April 23, 2012

Francis Marion Coffey 1840-1933

In March of 2006 I posted the obituary of  F. M. Coffey who died in Soldier, Jackson Co., KS in 1933.  The obituary named their 10 children but, not in birth order.  I have since added a bit more family information.

Their first child was Charles H., born Feb. 8, 1867 in Stanford, Lincoln Co., KY.  No further information.

Cynthia Ann, born also in Stanford on Aug. 13, 1869, died Dec. 3, 1962 in Hutchinson, Reno Co., KS.  Cynthia married John Fisher, born Stanford in 1865, on Oct. 3, 1887 in Hutchinson.  Children that I have for this couple are:  Beatrix, born 1891, died Aug., 1976 in Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH; George Francis, born c1894, died Nov. 7, 1901; Charles Stanley, born Jul. 22, 1897 and Hazel Miriam, born Nov. 28, 1900.

Hattie Belle, born Sep. 7, 1871 in Turnersville, Lincoln Co., KY.

Minnie E., born Jan. 27, 1874 in Washington Co., KY, died Jan. 15, 1974 in Santa Paula, Ventura Co., CA.  She married David Peter Clapperton on Aug. 15, 1891 (place not given).  He was born in KS in Sep., 1866.  Their children were Marie; Gladys; David Peter, Jr.; Agnes; Jeanette; and Isabel.

Margaret G., born Jan. 15, 1876 in Mount Salem, Lincoln Co., KY.  No further info.

Francis Timothy, born Aug. 7, 1878 in Stanford, died Aug. 14, 1947 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA.  He married Nellie Whitaker c1903, who was born in Leavenworth Co., KS on Jun. 19, 1888.  Their children were Rev. Francis M.; Geraldine G.; Audrey L.; Melbourne L.; Boyd A.; Glen A.; Absena (?) L., a female; Alvin F.; and Allen P.

Mary E., born Oct., 1880 in Marion Co., KS, died at Soldier on Jun. 16, 1968.  She married Glenn Roy Achenback, born Aug., 1880 in Marion Co., on Dec. 24, 1900.  Children were Harry A. and Orva V.  Perhaps there were others.

James Gabriel, born Aug. 23, 1883 in Florence, Marion Co., KS, died Aug. 20, 1974 at Safford in Graham Co., AZ.  He married Lena Rose Higgins on Apr. 19, 1904 in Holton, Jackson Co., KS.  Lena Rose was born in KS in Sep., 1885 and died in Leavenworth on Feb. 7, 1937.  Their children were Thelma O.; Ulysses; Florence June; Kathleen; James, Jr.; and Robert Dale.

Arthur K., born Dec. 8, 1995 in Florence.  No further information.

Pearl D., born May, 1888 in Florence.  No further information.

Clearly more work is needed.  However, the real purpose of this blog is to post the below photo.  It is said to be of Francis Marion and Permelia Jane Hughes Coffey with (probably) some of their children.  A reader has asked me to post it with hope that other readers will recognize and be able to identify everyone.

Please contact me if you do recognize the people and can ID any of them.

Update Apr. 24, 2012

The reader mentioned above sent a later e-mail saying that most of the folks had been identified.  Francis Marion and Permelia Jane Hughes Coffey are of course the older couple.  Behind Permelia is her son Francis Timothy Coffey and his wife Nellie Whitaker.  At Nellie's right is her son, Francis M. Coffey.  The young man to his right remains unidentified.

The young woman is Geraldine Coffey, daughter of Francis Timothy and Nellie.  The child is Sheldon K. Bowling, Jr. held by Geraldine's husband and father of the baby, Sheldon K., Sr.

Find-A-Grave has an entry for Sheldon Kingsley Bowling, born Oct. 27, 1901 in MO, died July 2, 1972 in Pleasant Hill, Cass Co., MO and was buried at Floral Hills Cemetery in Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO.  Geraldine died in 1986 and is also at Floral Hills.  Sheldon K., Jr., was born May 3, 1924 in MO and died Mar. 20, 2000 at Springfield in Greene Co., MO.  Sheldon, Jr. served in the US Navy during WWII and is buried at the Missouri Veterans Cemetery at Springfield.

Sheldon Jr. was born in May, 1924 and appears to be 2-3 months old in this photo.

April 12, 2012

The Google Chrome Browser and this Blog

I am uncertain whether the problem is mine or one with the Google Chrome browser.

I have used Chrome for sometime now and suddenly find that viewing my blog in Chrome does not display Followers and, clicking on Labels does not work.  Photo/avatar thumbnails of followers do not appear and clicking on a Label does not bring up any previous blogs where that label has been used.

Ideally, any browser should display thumbnails of my Followers at the top of the sidebar.  Clicking on any label at the bottom of each blog should display all previous blogs where that label was used.

Both gadgets work for me using the latest versions of Firefox and the MS Internet Explorer.  However, for some reason I haven't yet discovered, when I use either FF or IE I do have to click twice on any Label and once more on the "Show all posts" link at the top of each blog to get any earlier blogs using that Label to appear.

Please let me know if you are using Chrome, IE or Firefox and experiencing any or all of the same difficulties. 


Joel Hamilton Malicoat

Joel Hamilton Malicoat is said to have been born on Feb. 6, 1818 in TN to Dedman and Levina Thacker Malicoat. I cannot verify that through any record that I have found. Neither can I verify that his middle name was Hamilton. Middle names were not all that common in the era of his birth.

An extract of a Bible record sent to me in 1995 e-mail reads:
Grainger County Bible Records - Mallicoat Bible

Original owner Joel Mallicoat, present owner, Adam Mallicoat, Bean Station, Tn. Copied by Johnny Atkins, Bean Station, Tn Oct 1, 1937

Joel Mallicoat born Feb 6, 1818

Family Record: Joel Mallicoat was born in the year 1818, Feb 6th, and Margaret Wolfe, his last wife was born in the year 1832 November 3rd. and we were married in the year 1850. Martha Allen, my first wife was born in the year 1822 June 7th, and was married Dec 3, 1840. James L. Mallicoat born Dec 10, 1841

William Sheaddie born Oct 15, 1843 Nancy Jane born May 19th 1845 Wiley Mc. Henderson born Jan 23, 1848 Martha Mallicoat died Feb 12, 1848 Nathaniel N. Mallicoat died June 18, 1854 John Mallicoat died 10th May 1857 The little girl died April 29, 1859 L. Mallicoat was killed Jan 21, 1865 Margaret Mallicoat my last wife died May 21, 1883 William Mallicoat died Feb 23, 1908 Joel Mallicoat went into the Civil War in 1861 and came out in 1866; he was the father of 12 children.
I know that a Joel Malicoat married Margaret Wolfe in Grainger Co., TN on Aug. 14, 1850.  He and Margaret appeared in the Grainger Co., TN federal census record from 1860 until 1880.  According to the above Bible record, Margaret died on May 21, 1883.  children from this marriage were: Eliza; Mary L., Henry L., married Hannah Dalton; Martha E., Adam W., Lydia, married John Timothy Dalton and Harley who married Ethel Malena Coffey, daughter of Asbury and Martha Corder Coffey.

Joel married again on Sep. 2, 1883, this time to Julia A. Hipshire Coffey.  I know of no children born to this union.

An entry at Find-A-Grave (FAG) for a Joel Hamilton Malicoat, born 1837 in TN, died in Ellettsville, Monroe Co., IN in 1927, says he was the husband of Martha Allen.  Information included with his FAG memorial says that he came to MO when a year old.  The creator of the memorial page also reports that Joel Hamilton and Martha A. were parents of:

"Florabelle (b. Dec. 14, 1859), Hester Evelyn (b. Feb. 8, 1861), Horace Hamilton (b. Feb. 28, 1863), Fred (b. Aug. 2, 1865), Rilla (b. March 8, 1869), Maude (b. June 24, 1871), Anna (b. March 22, 1874), and Charlie (b. Dec. 15, 1875); enlisted as a CPL in Co. G, 38TH IND INF on Sept. 18, 1861; discharged for disability, April 1862"

Joel's obituary, also posted on his FAG memorial, reads in part:
"He is survived by the widow, two sons, H. H. of this city, and Harley of Ellettsville, three daughters, Mrs. Flora Campbell, Detroit, Mrs. Rilla Stevenson, Hammond, and Mrs. Maude Koss, this city."
Their children, as I have them and all born in TN were:  James L., born 1841; William L., born 1843; Nancy Jane, born 1845 and Wiley, born 1848.  These children appeared in the 1860 census with Joel and wife Margaret Wolfe.  Because they married in 1850, the children are apparently Joel's by a previous union.  Joel and Margaret's children were:  Eliza, Mary, born c1853; Henry L., born 1854; Martha, born c1856; Adam, born May, 1860, Lydia, born Dec., 1862 and Harley, born Dec. 15, 1875.  I have not found a son named Harley in any household with Joel and his three wives and have to conclude that he must belong to the Joel Hamilton Malicoat buried at Ellettsville.  Harley was born in that town and married Ethel Malena Coffey in Owen Co., IN on Jan. 30, 1913.

In 1870 children remaining in the household with Joel and Margaret were:  Henry, Martha, Adam, Liddie and Eliza.  In 1880 only Adam, Lida [sic] and Eliza remained at home.

I tend to believe that Joel Malicoat in TN was not named Joel Hamilton Malicoat.  None of his marriage records or census records even hint at a middle name or initial.  I do not know what to believe about his marriage to Martha Allen as given in the above Bible record.  Perhaps Joel's marriage to Martha Allen was coincidental to the marriage of Joel Hamilton Malicoat to Martha Evelyn Allen!?

April 11, 2012

Burnett Mayo Hamilton and Rubinis H. "Ruby" Coffey

Ruby was the eldest of at least four daughters born to Elias and Fary Letcher Coffey Coffey.  She was born Mar. 20,1908 in West Virginia - probably Red Star or Harvey  in Fayette Co. - and died on May 11, 1967 at Beckley in Raleigh Co., WV.

Her father was a son of John and Annie Maria Ogden Coffey, born Dec. 6, 1875 in Amherst Co., VA and died in Harvey, WV on Nov. 14, 1949.  Her mother was Fary Letcher Coffey, a daughter of Jordon and Rebecca Pettis Grant Coffey, born at Irish Creek in Rockbridge Co., VA on Jul. 18, 1885 and died in Harvey on Jun. 17, 1947.  Both are buried at Hill Top Cemetery in Oak Hill, Fayette Co.

Ruby & Burnett Marriage Record
Ruby married Burnett Mayo Hamilton on Feb. 23, 1929 in Scarbro, Fayette Co.  Burnett was born Jan. 10, 1904 in Amherst Co., VA and died in Fayette Co. on Sep. 4, 1986.  I have not yet discovered his parents.  They are also buried at Hill Top.

I have located them in the 1930 Fayette Co. census but not yet in the 1940 enumeration.  In 1930 Burnett was enumerated as Bernard, a 25-yr old coal miner, born in VA; Ruby was 22.  They had only been married one year and had no children at the time.

The children that I have found, all born in Harvey, were:
Herbert Franklin, born Mar. 11, 1931, died Jul. 22, 1952 at Thurmond, Fayette Co. He was single, age 21 and died of accidental drowning.  He is also buried at Hill Top.
Betty Lou, born Feb. 19, 1933, died Feb. 22, 1933.  She was also buried at Hill Top.
Robert Elwood "Slick," born Apr. 2, 1934 and died Nov. 24, 1976 at Cincinatti in Hamilton Co., OH when his automobile was struck by a train.  He was married and was a resident of Warren, OH when he died.  I have not found his wife's name.  His death record does not give his burial location.
Charles Donald Hamilton was born Sep. 4, 1936 and died Aug. 30, 1937.  He too is buried at Hill Top.

Blanch May Coffey, sister to Ruby was born Nov. 15, 1911 at Red Star and died May 5, 1940 at Beckley.  She married William Arthur Short (date unk.), born Aug. 11, 1903 at Knobs in Monroe Co., WV, died Aug. 26, 1988 in Fairlea, Greenbrier Co.,WV. They had at least one child, a daughter named Charlotte, born Jun. 22, 1934 in Raleigh Co.

Additions and corrections welcomed.

April 6, 2012

1940 Census Images

I just received this a few moments ago.

 If you are having problems elsewhere, this might be a better source for your 1940 family searches. After the NARA/Archives.com site became better, I began to search my hometown (the 1940 ED finder was of little use to me because my grandparents had moved) and, after searching 833 pages I finally found my grandparents, me and my by then divorced mother. Good luck with your search.


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April 4, 2012

Roots Magic Genealogy Software

Update Apr. 9, 1912

RM has released Version (Apr. 6, 2012).  I have to say, after my comments below about "enhancements requests," the authors were quick to improve the Gallery problem.

Users can now select whether or not to build thumbnails when opening the Media Gallery when they open RM for a session.  Checking the selection (under Program Options) means each time the Media Gallery is opened, the user has to wait for the thumbs to be regenerated.  I have selected to not build thumbnails each time and, that choice seems to has improved the speed in which I am able to access the Media Gallery. I don't really know when it builds but, it apparently builds when RM opens.

For example, if I add an image of a 1940 census page to a family or individual for the first time, I would load it into RM directly from whichever folder I chose to store it in on my hard drive when I downloaded it.  Without being familiar with the inside workings of how RM handles images, I have to conclude that it also makes a thumbnail image for the Gallery at the same time.  I suspect this from the fact that the image appears in the Gallery should I, in the same working session, need to later add that same image to other families or individuals who appear on that page.

So far, no apparent downside to the change!

Update Apr. 6, 2012

RM has finally responded. In part, the reply says they have placed an "...enhancement request in our tracking system to stop regenerating the thumbnails in the Media Gallery unless you have added something new in there."

"Enhancement requests" are being added all the time at RM. It doesn't necessarily mean they are actively working on the problem. I see it more of what we might call a "to do list;" something to consider when the easy stuff has been done.

I don't see making the program less annoying and time wasting as an "enhancement" but, hopefully whatever they do will be an improvement.

I have been a faithful user of this software since it first hit the market. I've gone through several versions, the latest being version 5.

It is excellent for beginners and "old pros" alike.

One feature called the "Media Gallery" is very useful.

But, I do have a problem with it.

When I add a new media item to an individual or to a family, it is stored in the Media Gallery. I like the feature because it allows me to attach one document, photo, etc. to any number of people without maintaining multiple copies for each person, couple or family.

For example, marriage records were often maintained in large books. In checking these books I often fine more than one couple of interest on the same page. I can attach a copy of the page to the first couple of interest then, using the Media Gallery, attach it to each of the other couples on the page. This effectively uses only one image but attached to several couples.

The problem that I have, and one that no one at Roots Magic can explain to my satisfaction is, why each time I go to attach that item to another couple, Roots Magic has to again regenerate all of the thumbnails. With a large media file literally containing a few thousand birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, headstone photos, individual and family photos, and the like, it takes awhile for all of the thumbnails to be regenerated.

Now, I don't pretend to know anything about programming. However, it seems to me that something could be done to accomplish the same thing without wasting time regenerating the thumbs!

Maybe generate them once at the beginning of a session and close it when Roots Magic is closed. I don't know, but it's getting awfully tiring because I cannot get a cogent reply from anyone at Roots Magic that would hopefully satisfy my need for a response and to know that the problem is being addressed!

April 3, 2012

1940 NARA and Archives.Com Census Release Effort Fails

Update Apr 4. 2012:

If you are still having problems with the NARA/Archives.com website, it may be your browser. I switched from Google Chrome to Firefox this morning and everything is working smoothly. Could be a result of improvements on the Archives.com site, but I've had recent problems with Chrome not displaying everything it should on a website.

The NARA effort to provide us the 1940 census in its entirety is commendable.

That having been said however, NARA apparently chose the wrong company to do the job.  The company, Archives.com has not, in my estimation, done a very good job.

Having the advantage over all other census websites by partnering early with NARA, one might think that between the two they would be on-line and up to speed the moment the census release became official.

That wasn't the case however!

Most everyone knows by now the problems that Archives.com had.  The company seriously underestimated the amount of traffic that the census would generate to their site.  As a result many users sat and watched as the company servers struggled to merely display the search page.  In my case, I never was able to view an actual census image.  Archives.com later released a statement/apology sort of thing but it did little to relieve the frustration that millions of people must have felt while watching that little circle endlessly rotate on their monitors.

Finally, this morning I was able to view some images.  Clearly, Archives.com had made some improvements overnight.


A complete image still loads slowly!

Images appear way too large with no discernible way to adjust them on screen without resorting to using Control +/- keys on the keyboard. Zoom out and every thing on screen shrinks, including next and previous image buttons.

In one 20 page packet of images for my hometown I found two image-less pages (Image 10 and 16, ED 17-25, East Baton Rouge Parish, LA).

By the time I got completely fed up with the "Official" NARA site, Ancestry had completed uploading images for at least five states and/or territories, one of which was Virginia.  I was able to complete review and extracting data from one district in Amherst Co.

I'm still looking forward to finding myself in the record.

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