October 29, 2011

James Calvin & Lucinda Elizabeth Coffey Welker

A day or so ago I wrote about James and Sarah Emerline Sumpter Coffey.  I have some concerns of whether or not the James Coffey, Jr who married Sophia Gibear was their son.  I still have not figured that out but, will publish what information I have been able to gather on James and Sophia's children, especially their son Glenton Oliver Welker.  See also Aug. 30, 2010 blog for more info about this family.

John Calvin Welker
Lucinda Eliz. Coffey
 John Calvin Welker was born in Cinque Homme Twp., Perry Co., MO on Jul. 9, 1858 to Louis and Mary Salina Will Welker.  Lucinda Elizabeth Coffey was the daughter of James, Jr. and Sophia Giebear Coffey.  She and John were married on Sep. 24, 1877 in Perry Co., MO.

To them were born at least eight children, all born in Cinque Homme:  William E., Victoria Edith, Ola Elma, Jesse Clarenton, Glenton Oliver, Mary Ethel, Annie Della, and Reath Rosa.  I have been able to find some descendant information on all except Ola.

William was born on Aug. 30, 1877 and died on Jun. 8,1950 in Friedheim, in Cape Girardeau Co., MO.  His spouse was Josephine Maria Lappe, born Dec. 15, 1880 in MO, died there on Jun. 10, 1968.  Their marriage took plae on Jul. 30, 1901 in Perry Co.  Children:  Rudolph A., born c1905 and, Elmo T., born c1908, both in Cape Girardeau Co.  William and Josephine were buried at Saint Maurus Catholic Church Cemetery in Biehle, Perry Co.

Victoria Edith was born Oct. 28,1881 and died in Nebraska on Jun. 26, 1988.  Her husband was Joseph A. Baudendistel, born in MO c1855.  They were married there c1908.  Joseph died Aug. 28, 1937 in Rulo, Richardson Co., NC.  Both are buried at the Rulo city cemetery.  The census record shows this family lived for a time in North Dakota and on the Iowa Indian reservation in Brown Co., KS.  They had at least eight children:  John E., born c1910 in ND; Raymond S., born c1912 in NC, died 1977 in Rulo; Victor, born Oct. 7, 1914 in MO, died in St. Louis on Sep. 1, 1916.  He was buried at McBride in Perry Co.; Lillian, born c1917 in MO; Paul, born c1921 in KS; Mildred, born c1923 in KS; Juanita, born c1925 in KS and Wesley E., born c1927 in KS.

Jesse Clarenton was born Jun. 7, 1886 and died on Mar. 19, 1975 in Perry Co.  He married Frances Schümer on Oct. 20, 1908 in Cingue Homme Twp.  Frances was born in Perry Co. on Feb. 4, 1882 to Francis Anton "Frank" and Samantha M. Leonard Schümer.  Frances died on Nov. 4, 1965 in Perry Co.  Both she and Jesse are buried at Saint Joseph Cemetery in Highland, Perry Co.  Their children numbered at least eight, all born in Cinque Homme:  Lawrence, born Sep., 1909; Veronica, born c1912; Ida, born c1915; Clara, born c1916; Buela, born c1918; Wilbert E., born c1920; Hilda B., born c1923 and Glenn J., born c1926.

Samantha Leonard Schümer was a daughter of Christian and Priscilla Conrad Leonard.  Christian and Priscilla were parents of at least 15 children and, Samantha was their youngest.  Christian served on the Union side during the Civil War as 3d Sgt. in the 3rd Regt., US Reserve Corps, Missouri Infantry.

Glenton & Elizabeth Macke
Wedding Photo
Elizabeth Catherine Macke
Glenton Oliver was born Jun. 14, 1888 in Cinque Homme and died in Perryville on Mar. 9, 1974.  He first married Bertha Mary "Birdie" Bunker on Apr. 9, 1912 in Perryville.  Birdie was born there on Nov. 11, 1890 and died there on Jan. 31, 1929.  Their children, all born in Perryville, were:  Myrna, born c1914; Marie, born c1916; Robert L., born Jun. 15, 1918, died Nov. 26, 2009 in Perryville; and William H., born Apr. 6, 1921, died Apr. 2, 1923 in Perryville.  Glenton, Birdie and the two sons are all buried at Mount Hope Cemetery in Perryville.

Glenton married for a second time to Elizabeth Catherine Macke, a daughter of Henry and Henrietta van der Mierden Macke.  Henry was born on Jun. 6, 1856 in Oldenburg, now a city in Lower Saxony, Germany.  In the 10th century this city was named Auldenburg and became part of the new German state of Lower Saxony after WW2.  Henrietta was born in Noord Brabant province of Holland on Aug. 5, 1864.  Henry died on May 30, 1914 in Leopold, Bollinger Co., MO and Henrietta died there on Mar. 27, 1940.  She is buried at the Leopold cemetery; Henry is probably there as well.

Henrietta van der Mierden Macke
Henry Macke
Prior to her marriage to Glenton, Elizabeth was married to Thomas Alvie Hart on Nov. 5, 1919 in Leopold. Thomas was a son of Thomas Alexander and Mary Rosella Moore Hart and was born on Jul. 26, 1896.  He died at age 30 in Perryville on Jan. 2, 1927.  He is also buried at Mount Hope.  It is my understanding from a descendant grandson that Elizabeth is buried adjacent to Thomas and that Glenton is buried adjacent to Birdie.

Following Glenton, the next born to John and Lucinda was Mary Ethel, born Sep. 1, 1892.  Her husband was Henry August Bohnert, born Apr. 6, 1889 in Uniontown, Perry Co., died in St. Louis on Nov. 9, 1955.    He and Mary were married on Sep. 25, 1917 in Perry Co.  Henry and Mary are buried at Saint Rose of Lima Cemetery in Silver Lake, Perry Co.

Annie Della was born Nov. 15, 1895 and died in Perryville on Sep. 26, 1977.  She married Frank John Krumm c1920 in MO.  He was born there on Jul. 10, 1888 and died in Perry Co. on Apr. 9,1961.  Both are buried at Mount Hope.

The last child was Reath Rosa, born Jan., 1897.  She married Charles H. Schnurr on Jun. 10, 1919 in Perry Co.  Their children were:  Russell, born c1920; Clifford, born c1924; Everett, born c1927 and Dorothy, born c1930.  I have not found a death date or burial place for either.

The photos are courtesy of Greg Heck and subject to this exclusive rights.

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