April 12, 2012

Joel Hamilton Malicoat

Joel Hamilton Malicoat is said to have been born on Feb. 6, 1818 in TN to Dedman and Levina Thacker Malicoat. I cannot verify that through any record that I have found. Neither can I verify that his middle name was Hamilton. Middle names were not all that common in the era of his birth.

An extract of a Bible record sent to me in 1995 e-mail reads:
Grainger County Bible Records - Mallicoat Bible

Original owner Joel Mallicoat, present owner, Adam Mallicoat, Bean Station, Tn. Copied by Johnny Atkins, Bean Station, Tn Oct 1, 1937

Joel Mallicoat born Feb 6, 1818

Family Record: Joel Mallicoat was born in the year 1818, Feb 6th, and Margaret Wolfe, his last wife was born in the year 1832 November 3rd. and we were married in the year 1850. Martha Allen, my first wife was born in the year 1822 June 7th, and was married Dec 3, 1840. James L. Mallicoat born Dec 10, 1841

William Sheaddie born Oct 15, 1843 Nancy Jane born May 19th 1845 Wiley Mc. Henderson born Jan 23, 1848 Martha Mallicoat died Feb 12, 1848 Nathaniel N. Mallicoat died June 18, 1854 John Mallicoat died 10th May 1857 The little girl died April 29, 1859 L. Mallicoat was killed Jan 21, 1865 Margaret Mallicoat my last wife died May 21, 1883 William Mallicoat died Feb 23, 1908 Joel Mallicoat went into the Civil War in 1861 and came out in 1866; he was the father of 12 children.
I know that a Joel Malicoat married Margaret Wolfe in Grainger Co., TN on Aug. 14, 1850.  He and Margaret appeared in the Grainger Co., TN federal census record from 1860 until 1880.  According to the above Bible record, Margaret died on May 21, 1883.  children from this marriage were: Eliza; Mary L., Henry L., married Hannah Dalton; Martha E., Adam W., Lydia, married John Timothy Dalton and Harley who married Ethel Malena Coffey, daughter of Asbury and Martha Corder Coffey.

Joel married again on Sep. 2, 1883, this time to Julia A. Hipshire Coffey.  I know of no children born to this union.

An entry at Find-A-Grave (FAG) for a Joel Hamilton Malicoat, born 1837 in TN, died in Ellettsville, Monroe Co., IN in 1927, says he was the husband of Martha Allen.  Information included with his FAG memorial says that he came to MO when a year old.  The creator of the memorial page also reports that Joel Hamilton and Martha A. were parents of:

"Florabelle (b. Dec. 14, 1859), Hester Evelyn (b. Feb. 8, 1861), Horace Hamilton (b. Feb. 28, 1863), Fred (b. Aug. 2, 1865), Rilla (b. March 8, 1869), Maude (b. June 24, 1871), Anna (b. March 22, 1874), and Charlie (b. Dec. 15, 1875); enlisted as a CPL in Co. G, 38TH IND INF on Sept. 18, 1861; discharged for disability, April 1862"

Joel's obituary, also posted on his FAG memorial, reads in part:
"He is survived by the widow, two sons, H. H. of this city, and Harley of Ellettsville, three daughters, Mrs. Flora Campbell, Detroit, Mrs. Rilla Stevenson, Hammond, and Mrs. Maude Koss, this city."
Their children, as I have them and all born in TN were:  James L., born 1841; William L., born 1843; Nancy Jane, born 1845 and Wiley, born 1848.  These children appeared in the 1860 census with Joel and wife Margaret Wolfe.  Because they married in 1850, the children are apparently Joel's by a previous union.  Joel and Margaret's children were:  Eliza, Mary, born c1853; Henry L., born 1854; Martha, born c1856; Adam, born May, 1860, Lydia, born Dec., 1862 and Harley, born Dec. 15, 1875.  I have not found a son named Harley in any household with Joel and his three wives and have to conclude that he must belong to the Joel Hamilton Malicoat buried at Ellettsville.  Harley was born in that town and married Ethel Malena Coffey in Owen Co., IN on Jan. 30, 1913.

In 1870 children remaining in the household with Joel and Margaret were:  Henry, Martha, Adam, Liddie and Eliza.  In 1880 only Adam, Lida [sic] and Eliza remained at home.

I tend to believe that Joel Malicoat in TN was not named Joel Hamilton Malicoat.  None of his marriage records or census records even hint at a middle name or initial.  I do not know what to believe about his marriage to Martha Allen as given in the above Bible record.  Perhaps Joel's marriage to Martha Allen was coincidental to the marriage of Joel Hamilton Malicoat to Martha Evelyn Allen!?

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