August 29, 2011

Samuel Monroe Austin

Samuel Monroe was a son of Samuel and Sarah Bolch (Bolick?) Austin and, was born Mar., 1824 in Watauga Co.  He was first married to Mariah Reed on Sep. 30,1854 in Caldwell Co. with whom he fathered six children:
Samuel M. & Mary Rich Austin
Sarah, born Dec. 25, 1849 in Lenoir, Caldwell Co., died Apr. 15, 1947 in Blowing Rock, Watauga Co. Sarah married Anthony Granville Keller c1881. He was born Feb. 11, 1854 in NC and died in Watauga Co. on Mar. 4, 1927. He was a son of James Wilborn and Margaret Eveline Turner Keller. Their children were George Jefferson; Elsie N; Sallie Marie; James W., Pantha E.; John L.; Granville A.; and Mary J. Sarah and Anthony are buried at Winkler Cemetery in Boone.

Mary, born Jun. 14, 1857 in Watauga Co., died Sep. 19, 1934 in Gragg, Avery Co., NC. She married Eldelano "Lano" Coffey, a son of Jacob Zachariah "Zack" and Margaret "Peggy" Coffey Coffey. Lano was born in 1857 and died May 27, 1927 in Wilson Creek Twp., Avery Co. More about Jacob and Peggy here, and here.*

Louisa, born Jan. 17, 1858 died at Kings Mountain in Lincoln Co., KY on Sep. 26, 1929. She married James Monroe Holsclaw, born Mar. 15, 1858 in Watauga Co., died Jun. 14, 1927 in Lincoln Co. They are both buried at Gooch Cemetery in Kings Mountain.

Melinda, born Mar. 2, 1858 in Watauga Co., died there on Jan. 24, 1895. She married Jonas Keller, brother to Anthony who married Sarah, Melinda's sister. Jonas was born in Aug., 1847 in Caldwell Co., died in Watauga Co. in 1930. He and Melinda were married on Oct. 31,1879 in Boone. Both are buried at Winkler. Their children were: Margaret Louise; Roe Wilborn; Charlie; Samuel and Arthur.

Adaline, born Dec., 1859 in Watauga Co. No further information. She apparently died quite young.

Celia M., born Sep. 21, 1864 in Watauga Co., died May 29, 1939 at Shulls Mill. Celia married Sim Penley. She is also buried at Winkler. No information on her spouse.

Samuel Monroe married his second wife, Mary Elizabeth Rich (var.) c1866. Mary was born Jul. 30, 1843 in Cherokee Co. to John and Rebecca Tomson [sic] Rich and died Oct. 13, 1922 in Blowing Rock. Mary is also buried at Winkler. Before he died on Mar. 28, 1912, Samuel fathered another eight (at least) children with Mary.

Their children were:

Martha M., born Apr. 28, 1869 in Watauga Co., died Jun. 26, 1948 in Lower Creek Twp. She married W. J. Putnam. Martha is buried at Belleview Cemetery in Lenoir. No further information.

William Levi, born Aug. 31, 1870 in Watauga, died Aug. 12, 1946 in Blowing Rock. His wife was Della Greene. William is buried at Winkler.

Julia Ann was born Sep. 24, 1871, died Apr. 18, 1964 at Belmont in South Point Twp., Gaston Co., NC. Her spouse was a Mr. McMillian. Julia is buried at Greenwood Cemetery in Belmont.

Samuel Monroe, Jr., born Feb. 14, 1873 in Watauga Co., died Apr. 23, 1959 in Boone. He married Minnie Belle Payne, daughter of John Milton and Eliza Jane Downs Payne, c1907. She was born Feb. 28, 1880 and died in Boone on Sep. 2, 1969. They too are buried at Winkler. Children were: Lewis Milton; Ella Mae; Daisy Virginia; one unnamed male child and Ned Payne.

Emma, born c1876, died Feb. 2, 1967 in Blowing Rock, married Benjamin Greene, a son of Amos and Sena Estes Greene. Ben was born Aug. 1, 1844 in Watauga Co. and died in Lenoir on May 7, 1921. Ben is buried at the Reform Church Cemetery in Blowing Rock; Emma is at Woodlawn Cemetery in Blowing Rock.

Cordelia, born c1878, also married a Greene, first name unknown. Cordelia died Dec. 27, 1969 in Obion Co., TN. No other information.

Carrie Naomi, born Sep. 26, 1881 in Boone, died Feb. 17, 1939 in Lenoir. Her spouse was William Lee Robbins, born May 14, 1877 to Rufus and Eliza Story Robbins. William died Oct. 7, 1955. I know of one child, Mary W., born Nov., 1899 in Boone. William is buried at Woodlawn Cemetery; Carrie is at Winkler.

The last of Samuel and Mary's children was George Washington, born Oct. 30, 1884 in Watauga Co., died Mar. 18, 1972 in Mocksville, Davie Co., NC. His wife was Lillie Victoria Moody, born Jan. 23, 1887 in NC, died at Shulls Mill on Feb. 27, 1940.

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Photo via Margaret Coffey Farley

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