May 3, 2012

Nathan E. Coffey

Nathan E. (Edward?) was born c1867 in Texas to Thomas Arvil and Hannah Henson Coffey.  On Jan. 17, 1889* he married Elizabeth "Betty" McNatt in Denton Co., the daughter of James W. and Amanda Jane "Mandy" Hammonds McNatt.  Betty was born on Feb. 17, 1869 in Benton Co., AR and died on Mar. 6, 1938 in Denton, Denton Co., TX.

She and Nathan apparently divorced, or perhaps Nathan died, before 1898.  Before that however, she gave birth to their only known child, Andrew Jackson Coffey in Aubrey, Denton Co. on Jun. 26, 1895.  Following that, Nathan disappeared into history, some genealogies reporting that he died in Indian Territory, OK, but offering no proof.

Betty married again on Aug. 26, 1898** in Denton Co. to Jeremiah Washington "Jerry" Looper.  Jerry was born on May 5, 1850 in Alabama and died Feb. 2, 1940 in Aubrey.

Prior to his marriage to Betty, Jerry had married Ellen Elizabeth "Lizzie" Kelley in Etowah Co., AL on Dec. 31, 1873***.  She was born c1859 in AL and died on May 31, 1895 in Denton Co.  In those 22 years, she gave birth to seven children:  Leonard; Dennis; Arlan Murray; Andrew J.; James W.; Bertie; and Hollie Rollin.

The only known child born to Jerry and Betty was Jerry Edward, on Aug. 16, 1899, died Apr. 8, 1971 in Denton Co.  Jerry married Vera Tennessee Coffey, a daughter of Asberry Aurelius and Louisa Elizabeth Owens Coffey, c1925 in TX.  Vera was born Jul. 9, 1905 in TX and probably in Denton Co., and died there on Aug. 28, 1986.  I know of two children, Doyce Edward, born 1926 and Kenneth Gerald, born 1930, both in Denton Co.

Jeremiah Washington "Jerry" Looper and his two wives are buried at the Belew Cemetery in Aubrey, Denton Co.  Several of his children with Elizabeth Kelly are also buried there:  Andrew J., Nov. 14, 1880 to Aug. 21, 1882; James W., born Oct. 29, 1882 died Jan. 1, 1893; and Hollie Rollin, Feb. 7, 1888, died Sep. 28, 1944. His child with Betty McNatt, Jerry Edward, died Apr. 8, 1971, and his wife Vera, died Aug. 28, 1986 in Denton are also buried at Belew.

Primarily, I am wondering if there was a divorce between Nathan and Betty McNatt and, if so, when.  Did he survive to remarry and have additional children?  When and where did he die and where is he buried?

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