November 2, 2011

Sheridan L. "Sherd" & Sarah "Sally" Coffey Dobbs

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Photo courtesy of Darryl Dobbs
Photo:  Benjamin Franklin Coffey was a son of Nelson and Keziah and married Martha Cecilia Dobbs, daughter of George Washington and Lurany Strunk Dobbs.  Thomas "Tom" Dobbs, was Sherd and Sally's son and married Julia Jones.  The others are discussed more fully below.  The photo is said to have been taken c1920.  However, Luraney died before 1910 and her child Roxy was born c1901.  I suspect it was taken in the Spring or early Summer of 1902.

Short recap:

Sheridan L. "Sherd" Dobbs was born Sep. 4, 1844 in Wayne Co., KY to George Washington and Lurany H. Strunk Dobbbs.  He married Sarah "Sally" Coffey, born c1846 in KY, c1869.  Sally was a daughter of Nelson N. & Keziah "Kizzie" Watters Coffey.  Sally died Jan. 23, 1910 in McCreary Co., KY and Sherd died there on Dec. 17, 1941.  Both are buried in the Dobbs family cemetery in Stearns, McCreary Co.*

Their children, as I have them, were Benjamin Franklin, born ca Feb. 1870; Ollie, a daughter, born c1872; Emeline, born c1874; Angelina, born Nov. 7, 1876, died Jan. 29, 1958; Thomas, born Dec. 14, 1877, died Sep. 6, 1950, and Eli, born Nov., 1881.

Benjamin married Luraney Coffey, his mothers niece and a daughter of Henry Baker and Sarah Elizabeth Dobbs Coffey.  Sarah Elizabeth Dobbs and Sherd Dobbs were sister and brother, making Benjamin and Luraney double first cousins.

Luraney died before the 1910 census and probably at the birth of her fourth child.  Their children were Alice, born c1898, Roxie, born c1901, Florida, born Aug. 19, 1903, died Apr. 5, 1963 in Fayette Co., KY, and Esther Loraine, born Feb. 14, 1910, died Oct. 7, 1911.  Florida married Edgar Dobbs, her 4x second cousin.  Edgar was the son of Joseph and Polly Ann Coffey Dobbs.  Joseph was a son of James Shelby "Jim Frett" and Prudence Ann "Prudie" Coffey Dobbs.  Jim Frett and Sherd Dobbs were brothers.  Polly Ann Coffey was a daughter of Joseph & Louisa J. Jones Coffey, and Joseph was brother to Prudence.

Esther Loraine died at the age of 1 year, 7 mos., and 23 days.  Her death certificate lists "cause unknown."  She is buried at Rock Creek in Wayne Co.

I have no information on Ollie and Emeline Dobbs.

Angelina also married a Coffey.  He was James C. "Jim" Coffey, born Jun. 6, 1879 to Richard Henderson & Catherine C. Jones Coffey.  Richard was brother to Sarah "Sally" Coffey who married Sherd Dobbs.  Catherine, born Mar. 27, 1840 in Wayne Co., was a daughter of William McKinley and Mary Jane "Polly" Baker Jones.  Catherine died in McCreary Co. on Oct. 16, 1901; Richard on Aug. 6, 1920.

Jim and Angelina had at least eight children:  Twins, Ollie and India, born Dec. 7, 1903; Saphronia Katherine, Apr. 7, 1906; Marie, Aug. 31, 1910; James Beecher, born Mar. 8, 1911; Roberta, born May 7, 1913; Raymond R., born Jan. 29, 1915 and Lillie, born c1918.  More information is available on these children.

Thomas Dobbs married Julia Jones, thought to be a daughter of Charlie and Lizzie Jones.  She was born in Slavans, McCreary Co. on Feb. 19, 1879 and died in Cooperative, McCreary Co. on Feb. 21, 1940.  Thomas and Julia are buried at the James C. Coffey family cemetery in Stearns.  Their children were Lillie, born 1910, Parker, born 1913, Ester, born 1918, Dora, born 1920 and Edith, born 1929.  More info is also available on these children.

Sherd and Sally's last child was Eli, born Nov., 1881.  No death info has been found for him or his wife Lettie, maiden name unknown.  They had children Willer, born c1913, Austin, born c1918, Arthur, born 1920, Myrtle, born c1925 and Clifford, born c1929.  This family went to Florida sometime between 1920 and 1925 because the last two children were born in that state.

*Please contact me if you have geocoordinates for this cemetery.

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