February 27, 2005

A Few Coffee/y Deaths

From my "miscellaneous information" file:

1728 - Timothy Coffey, died Apr. 1, 1728 Spotsylvania Co., VA, from Spotsylvania County Records 1721-1800, Crozier, William Armstrong, Baltimore: Southern Book Co., 1955, page 5. Probate on Jun. 6, 1738, wit: John Holloday, Anthony Golston, James Rawlings; Executor Adam Gordon. Entire estate to friend Adam Gordon

1775 - Frederick Coffee, died MA Apr. 6, 1775, New England Historic Gen. Soc. "Massachusetts Town Vital Records", partial compilation

1789 - John Coffee, Feb. 13, 1789, Offaly Co., Tullamore Twp., Ireland. Shot in Killeigh, Co. Offaly. The Parish Registers of Killeigh Diocese of Kildare, King's County (Offaly): Baptisms 1808-1823; Marriages 1808-1832, and Deaths 1808-1835, 27 pages.

1798 - Maria Coffee, Dublin Co., St. Bride Twp., IR; Marriage Entries from the Registers of the Parishes of St. Andrew, St. Anne, St. Audoes, and St. Bride (Dublin), 1632-1800. Exeter and London: William Pollard & Co., 1913, 185 pages.

1799 - Isaac Coffee, found dead 25 July 1799 on Beaver Creek about 8 miles from Knoxville, listed as presumed victim of Micajah ("Big") and brother Wiley ("Little") Harp. Lewis Collins, History of Kentucky, 1882, Vol. II, pp345-352; Kentucky Gazette, 15 Aug. and 5 Sep. 1799; Winchester Gazette, 12 May and 21 Aug. 1799; Virginia Federalist, Oct. 16, 1799

1809 - John Cofffey, buried 25 Mar. 1809, Galway Co., Athenry, IR; The Parish Registers of Athenry, Diocese of Tuam; Baptisms, Marriages, Death and Burials, 1795-1828, 17 pages.

1810 - Jerusha Coffey, daughter of Rice and Sarah Coffey, died March 10, 1810, Bell Buckle, Bradford Co., TN; buried Old Salem Cemetery; Tennessee Cemeteries, by Marsh.

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