February 4, 2011

Joel & Martha Sealey Stapp Coffey

I received the following a couple of days ago from James Scott of Logansville, GA:

I have the complete family of Joel & Martha Sealey Stapp Coffey, all the 9 children and all the grand children and some of te [sic] [the] great grand children 53 pages in all, if you or any one you may know wants a copy it is $20 in book form. The next brother Salathiel & Elizabeth Franklin Coffey, and all 11 of their children and grand children & great grand children, and most of their children has large families, the price will be 25¢ a sheet. Also I have all of Isaiah Neburzarden & Elizabeth Hayes's family, with children & grandchildren and great grand children, they had 9 children. The 25¢ cost covers copy cost, postage, & the book form.
If anyone would like to communicate about this with James, drop me a note and I'll send his contact information.

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