February 12, 2012

James Granville & Lois Ann Dancy Coffey

James was the eldest child of Marvel and Nancy E. Pendley Coffey.  Marvel was a son of James and Delilah Ferguson Coffey.

James is said to have been born on Jul. 4, 1845 in North Carolina and to have died on Feb. 19, 1915 in McDowell Co., WV.  I have not yet been able to confirm either date.

He married Lois Ann Dancy, a daughter of Neal and Rilda Cox Dancy, natives of Ashe Co., NC.  Lois was born Dec. 19, 1858 in that county and died on Sep. 28,1938 in Welch, McDowell Co., WV.  Her death certificate reports cause of death as hypostatic pneumonia.  Lois is buried at the Premier Cemetery in Premier, Welch Co., WV.  In 1920 Lois was a widow in McDowell Co., more of less confirming that James died after he appeared last in the 1910 census.

James and Lois had at least nine children, the eldest three born in NC, the others in WV.

Alice E., born Jul. 23, 1881 in Asheville, Buncombe Co., married William S. Taylor on Nov. 19,1894 in Mercer Co. William was a native of GA, born there c1868.  At least 10 children were born to this union:  Laura A., c1899; Cora E., c1901; Luther, c1903; James A., born c1906; Mary B., born c1909; William, Jr., born c1912; Daisy V., born c1914; Elizabeth M., born c1917; Charley F., born c1919 and, Evaline B., born c1924.  I have not found death date and burial sites for William and Alice.

Daniel Alexander, born Jun. 4, 1882, Ashe Co., NC, died Jun. 19,1960 in Welch, McDowell Co.  Daniel married Belle Bunn c1907 in WV.  She was a daughter of John P. and Mary J. "Mollie" Havens Bunn, born Apr. 17, 1892 in Pulaski Co., VA, died Nov. 13, 1984 in Ravenna, Portage Co., OH.  Their children were:  James G. P., born c Jul 1909 in WV, married a lady by the name of Mary A. c1929 in McDowell Co.  Howard Clinton, Feb. 25, 1911-Mar 23,1992; Clarence E., Sep. 14, 1914-Dec. 13, 1983; Bessie C., c1917; Albert Preston, Jun. 22, 1919-Nov. 11, 1994 in Jefferson Co., WV.  Albert married Lyda Louvernia Stumbo, daughter of Christopher Columbus and Minnie Ramsey Stumbo.  Lyda was born Mar 31, 1921 in Yukon, McDowell Co., and died in Ranson, Jefferson Co., WV on Apr. 29, 2010.  Hazel was next, born c1922; Effie A., born c1925 and Hellen M., born c1928.

Mary E., born Feb., 1883 in NC, married J. E. Ferguson on Dec. 20, 1905 in Coalwood, McDowell Co.  Mr. Ferguson was a native of Smyth Co., VA, having been born there c1876.

James Henry, born Mar. 20, 1889 in WV, died Jul. 6, 1958 in Welch, McDowell Co.  He married Hattie Pearl Woods.  A marriage date has not been found.  Hattie was born Apr. 20, 1892 in KY and died in Laurel Co., KY on Jan. 22, 1973.  Their children were Myrtle, born c1915, Beatrice I., Mar. 4, 1918 in WV-Nov. 24, 1971 in KY; Clifford L., born Apr. 4, 1920 in WV, died Feb. 1, 1984 in KY; and Rev. William Kelcie Coffey, born Jul. 14, 1923, died Jul. 6, 1997 in Laurel Co., KY.  Rev. Coffey married Gloria Edna Rogers and were parents of at least one child, James Roger, born Oct. 27, 1948 in Yukon, died in Corbin, Whitley Co., KY on Apr. 20, 2008.

George Lee, born Jun. 24, 1891 in Welch, died in Columbus, Franklin Co., OH on Jun. 17, 1961.  His wife was Elizabeth Mae Steele, born Mar. 21, 1903 in Ashland, Boyd Co., KY.  She died on Aug. 8, 1968 in Wilmington, New Castle Co., DE.  Children were Helen Kathleen, Raymond Scott and Charles L.

Elizabeth Jane, born Apr. 29, 1895 in WV, died Apr. 23, 1939 in Big Creek Dist., McDowell Co.  She married a Mr. Branhorn.

William Luther, born Apr. 29, 1895 in WV, died Jul. 27, 1977 in WV.  Married Lillian Banfield, born Jul. 28, 1909 in Williamson, Mingo Co., WV, died in Cherry Run, Morgan Co., WV in Sep., 1973.  They had at least one child, a son named Donald, born c1932 in WV.

Charles Earnest, born Apr. 17, 1897 in Freeman, Mercer Co., WV, died in Beckley, Raleigh Co., WV on Oct. 1, 1923.  His spouse was Lockie Quesenbury, born c1902 in VA.  They married on Jul. 28, 1921 in Coalwood, McDowell Co.

The last child born to James and Lois was Jesse Franklin on Jan. 18, 1900 in WV.  He married Virgie Sizemore on Jan. 4, 1923 in McDowell Co.  She was born c1905 in Wyoming Co., WV.  Their children were Charles, born c1924; James, born c1926; and Sidney A., born c1928.  There was also a stillborn male child on May 15, 1940 in North Welch, McDowell Co.

Additions and corrections welcomed. Sources available on request.

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