February 5, 2011

Aaron & Susan Chrisman Barrier

Aaron and Susan of Wayne Co., KY had at least three children that eventually married into the Coffey family of that county.

The first was Richard, born Dec. 17, 1822, died Oct. 4, 1907 in Wayne Co.  Richard married Permelia Ann Loveall on Nov. 4, 1842.  Permelia was born May 7, 1826 in Wayne Co., and died there on Mar. 17, 1889.  Their daughter, Sarah Margaret Barrier was born Jan. 14, 1844 and died in Oil Valley, Wayne Co. on Dec. 2, 1932.

Sarah married James Nelson Coffey, a son of Nelson N. and Keziah "Kizzie" Watters Coffey.  James was born Mar. 23, 1835, perhaps in Eadsville, Wayne Co.  He died Feb. 20, 1915 in Oil Valley.  He and Sarah were married on May 9, 1861.  Both are buried at the Ingram Cemetery in Monticello, Wayne Co.

Sarah gave birth to at least 12 children:

Jane, born 1862, died 1927 in Wayne Co.,  Married Emerson Lafayette Foster on Jan. 15, 1885.  He was born May 11, 1863, died Apr. 21, 1937.  They too are buried at Ingram Cemetery.

Nelson C., born 1864, died 1934.  He married Sarah Emerine Worley, daughter of Willis and Rachel Jones Worley.  She was born Jan. 4, 1867 and died Oct. 10, 1957.  Both are buried at Ingram.  Children were: Rachel, Emmerine, James Nelson, Albert, Wilbern, Alice, Sarah Margaret and Kizzie Elizabeth.

Richard, born Apr., 1865, died Mar. 12, 1958.  He married Roseanna Foster c1889 in KY.  She was born in Aug., 1866 and died May 27, 1958 in Wayne Co.  Their children were Thomas, Martha L., Bertie, and Oliver.

Next in 1866 was Keziah.  No further information.

Amelia, born Mar. 15, 1868, died Jan. 24, 1943.  She apparently died unmarried and is buried at Ingram.

Henderson, born Oct., 1870, died Jan. 31, 1960.  He married Margaret Coffey, a daughter of Richard Henderson and Catherine C. Jones Coffey on Feb. 27, 1902.  Margaret was born Nov. 6, 1870 and died on Nov. 9, 1946.  They are also buried at Ingram.  Their children were Ida, Garnett, Walter, Lexie and Everett.

Pruda, born Mar. 15, 1873, died Jan. 14, 1965 in Monticello.  She married Calvin Koger, son of John and Elizabeth Gregory Koger on Apr. 7, 1898.  Both are buried at Ingram.  Children were Elbert G., Indie, Mack (?), Edgar and Fronia.

Adinna, born Jan. 24, 1876, married Cooper Burnett on Dec. 30, 1903.  No further information.

Mary Melvina, born Jun. 22, 1878, died Nov. 18, 1947, married John D. Cooper on Jan. 11, 1900 in Wayne Co.  John is buried at Ingram.  Best info I have on Mary is that she was buried at Oil Valley.  Children were Stella P. and Wilfred F.

Nancy, born Mar., 4 1881. No further information.

Burl, born Jan. 14, 1884, died May 15, 1971.  He married Camely Steele on Mar. 7, 1903.  She was the daughter of John M. and Eliza Steele and was born Dec., 1884.  Both are buried at Elk Spring Cemetery in Monticello.  Children were Mabel, Earnie, Oscar, Mayme, Mary Jane, Leslie, Frederic, Woodroe, Dortha, and Shoff G.

The last child was Susanna who married John Messer.  No further information.
Another of Aaron and Susan's children was Rachael, born c1824.  She married John Coffey, a son of James and Sarah Emerline Sumpter Coffey on Jan. 28, 1848 in Wayne Co.  Their children were Sarah Jane, Elizabeth, Shelby "Shelly," James A., Joseph and Francis M.

The third of Aaron and Susan's children to figure into the Coffey families of Wayne Co. was Elizabeth, born c1830.  She married Josiah Dodson c1850 in Wayne Co.  Their daughter Susan Ann, born Apr., 1855, married Leander T. Denney c1880.  Leander was born to Cyrus and Betsey Littrell Denney on Jan. 2, 1857 in Wayne Co.  He and Susan had several children including Lottie Susan Denney who married Albert Coffey.

Albert was another son of Nelson and Sarah Emerine Worley Coffey.  He was born Apr. 7, 1891 in Wayne Co. and died on Nov. 13, 1966 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH.  Lottie was born Nov. 11, 1893 and died in Cincinnati on May 7, 1969.  Their children were Earl Edison, Roy Lee, Clarence Nelson, James C., Ruby, James O'Dell, Wendell Albert, Susie O., Milus (?) E., Sarah Doris, Wallace Ernest and Ann M.

I have some descendants of most of their children and, of course, their ancestors.  Drop me a note to add to or correct any of this information.

Note:  I have seen references to Ingram Cemetery as Ingram-Coffey and Ingram-Vickery-Goddard Cemetery.  It is located about 5 miles SE of Monticello on the Ingram Coffey Cemetery Road.  A map link is included below.
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