October 22, 2013

William Stanley Coffey

William Stanley Coffey, a son of Salathial "Sail" Coffey and wife Nancy Dunbar, is thought to be a descendant of the mythical Chesley and said wife Jane Cleveland.  William was born in Russell Co., KY on Jul. 9, 1842 and died in McKinney, Collin Co., TX on Jun. 23, 1922.

William and Sarah Elizabeth Lucas were married on Feb. 27, 1866 in Collin Co., TX where most, if not all of their 10 children were born.  Sarah was the daughter of Peter and Mary E. Lucas.

Their children were:

+ Dr. John Cicero Coffey, born Jan. 6, 1867, died Apr. , 1954 in Wichita Co., TX.  His death was caused by chronic myocarditis at the Wichita Falls State Hospital.  I have not found his burial site.  He married Gabriella "Ella" Coffey in Grayson Co., TX on Oct. 28, 1895.  Gabriella was the daughter of Matthew Slaughter Coffey and his wife Virginia Texana "Jennie" Butridge.  Matthew and William Stanley were very distant cousins.  Matthew is a known descendant of Edward and Ann Powell Coffey.  Dr. Coffey and Ella were parents of one know child, a daughter named Ruth, born Aug. 5, 1897, died Jan., 1984 in Amarillo.  Ruth married Roy Raymond Hunter in Texas c1929.  He was born Apr. 11, 1894 in that state and died in Amarillo on Aug. 4, 1975.  Their children were Virginia, John C., Mary L. and Roy Raymond, Jr.

+ Robert Henry Coffey, born Oct. 8, 1868, died Apr. 13, 1950 in Collin Co., and was buried at Fitzhugh Cemetery in Forest Grove, Collin Co.  His wife was Minnie Mabel Biddy, a daughter of George and Edna McDonald Biddy.  She was born in TN on Jul. 2, 1873 and died in McKinney on Feb. 20, 1968.  They were married in McKinney on Dec. 18, 1892.  Their children were Clarence Milton, 1893-1949; Tressie A., 1896-1975; Hallie Elizabeth, 1899-1993; and Edgar Biddy, 1901-1967.  Minnie was buried at Fitzhugh along with Clarence and Tressie.  Hallie's burial site is yet unknown to me.  Edgar rests at Forest Grove.

+  Mary Frances "Molly" Coffey, 1869-?, married Samuel Lloyd Renfrow on Apr. 13, 1887 in Collin Co.  He was born c1876 in that county and died there on Apr. 3, 1907.  His "Report of Death" does not name his burial site.  Their children were Ethert Alford, 1887-1948; William Lloyd, 1890-?; Alberta, no dates; Edgar, 1891-?.

+ Denie Elzada Coffey, 1871-1948.  Her first husband was General Jackson Moss, no dates.  They were likely married in Collin Co. c1885±.  I know of at least two children: Sarah Leona Moss, 1889-1959 and Orlia Jackson Moss, 1891-1975.  Orlia married Ermyne Mitchell (1895-1974).  both are buried at Cottage Hill Cemetery at Celina, Collin Co.  Denie's second husband was William Dillon Goode, born 1866 in Roanoke, VA.  He died in Plano, TX in 1916; Denie at Wylie, Collin Co., in 1948.  I know of two children for them:  Clarice, born c1909 and Virginia, born c1910, both in TX.

+ Missouri B. Coffey, born 1873, died and was buried at Forest Grove.  Nothing else is know.

+ Laura Ellen Coffey, 1875-1966.  Laura married William John Ledbetter, born in TN in 1866, c1896.  He died at Paducah, Cottle Co., TX in 1932 and was buried there in the Garden of Memories Cemetery.  Laura Ellen also died in Paducah and was also buried in the Garden of Memories.  Their children were Horace Chilton, 1897-1971; Aaron, 1898-?; Roy Robert, 1902-?; Nila Erona, 1905-?; Ruth Ellen, 1909-? and Mary Elizabeth, 1911-?

+ Salathiel "Sales" Coffey, 1896-1944.  He married Eva Phylena Conner on Dec. 19, 1900 in Collin Co.  She was born in 1881 at Sulphur Springs in Hopkins Co., TX and died Dec. 21, 1945 in Amarillo.  Both are buried at Llano Cemetery in Amarillo.  Their children were Elmer, 1901-1906; Leona Meda, 1905-?; Laura Ella, 1908, married Arlie Colley Swint c1926.  He was born in TX in 1907 and died in Wichita Falls in 1980 and was buried at Rosemont Cemetery in Wichita Falls.  Laura's death date and place of burial is unknown to me.  Following Laura was Frances Lorene, 1915-?; Willis L., 1917-? and Amos B., 1920-1926.  He is also buried at Llano.

+ Alwilda Davis Coffey, born 1878, died 1968 in McKinney.  She married Silas Earl Walker on Dec. 5, 1899.  He was born in 1875 and died in 1926.  Both are buried at Pecan Grove Cemetery in McKinney.  Their children were Jessie Lois, 1901-?; Silas, Jr., 1905-? and Vernon Coffey, 1908-?.

+ Charles Milton Coffey, 1880 to 1918.  He is thought to have died unmarried and buried at Fitzhugh Cemetery.

+ Homer Lucas Coffey, born 1882, died 1958 at McKinney.  He married Lela Mae Holder in 1902.  She was born in TX in 1884 and died in McKinney in 1930.  In 1940 Homer married Mrs. Lizzie E. Short.  I have no other information on Lizzie.  There was at least one child born to Homer and Lela, a daughter named Sarah Elizabeth in 1906.  No other information.

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