April 23, 2012

Francis Marion Coffey 1840-1933

In March of 2006 I posted the obituary of  F. M. Coffey who died in Soldier, Jackson Co., KS in 1933.  The obituary named their 10 children but, not in birth order.  I have since added a bit more family information.

Their first child was Charles H., born Feb. 8, 1867 in Stanford, Lincoln Co., KY.  No further information.

Cynthia Ann, born also in Stanford on Aug. 13, 1869, died Dec. 3, 1962 in Hutchinson, Reno Co., KS.  Cynthia married John Fisher, born Stanford in 1865, on Oct. 3, 1887 in Hutchinson.  Children that I have for this couple are:  Beatrix, born 1891, died Aug., 1976 in Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH; George Francis, born c1894, died Nov. 7, 1901; Charles Stanley, born Jul. 22, 1897 and Hazel Miriam, born Nov. 28, 1900.

Hattie Belle, born Sep. 7, 1871 in Turnersville, Lincoln Co., KY.

Minnie E., born Jan. 27, 1874 in Washington Co., KY, died Jan. 15, 1974 in Santa Paula, Ventura Co., CA.  She married David Peter Clapperton on Aug. 15, 1891 (place not given).  He was born in KS in Sep., 1866.  Their children were Marie; Gladys; David Peter, Jr.; Agnes; Jeanette; and Isabel.

Margaret G., born Jan. 15, 1876 in Mount Salem, Lincoln Co., KY.  No further info.

Francis Timothy, born Aug. 7, 1878 in Stanford, died Aug. 14, 1947 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA.  He married Nellie Whitaker c1903, who was born in Leavenworth Co., KS on Jun. 19, 1888.  Their children were Rev. Francis M.; Geraldine G.; Audrey L.; Melbourne L.; Boyd A.; Glen A.; Absena (?) L., a female; Alvin F.; and Allen P.

Mary E., born Oct., 1880 in Marion Co., KS, died at Soldier on Jun. 16, 1968.  She married Glenn Roy Achenback, born Aug., 1880 in Marion Co., on Dec. 24, 1900.  Children were Harry A. and Orva V.  Perhaps there were others.

James Gabriel, born Aug. 23, 1883 in Florence, Marion Co., KS, died Aug. 20, 1974 at Safford in Graham Co., AZ.  He married Lena Rose Higgins on Apr. 19, 1904 in Holton, Jackson Co., KS.  Lena Rose was born in KS in Sep., 1885 and died in Leavenworth on Feb. 7, 1937.  Their children were Thelma O.; Ulysses; Florence June; Kathleen; James, Jr.; and Robert Dale.

Arthur K., born Dec. 8, 1995 in Florence.  No further information.

Pearl D., born May, 1888 in Florence.  No further information.

Clearly more work is needed.  However, the real purpose of this blog is to post the below photo.  It is said to be of Francis Marion and Permelia Jane Hughes Coffey with (probably) some of their children.  A reader has asked me to post it with hope that other readers will recognize and be able to identify everyone.

Please contact me if you do recognize the people and can ID any of them.

Update Apr. 24, 2012

The reader mentioned above sent a later e-mail saying that most of the folks had been identified.  Francis Marion and Permelia Jane Hughes Coffey are of course the older couple.  Behind Permelia is her son Francis Timothy Coffey and his wife Nellie Whitaker.  At Nellie's right is her son, Francis M. Coffey.  The young man to his right remains unidentified.

The young woman is Geraldine Coffey, daughter of Francis Timothy and Nellie.  The child is Sheldon K. Bowling, Jr. held by Geraldine's husband and father of the baby, Sheldon K., Sr.

Find-A-Grave has an entry for Sheldon Kingsley Bowling, born Oct. 27, 1901 in MO, died July 2, 1972 in Pleasant Hill, Cass Co., MO and was buried at Floral Hills Cemetery in Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO.  Geraldine died in 1986 and is also at Floral Hills.  Sheldon K., Jr., was born May 3, 1924 in MO and died Mar. 20, 2000 at Springfield in Greene Co., MO.  Sheldon, Jr. served in the US Navy during WWII and is buried at the Missouri Veterans Cemetery at Springfield.

Sheldon Jr. was born in May, 1924 and appears to be 2-3 months old in this photo.

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