna in her later years.

I haven't researched David's family.  Shirley identified the people in the photo as I have indicated on the following photo.

A daughter of David and Nancy, Rebecca Jane, was born Jan. 10, 1869 in Pike Co., and died Jun. 5, 1907 in Miami Co., OH.  She married Valentine Bridenbaugh, Jr., a brother to Emma who married Joshua Elmo Coffey.  It is their children, Bessie, Inez and Mable who appear in this photo.  The baby's name was not Boby!  I made a typo while naming the people and it should read Baby!  I imagine her parents were upset when they discovered she had not held still long enough for an unblurred image of her face.

Just found another photo in my files of David and Beatrice.  This one is also from the Shirley Houk collection and could be their wedding photo.

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