October 11, 2013

New Coffey Cousins' Newsletter Available

Coffey Cousins' Newsletter, Vol. 128 has been released.

Langston Coffey (Chesley) 2 
News You Can Use 2 
Sarah Delilah Coffey 3 
Olin J. Coffey (David Nathaniel Coffey) 3 
William McKesson Blalock (Austin Coffey) 4 
Alice Lee Coffey (Jordan Coffey) 5 
Incoming Mail 5-6 
Research Tips 7 
Last Will & Testament of John Barlow, Jr 8 
2014-15 Coffey Cousins’ Reunion 9 
Editor’s Comments 

Read the entire newsletter at http://coffeycousinsclearinghouse.org/

Sorry for getting this into the blog so late.  Hope you enjoy the latest newsletter.


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