February 23, 2010

February 23, 1945

United States Marines Raising the American Flag on Iwo Jima, February 23, 1945
Photo by Joe Rosenthall

February 21, 2010

Clarence Pickens and Antoinette Holmes Devereaux Coffey

Clarence, born April 24, 1906 in Patterson Twp., Caldwell Co., NC, was a son of James Larkin and Rachel Elizabeth Robbins Coffey.  Clarence married Antoinette, year unknown.  I have not found any children for them.  Clarence died on Aug. 20, 1978 in Caldwell Co., and was buried at Belleview cemetery in Lenoir; Antoinette died on Jan. 2, 1981 and was also buried there.

According to the Caldwell county death index, Antoinette was born c1908 in Gwinnett Co., GA but I believe she was born in Richmond county.  She was the daughter of Anton W. and Pearl Holmes Carswell Devereaux.

Anton was born in Alabama c1875 and Pearl in Georgia, c1882.  Anton worked in saw mills as a saw filer and apparently moved back and forth between GA and AL until his death in Richmond Co., GA in 1913.  He was buried there at the Hephzibah cemetery.

Two of Anton and Pearl's children, Caroline Ethleen (July 10 - July 18, 1906) and David McDowell (Jan. 16 - Mar. 10, 1909) were born in Richmond county and are also buried at Hephzibah.

Olga. born Feb. 23, 1910 in Alabama, was another daughter of Anton and Pearl.  She was an Army Captain and served with the 82d General Hospital in England during WW2.  The link will take the reader to a website with some photos of what the hospital looked like during that era.  Olga died on Dec. 23, 1970 in Caldwell county and was buried at Lower Creek Baptist Church cemetery in Lenoir.

Olga married Wade Barlow Haigler in Caldwell county in 1949.  He was born there in 1903 to William A. and Virginia Barlow Haigler.  I have not found any children for them.  Wade died in Caldwell county in 1992 and is probably buried at Lower Creek as well, although I have not yet been able to confirm that.  She was probably not Wade's first marriage.

Pearl was apparently pregnant with another child at the time of Anton's death in 1913.  Her daughter, Amanda was born in Georgia in 1914.  In 1920 the widow Pearl lived with her daughters in Augusta, Richmond Co., GA and was employed as a bookkeeper.

As always, additions and corrections are welcomed.

February 20, 2010

Jasper Pink Coffey

Jasper, born Sep. 16, 1851 in Mortimer Twp., Caldwell Co., NC, died Apr. 3, 1928 in Topeka, Shawnee Co., KS, was a son of Lucinda and a previously supposed spouse, Joseph Coffey whose lineage has not been discovered.  Lucinda was the daughter of Enoch and Prudence Gragg Coffey.

Jasper Pink Coffey
Jasper married Mary Jane Minton on Apr. 21, 1873 in Boone Twp., Watauga Co., NC and by 1900 was in Geary Co., KS with his family.  They did not leave for Kansas until after Jul., 1888 (and probably not before 1900) when their seventh child of nine, Ellis La Fayette Coffey was born in Caldwell Co.  This birth is confirmed by record found in Caldwell Co. birth index, Vol. 12, Page 62.  The 1900 census for Geary Co. lists the whole family, except for eldest son George who was already married.  All of the children are shown with birth place in North Carolina.

Because no one could find the elusive Joseph, Jasper's paternity has long been suspect.  Just recently, through DNA testing of a descendant of Jasper, it has been determined that Jasper's father was an Estes.

Anyone familiar with North Carolina Coffey families knows that there has been a long relationship between these two families.  It is like some have told me: "scratch a Gragg, find a Coffey."  That could also be said for the Estes families in that state.

If the researcher looks at the 1850 census for the Johns River district in Caldwell county, the Enoch Coffey family (Lucinda was his daughter) will be found on Page 8, dwelling/family 111.  Langston Estes, age 64 is found at family 113.  Family 114 is Joseph Estes, married to Dicey with one child, Loretta age 1.
Mary Jane Minton
Could this Joseph Estes be the "Joseph Coffey" who fathered Jasper?  Probably yes!  Coincidental that Joseph Estes had the same first name as the alleged Joseph Coffey?  Probably no!

Jasper and Mary Jane's children were:

George Alexander, born 1874, died 1928, married  Grace Percy Armitage; lived in Nebraska and died in California in 1928.  Grace died there in 1958.  They had at least one son, Willard Duane, born 1903.

Jonathon Horton, born 1876, died 1961 in Norton Co., KS.  Married Maude B. Ayers and had at least two sons, Lawrence, born c1905 and Walter John, born c1912.

Malinda Lucinda, born 1878, died 1925 in Dickinson Co., KS, married James Joseph Cullen in Geary Co., KS in 1905.

James Washington, born 1881, married Mae Switzer.  They had at least two sons, Jesse and Bud.

William Finley, born 1883, died 1946 in Shwanee Co., KS.

Enoch Thomas, born 1885, died 1921 in Geary Co.

Ellis La Fayette, born 1888.  Nothing else known.

Jennie Etta, born 1890, died 1987 in Shawnee Co.  She married Harry Gutshall in 1936.

Joseph Richard, born 1893, married Mary Bell Bledso in 1932; died in 1963 in Shawnee Co.  They had at least one son, Frederick.

By birth then, all of these children and their descendants are member of the Estes clan with their only connection to the Coffey family back through Lucinda to Enoch, but the males will not have Coffey DNA.

Photos courtesy of Ben Coffey

February 19, 2010

Webster Gilbert "Webb" Coffey

In all of the census pages that I have read, this family's surname was spelled Coffee.  However, on the few headstones that I have found, the name was spelled Coffey.

Webster "Webb" Gilbert Coffey was a son of Dr. Edmond Aurelius and Diannah Bagby Coffey.  He was born Jun. 20, 1840 in Gwintett Co., GA and married Louise E. Tidmore c1865 in Alabama.  Louise was born Jan. 22, 1845 in that state and died in Etowah Co., AL on Feb. 25, 1935.

Louise was the daughter of Adam and Elizabeth Tidmore, both born in South Carolina who homesteaded in Etowah Co. in 1842.

Webb died Feb. 2, 1911 and Louise died Feb. 5, 1935.  She and Webb are buried at Union Baptist Cemetery No. 3 in Ballplay, Etowah Co.

Webb was a member of Co. J, Alabama 55th Inf. Regiment, CSA during the Civil War.  He enlisted in that unit but a date has not been found.

I have found 13 children for this couple:

James Henry, born Oct., 1866, married Malvern (?) M., c1883 in AL.  Two children found:  Fannie, born Jun., 1883 and Emma, born Aug., 1897.

John Adams, born Apr. 30, 1868, died Dec. 10, 1948 in Dallas, TX.  He married Frances Lougenia Robertson, born Apr. 2, 1868, died Sep. 29, 1906 in Denton, TX.  One child found:  Albert Lee, born Aug. 23, 1903, died Jun. 26, 1964.  John and Frances are buried at Belew Cemetery in Aubrey, Denton Co., TX while Albert is buried at Waco Memorial Park in McClennan Co., TX.

William Thomas, born Dec. 27, 1869, died Oct. 9, 1957.  He married Martha C. c1892.  Their children were Leo Thomas, born Jul., 1892, married Minnie A. and had at least two children: Fannie B., born c1915 and Gertrude, born c1918.  Birty [sic] B., born Jul., 1897; Myrtie B., born c1903, married Robert Nail; Sarah Eveline, born Jan. 26, 1905, died Jul. 26, 1912, buried at Union Baptist No. 3; Cadella (?), a daughter, born c1909 and Majorie, born c1915.

Anna Elizabeth, born 1871; Webster Gernagin (?), born 1873

Edmond Columbus, born Aug 13, 1874, died Jan. 30, 1966 in Dallas, TX.  He married Pearl and had at least two daughters, Alice T., born c1908 and Inez, born c1909, both born in TX.  Edmund is buried at Laurel Land cemetery in Dallas.

Buddy J., born c1876; Fannie L., born c1877; Martha Jane, born c1879; Nancy Victoria, born c1881

Jesse L., born c1882, married Laura, b1905 and had at least three children:  Myrtle, born c1906; Jesse C., born c1908 and Mary Lou, born c1910.

And, finally Mary Evergreen, born 1884 and Grover Cleveland "Cleve", born May 15, 1886, died Mar. 10, 1953.  Cleve is buried at Union No. 3 as well.

Corrections and additions welcomed.

William Augustus Coffey

If  you are researching Pennsylvania Coffey families, venture over to Becky Jamison's blog to read about William Augustus Coffey and his wife, Lottie Jamison.  Becky has posted a couple of nice photos and some family background.

Curious why I didn't have any info on William, I checked out the 1910 census and discovered that although the couple lived in West Virginia, both were born in PA.  Edward Coffey's descendants moved southward out of VA; few if any (that I am aware of) drifted north.

If you want to use her photos, be sure and read the "Terms of Service" posted at the bottom of Becky's blog.  I don't understand the need for such lengthy warnings on a blog, but then I really don't have to.

February 13, 2010

Are you going?

2010 Coffey Cousins' Reunion

The 21st Annual Coffey Cousins' Reunion will be held this year from April 22-24 in Claymont, DE. We have had only one reunion that far up the Atlantic and that was in Baltimore some years ago. It promises to be a unique experience for many of us with planned tours of some of the more historic places in nearby Philadelphia.

Cut off date for guaranteed reservations with Coffey Cousins' discount is Mar. 25, 2010. Telephone the Holiday Inn Select front desk at 1-302-7922700.  The hotel is located at 630 Naamans Road, Claymont, DE.

Many of us will arrive a few days prior to the 22d and depart on the morning of 25th.

You are encouraged to come early or stay late for

the same room fee as the convention. Visit other

local and national landmarks in the area.


Call Holiday Inn Select at (302) 792-2700

Be sure to ask for Coffee/y Cousins Rate: $69.00/night + tax
Cut off date is 3/25/10 for guaranteed room.

We must have a certain number of reservations or we pay extra for meeting room.

Group will be provided discount coupons for breakfast:  Hot breakfast buffet @ $13.95pp and Continental Breakfast @ $6.95pp.  Gratuity not included. There is a also a restaurant across the street from the motel.  Dinner Buffet on Saturday Night will include two entrees; Beef and Chicken, potatoes and vegetable, rolls, dessert, beverage @ $30.00pp including gratuity.  

Any Questions please call Wayne or Jean at (302) 798-3828.


Independence Park in Philadelphia

Buses will leave the motel at 9:00am sharp.

The tickets have been reserved to tour Independence Hall at 11:00am.  We need to be 15 mins. early.  This will give you some time to see the Liberty Bell or watch the film at the Visitor’s Center.  Remember security is very tight, so be on time and try to stay together.

After the tour of Independence Hall you will be on your own for the day.  Trolleys are available to take you around the loop of the Park.  This is best to get around to see the most.  The tickets allow you to get on and off as you wish.  If you need a wheel chair, let me know ASAP so arrangements can be made.  No motorized wheel chairs or scooters are allowed on the trolleys. 

Very important to be at the Visitor Center at 5:00pm sharp to board the bus back to the motel.  They cannot park and wait for very long.


Valley Forge Park

We will leave the motel at 9:00am and carpool to Valley Forge.  We will park at the Visitors Center where you can get park maps or tour videos.  You will be on your own to tour at your own speed.  We will meet at 3:00pm to return to the motel, please be prompt.  Dinner will be at 6:00pm.

Click on the Title Link to find the registration form!

"Those Were The Days"

Harry & Ada Irene Clements Webb
"Gee! Our old Lasalle ran great!"
I have always enjoyed hearing Archie and Edith Bunker sing that song.  It has nothing to do with this blog, however.  Just seemed like a good title.

Anyone old enough to remember when ladies and gentlemen dressed in this fashion?  I love Harry's  double-breasted white suit.  In fact I had one like it which I wore with white patent leather shoes and white suspenders.  That was during my disco days; a very long time ago!

Because of the corsage worn by both, I am presuming that this photo recorded an anniversary celebration.  They were married c1906.

In 1930, Harry was age 49 and Ada was age 39.  They had been married 24 years.  So, if this was perhaps their 25th anniversary photo, the year would have been late 1930 or early 1931.

It could have been in the 40's too!  The crocheted* bodice of Ada's dress is very similar to one that I recall my maternal grandmother wearing when her youngest daughter married in 1945.

Alas, as the title of this blog has nothing to do with the content, the blog itself has nothing to do with Coffee/y research.  The photo appears in an album belonging to someone for whom I am doing research.  Their clothing and quality of the photo struck me as something others might enjoy viewing.

Update Feb. 17, 2010

Well, let me see if I can straighten this out:  Ada was first married to Robert Leviston c1920 in Powhatan Co., VA.  They had a daughter, Katherine born c1921 who married a Mr. Krug.  Katherine and Mr. Krug had at least two children.

Robert died sometime after 1921 and Ada married Harry V. Webb who had also been previously married; wife's name unknown.  He had a son with her, Russell C. Webb, born in NC c1913.

So, the photo above appears to be - rather than an anniversary photo - a wedding photo taken sometime between c1922 and 1930.

*It appears to me to be crocheted.  If any of you ladies know exactly what it was please drop me a note!

February 6, 2010

Gilson D. & Hannah Crabtree Coffey - Corrections & Updates

Gilson D. Coffey
Joseph and Beth Ada Strunk Coffey were the parents of 13 children; Gilson was the 12th.  He was born Mar. 25, 1878 in Scott Co., TN and died in McCreary Co., KY n Aug. 23, 1961.  On May 12, 1895 he married Hannah Crabtree in KY.  She was born Mar. 5, 1879 in Whitley Co., KY and died in McCreary Co. on Sep. 13, 1951.  Both are buried at the Lower Hickory Grove Cemetery in McCreary Co.  Gilson was a coal miner for most of his life.

Hannah was the daughter of James and Martha Crabtree.  Hannah was found with her parents in the 1880 census of Marsh Creek, Whitley Co.

Hannah Crabtree
They were the parents of seven children:

Carrie, born Oct. 6, 1900, died Jul. 21, 1921

Nora A., born Mar., 1896
Pearl May, born May 2, 1898, died Dec. 27, 1979

Martha, born 1904. Martha married a Mr. Williams c1925 and had one child, a daughter Barbara, born c1926. She and Williams divorced before Apr. 21, 1930 when she was enumerated as a divorced daughter, in the census with Barbara and her parents on that date.
William "Bill", born Aug, 7, 1906, died Jun. 23, 1955.  Bill married Harriett Bailey, born May 29, 1919 in Florida, died Sep. 17, 2007 in Florida.  They are also buried at Lower Hickory Grove cemetery.

Willard Haskall, born Jan. 17, 1911, died Jun. 30, 1996 in McCreary Co.

Beulah, born 1914 in McCreary Co., died Apr. 2, 2004 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH

I'm still working on this family, keeping an eye open especially for burial sites of the children.

1900 Whitley Co., West Pine Knot Pct., ED133, Sheet 68B, dwelling 448, family 456, Coffey, Gilson, head, white male, born Mar., 1877, age 23, married once for 5 yrs., born KY, parents born KY, coal miner; Hannah, wife, white female, born Mar., 1878, age 22, married once for 5 yrs., mother of 2, 2 living, born KY, parents born KY; Nora A., dau., white female, born Mar., 1896, age 4, born KY; Pearlie M., dau., white female, born May, 1898, age 2, born KY

1910 Whitley Co., Stearns, Pct. 14, ED239, Sheet 14B, dwelling 267, family 273, Coffey, Gilson D., head, male, white, age 32, married once for 15 yrs., born KY, parents born KY, coal miner; Hannah, wife, female, white, age 31, married once for 15 yrs., mother of 5, 5 living, born KY, parents born KY; Nora, dau., female, white, age 14, single, born KY; Pearlie, dau., female, white, age 11, born KY; Carried, dau., female, white, age 9, born KY; Martha, dau., female, white, age 7, born KY; Willie, son, male, white, age 3, born KY; Perkins, Ernest (?), lodger, male, white, age 18, single, born KY, parents born KY, laborer at lumber mill; Ridner, John, boarder, male, white, age 22, single, born TN, parents born KY, coal miner; Stephens, George, boarder, male, white, age 19, single, born KY, parents born KY, laborer at lumber mill

1920 McCreary Co., Stearns, ED167, Sheet 13A, dwelling 223, family 226, Coffey, Gilson, head, male, white, age 42, married, born KY, parents born KY, coal miner; Hannah, wife, female, white, age 41, married, born KY, parents born KY; Carrie, dau., female, white, age 19, single, born KY, parents born KY, telephone operator; Martha, dau., female, white, age 17, single, born KY; Willie, son, male, white, age 13, single, born KY; Willard, son, male, white, age 9, born KY; Beulah, dau., female, white, age 6, born KY

1930 McCreary Co., Dist 1, ED3, Sheet 27B, dwelling 400, family 410, Coffey, Gils D., head, male, white age 52, married at age 17, born KY, parents born KY, coal miner; Hannah, wife, female, white, age 51, married at age 16, born KY, parents born KY; William son, male, white, age 23, single, born KY, laborer in lumber mill; Willard, son, male, white, age 19, single, born KY, machinist on Railroad; Beula, dau., female, white, age 16, single, born KY; Williams, Martha, dau., female, white, age 26, divorced, born KY, servant for private family; Williams, Barbara, g-dau., female, white, age 3 yrs., 11 mos., born KY, parents born KY

February 2, 2010

Rufus & Cordelia Jane Carroll Coffey

Front L-R: Martha, Rufus, Cordelia & Bernice
Rear L-R: James Fred, William Frank & Oma Anna

Rufus was a son of William Allen and Mary Wiseman Coffey.  He was born on Jan. 24, 1860 in Brumley, Miller Co., MO and died in Bristow, Creek Co., OK in 1931.  He and Cordelia were married in Missouri on Mar. 13, 1884.  Cordelia was born Dec. 10, 1863 in Macon Co., GA and died in Bristow in 1942.  They are both buried at Bristow city cemetery.

The children of Rufus and Cordelia were:

William Frank, born Apr. 4, 1885 in Camden Co., MO and died Mar. 31, 1966 in OK.  Frank married twice.  His first wife was Sarah Ellen Scott, born Feb. 4, 1888 in MO and died July 1, 1924 in Bristow.  They had two children together, Stella, born c1908 in MO and, Alice Jane, born Feb. 24, 1911 in Bristow.  Alice died at the age of 20 in Bristow and was buried there in the city cemetery.

Frank's second wife was Senith E. Johnson Kennedy, born Dec. 11, 1902 in OK.  In 1920 Senith and her brother Henry lived with her mother and step-father Jeff Turner in Bristow.  Senith was apparently married to a Mr. Kennedy shortly thereafter.  By 1926 she was married to Frank and so did not appear in the 1930 census as a Kennedy.  The 1930 census for Frank and Senith enumerated several children in the household:  Gordon, age 9 (born c1921); Bryce, age 7 (born c1923); John J., age 5 (born c1925) and Robert, 18 mos. (born c Aug., 1928).  It appears then from this record that the three eldest children were Kennedys while Robert was a Coffey.

 Not much has been yet discovered about the remaining children:

James Fred, born Apr. 2, 1889 in Camden Co.  He married Cora Faye Rhodes.  Of the two brothers, James is the only one for whom a WW1 draft registration has been found.  He registered in Copeland precinct, Gray Co., KS on Jun. 5, 1917.  Jeff was single and a self-employed farmer in Copeland.  He was described as being of medium build and height with blue eyes and black hair.  He was 28 years old, and gave his birth date as Apr. 2, 1889 in Toronto, MO.

Oma Anna, born Aug. 23, 1894 in Camden Co., married Ray Gustin.

Martha J., born Aug. 22, 1899 in Camden Co., died Apr. 24, 1984 in Creek Co.  She married James Floyd Webster, born Dec. 12, 1897, died Jun. 12, 1978 in Creek Co.  Both are buried at Bristow in the city cemetery.

Bernice Fanny, born Aug. 13, 1905 in Camden Co., died Sep. 18, 1983 in Creek Co.  She married Raymond L. Ramsey, born Apr. 17, 1902, died July 26, 1991.  Both are buried at Bristow in the city cemetery.

Much info is still needed: The burial place of James and his family as well as Oma Ann and her family is unknown. Neither do I have a complete list of all the grand children of Rufus and Cordelia.

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