January 6, 2011

Jesse C. & Nancy F. Allen Coffey

I recently wrote a blog about their son Allen F. Sherman Coffey and his wife Susan Virginia Hamilton.  But, Jesse and Nancy had 11 other children (10 lived to become adults) and Susan Houk, a descendant of Allen's brother Joshua has assembled a fantastic collection of photos, which she inherited from her mother.  She has also documented her findings not only on the Coffey family but also collateral lines.

Jesse and Nancy's first child was Mary Jane, born Feb. 8, 1855 in Nelson Co., VA and died in Greenville, Augusta Co., VA on Jan. 13, 1901.  She married Virginian John Abraham Harris, born in Dec., 1842 to Henry and Angeline Hardbarger Harris on Feb. 26, 1874 in Sherando, Augusta Co.  He died in that county on Oct. 17, 1909 and buried with his wife at Pines Chapel Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Greenville.

Their children were:
Eric H., born Jan. 17, 1878 in Lyndhurst, Augusta Co., died there on Aug. 15, 1913.  Eric was married in Augusta Co. to Callie C. Nuckols, a daughter of Henry Juett and Georgianna Miller Nuckols on Aug. 29, 1902.  Eric died Aug. 15, 1913.  They had at least two children:  Nannie, born c1904 and Herman, born c1906.

Peachy Priscilla, born Sep. 6, 1880 in Lyndhurst, married c1899 to Marcellus S. Harris.  He was the son of Andrew A. and Elizabeth Painter Harris.  Marcellus died Oct. 9, 1950 in Augusta Co. and Priscilla died Feb. 20, 1964 in Waynesboro, VA.  They also had at least two children: Roy Baxter, born Jan., 1900 in Greenville, married Grace Catherine Dewall, daughter of Charles and Katie Chapman Dewall; and Virginia M, born 1910 in Charleston, WVa., married Willard Franklin Bell Sep. 5, 1928 in Berryville, Clarke Co., VA.  Her second husband was Frank O. Bellinger who she married in Staunton, VA on Feb. 27, 1934.

Anzy or Anzey, born Jul. 8, 1886 in Virgina, died Dec. 6, 1930 in Augusta Co.  She married Andrew Cleveland Lotts on Mar. 23, 1905 in Augusta Co.  Their children were Walter F., Jessie J., Bessie A., Margaret P. and Harry T.

George Hansford, born Jun. 18, 1891 at Vesuvius in Rockbridge Co., VA, died Nov. 9, 1968 in Waynesboro.  He married Gertrude Lyons, born Sep. 16, 1899 and died Jan. 25, 1969 in Augusta Co.  George and Gertrude are buried at Lyndhurst United Methodist Church Cemetery.

Their last child was Edgar Herman, born Jul. 8, 1894 in Augusta Co. and died there on Sep. 13, 1967.  He married Della Marie Hanger, born Oct. 17, 1907 to John A. and Sarah C. Kennedy Hanger.  She died in May, 1977 at Greenville.  Della was actually the grand-daughter of John and Sarah (her parents are unknown to me).  She appeared as their granddaughter in the 1920 census and as their "adopted daughter" in the 1930 census at Rivershead in Augusta Co.
The second child born to Jesse and Nancy was Joshua Elmo "Jerry", born May 3, 1857 in Staunton, VA, died Oct. 23, 1934 in Lima, Allen Co., OH.

Joshua married Emma Bridenbaugh* on Mar. 18, 1881 in Pike Co., OH.  Emma was the daughter of Valentine "Felty" and Elizabeth Loney Bridenbaugh.  Valentine was born in L├╝tzel, Germany, then in Kassell-Hesse, now in Rhineland-Pfalz.  Elizabeth was born in Ohio c1827.  They were married in Pike Co. on Mar. 30, 1845.  Valentine died in June, 1896 but his exact burial place has not yet been located.

Emma gave birth to at least six children:

Elmer Coffey
Grace Ellis

Elmer J., born Mar. 28, 1833 in Waverly, Pike Co., died Dec. 16, 1929 in Springfield, Clark Co., OH.  He married Grace Ellis, born Feb. 12, 1886 in Monroe Co., MI, died Sep. 30, 1961 in Tecumseh, Lenawee Co., MI.  Elmer is buried at Brookside Cemetery in Tecumseh. 

Grace died on Sep. 30, 1961 and is also buried at Brookside.  Their children were:  Vera; Thelma; Elmer, Jr.; Vivian A.; Wenonah; Jack; and Robert E.

Edythe Beryl Coffey
Ben'j Hartman
Edythe Beryl, born Jun. 27, 1885 in Waverly, died Dec. 10, 1960 at Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH.  She married first Benjamin David Henry Hartman on Jul. 27, 1905 in Alma, Wabaunsee Co., KS.  He was born Jul. 9, 1886 in Clark Co. and died in Detroit, Wayne Co., MI on May. 19, 1948. 

Carmen Arlita Hartman Houk
They had at least two children:  Cecil Forest, born Dec. 17, 1906, died Feb. 2, 1955 and Carmen Arlita, born Jan. 23, 1912 in Troy, Miami Co., OH, died Oct. 25, 2004 in Akron, Summit Co., OH.  Carmen was the mother of Shirley Houk.  Her father was Arthur J. Houk, born Jul. 5, 1905 in Barberton, Summit Co., OH and, died there on Feb. 20, 1980.  Edythe and Benjamin were divorced sometime between 1910 and 1920.  Later in life, Edythe married Guy Harlow.  Edythe is buried at East Cairo Cemetery in Cairo, Allen Co., OH.  Mr. Hartman is buried at New Carlisle Cemetery in Clark Co., OH.

Asa Coffey
Patrick Coffey
Asa, born Mar. 1, 1889 in Rushtown, Scioto Co., OH, died Nov. 4, 1929 in Lenawee Co., MI.  He married first Wilda Sterling on Feb. 1, 1918 in Allen Co.  She was born Mar. 2, 1895 in Allen Co., IN and died in Auglaise, Camden Co., MO on May. 9, 1963.  Asa's second wife was Mable, born c1925.  Asa was the father of at least one child but at the moment I am unsure which of his wives was her mother.  Asa is buried at Cairo East.

Following Asa was Patrick, born Sep. 10, 1890 in Rushtown.  He married Cora Smith-Roush on Apr. 3, 1935 in Lima and died there on Aug. 6, 1958.  He is also at Cairo East.

Grover Coffey
Phronia Grafton
Grover followed on Aug. 22, 1892 in Rushtown, died Apr. 2, 1959 in Lima.  His wife was Phronia Grafton, born Feb. 4, 1896 in OH, died Jul. 12, 1988.  Both are buried at Cairo East in Allen Co.  Phronia was the daughter of Arthur Park and Mary Ballard Grafton.  She married her first husband Floyd L. Foreman  on Apr. 9, 1914 in Lima.  She had a daughter, Elsie, born c1916.  She and Foreman were divorced before 1920 when Phronia and Elsie were found living with her parents in Lima.  Shortly after that she and Grover were married and had at least two children, Glen, born c1924 and Gene, born c1929

Hazel Coffey
Their last child was Hazel, born Mar. 29, 1897 in Pike Co., died May 19, 1975 in Lima.  She married Gurney C. Spurlock on Apr. 9, 1917 in Hardin Co., OH.  He was born Aug. 14, 1892 in OH, died in Allen Co. on Jul. 22, 1971.  Hazel is buried at Cairo East cemetery in Cairo, Allen Co., OH.

I will continue with family in later blogs.  Corrections and additions are welcomed.

*The Bridenbaugh name has been spelled various ways including Breidenbaugh, Bridenbach,  and Brightenback.  I believe the more common spelling today is Breitenbach.

Update Aug 28, 2011 - I have been reminded by e-mail from Jack Coffey, a grandson of Elmer J. and Grace Ellis Coffey, that Elmer and Grace had 12 children. There were five more born after Robert Ellis.
Mariella Coffey Lockwood

Betty G., born Feb. 15, 1921, died Jun. 23, 1982 in Howell, Livingston Co., MI. She married Earl Melvin Spangler, born Apr. 29, 1916 in OH, died Dec. 2, 1996 in Howell.

Mariella, born Jun. 23, 1922, died May 1, 2001 in CO. She married Emil Lockwood, born Sep. 29, 1919 in IL, died in Monroe Co., MO on Aug. 2, 2002.

Jerry Wayne Coffey
Charles Gillette, born Sep. 28, 1024 in Toledo, Lucas Co., OH, died May 3, 2003 in Tecumseh, Lenawee Co., MI. He married Dolores Jean McKenzie on Nov. 27, 1947 in Angola, Steuben Co., IN. She was born May 31, 1929 in LaSalle, Monroe Co., MI and died Dec. 14, 2003 in Lansing, Ingham Co., MI. Both are buried at Brookside Cemetery in Tecumseh.

Lee P., born Jun. 9, 1926 in MI, married Louise Smith. Lee was still living as of this date.

Jerry W., born Jan. 29, 1930 in Tecumseh and died there on Jun. 23, 1971. Jerry married Mary Patricia Spohr on Apr. 1, 1949 in Tecumseh. She was born Dec. 27, 1928 in MI and died in Tecumseh on Apr. 19, 2002. Both are buried at Brookside.

Elmer J. Coffey Death Certificate

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