October 23, 2009

Gideon and Martha Teague Philyaw

I have not put a lot of research effort into this family except as pertains to the marriage of several of their children to members of the Coffey family. Please contact me if you are the source for the photos or, would like to add to or correct any of this information.

Gideon was a son of Jackson Philyaw and his wife Kate - who also may have been a Philyaw. He was born Jun. 23, 1839 in Caldwell Co. and died there on Feb. 23, 1925. He married Martha on Mar. 26, 1862 in Lenoir, Caldwell Co. She was born c1845 in North Carolina and died there c1900.
The first child that I have for them was Alice, born Dec. 23, 1869 in Globe Twp., Caldwell Co., and died there on Nov. 11, 1930.  She married John L. Bean [Beane?] who was born Dec. 7, 1858 in NC and died there on Sep. 23, 1931.

Docia Malinda was born Feb. 2, 1873 and died in Lenoir on May 26, 1957.  She married George Penley.  Docia is buried at Maple Grove Cemetery in Globe Twp.

James Milton was born Oct. 30, 1878 and died in Mulberry Twp., Caldwell Co. on May. 20, 1923.  He married Sarah Jane Coffey, a daughter of Joseph Burgess and Margaret Lagustia Gragg Coffey on Feb. 5, 1905 in Caldwell Co.  Sarah was born Apr. 24, 1881 in Caldwell Co., and died in Lenoir on Nov. 27, 1957.  Joseph Burgess was a son of Bryce Brisco and Susannah "Sookie" Gragg Coffey.  Susannah was Margaret's aunt as well as her first cousin.

Pinkney David "Pink" was born May 31 1880 and died in Winston-Salem, Forsyth Co., NC on Jun. 24, 1945.  Pink married Ilar Jane Coffey, a daughter of John Carroll and Nancy Evelyn Hartley Coffey.  Ilar Jane was born in June, 1888 and died in 1981.

Margaret Caroline "Maggie", born 1889 in Caldwell and died there on Sep. 16, 1976.  She was married to Silas Milton Coffey, a brother to Ilar Jane. on Nov. 5, 1905.  He was born Jun. 16, 1886 in Blowing Rock, Watauga Co., and died there on Nov. 4, 1961.  Additional information on Silas' family can be found here.

Update: June 2, 2011

Gideon and Martha's first child was John, born in 1864, died 1930 in VA.  Their second was Columbus Iverson, born Aug. 16, 1867 in Caldwell Co., died Apr. 26, 1949.  He married Hannah Jane Hicks c1890 and had children:  Martha Elizabeth who married John Crisp; Margaret; Fred, born Sep. 20, 1897, died Nov. 24, 1970; Dan Wesley, born Dec. 21, 1899, died Jan. 22, 1981; Velma Mae, born Apr. 27, 1905, died Apr. 20, 1993.  Velma married Arvil Harden Coffey, son of George Wiley and Ida Belle Norman Coffey; and Torrence Iverson, born 1911, died Dec. 24, 1966 at Black Mountain in Buncombe Co.

Following Alice [see above], was Anna, born, c1871.  No further info.

Susan Jane, born 1872, followed Anna.  She married Edward G. Pendley on Sep. 2, 1890 in Globe, Caldwell Co.

Following Docia [see above], came Leonard D., born 1876.  He married Nora Gragg on Sep. 23, 1898 in Globe.

Roy Virgil was born after Pink.  He came along in Mar. 1885 and died Aug. 23, 1964 in Lenoir.  Roy married Mary Ann Austin, born May 1, 1886, died Sep. 8, 1954.

According to the 1900 census, Martha reported being the mother of 12 with 11 living children.  I haven't found the 12th child yet.


  1. Anonymous9:53 PM

    9-20-10 Hi Mr.Coffee. My husband is a descendent of Gideon Philyaw. Gideon would be his Great Grandfather. Gideon had a son John, John had a son, Lonnie. Lonnie is my husband's father. I found you while trying to search the internet for some Philyaw link to Native American Indians. All my husband's life he was told he was of Cherokee descent. Your blog added a small piece of information about Jackson we did not know. Someone in my husband's family was able to trace his family tree to Jackie (Jackson) Philyaw. So, knowing his birth name was Jackson and he married Kate is new information. What information do you have that Kate may have also been a Philyaw. We also have Jackie (Jackson) coming from England. Does your information confirm this? Thank you. Elizabeth Philyaw liz_davis62@hotmail.com

  2. I cannot tell you if the Philyaw family had any Native American heritage. I simply haven’t looked into the family that far. I found Jackson and Kate’s name as the parents of Gideon on his death certificate.

    The only clue to Kate’s maiden name is found on Gideon’s death certificate when the informant, Dan Philyaw (unknown relation to Gideon), named Gideon’s parents as “Jackson Philyaw” and “Kate Philyaw.” No clues were given concerning the birthplace of Jackson or Kate.

  3. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Hi! My grandmother, Pansy Jane Philyaw-Pritchard, was a daughter of James Milton and Sarah Jane. I have found some other folks who have researched the Philyaw family and it seems that the Cherokee descent is a common theme. What I have found is that Martha Teague may have been full-blooded Cherokee. Have you heard the same?

  4. As I wrote above, I have no information concerning this family's possible Native American heritage. I have one female with this surname in my own descent. She was Rhonia or Phonia Philyaw, born c1834 in GA. To date, I have been unable to connect her to any Philyaw families in NC. Neither do I have any other info on Martha Teague. After looking at my file, I see a need to do some more census work on her and Gideon. Gideon's photo does not seem to reflect any NA heritage.

  5. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Yes the Philyaws are of cherokee decent.I am Rose Philyaw the great great granddaughter of Gideon Philyaw. Lloyd Philyaw my grand dad and my dad Charles Philyaw.I was able to trace the philyaws back six generations.Yes we are of cherokee heritage.Wow so many Philyaws I have not meet.


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