January 7, 2011

Continuing with children of Jesse & Nancy F. Allen Coffey

Beatrice Anna Coffey
The fourth child born to Jesse and Nancy was Beatrice Anna Coffey.

Beatrice, apparently called Anna was born Feb. 24, 1860 in Nelson Co., and died May 12, 1940 in Lima, Allen Co., OH.

Her first husband was Thomas Givens Mays.  He was born c1851, probably in VA, and they were married on Sep. 25, 1877 in Nelson Co.

Her second husband was David Robinson who was born on May 31, 1843 and died Jun. 13, 1927 in Miami Co., OH.  They were married on Sep. 12, 1889 in Waverly, Pike Co., OH.  Her last spouse was William Neely to whom she was married - when both were age 70 years old - on Dec. 4, 1930 in Allentown, Allen Co., OH.  Anna apparently had only one child.  In the 1900 census she reported that she was the mother of one child, none living.

Nancy E. Coffey
William Garland followed Anna and was born Jun. 3, 1862 in Rockbridge Co., VA.  He appeared in the 1870 Augusta Co. and 1880 Nelson Co. census records with his family but, nothing else is yet known about him.

The fifth child was Nancy Elizabeth, born May 21, 1864 in Rockbridge Co.  She married James F. West on Jul. 20, 1902 at AllBasic City, Augusta Co.  James was born c1848 in Hanover Co., VA.  James was a son of Overton and Virginia Harris West.

Allen F. Sherman followed Nancy.  Read about his family here.

George R. Coffey
George Robert was next, born Mar. 16, 1869 in Lyndhurst, Augusta Co.  He married Sarah Emma Lotts on Feb. 10, 1891 in Nelson Co.  I believe she was born c1867 in MD to Martin H. and Margaret Sarah Allen, younger sister to Jesse's wife, Nancy.  I know of one child born to Sarah and George:  Estelle, born May, 1891 in Lyndhurst.

Jacob W. Coffey
Jacob W. was the eighth child.  He was born Jun. 4, 1871 in Lyndhurst and died Sep. 28, 1936 in Rockbridge Co., VA.  His first wife was Sallie J. Fitzgerald, a daughter of Parks G. & Sarah Ramsey Fitzgerald who were married in Nelson Co. on Apr. 13, 1840.  Sallie died in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH on Aug. 29, 1928, and was buried at Bells Valley Cemetery in Rockbridge Co.  His second wife was Stella Austin Hite, born c1879, died Apr. 15, 1938, also in Rockbridge Co.  They were married on Jan. 20, 1929 in Cincinnati.  Stella died in Rockbridge Co. on Apr. 15, 1938.  She and Jacob are also buried at Bells Valley.  Stella's previous spouse was William Henry Ingram.  He was born c1880 in Rockbridge Co., and they were married there on Jun. 30, 1903.

John Franklin was born Apr. 20, 1874 in Back Creek, Augusta Co. and died Dec. 21, 1933 in Allen Co., OH.  He was married to Willie Winsor, a daughter of Sherman and Mary Engram [Ingram?] Winsor on Aug. 19,1908 in Rockbridge Co.  Willie was born Dec. 25, 1888 in Rockbridge Co. and died Nov. 10, 1924 in Lima, OH.  They had at least four children:  Mable Virginia, born Sep. 11, 1909, died Jul. 1, 1972; Anna Ruth, born Jan. 10, 1911, died Jan. 9, 1993; Thelma, born c1914, and Nancy Mildred, born c1918.

Emily Susan followed John.  She was born July 9, 1876 and died on Dec. 9, 1876.

Rosa Belle Coffey
Rosa Belle was next.  She was born Jul. 21, 1878 in Lyndhurst and died there on Jun. 14, 1920.  She married Robert Oceola "Osie" Nukols on Oct. 4, 1899 in Avis, Augusta Co., VA.  He was born in Lyndhurst on Dec. 24, 1878 and died there on Jul. 7, 1933.  Both are buried at Pines Chapel Presbyterian Church Cemetery at Greenville in Augusta Co.

Their children were Emily; Elmer Juett; William Hyder; Annie; Evelyn Isabel; Henrietta Elizabeth; Fannie Catharine; Mary Magdalene; and Margarette Hazel.

"Osie" Nukols was a brother to Callie C. Nuckols who married Eric Harris, a son of John Abraham Harris and his wife Mary Jane Coffey.  Mary Jane's family was written about in the previous blog.  The Nukols were children of Henry Juett and Georgianna Miller Nukols.

The last child born to Jesse and Nancy was James Rucker.  He was born on Feb. 22, 1881 in Nelson Co. and died in Allen Co., OH on Aug. 10, 1934.  His wife was Martha Rebecca Anderson, born  c1881 in Staunton, VA, died Dec. 11, 1938 in Lima, OH.  I know of one child, Virginia B., born c1915 in VA, and she may have been a foster child.  James and Martha are buried at Cairo East Cemetery in Allen Co., OH.

This concludes the children of Jesse and Nancy Allen Coffey as I have them.  All of the photographs and much of the family data are from the collection of Shirley Houk for which I am grateful.

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