November 17, 2011

John & Rachel Barrier Coffey

John was born Feb. 24, 1818* in Eadsville, Wayne Co., KY to James and Sarah Emerline Sumpter Coffey.  He married Rachel Barrier, born Aug. 17, 1824*, in KY and probably also in Wayne Co. to Aaron and Susan Chrisman Barrier.  John died May 5, 1882 and Rachel died on Dec. 28, 1914, both in Pulaski Co., KY and were buried at the remote John Coffey family cemetery at Yamagraw in McCreary Co., KY.

I am aware of six children for them, all born in Wayne Co.:

Sarah Jane, born Jan. 10, 1849.  She remained unmarried and died of heart disease on Jun. 2, 1918 in McCreary Co.  She is probably also buried at the family cemetery but, her death certificate reads only that she was buried in that county.

Nancy Elizabeth, born Mar. 10, 1850, died in McCreary Co. on Feb. 25, 1935.  It appears that she also remained unmarried for her headstone at the family cemetery reads "Nancy E. Coffey."  Of course, she could have married a Coffey but I have no evidence of that.

Shelby "Shelly," born Apr. 29, 1852, died of measels at Denney, KY, Wayne Co.**  He is buried at the Martha Coffey Cemetery at Ritner, Wayne Co.  He was married at least twice.  His first was to Sarah Perkins on Dec. 26, 1872 in Wayne Co.  Sarah was born Jul. 4, 1856 in KY and died in Wayne Co. on Mar. 7, 1912.  His children with Sarah were:
Rachel, born Oct. 8, 1874 in Slavans, McCreary Co., died of pulmonary tuberculosis on Jun. 30, 1950 in Wiborg, McCreary Co.**  Her spouse was W. H. Abbot, born c1878, died c1955 in KY.  She is buried at Flat Rock Cemetery in McCreary Co.  Her spouse is probably buried there as well.
John, born Sep. 18, 1875, died unknown.  He married Kizzie Coffey, a second cousin and daughter of Richard Henderson and Catherine C. Jones Coffey, date unknown.  Kizzie died Oct. 2, 1959 in McCreary Co.***
Lewis, born c1878, also married a second cousin, Ada E. Keith, born Mar., 1882 to William H. & Sarah Elizabeth Coffey Keith.
James Austin, born Jan. 4, 1881, died May 11, 1960 in Monticello, Wayne Co.  His wife was Canzada Foster, daughter of George S. and Selda or Zelda Foster.  Canzada was born May 8, 1885 in Wayne Co., and died Feb. 8, 1966 in Monticello.  They were married on May 30,1907.  Both are buried at Elk Spring Cemetery in Monticello.
Jay, born Mar. 31, 1883, no further information.
Joseph Francis "Joe," born Jun. 3, 1885, died Dec. 12, 1969 at Smith Town in Stearns Co., KY.  His wife was Dora Roberts. He is buried at the Methodist Cemetery in Whitley City, McCreary Co.
Rebecca, born Jul. 1887, no further information.
Jesse, born Jan., 1890, married Margaret Foster, born c1898 in Wayne Co.
Sarah J., born Mar., 1892, no further information.
William Nelson, born Jun. 21, 1894, died Mar. 14, 1963 at Oneida in Scott Co., TN.  His wife was Lelia Mae Abbot, born Jul. 18, 1899 in Wayne Co., died in Oneida on Feb. 26, 1969.  Both are buried at the Holloway Cemetery, Marshes Siding, McCreary Co.
James Aron, born Feb. 20, 1854, died Nov. 5, 1913.*  Buried at the Coffey Family cemetery at Yamacraw. I have found no of a marriage for James.

Joseph, born Mar. 11, 1856 at Whiteoak Creek, Wayne Co.  He married c1888 his first cousin, once removed, Emily G. Coffey, daughter of Joseph and Louisa J. Jones Coffey.  Louisa and Cathereine Jones, wife of Richard Henderson Coffey (above) may be related but, I have not investigated that connection.

The last child of John and Rachel Barrier Coffey was Francis Marion, born Feb. 5, 1858, died Jul. 15, 1926* in Yamacraw.

Shelly's second wife was Martha Thompson with whom he had Hattie, born 1919, died 1990.  She married Robert Barney "Bob" Clark, born Jun. 15, 1911, died Sep. 1, 2006.  She and Bob are buried at the Martha Coffey cemetery in Ritner.  Their second child was Charles, born Jan. 11, 1923, died at the VA hospital at Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN on Jun. 13, 1985.  He too is buried at the Martha Coffey cemetery.

John and Rachel had a number of grandchildren which likely resulted in scads of grandchildren.  Unfortunately, Shelby is the only one for whom I have a good list of descendants.  Readers are invited to fill in the blanks.

**Death Certificate
***Kentucky Death Index, 1911-2000

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