April 12, 2012

The Google Chrome Browser and this Blog

I am uncertain whether the problem is mine or one with the Google Chrome browser.

I have used Chrome for sometime now and suddenly find that viewing my blog in Chrome does not display Followers and, clicking on Labels does not work.  Photo/avatar thumbnails of followers do not appear and clicking on a Label does not bring up any previous blogs where that label has been used.

Ideally, any browser should display thumbnails of my Followers at the top of the sidebar.  Clicking on any label at the bottom of each blog should display all previous blogs where that label was used.

Both gadgets work for me using the latest versions of Firefox and the MS Internet Explorer.  However, for some reason I haven't yet discovered, when I use either FF or IE I do have to click twice on any Label and once more on the "Show all posts" link at the top of each blog to get any earlier blogs using that Label to appear.

Please let me know if you are using Chrome, IE or Firefox and experiencing any or all of the same difficulties. 


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