November 27, 2018

Cabaius and Pauline Orr Coffey

Cabius (Cabaius?) was a son of Ananias "Nias" and Jane Hindman Coffey.  He was born Nov. 6, 1811 in Kentucky and died on Dec. 17, 1878 in Ashland, Cass Co., IL.  He and Pauline were married Dec. 6, 1834 in Morgan Co., IL.

Pauline was born to unknown parents on Aug. 1, 1817 in Green Co., KY.  She died Jan. 1888 at Ashland.  Both she and Cabius are buried at the Page William Cemetery in Ashland.

Obituary from Cass Co., IL Historical Society newsletter of Jun. 1992:

Ashland Sentinel, Jan, 29, 1888.  Died at the residence of Lewellyin Davy of Oregon Precinct, Jan. 18, of dropsey of the heart, Mrs. Pauline Coffee, age 70.  She was born in Green Co., KY, Aug. 1, 1817. Her father died when she was six and she and her mother later removed to Morgan Co., IL in 1832.  She married Cabinis Coffee Nov. 17, 1834. He died Dec. 17, 1878.  They had seven children.  Two survived Pauline: Mrs. Frank Davy and Mrs. L. Davis.  Buried next to husband at Page-William Cemetery.

The obituary reports they were parents of seven children.  According to the Cabius Coffey family Bible, published by the American Bible Society in 1847, there were 12 children born to this family and only two lived to marry: first born Margaret J. Coffey, Nov. 11, 1845, died Mar 1, 1910 in Ashland and sixth born Elizabeth Ann Coffey, Mar 7, 1844, died Jul. 29, 1893 in Cass Co.

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Following Margaret was Robert J., born Jan 21, 1837, died Sep. 8, 1852; Samuel A., born Sep. 6, 1838, died 12 Dec. 1862; John M., born Oct. 25, 1849, died Jan. 15, 1850; and Thomas J., born Jul. 18, 1842, died May 13, 1859.  All of these died in Cass Co., and are buried at Page Williams Cemetery.

Following Elizabeth was Andrew E., born Apr. 4, 1846, died Sep 16, 1847; Clarinda H., born Jan. 5, 1848, died Mar 20, 1848; Harriet E., born Jan. 4, 1850, died Sep. 7, 1852; an unnamed female, born and died Dec. 8, 1853; William H., born Apr. 29, 1856, died Jun. 13, 1856; and Eugene, born Apr. 5, 1862, died Sep. 11, 1866.  All of these died in Cass Co., and also buried at Page Williams.

Margaret married Franklin "Frank" Davey on Mar. 24, 1861 in Cass Co.  Frank was born Mar. 10, 1832 in County Sligo, Ireland and died Feb. 22, 1925 in Cass Co., and was buried with Margaret at Saint Augustine Cemetery in Ashland.

Elizabeth married Llewellyn Davies or Davis Jul. 10, 1882 in Ashland.  His date of birth and death is unknown to me.

Suggested corrections are welcomed.

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