October 27, 2011

James & Sarah Emerline Sumpter Coffey

James, a son of Reuben and Mildred Morris* Coffey was born Aug. 27, 1790 in Burke Co., NC and died in Pulaski Co., KY on Jun. 4, 1892.  He is thought to be buried in an unmarked grave at Wiborg Cemetery in Flat Rock, McCreary Co., KY.  The part of Pulaski Co. that this family lived in later became part of McCreary Co.

Sarah Sumpter, parents yet unknown, was born on Jul. 7, 1792 in Burke Co., and died in KY in 1869.  Her burial place is also thought to be at Wiborg.  She and James were married on Jul. 7, 1810** in Burke Co.

It is believed by many researchers that the family left North Carolina before 1815 and settled in Pulaski Co., KY where eight of their known 10 children were born.  James, and his son James, Jr. patented land in that county on Mar. 28, 1851.  The 100 acres was described as being on "Big Creek, South Fork of Cumberland River" in the Joseph Porter survey.¹  Whether or not the family left this land at some future date is not known by me, but they remained in the county until death.

James and Sarah had at least 10 children.  The one I will concentrate on here is James, Jr., born c1820, died Nov. 16, 1862 in Perry Co., MO.³ James, Jr. appears to have left Pulaski Co. less than a year following the property patent with his father.  A record in Adair Co., MO shows that he married Sophia Giebear there on Mar. 4, 1852².  Sophia was the daughter of French born Nicholas Giebear and Ann Marie Drouard.  She was born May 22, 1834 in MO and died Aug. 8, 1880 in Perry Co.  Both she and James are buried at Mount Hope Cemetery in Perryville.

James and Sophia had at least four children:

James Henry, born Feb. 14, 1853, died Jun. 11, 1940 in Saline Twp., Perry Co.  James married Matilda Ann Moore, born Apr. 14, 1853 in Perry Co.  I know of one child, James Edward, born Aug. 25, 1895 in Perry Co., died Aug. 14,1961 in Perry Co.  He married Mary Zilpha Layton and had at least five children:  Mary Ann, James Henry, Orma Mary, Leo, and Joseph John.  Orma is said to have married Lester William Eichholz of Wisconsin on Nov. 2, 1941 in Wisconsin.  There is some confusion with this family as well.  James Henry is thought to have also married Mary Emma Dickerson, born c1866 in MO.  It is not yet clear to me whether Mary or Matilda was the mother of James Edward.  Based on birth year of Matilda (1853) and birth year of James Edward (1895) I rather lean towards Mary Emma as his mother.

William Austin, born Mar. 18, 1855 in Perry Co., and died there on Dec. 7, 1923.  He married Margaret Adaline Fowler and had at least 10 children:  Robert, Florence, James Austin, Rosalie, John Edward, Maude, Jesse, Everett, Charles H., and Lillie. Charles H. married Alice Mary Staelens.  She and Charles at buried near his parents at Mount Hope in Perryville.

Mary Jane, born Feb. 12, 1857, married John D. Red, c1885 in MO.  John was born Sep. 17, 1842 in IL and died in Perryville on Jan. 30, 1908.  Mary Jane died Jun. 24, 1954 in Perryville. They too are at Mount Hope.  I know of three children:  Mary S., born 1886 in IL;  Julia, born Apr., 1888 in CA; and Charles, born in Mar., 1894 in MO.

John Calvin Welker
Lucinda E. Coffey Welker
Lucinda Elizabeth¨, born Sep. 10, 1859 in Adair Co., MO, died in Perryville on Aug. 7, 1937.  She married John Calvin Welker on Sep. 24, 1877 in Perry Co.˜  John was born Jul. 9, 1858 in Cinque Homme Twp., Perry Co. to Louis and Mary Salina Will Welker.  He died on Nov. 6, 1931 in Perryville.  They are also buried at Mount Hope.  Their children were:  William E., Victoria Edith, Ola Elma, Jesse Clarenton, Glenton O., Mary Ethel, Annie Della, and Reath Rose.

I am very interested in learning if this James, Jr. is indeed the son James & Sally Sumpter Coffey!

**Name: James Coffey Spouse: Salley Sumter Marriage Date: 7 Jul 1810 Marriage County: Burke Marriage State: North Carolina Source Vendor: Liahona Research.  Source: County Court Records at Morganton, NC and, North Carolina Marriage Bonds 1741-1868; Original data: State of North Carolina.
¹Land Office, Kentucky Secretary of State, online, Patent No. 16563, Book 32, Page 310.
²State of Missouri County of Adair} I do hereby certify that I solemnized the rites of matrimony between James Coffee and Sophia Gibarror (?) the 4 - Day of March 1852 - Nicholas W. Turner J. P. - Transcribed by order of the County Court March 11th AD 1856 - E M C Morelock
³There are enough inconsistencies in this genealogy to cause pause.  More research is needed to assure that this James Coffey, Jr. was indeed the son of James & Sarah Sumpter Coffey.  The best info that I have at the moment says he is, but I remain skeptical.
˜Missouri Marriage Records. Jefferson City, MO, USA: Missouri State Archives. Microfilm.  "State of Missouri, County of Perry } SS: I, the Undersigned, a Catholic Priest, do hereby certify that on the twenty fourth day of September 1877, I joined in marriage John C. Welker and Lucinda E. Coffee, in Perry county, Mo. Given under my hand, this twenty eighth day of March, A. D. 1878 W. (?)T. Moore"
¨John Calvin Welker photo source:  http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/3302962/person/-1664895378; Lucinda's from http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/6681171/person/-1248885440

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