February 11, 2012

Larkin & Sibby Wyatt Coffey

Larkin Coffey was a son of Thomas and Nancy Barlow Coffey, born c1832 in Wilkes Co., NC.  He married Sibby Wyatt on Nov. 28, 1853 in Wilkes Co. and died in TN in 1863. Some sources report that he died from complications of measles while others report he died of diptheria, while serving with the CSA in La Follette, Campbell Co., TN.  I have not found any proof to substantiate this, however.

What is known is that he and Sibby Wyatt, a daughter of Solomon and Polly Wyatt, were parents of at least four children:  Gilliam Wyatt, Sarah Lou Ellen, John Nelson and Mary Ann.

Gilliam, born in North Carolina - probably Caldwell Co. - in Mar., 1854, married Sarah Jane Isenhower (var.) on Jan. 10, 1875 in Caldwell Co.  Sarah, the daughter of Joseph who later became Gilliam's step-father, was born in NC in Jan., 1854 and died in Okanogan Co., WA in 1928.  Gilliam died there in 1913.

Their children, all born in NC, were:
Candes L., born May 1877, married Lee L. Cook c1897.  Lee was born in Apr., 1871 in NC.
Sidney G. S., born c1878
Etta Cordelia "Cordie," born Feb., 1880
Martha J., born Mar., 1882
William Larkin, born Jun., 1884, died Jun. 11, 1968 in Omak, Okanogan Co., WA.  William married Emma J. Lingle c1907 in NC.  She was a daughter of J. Monroe and Frances J. Sullivan Lingle.  She and William were parents of Ethel M, born NC; Edna Y., born c1912 in WA; John Albert, born Jun. 29, 1915 in WA, died in Okanogan Co. on Oct. 14, 2003; and James Edward, born Dec. 17, 1919 in WA, died Jul. 3, 1998 in Okanogan Co.  James Edward married Ellen J. Dinger in Spokane, WA in 1947.  They had at least one child, John Allen Coffey, born Dec. 8, 1951 in Okanogan and died there on Aug. 7, 1980.
Joseph Monroe, born Feb. 23, 1887 at Shulls Mill in Watauga Co., NC, died in Okanogan on Jun. 5, 1958.
Minnie Lee, born Jul. 31, 1890 at Blowing Rock in Watauga Co., NC, died Dec. 2, 1972 at Peteros, Okanogan Co.  She married first to Charles Martin Harrell on Jun 30, 1911 in Okanogan Co.  Two children are known: Leda Ruby and Doris Jane.  Charles died in 1917 and Minnie married George Walter Brownlee on Feb. 16, 1919 in Okanogan Co.  He was a son of Andrew Brownlee and was born Jan. 17, 1875 in IL, died in Okanogan Co. in 1962.  Their children were at least two:  John Charles, born Jul. 16, 1924, died Sep. 11, 2003 at Wenatchee, Chelan Co., WA and, Grace, born c1928 in Okanogan Co.
The last child born to Gilliam and Sarah was Ethel, born Oct., 1894 in NC.
The second child born to Larkin and Sibby was Sarah Lou Ellen on Nov. 8, 1856 in Caldwell Co.  She married John M. Stamey, a son of Daniel and Catherine Stamey, on Jan. 4, 1874 in Caldwell Co.  John was born in Cherokee Co., NC on Jan. 9, 1846 and died in Catawba Co. on Sep. 4, 1934.  Sarah died in Catawba Co. on Jun. 24, 1947.

Third born was John Nelson "Nels" on Aug. 7, 1858 in Caldwell Co.  John Married Laura Ann Henley, a daughter of Henry and Loanna "Loany" Greene, on Sep. 23, 1881 in Watauga Co.  John died on Dec. 10, 1932 in Blowing Rock, NC; Laura died there on Jun. 2, 1936.  This couple had at least nine children, all of which married and have descendants.  The family is too large to write about here but I will in a future blog.  In the meantime, any reader wanting information about "Nels" and Laura Ann, can drop an e-mail with the request.

The last child of Larkin and Sibby was Mary Ann, born Mar. 27, 1859 in Caldwell Co., died there on Nov. 24, 1944.  She married William Alexander West, a son of Hiram and Juliatha [sic] Haas West, born Jan. 18, 1856 in Caldwell Co.  William died Jan. 26, 1919 at the State Hospital in Morganton, Burke Co., NC after breaking a hip.  He and Mary Ann had at least three children:  Dora A., born Jun., 1885, married Adolphus Price on Apr. 21, 1907 in Lenoir; Willard Newton, born Apr. 18, 1888, died Jan. 9, 1969 at Black Mountain in Buncombe Co., NC.  Willard married Emma Andrews on Dec. 26, 1915 in Lenoir.  Third and last child was Georgia, born Aug., 1890.

Following Larkin's death, Sibby Wyatt Coffey married Joseph Isenhour on Nov. 14, 1875 in NC.  They had at least one child, Solomon Tilden Isenhour, born Nov. 30, 1876, died Dec. 26, 1950 in Blowing Rock.  Solomon married Ruth Callie Moody c1895 and they had at least one child, a son Franklin Albert Isenhour, born in Watauga Co. on Dec. 11, 1898.  As mentioned above, it was Sibby's son Gilliam Coffey who married Sarah Jane Isenhour, Joseph's daughter by his first wife, Lettie.

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