November 30, 2011

Nathaniel Hayes & Louisa Jane Ellis Coffey

Nathaniel Hayes & Louisa Jane Ellis were married on Feb. 28, 1854* in Rowan Co., KY.  His marriage records his name as Hays and omitted Nathaniel.  In a few census records he was enumerated as Hays, or a variant thereof, and in others he was Nathaniel H.  In 1860 he was enumerated as Hayse Coffey, Jr.

His father was John Hayes Coffey and his mother was Mary "Polly" Burkett who were married on Feb. 7, 1815 in Staunton, VA.**  John was born in Wilkes Co., NC in 1793 and Polly was a native of VA, born there c1798.

Louisa was born in Dec., 1836 in KY to Clayton and Martha Ellis.

Hayes and Louisa became parents of 14 children, all born in Russell Co.***  It appears that less than half of them lived to adulthood.   Their first four children, all daughters, failed to survive.  Mary J. was born on Aug. 1, 1855; Emma E., born Apr. 22, 1857; and Martha A., born Dec. 16, 1858, did not appear in the 1860 census.  Amanda Frances, born Jul. 20, 1860 died on Oct. 3, 1861.

The first to survive to adulthood was Francis Wolford "Frank," born Mar. 11, 1862, died Dec. 18, 1940 at St. Joseph, Buchanan Co., MO.  His wife was Hannah Frances Sharp and they were married c1883.  He is buried at St. Joseph Memorial Park Cemetery in Buchanan Co.  Frances was born Jul. 24, 1859 in Russell Co., and died Nov. 9,1936 in Washington Twp., Buchanan Co.  She is also buried at St. Joseph.

Elijah Grant Coffey
Elijah Grant was born Aug. 27, 1864 and died on Oct. 10,1940 in Russell Co.  He married three times, first to Martha Shearer in about 1884.  She was born c1867, died c1889.  Two children, Florence Jane (1887-1951) and Ella (1889-1924) were born to this union.  It appears from death dates that Martha died giving birth to Ella, or shortly thereafter.

The second wife was Marticia Kimber, daughter of William and Martha Kimber.  She was born in Nov.,1867 and died c1904 in Russell Co.  They were married c1891.  Five additional children were born:  John B., born Jun., 1892; Bertha, born Mar. 17, 1894, died Feb. 4, 1942 at Creelsboro; Exra, born Sep., 1895; Warren, born Sep., 1899 and Thadeus, born c1903.  It appears that Marticia also died shortly after giving birth to the last child.

Elijah's third wife was Ida A. Antle, born Jul., 1873 to Jacob and Elizabeth Hammond Antle.  They were married very shortly after Marticia died but the first child I find for them wasn't born until c1910.  Perhaps there were earlier births that did not survive.  Those I know of were Lizzie, born c1910; Nettie, born c1912; Bessie, born c1913 and Josie, born c1915.

Elijah is buried at Kerns Cemetery in Russell Springs, Russell Co.  I have not found death dates or burial sites for his three wives.

Following Elijah was Nancy Ellen, born Feb. 8,1866, died Mar 8, 1918 in Russell Springs.  I do not believe she ever married and at death was buried at Crocus in Adair Co.  Two more daughters followed Nancy:  Ruth J., born c1868 and Rosetta, born c1870.  I have found no additional information on these two girls.

Josephus was next born on Jul. 2, 1870.  He died on Oct. 18, 1936 in Russell Co. and was buried at the Holt Cemetery in Russell Springs.  I know only that his wife was Bertha, as given on his death certificate.

Fielding followed Josephus on Jun. 21, 1873, died Jun. 2, 1957 in Berea, Madison Co., KY.  His wife was Delia, born Jun. 2, 1877, died Oct. 17, 1910.  Both are buried at Kerns.

There are birth records for two unnamed males born to "N. H. Coffey" and "L. J. Ellis."  The first record reports the birth of an unnamed male on Dec. 5, 1875 in Russell Co. and, the second of an unnamed male on Dec. 8, 1875 in Adair Co.  This is somewhat confusing for me because I can't imagine that the family would move at such a time in their life.  Louisa reported in 1910 that she had given birth to 14 children and, without both of these unnamed children, her total would have instead been 12 births.

The 14th child born to Hays and Louisa was Harlan on Mar. 15, 1877.  His wife was Larcy or Lorcy E., last name unknown, who was born on Jun. 18, 1882 in KY.  They were married there c1898.  Children I have for them are: Frank, c1902; Sammy, c1905; Alma, c1906; Ruth, c1908; Rufus, c1915 and Carrie, c1917, all in Russell Co.  Harlan died on Jun. 27, 1945 in Jamestown, Russell Co.  Larcy's death date has not been found.  Harlan and his wife are buried at the Lawless Cemetery, just outside of Jamestown.

*"Kentucky Marriages, 1785-1979, 1839-1960," database, FamilySearch (
**Lyman Chalkley, Compiler, Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia: Extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta County 1745-1800, 3 Vols (Rosslyn, VA: The Commonwealth Printing Co., 1912), [Chalkley is probably incorrect.  There is a marriage record for this couple in Botetourt Co. for same date.  See Virginia Historic Marriage Register by John Vogt and T. William Kethley, Jr., 1984]
***The Family appeared in every available Federal census for Russell Co. from 1860-1900

November 28, 2011

John H. & Miriam Coffey Sanders

John and Miriam were the parents of Newell Sanders, written about in an earlier blog.  At the time, I did not have a whole lot of information on the descendants of John and Miriam.  Newell appears to be the only son or child that survived from that union.  Hopefully, what I add here will be of some use to readers who have an interest in this family.

Newell Sanders' mother, Miriam Coffey, was a daughter of the Rev. Reuben A. and Martha "Polly" Dowell Coffey.*  She was born to them on Dec. 26, 1822 in Watauga Co., NC and died in Chattanooga, Hamilton Co., TN on Nov. 12, 1885.  The marriage between her and John Sanders, Jr. occurred on Sep. 30, 1849 in Owen Co., IN.  John H. Sanders, Jr. was born on Jan. 20, 1824 in IN and died there on Oct. 2, 1851.  The only census that the couple appeared in was the 1850 of Owen Co.  That records shows a child named John M., age 6, born in IN.  I believe this child to be John's by an earlier marriage and not with Miriam.

Miriam married for a second time on Dec. 31, 1857 in Clay Twp., Owen Co.  This husband was John Hamilton Buchanan, born Mar. 9, 1831 in KY, died Jul. 12, 1890 in Hamilton Co., TN.  The 1860 census of Owen Co. shows children Adelaide, age 10, William D., age 8, Newell Sanders, age 9 and Judson Buchanan, age 1.  Newell of course was Miriam's first child; Judson was her second. It is unclear what became of the child John M. Sanders that appeared in the 1850 census.  In 1870, a daughter named Marietta, age 5, appears in the household with John and Miriam but nothing else has been found.  I suspect that she died young.

This family remained in Owen Co. at least through the 1870 census but, by 1880 they had relocated to Chattanooga in Hamilton Co., TN.  Newell had graduated from Indiana University in 1873 and married Corinne Dodds, also a Indiana U graduate (Bachelor of Science) in about 1873.  In 1877 the couple moved from Indiana to Chattanooga where he began to successfully manufacture plows. The Buchanan family followed and Judson eventually went into the plow making business with his half-brother.
Judson married Mary Angie Coffey, a second cousin and daughter of Alfred Alphonso and Julia Ann Dawkins Coffey.  Alfred was a son of Elijah and Polly Hull Coffey.  Elijah and Reuben were brothers, sons of Thomas and Sally Fields Coffey.  Judson died on Jan. 27, 1842 in Chattanooga.  Angie died there on Nov. 9,1932 and both are buried there at Forest Hills Cemetery. Their children were:  Raymond, 1886-1887; Corliss, 1889-1947; Evelyn, 1892-1927; Robert, 1893-?; and James, 1900-1922.  With the exception of Robert, for whom I have found no death/burial info and, Evelyn who is buried with her husband at Arlington National Cemetery, all of the others are buried at Forest Hills.
Judson's daughter Evelyn married Homer David Cogdell of Bullock Co., AL c1918, or earlier.  David apparently had some connection with the plow company because he is known to have traveled, and at least once to Europe.  After Evelyn died, he moved with Caroline, their only child, to Sioux Falls, SD where in 1930 he reported his employment as a salesman of farm utensils.  He was then 42 years old and unmarried.  Caroline was 10 years old.  On Mar. 14 of the following year he married Mary Helen Elliott of Sioux Falls.  There is a passenger record which shows this couple returning from Le Harve in France to the Port of New York on Feb. 17, 1938.  With them was one child, Helen Janet, born May 8, 1936, "abroad to American parents."  Homer died on Oct. 8,1956 in Alexandria, VA was was buried at Arlington.  He had served as a Captain in the US Army during WW1.  I have no information on the death or burial location of Mary Helen.

Newell and Corinne, a daughter of Clelland Finley and Mary Elizabeth Orchard Dodds, lived on Lookout Mountain in Hamilton Co., TN.  They were the parents of six children.  It appears that only three of them lived to adulthood.

They were:

Wendell, born Jan. 15, 1875 in Indiana, died Apr. 30,1892 in Hamilton Co., TN.  He is buried at Forest Hills.

Norinne, born Dec. 17, 1876 in Indiana, died Jul. 3, 1939 at Lookout Mountain, married John Harvey Anderson.  He was born Feb. 9, 1874 (place not known to me) and died on Jan. 7, 1966 in Hamilton Co.  Both are buried at Forest Hills.  They are known to have at least one child, John, Jr., born prematurely and died on Apr. 15, 1915.  He is also at Forest Hills.

Mildred, born May 1879.  No further information.

Sherman, born Aug. 18, 1882 in TN, died in Chattanooga onOct. 2, 1927.  Sherman was married but I do not know his wife's name.  He died at age 45 from acute appendicitis and was buried at Forest Hills.

Dorothy, who was called Dot, was born Oct. 24, 1886 and died on Jan. 4, 1894 in Chattanooga.  She is buried at Forest Hills as well.

The last child I know of was Pansy, born in June, 1890 in TN, died Jun. 4, 1944 at Vanderbilt University Hospital in Nashville.  She married Ben Matthews Allison c1910 and gave birth to at least two children, both sons. Joe Hill was born in 1913 and died in 1979.  Ben Matthews, Jr. was born Aug. 24, 1914 and died Sep. 17, 2004.  Joe's wife was Mary Cummings.  I do not know where Mary Cummings Allison is buried.  The rest of this family rest at Forest Hills.
"Sanders, Newell, a Senator from Tennessee; born on a farm near Bloomington, Owen County, Ind., July 12, 1850; attended the rural schools; graduated from Indiana University at Bloomington in 1873; owned and operated a book store in Bloomington, Ind., 1873-1877; moved to Chattanooga, Tenn., in 1877 and became a manufacturer of agricultural implements; member of the school board 1881-1882; alderman 1882-1886; president of the Chattanooga Plow Co. 1882-1901; member of the board of directors of the Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railway; appointed as a Republican to the United States Senate to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Robert L. Taylor and served from Apr. 11, 1912, to January 24, 1913, when a successor was elected; was not a candidate for election; chairman, Committee on National Banks (Sixty-second Congress); continued his former manufacturing pursuits; died at his home on Lookout Mountain, Tenn., January 26, 1939; interment in Forest Hills Cemetery, Chattanooga, Tenn."**
Click on the "earlier blog" link at the top of this page to read more about Newell and Corinne.

*More blogs about Reuben and Polly can be found by using the search block in the sidebar.
**Mitchell Chapple, Editor, National Magazine: An Illustrated American Monthly, vol. 36, April, 1912 - Sept., 1912 (Boston, MA: Chapple Publishing Co., Ltd., ~Oct., 1912), Page 413. [There are many sources of information on Newell.  Search for him in Google Books.

November 27, 2011

A Personal Note

Freddy Coffee was a Brittany, born Jul. 9, 1996 and died by euthanasia on Nov. 23, 2011.  He had been my friend and constant companion for more than 11 of his 15+ years.  I adopted him on Halloween night, in 2000. At the end he had become blind and so pained that the aspirin regimen he was on, which by the way dogs tolerate quite well, no longer worked.  On the morning that I took him to the vet he was panting and shaking so hard it broke my heart.  I asked God if I should put him down and immediately, the answer "yes" came to me.

Brittanys are bird dogs by breeding and extremely social as pets.  They are protective of whoever they bond with and often demand constant attention.  As a young dog, he was always on the look out for birds.  In my younger years I enjoyed hunting squirrels and rabbits, but had never been big on hunting any bird except dove.  A favorite activity of his was hunting the heavy bushes and trees around our house on Lake Bruin in NE Louisiana.  He would walk around under trees sniffing then staring, almost trance like when he finally locked in on the bird.  I recall one particular night when he rousted a screech owl from the bushes and it almost brushed - not to mention scare - me as it silently flew away.  When it came to birds, he did not discriminate; a bird was a bird and he would let me know it was there.

There's a bird up there!
He had a nose for everything.  Once he chased a fox that had ventured too close to the house.  Another time - several in fact - he investigated the turtles that ventured onto our property to lay their eggs.  He stuck his nose under the head end of a shell only to have it nipped by the turtle.  From then on he would lay down beside them and only watch as they dug a hole and laid their eggs.  He would chase squirrels but once nipped, he never again stuck his nose into the hollow of a tree where it had retreated.

I had to keep a close eye on him because he did not have any fear of snakes.  Once he found a King snake that had apparently just fed and had coiled up right at the steps going into my tool shed.  He stuck his nose right into the coiled up serpent.  The next day as we walked across the yard towards the tool shed, he caught a whiff of the snake and began to follow the scent that eventually took him to a hollow in one of the many cypress trees growing in the lake shallows.  We got there just in time to see the tail end of the snake going into the hole.  I don't think many of my friends who heard that story ever believed he could or would really track a snake.

Freddy visited more than 30 states with us. He was a wonderful traveler, never getting out of his bed until we stopped somewhere.  Once in New Mexico he discovered a gopher hole and before I could stop him, he had stuck his head and half of his body into the opening.

Freddy was as scared of water as any cat.  He did not like to get his paws wet and would lay down to lick them dry if he walked through a puddle. He would lick the morning dew off his paws before coming back into the house.  If he ventured too close to the lake edge and the wake of a passing boat caused him to get wet he would not go near the water again for a week or more.  Once, as he leaned over the edge of the pier smelling whatever aroma wafted up from the surface, I gave him a nudge and he went in head first.  Up until that time, he would follow me onto the pier each time I went out.  After that, he would return to the deck and watch me until I came back.  He would then continue whatever activity he had been doing before I left him.

Sometime much later he began again to trust me and would follow me onto the pier.  Once, as we were preparing to go for a boat ride he attempted to jump into the boat before it had fully descended from the lift.  His paws went over the side of the boat but, his body did not follow and he slipped into the water.  He never again wanted to go for a ride in the boat.

There was nothing that kept him from jumping into my truck however.  Most times he would jump into the back seat and lay down, not to move again until we returned home.  If it was a short trip, he would refuse to get out and would menacingly growl at me if I attempted to remove him.  I would leave the door open and eventually he would come strolling out, curious as to what I was doing.

I still see him on his pillow that has lain beside this desk for so many years.  I see him in the hallway, stretched out under the return air duct, and by my bedroom door when I get up in the morning.  I see him by the side of my easy chair in the TV room and I feel his cold nose on my elbow as I lay there sleeping and he felt the need to go outside.

His remains were cremated and his ashes will rest at home in one or another of his favorite places until it is time for me to go.  At that time, they will be placed in my casket and buried with me.  May he rest in eternal peace.

Harrison & Jincy Emily Clark Aldridge

I touched on Harrison and Jincy in an earlier blog.  He was a son of James and Elizabeth Calloway Aldridge and, that family history makes interesting reading.  See the earlier blog for all of the details.

Harrison and Jincy had a number of children, including one named Harrison, Jr., who married Mary Etta Buchanan c1886, probably in Watauga Co., NC.  He and Mary Etta had at least one child, a son named Samuel Anthony Aldridge, born Feb. 22, 1893 in Watauga Co., died in Lenoir, Lower Creek Twp., on Mar. 16, 1966.  He is buried at the Harrison Aldridge Cemetery in Foscoe, Watauga Co.

Sometime in 1915 he married Ramona Destamona Coffey in Caldwell Co.  In the marriage record, she is referred to as "Mona Coffey."  Mona was the daughter of Joseph Reubin and Martha Elizabeth Gragg Coffey and, was born Mar. 3, 1888, probably in Watauga Co.   She died on Jul. 12, 1967 in Lenoir and was buried there at the Hibriten Baptist Church cemetery.

Samuel and Mona had at least eight children, all born in Watauga Co.:

Howard Glenn, born Sep. 13, 1916, died Jun. 6, 1995 in Catawba Co. According to his obituary, his wife was named Genevieve.
Howard Glenn Aldridge, 78, of Maiden, died Tuesday June 6, 1916, in Watauga County to the late Samuel Aldridge and Destomonia Coffey.
Mr. Aldridge was a supervisor in the furniture industry and a U.S. marine veteran of World War II.
Survivors include his wife Genevieve Aldridge of the home; a daughter, Ramona A. Thompson of Lenoir; four brothers, Murphy, Guy and Byard Aldridge, all of Lenoir and Claude Aldridge of Hickory; three sisters, Edith A. Lowman and Clara A. Parham, both of Maiden and Dade A. Hewitt of Newton; a stepson, Carl Nelson Canipe of Maiden; two step-daughters, Helen Drum of Lincolnton and Ruby Bingham of Concord; four grand-children; and four great-grandchildren.
The funeral is 2 p.m. Friday at Burke Mortuary Chapel with the Revs. Garland Elliott and Richard Hick officiating.  Burial will be in Maiden City Cemetery.
The family will receive friends tonight from 7 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. at the funeral home.
Murphy Lail, born Mar. 5, 1918, died in Lenoir on Jan. 24, 1997.  He was never married.  He is also buried at Hibriten.

Edith Flo, born Jan. 24, 1920, died Dec. 11, 1995 at Newton in Catawba Co.  Edith married Ray Alvin Lowman, born Feb. 2, 1919 in Burke Co., died May 6, 1982 in Catawba Co.
Edith Aldridge Lowman, 75, of Maiden, died Monday, Dec. 11, 1995, at her home after an extended illness.
She was born Jan. 24, 1920 in Watauga County, to the late Samuel and Destimona Coffey Aldridge.  She was also preceded in death by her husband, Ray Alvin Lowman; an infant daughter, Maxine Ray; and one brother, Howard Glenn Aldridge.
Survivors include one son, William (Bill) Taft Lowman of Maiden; one daughter, Dayle Lowman Rhoney of Vail; two sisters, Clara Parham of Maiden and Dade Hewitt of Newton; three brothers, Guy Aldridge and Murphy Aldridge of Lenoir and Claude Aldridge of Hickory; five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.
The family received friends Wednesday night at the Burke Mortuaries in Maiden.  The funeral was held Thursday, Dec. 14, at 2 p.,m. at the First Baptist Church in Maiden with the Rev. Richard Hicks officiating.  Burial followed in the Maiden City Cemetery.
Audry Clair Obituary Photo
Audry Clair "Clara," born Sep. 8, 1921, died Nov. 24, 2011 at Stokesdale in Guilford Co.  Her husband was William Albert "Bill" Parham, born Jan. 31, 1918 in Cowpens, Spartenburg Co., SC, died Nov. 22, 2008 in Stokesdale.   Both are buried at Maiden city cemetery in Catawba Co.

Stokesdale, N.C. - William "Bill" Albert Parham, 90, of Stokesdale, formerly of Maiden, passed away Saturday, Nov. 22, 2008, at Countryside Manor in Stokesdale.
Born Jan. 31, 1918, in Cowpens, S.C., he was the son of the late Boyd Smith Parham and Eva Easter Swafford Parham. 
Mr. Parham was a member of First Baptist Church in Maiden. He retired after 51 years from Carolina Mills. 
In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by a son, Jerry Parham; two sisters, Thelma Setzer and Ophelia Schronce; and three brothers, J.T., Horace and Woodrow Parham. 
He is survived by his wife of 68 years, Clara Aldridge Parham of Countryside Village in Stokesdale; a daughter, Claudene Wikle and husband, Richard, of Reidsville; grandchildren, Jeff Parham and wife, Sherry, and Jude Storms and husband, Daniel, all of Buffalo, N.Y., Shannon Sudderth and husband, Chip, of Durham and Kerri Wikle of Reidsville; and great-grandchildren, Austin Parham, Sierra Parham, Natalie Storms and Will Sudderth IV. 
The funeral service will be held Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2008, at 7 p.m. at Burke Mortuary Chapel in Maiden, with Mr. Larry Teague officiating. The family will receive friends Tuesday from 5:30 to 6:45 p.m., prior to the service, at Burke Mortuary Chapel in Maiden. 
Burial will be Wednesday, Nov. 26, 2008, at 10 a.m. in Maiden City Cemetery in Maiden.
STOKESDALE — Clara Aldridge Parham, age 90, of Stokesdale, NC, formerly of Maiden, NC passed away Thursday, November 24, 2011 at Countryside Manor in Stokesdale, NC.
Born September 8, 1921 in Fosco, NC, she was the daughter of the late Sam Aldridge and the late Destamona Coffey Aldridge. Mrs. Parham was a member of First Baptist Church in Maiden. She was retired from Carolina Mills.
In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband of 68 years, Bill Parham and their son, Jerry Parham; sisters, Edith Lowman and Dade Hewitt; brothers: Glenn, Guy, Murphy, Claude and Byard Aldridge.
She is survived by daughter, Claudene Wikle and husband, Richard of Reidsville, NC; grandchildren, Jeff Parham and wife, Sherry of North Tonawanda, NY, Jude Storms and husband, Daniel of Cheektowaga, NY, Shannon Sudderth and husband, Chip of Durham, NC and Kerri Wikle of Reidsville, NC; great grandchildren, Austin Parham, Sierra Parham, Natalie Storms, Cooper Storms and Will Sudderth, IV.
The family gives thanks to the staff of Countryside Manor & Village and to special friend and caregiver, Ginny.
The funeral service will be held Saturday, November 26, 2011 at 2:30 p.m. at Burke Mortuary Chapel in Maiden with the Rev. Barry Pearce and Mr. Larry Teague officiating.  Burial will follow in Maiden City Cemetery, Maiden, NC. 
The family will receive friends, prior to the service, from 1:30 - 2:15 p.m., at Burke Mortuary Chapel in Maiden. 
In lieu of flowers donations may be made to: First Baptist Church, PO Box 338, Maiden, NC 28650. 
Visit to register your condolences.  Burke Mortuary in Maiden is serving the Parham Family.

Darrell Obituary Photo
Darrell Claude, born Jan. 28, 1923 and died Aug. 8, 2011 in Hickory.  He first married Doreen Davey, but they divorced sometime c1952.  In about 1970 he married Hazel Lee Wood, a daughter of Jessie Lee and Lessie Porter Wood and the widow of Lloyd Worth Jones.  Hazel was born Jan. 8, 1030 in Wilkes Co., and died in Hickory on Oct. 28, 2010.  Both are buried at Starmount Baptist Church cemetery in Newton, Catawba Co.
HICKORY - Hazel Lee Wood Jones Aldridge, 80, of Hickory, went home to be with her Lord, Thursday, Oct. 28, 2010, at Palliative CareCenter and Hospice of Catawba Valley in Newton. Born Jan. 8, 1930, in Wilkes County, she was the daughter of the late Jessie Lee and Lessie Porter Wood. Mrs. Aldridge was a member of Grace Baptist Church in Newton and had served as the church recording secretary. 
In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her first husband, Lloyd Worth Jones; a grandson, Lloyd Thomas Jones; two brothers, Allie and Vern Wood; and two sisters, Bernice Starnes and Pauline Raby. She is survived by her husband of 40 years, Darrell Claude Aldridge of the home; son, Dr. Lloyd Jones and wife, Eugena, of Claremont; three grandchildren, Joshua Jones and wife, Rachel, Lori Garcia and Leah Robinson; eight great-grandchildren, Ashlee Bolick, Haley Johnson, Joshua Crawford, Peyton Jones, Cierra Jones, Darrell Moss, Danny Moss and Brandon Jones; one great-great-grandchild, Christopher Clontz; special friend, Ila Roberts; special care giver, Barbara Young.
The funeral service will be held on Sunday, Oct. 31, 2010, at 2 p.m. at Grace Baptist Church in Newton with Dr. Lloyd Jones, Dr. J.D. Grasty and Dr. Buddy Sizemore officiating. The body will be placed in the church one hour prior to the service. Pallbearers will be Joshua Crawford, Darrell Moss, Danny Moss, Tommie Cole, Jimmie Raby, Roger Raby, Syd Taylor and JD Sharpe. Burial will follow in Starmount Baptist Church Cemetery in Newton. 
The family will receive friends on Saturday, Oct. 30, 2010, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Grace Baptist Church in Newton. The family extends special gratitude to Palliative CareCenter and Hospice of Newton for the loving care given to Mrs. Aldridge. Memorials may be made to Grace Baptist Church, 1805 Little Road, Newton, N.C. 28658; or to Palliative CareCenter and Hospice of Catawba Valley, 3975 Robinson Road, Newton, N.C. 28658. 
Visit to register your condolences online. Burke Mortuary in Newton is serving the Jones/ Aldridge family.
Obituary, Hickory Daily Record, Aug. 10, 2011
Darrell Claude Aldridge, 88, of Hickory passed away Monday, Aug. 8, 2011 at Palliative CareCenter and Hospice of Catawba Valley in Newton. Born July 28, 1923 in Caldwell County, he was the son of the late Samuel A. and Destimona Coffey Adlridge. Mr. Aldridge was a U.S. Army/ U.S. Air Force Veteran having served in WWII and a member of Grace Baptist Church in Newton where he served as a Trustee, Sunday school teacher, usher and grounds keeper. 
In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his wife, Hazel Wood Jones Aldridge, two sisters, three brothers, and a grandson, Lloyd Thomas Jones. He is survived by his daughter, Loraine Aldridge of Lenoir; two sons, Graham Aldridge of Lenoir and the Rev. Dr. Lloyd Jones and his wife, Eugena of Claremont; two granddaughters, Lori Garcia and Leah Robinson, both of Hickory; grandson, Joshua Jones and his wife, Rachel of Newton; ten great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandson; and sister, Clara Parham of Greensboro.
The funeral service will be held on Thursday, Aug. 11, at 2 p.m. at Grace Baptist Church in Newton with Dr. Lloyd Jones and Dr. J.D. Grasty officiating. Pallbearers will be Sid Taylor, J. D. Sharpe, Tommy Cole, Sr., Joshua Lee Crawford, Danny Moss and Joshua Jones. Burial will follow in Starmount Baptist Church in Newton with military graveside honors by America Legion Post 16 of Newton.
The family will receive friends on Wednesday, Aug. 10, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at Grace Baptist Church. Memorials may be made to: Grace Baptist Church, 1805 Little Road, Newton, NC 28658 or to Palliative CareCenter and Hospice of Catawba Valley, 3975 Robinson Rd., Newton, NC 28658.
Visit www.burke to register your condolences online. Burke Mortuary in Newton is serving the Aldridge family.
Gerald Guy, born Jan. 9, 1926, died Jun. 5, 2005, married Joyce Lorraine Thompson.  She was born Aug. 10, 1931 and died Jun. 28, 1996 in Lenoir.  An obituary for Joyce has not yet been found.
Obituary, The News-Topic, Lenoir, Caldwell Co., NC, Thur., Jun. 9, 2005
Gerald Guy Aldridge, 79, of Kincaid Street, SW, Lenoir, died Sunday, June 5, 2005, at Britthaven Nursing Center in Morganton.
He was born Jan. 9, 1926, in Watauga County to the late Samuel A.. and Lora Destimona Coffey Aldridge. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his wife, Joyce Thompson Aldridge; two brothers, Howard Glenn Aldridge and Murphy L. Aldridge; and two sisters, Edith F. Lowman and Eula Dane Hewitt.
Mr. Aldridge was retired from Kincaid Furniture Industries and was of the Baptist faith. He was a U.S. Navy veteran of WWII.
Survivors include a son and daughter-in-law, Gerald Allen and Gwen Aldridge of Burnsville; two daughters and a son-in-law, Mirana A. and Larry Holmes of Hudson, and Ms. Renee A. Reid of Lenoir; two brothers, Daryl Claude Aldridge of Hickory, and Lyle Byard Aldridge of Lenoir; a sister, Mrs. Clara Parham of Stokesdale; four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.
A memorial service will be held Saturday, June 11, 2005, at 2 p.m. at Greer-McElveen Funeral Home Chapel. The family will receive friends following the service at the funeral home.
Memorial contributions may be made to Caldwell County Hospice, 902 Kirkwood Street, Lenoir, NC 28645 or to the Alzheimer's Association, Western Carolina Chapter, Mountain Region Office, 31 College Place, Suite D320, Asheville, NC 28801-2644.  [This probably a cremation]
Lyle Byard Aldridge, born Feb. 20, 1928, died in Lenoir on Dec. 5, 2010 and was buried at Woodlawn Memorial Gardens in Lenoir. His first wife was Juanita Mittie Oaks, but no other information is known.  According to the obituary, his wife, who had preceded him in death was Sylvia Reid Aldridge.
Lyle's Obituary Photo
Lyle Byard Aldridge, age 82, of Clarks Chapel Rd., Lenoir, died Sunday, December 5, 2010 at Gateway Nursing Center.  He was born February 20, 1928 in Watauga County to the late Sam and Lora Destimona Coffey Aldridge.  In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his wife, Sylvia Reid Aldridge;  one step-son, Thomas Bates;  three brothers and two sisters.
Mr. Aldridge retired from Harper Furniture and was a World War II Army Veteran.
Survivors include one daughter, Lynn Gillaspie and husband Cary of Las Vegas, Nevada, one step-son, David Bates and wife Carla of Lenoir;  two step-daughters, Brenda Freeman and Roberta Conner and husband Paul,  of Lenoir;  one brother, Claude Aldridge of Hickory,  one sister, Clara Parham of Stokesdale, North Carolina;  ten grandchildren and six great grandchildren.
Funeral Services will be held Tuesday, December 7, 2010 at 3:00 P.M. at Greer-McElveen Funeral Home Chapel conducted by Rev. Tony Harris.  The family will receive friends one hour prior to the service.  Interment will follow in Woodlawn Memorial Gardens of Lenoir.
Serving as Pallbearers will be Paul Conner, David Bates, Carson Bates, J. C. Nelson, Robert Everhart III, and John Sanders.
On-line condolences may be left at
Greer-McElveen Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.
Ula Dade, born Aug. 14, 1931, died May 25, 1997 in Catawba Co.  Her spouse was Billy Jackson Hewitt, a son of Earnest Edward and May Edith Beard Hewitt.  Billy was born Jan. 20, 1929 in Catawba Co. and was married to Ula on Dec. 23, 1949 in York Co., SC.  I have not yet found an obituary or burial location for either.

Update Apr. 22, 2012:  E-mail from a granddaughter of Ula informs me that Ula Dade is buried at Catawba Memorial Park in Hickory, Catawba Co., NC.  He grandfather, Billy Jackson Hewitt is still living and resides in Newton, NC.

November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my followers and to all of the readers of this blog.


November 17, 2011

John & Rachel Barrier Coffey

John was born Feb. 24, 1818* in Eadsville, Wayne Co., KY to James and Sarah Emerline Sumpter Coffey.  He married Rachel Barrier, born Aug. 17, 1824*, in KY and probably also in Wayne Co. to Aaron and Susan Chrisman Barrier.  John died May 5, 1882 and Rachel died on Dec. 28, 1914, both in Pulaski Co., KY and were buried at the remote John Coffey family cemetery at Yamagraw in McCreary Co., KY.

I am aware of six children for them, all born in Wayne Co.:

Sarah Jane, born Jan. 10, 1849.  She remained unmarried and died of heart disease on Jun. 2, 1918 in McCreary Co.  She is probably also buried at the family cemetery but, her death certificate reads only that she was buried in that county.

Nancy Elizabeth, born Mar. 10, 1850, died in McCreary Co. on Feb. 25, 1935.  It appears that she also remained unmarried for her headstone at the family cemetery reads "Nancy E. Coffey."  Of course, she could have married a Coffey but I have no evidence of that.

Shelby "Shelly," born Apr. 29, 1852, died of measels at Denney, KY, Wayne Co.**  He is buried at the Martha Coffey Cemetery at Ritner, Wayne Co.  He was married at least twice.  His first was to Sarah Perkins on Dec. 26, 1872 in Wayne Co.  Sarah was born Jul. 4, 1856 in KY and died in Wayne Co. on Mar. 7, 1912.  His children with Sarah were:
Rachel, born Oct. 8, 1874 in Slavans, McCreary Co., died of pulmonary tuberculosis on Jun. 30, 1950 in Wiborg, McCreary Co.**  Her spouse was W. H. Abbot, born c1878, died c1955 in KY.  She is buried at Flat Rock Cemetery in McCreary Co.  Her spouse is probably buried there as well.
John, born Sep. 18, 1875, died unknown.  He married Kizzie Coffey, a second cousin and daughter of Richard Henderson and Catherine C. Jones Coffey, date unknown.  Kizzie died Oct. 2, 1959 in McCreary Co.***
Lewis, born c1878, also married a second cousin, Ada E. Keith, born Mar., 1882 to William H. & Sarah Elizabeth Coffey Keith.
James Austin, born Jan. 4, 1881, died May 11, 1960 in Monticello, Wayne Co.  His wife was Canzada Foster, daughter of George S. and Selda or Zelda Foster.  Canzada was born May 8, 1885 in Wayne Co., and died Feb. 8, 1966 in Monticello.  They were married on May 30,1907.  Both are buried at Elk Spring Cemetery in Monticello.
Jay, born Mar. 31, 1883, no further information.
Joseph Francis "Joe," born Jun. 3, 1885, died Dec. 12, 1969 at Smith Town in Stearns Co., KY.  His wife was Dora Roberts. He is buried at the Methodist Cemetery in Whitley City, McCreary Co.
Rebecca, born Jul. 1887, no further information.
Jesse, born Jan., 1890, married Margaret Foster, born c1898 in Wayne Co.
Sarah J., born Mar., 1892, no further information.
William Nelson, born Jun. 21, 1894, died Mar. 14, 1963 at Oneida in Scott Co., TN.  His wife was Lelia Mae Abbot, born Jul. 18, 1899 in Wayne Co., died in Oneida on Feb. 26, 1969.  Both are buried at the Holloway Cemetery, Marshes Siding, McCreary Co.
James Aron, born Feb. 20, 1854, died Nov. 5, 1913.*  Buried at the Coffey Family cemetery at Yamacraw. I have found no of a marriage for James.

Joseph, born Mar. 11, 1856 at Whiteoak Creek, Wayne Co.  He married c1888 his first cousin, once removed, Emily G. Coffey, daughter of Joseph and Louisa J. Jones Coffey.  Louisa and Cathereine Jones, wife of Richard Henderson Coffey (above) may be related but, I have not investigated that connection.

The last child of John and Rachel Barrier Coffey was Francis Marion, born Feb. 5, 1858, died Jul. 15, 1926* in Yamacraw.

Shelly's second wife was Martha Thompson with whom he had Hattie, born 1919, died 1990.  She married Robert Barney "Bob" Clark, born Jun. 15, 1911, died Sep. 1, 2006.  She and Bob are buried at the Martha Coffey cemetery in Ritner.  Their second child was Charles, born Jan. 11, 1923, died at the VA hospital at Indianapolis, Marion Co., IN on Jun. 13, 1985.  He too is buried at the Martha Coffey cemetery.

John and Rachel had a number of grandchildren which likely resulted in scads of grandchildren.  Unfortunately, Shelby is the only one for whom I have a good list of descendants.  Readers are invited to fill in the blanks.

**Death Certificate
***Kentucky Death Index, 1911-2000

November 16, 2011

Coffey & Campbell in Nelson Co., VA

According to his Oct. 1, 1823 will*, Francis J. and Isabell Catlett Campbell had four children.
IN THE NAME OF GOD! AMEN.  I FRANCIS CAMPBELL in the County of Nelson.  Being weak in  body but sound in mind and memory, and considering the uncertainty of this mortal life, do make  and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following (that is to say)  principally and first.
I recommend my soul into the hands of God who gave it, and my body to the Earth to be buried  in a Christian like manner, at the discretion of my Executors here and after named and first,  I request that all my just debts shall be paid; and as touching the residue of my worldly  estate as God hath blest me with.  I do leave in the manner and form following ______:
I leave and bequeath to my beloved wife Is(a)bell Campbell the third of my Estate during her  natural life at the discretion of my Executors.  The residue of my estate to be equally  divided between my two sons and two daughters viz. Francis Campbell; Polley Gregory, Joel  Campbell, and Rachel Gregory, share and share alike, only I give and bequeath to my son Joel  Campbell my house existing nary all which is to them and their heirs forever; - and further  it is my will and desire that the line made by myself and John Masters (between him and myself)  to stand forever.  And lastly I do appoint my sons Francis and Joel my sole Executors of this  my last will and Testament, hereby revoking and disannulling all former wills by me made and  declare this my last will and testament.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and  seal this first day of October eighteen hundred and twenty-three.
                                     Francis   X   Campbell (Seal)
Signed, sealed and delivered by the above named Francis Campbell to be his Last Will and Testament
Benjamin Hatter
John Coffey
Edmund F. Coffey
Francis J. Campbell II appears to be the eldest, born c1780 in VA, died 1855 in Nelson Co.  He married Nancy Coffey, said to be a daughter of Edmond S., Sr. and Nancy Barnett Coffey, on Feb. 26, 1806 in Amherst Co.**  He was followed by Mary "Polly" Campbell, Joel, born c1790, and Rachel.

Joel also married a Nancy Coffey, said to be a sister to Edmond S., Jr. whose parents were Edmond Sr. and Tildy Fitzgerald Coffey.

It gets more confusing!

Joel and Nancy had a number of children, believed to be as follows:

Rachel A., born c1821, died Dec. 1881, Nelson Co.
Reuben Lee, born c1828
Joel, also born c1828
Matilda, born c1830
Nancy, born c1832
Francis Vanvert, born c1836
Henry, born c1837
William, born c1841

The family appeared in the 1850 Nelson Co census as follows:
1850 Nelson Co., Page 560, dwelling/family 915, Joel Campbell, age 60, male, farmer, $700, born VA; Nancy, age 40, female, born VA; Joel, age 22, male, born VA; Lilly, age 17, female, born VA; Nancy, age 18, female, born VA; Rachel, age 25, female, born VA; Matilda, age 20, female, born VA; Reuben, age 18, male, born VA; Henry, age 16, male, born VA; Francis, age 14, male, born VA
The placement of children makes it appears to me, at least, that either Joel or Nancy had been previously married.  First clue is that Joel is 20+ years older than Nancy.  Further, the daughter Rachel is said to have married Washington "Wash" Coffey in 1842 yet she is still at home in 1850.  A marriage record for Wash names his wife as Rhoda.¹

Interesting to note that the marriage record for Francis J. Campbell names his bride as Nancy Campbell, not Nancy Coffey.***

The Nancy Coffey, daughter of Edmond, Jr. and Tildy, is said to have been born c1779; her spouse Joel in 1790.

Francis and his Nancy Coffey wife are said to have had a number of children, some of which were named Joel, and Rachel, born last in that family.  Two of the first three children born to Joel and his Nancy Coffey wife were named Rachel and Joel.

I am thinking that the two Nancy's might be the same people.  She may have first married a Campbell, perhaps Francis and, when he died she married his brother Joel.  Because dates are so inconclusive, we cannot be sure when any of the Campbell sons or either of their Coffey wives was born.  At least I cannot be certain!

In any event, there are enough inconsistencies and lack of source data about this Campbell-Coffey family for us to be suspicious of any genealogy that includes them with any implication that it is accurate.

*Lynn Vanderherchen,
**Virginia Marriages, 1785-1940, database, FamilySearch (, index entries derived from copies of originals housed in various repositories throughout Virginia. [n.b. According to another source Early American Marriages: Virginia to 1850 (Dodd, Jordan R.) the marriage too place on 28 Feb., 1806.  Perhaps 26 Feb. was the license date. This source names the bride as Nancy Campbell.
***Marriage Register, Nelson Co., VA - Part 1 is from Marriage Register, Book No. 2, 1854 - 1926 and and only includes entries for Coffey surnames thru 1899. See the files located at:, Part 2, Page 33, Line 2.
¹groom's name: Washington Coffey groom's birth date: groom's birthplace: groom's age: bride's name: Rhoda [sic] Campbell bride's birth date: bride's birthplace: bride's age: marriage date: 20 Nov 1842 marriage place: Nelson County, Virginia groom's father's name: groom's mother's name: bride's father's name: bride's mother's name: groom's race: groom's marital status: groom's previous wife's name: bride's race: bride's marital status: bride's previous husband's name: indexing project (batch) number:M86879-0 system origin: Virginia-EASy source film number:32734 reference number :p 44

November 15, 2011

Adoniram Judson & Emily Caroline Rone Coffey

Adoniram Judson Coffey, born Jan. 6, 1830 to Reuben and Polly Dowell Coffey, was  (probably) named by his preacher father for the American Baptist missionary of the same name.*  This Adomiram married Emily Caroline Rone, born Aug. 28, 1832 in NC, died in Ellettsville, Monroe Co., IN on Nov. 11, 1906.  They were married on Oct. 28, 1852 in Owen Co., IN.**  Adoniram died Apr. 7, 1882 in Ellettsville.  Both are buried at the Coffey Family Cemetery in Ellettsville.

The family farmed in Owen and Clay counties from their marriage until their deaths and, raised at least nine children there.

Edgar was their first, born Sep., 1853, died Nov. 16, 1922 in Terre Haute, Vigo Co., IN.  He married Rachel A. Betts in Clinton Co., IN on Oct. 27, 1874 and had at least one child, a daughter named Pansy.  Rachel may have died at the birth of Pansy because sometime before 1880, Edgar married his cousin Sophronia Coffey, a daughter of Lewis and Harriet Powell Coffey.  Sophronia had previously married Samuel T. Howe, a Kentuckian born c1835.  She and Howe had at least two children, Ida, born c1861 and Lucy, born c1865, both in IN.  Samuel may have died in the Civil War.  Sophronia died in June, 1923 at Terre Haute and she was buried alongside Edgar, who died Nov. 16, 1922, at Highland Lawn Cemetery in that city.
Obituary, Terre Haute Tribune, Nov. 17, 1922, p2
Edgar Coffey, 69 years old, for a number of years owner of a drug store in Lafayette avenue, died yesterday evening at the home of his daughter, Mrs. George Jacobs, 68 South Twenty-first street, where he made his home.  Mr. Coffey also was interested in the Coca-Cola bottling works in Lafayette avenue [sic] for some time.  The body was removed to the Gillis chapel, where the funeral will be held.  Mr. Coffey is survived by the daughter; a step-daughter, Mrs. Ida M. Goodman, of Minneapolis; a grandson, George Edgar Jacobs; three sisters, Mrs. Ellen Faulkner, Mrs. Fay McBride, of Terre Haute, and Mrs. Lillian Harboc, of Trinidad, Col., and three brothers, Eliza [sic], Larkin and Reuben Coffey.
Obituary, Terre Haute Star, Saturday, June 23, 1923, p2

The funeral of Sophronia Coffey, 80 years old, who died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. George Jacobs, 632 Walnut street, was held at 2:30 o'clock today at the Gillis undertaking establishment.  She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. George Jacobs and Mrs. I. M. Goodman of Minneapolis; two grandchildren and one nephew.  Burial will be in Highland Lawn cemetery.
The second child was a son, Carson, born c1855.  Carson appeared in the household with his parents at the  1860 and 1870 census but, disappeared thereafter.  I have not found him in any subsequent record and I suspect he likely died in his early teens.

Ellen, born c1857 was married to Jasper Newton Falkner on Sep. 14, 1880 in Spencer, Owen Co.  Jasper was born on Mar. 25, 1846 in that county and died in Republic, Ferry Co., WA on Apr. 8, 1934.  Ellen preceded him in death on Aug. 30, 1928 at Republic.  Both are buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada.  Their children were Donald Ford, born 1881; Roy Judson, born 1885; Kittie Faye, born 1888 and, Wallace, born 1889.

A son, Elzy, born 20 Aug.1859 was next.  The little info that I have indicates he married Emma Clause. He did appear in the 1920 Arkansas Co. census with his brother Larkin and in the 1930 census for that same county with a wife named Sue.  I am somewhat confused about his wife's name and other particulars of this census.  Elzy must have been married prior to this marriage since he stated that he was first married at age 34, and his wife at age 17.  He died on Mar. 22, 1937 in Decatur, Macon Co., IL but his burial place has not been found although his death record reports burial at Decatur.***

Elzy was followed by John Jay on Oct. 10, 1853.  He married c1904 to Edith Iva Hill, born Dec. 5, 1876 in IA, died Oct. 12, 1940 in Boise, Ada Co., ID.  John died there on Nov. 9, 1922.  Both are buried at Morris Hill Cemetery in Boise.  Their children were Ray O., born 1905 in CO; Edith Iva, born 1907 in ID; John Earl, born c1911, died Jan. 24, 1995, buried at Dry Creek Cemetery in Boise; Harold, born 1913, died Jul 30, 1939 in Lewis and Clark Co., MT, butied at Morris Hill Cemetery in Boise.  Their last child was Ralph H., born c1917.

Reuben, born Jul., 1866 was the sixth child.  He married c1901 to Elizabeth J. Propst, born c1878 in CO.  Their children were Helen, Faye and, Catherine, all born in CO.  In 1910 the family did appear in the Decatur Twp., Macon Co., IL census.

Lillian was next, born c Jan., 1870.  She was married c1905 to Fred A. Harlow of Massachusetts.  They had children John Frederick, Fayette, Dorothy, Doris Caroline, Lillian Trask and Carson, perhaps named for Lillian's brother.

Larkin was born in Feb., 1872 and married a lady by the name of Nancy E. Dilday.  He appeared in the 1910 Rock Co., NE as an unmarried man and later, in 1920, the Arkansas Co., AR census with his with Nancy and his brother Elzy.

The last child born to Adoniram and Emily was Faye H., born May 1874.  She married Earl McBride and had children Richard, Frederick, Paul and, Pauline.

Please contact me if you can fill in any of the blanks.


*Wikipedia: Adoniram Judson was born in Massachusetts in 1788 and died at sea in the Bay of Bengal on Apr. 12, 1850.  He worked to form the first Baptist association in America, translated the Bible into Burmese and established a number of Baptist churches in Burma.  The name Adoniram means "my lord is exalted" in Hebrew. In the Old Testament this was the name of an overseer of tribute [taxman] under the kings David, Solomon and Rehoboam. He was stoned to death when the Israelites revolted against Rehoboam's taxation.
**Indiana Marriage Records Index, 1845-1920;.Index to Marriage Records Indiana: Indiana Works Progress Administration, 1938-1940:  Name: Adnoviam [sic] J Coffey Spouse Name: Emily C Rone Marriage Date: 28 Oct 1852 Marriage County: Owen  Index to Marriage Record 1850 - 1920 Inclusive Vol Source Title 3: W. P. A. Original Record Located: Compiled by Indi Book: 27 OS Page: 309
***Illinois Deaths and Stillbirths, 1916-1947," database, FamilySearch Historical Records from Illinois Department of Health. "Certificates of Death." Illinois Department of Health, Springfield, Illinois. FHL microfilm. Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah:  name: Elzy Coffey titles and terms (original):  death date: 22 Mar 1937 death place: Decatur, Macon, Illinois gender: Male marital status:  race or color:  age: 77 estimated birth year: 1860 birth date: 20 Aug 1859 birthplace: Owen Co., Indiana father: Adimiriam J. Coffey father's titles and terms (original):  father's birth place: North Carolina mother: Emily C. Rhone mother's titles and terms (original):  mother's birth place: South Carolina occupation: carpenter residence: Stuttgart, Arkansas street address:  spouse: Elizabeth spouse's titles and terms (original):  spouse's birthplace:  burial date: 24 Mar 1937 burial place: Decatur Twp., Macon, Illinois cemetery: Graceland informant:  additional relatives:  digital folder number: 4008433 image number: 888 film number: 1786729 volume/page/certificate number: cn 12621 

November 14, 2011

William R. & Julia Ann Coffey Stogsdill

The Stogsdill surname has been found spelled in various ways and, it takes a bit of time to search for them in the census record.

Julia was the daughter of Albert and Sarah Goodnight Coffey.  Laurence Coffey, in his work Thomas Coffey and His Descendants, tells us that they were married and, the Indiana State Library tells us they were married on Dec. 5, 1833 in Monroe Co., IN.

According to one biography that I have found for the family tells us that Wesley Coffey was the eldest of their only two children. The other child was Julia Ann, born in IN in Aug., 1836.  Actually, she was the elder of the two because Wesley was born not born until Dec. 13, 1837 in Clay Twp., Owen Co., IN.  Of course, the Bio could be accurate and Julia's birth month and year could be off by a couple of years.  I have no source for the 1836 date.

In any event, Julia Ann married William R. Stogsdill on Nov. 2, 1856 in Owen Co.*  They lived in Ellettsville and Spencer through at least 1880 when I lose them in the census.  As far as I can determine, she and William had only one child, a son named Mandeville E. Stogsdill, born in Jan., 1857.

Mandeville married Julia F. Edwards on Sep. 26, 1877 in Owen Co.**  They had at least four children:  Mable Olive "Olive," born Sep., 1880, died Jun. 6, 1957 in Los Angeles Co., CA and was buried at Oakwood Memorial Park in Chatsworth, Los Angeles Co., CA.  Olive married Frank A. Ross on Oct. 29, 1900 in Marion Co., IN.*  Their next child was Rush, born May 1886, died Dec. 26, 1937 in Joplin, Jasper Co., MO.  I have one marriage record for him to Ada Babbs on Sep. 30, 1906.  His headstone in Spring Vale Cemetery, Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co., IN tells us that he was married to Ruth Ann Hetrick at the time of death.  The third child born to Mandeville and Julia was Layton, born Oct., 1893 and who married Meta G. Bender on Aug. 29, 1916* in Tippecanoe Co.  Their fourth and last know child was Ralph, born c1896. I have found no additional information on him.

Albert's son Wesley W. Coffey was born Dec. 13, 1837 in Clay Twp., Owen Co. and died there before 1910.  His wife was Laura Joseph Howe, born in July 1843 to Amon Price and Harriet C. Thatcher Howe. I know of three children:  Byron Howe, born Jan. 28, 1866, died Jul. 4, 1945 in Los Angeles County.  He married Nellie Branam on Jan. 9, 1894 in Owen Co.  Nellie was born in Sep., 1873 to Larose and Susan Amanda Halbert Branham and died in Los Angeles Co. on Jul. 4, 1962.  Interesting that she died 17 years to the day after Byron.  Their children were:  Thatcher Howe, Naomi Josephine, Cecile Louise and Jule Hubert.

Wesley's other children were Hallie H., born 1874, died 1969 and, Albert Price, born 1876, died 1946, both in Los Angeles Co.  I have no other information on these two.

The following biography*** tells us a bit more about Wesley:
"Wesley Coffey, attorney at law, was born December 13, 1843 [sic] in Clay Township, Owen County.  His parents, Albert and Sarah (Gooderight) [sic] [Goodnight] Coffey - the former a native of North Carolina and the latter of Kentucky - emigrated to Indiana from North Carolina about 1828.  Four years later they came to Owen County, and located in Clay Township, on a farm where the mother now resides.  The father died in October of 1838.
Wesley is the elder of two children, and lived at home until 1861, when he enlisted in Company H, Fourteenth Indiana Volunteers, under Capt. J. H. Martin, and was in active service for two years.  Then, on account of ill-health, he was put on detached service, sent to Frederick, Md., and remained there until the close of the war.  He participated in the following battles:  Rich Mountain, Cheat Mountain and battle of Winchester.
At the close of the war, he returned home to Owen County, remained one year, after which he purchased a farm in Clay Township, where he remained two years.  He then sold and went into the grocery business at Spencer with W. R. Stogsdil.  About 1875, he sold his interest and went into the insurance business, and the study of the bar in Spencer.
He was married in April, 1865, to Laura J. Howe, daughter of Amon P. and Harriet Howe, old settlers in Owen County.  Mr. Coffey is a member of the A. F. & A. M., of the K. of P., of the Royal Arcanum, and the Grand Army of the Republic, and was for four years Justice of the Peace of Owen County.  He is a public spirited citizen, and highly estemed [sic] by those [who] know him."
In 1860 Wesley was found living with William and Julia Stogsdill in Elletsville.  In 1861 he enlisted in Co. H, 14th Indiana Volunteers in Clay Co.  He married Laura Josephine on Apr. 13, 1865 in Owen Co.* and, from 1870 to 1900 he and Laura appeared in the Owen Co. census.  He died before 1910 when Laura was found as head of household in Spencer.  In 1920 she had relocated to Indianapolis, Marion Co. and by 1930 was in San Gabriel, Los Angeles Co.  In 1939 and again in 1941 she was living with children Hallie and Albert at 709 E. Hellman Ave. in Wilmar City, Los Angeles Co.¹ I have not found a death date for her.

Please drop me a note if you can tell me where these Coffey and Stogsdill families are buried.

*Indiana Marriage Records Index, 1845-1920;.Index to Marriage Records Indiana: Indiana Works Progress Administration, 1938-1940.
**Indiana, Marriages, 1811-1959." index and images, Family Search index, FamilySearch, 2009. Digital copies of originals housed in Circuit Court Clerk Offices in various counties throughout Indiana. (
***Charles Blanchard, Editor, Counties of Clay and Owen, Indiana: Historical and Biographical. Illustrated. (Chicago, IL: F. A. Battey & Co., Publishers, 1884), Page 832.
¹Los Angeles county city directories.

November 13, 2011

Emanuel F. Falkner and his Coffey Wives

Emanuel F. Falkner was born on Mar. 30,1804 in North Carolina but went to Indiana to marry a North Carolina Coffey.  In fact, he may have married two Coffey women from North Carolina.

The Indiana State Library database, Marriages Through 1850* reports a marriage on Jan. 1, 1830 of Emanuel F. Falkner to Rebecca Coffey in Monroe Co.

The 1850 Clay Twp., Owen Co., IN census lists Rebecca Falkner, age 60 with children Marion, age 20, Washington, age 18, Tipton, age 16, Leander, age 14, Martha, age 10, Newton, age 4, and Leroy, age 2.  If her age is accurate then her birth year would have been c1790 and her marriage to Emanuel at age 40.  It is unlikely then that she was still having babies at age 56 or later.

Emanuel has not been found in the 1850 census.

So, who is this Rebecca Coffey Falkner?  The Rebecca Coffey who married Emanuel Falkner in 1830 Monroe Co., IN was a daughter of William Henderson and Mary Faulkner [sic] Coffey.  I have no specific birth or death dates/places for her.

Were there two Emanuel Falker men who married Coffey women in IN?

Several sources report a marriage between Emanuel Falkner and Lucinda Coffey on Spe. 30, 1838 in Owen Co.**

Emanuel appeared in the 1860 Owen Co. census, Clay Twp., with Lucinda J., age 40 (born c1820 in NC) and, children Martha J., age 19; Jasper N., age 14; Leroy, age 11; Lonzo, age 8; Edgar H., age 5; and Charlie, age 4.  All of the children were born in IN.

He and Lucinda appear next in the 1870 Owen Co., Clay Twp. census with children Lefay [sic], age 22; Alonzo, age 19; Edgar, age 17; and Charley, age 12.

This Lucinda Coffey was a daughter of Elijah and Mary Abby "Polly" Dyer Coffey.  She was born Aug. 8, 1804 in IN and died Dec. 8, 1883 in Owen Co.

*Indiana State Library Genealogy Database: Marriages through 1850, Indiana State Library online [], accessed Sep.,2005. [Does not appear to be online in Nov. 2011]
**Ibid; Dodd, Jordan. Indiana Marriages to 1850. [database online] Provo, UT:, 1997. Electronic transcription of marriage records held by the individual counties in Indiana; and Indiana Marriage Records Index, 1845-1920;.Index to Marriage Records Indiana: Indiana Works Progress Administration, 1938-1940.

November 8, 2011

Vester Lee & Bessie Moses Coffey

Vester Lee Coffey was a son of a John Coffey and Lezie or Letha, maiden name unknown.  In 1900 this family lived in Lower Creek Twp., Burke Co., NC and consisted of:
John Coffey, born Jul., 1845 in NC and had been married for 31 years.
Lezie (Letha?), wife, born Apr., 1853 in NC; mother of 14, 9 living
Son, Monroe, born Dec., 1879 in NC
Dau, Danna, born Jun., 1882 in NC
Son, Frank, born Jun., 1884 in NC
Son, Robey, born Jun., 1888 in NC
Son, Vester, born Jun., 1890 in NC
Dau, Nettie, born May, 1894 in NC
Vester married Bessie Moses in Burke Co. on Jan. 3, 1912 in Upper Creek Twp.  In the 1920 census the family appeared in Burke Co., Lower Creek Twp., with children: Claude, Roy and Bertha.  In 1930 they were living in Morganton, Burke Co. and had an additional child, a son named Aruel [sic].

Their son Claude Lee Coffey died in 2008 and his obituary appeared in the Burke Co. News Herald, of Feb. 24, 2008:
Claude Lee Coffey
Claude Lee Coffey, 95, of Morganton, died Saturday, Feb. 23, 2008, at his residence following a period of declining health. Born in Burke County, on Sept. 27, 1912, he was the son of the late Vester Lee Coffey and Bessie Moses Coffey. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by a brother, Roy Coffey, and a sister, Lillie Mae Hollifield. Claude was a U.S. Navy veteran of the Pacific Theatre in World War II. He retired from Broughton Hospital and was a member of Oak Forest United Methodist Church. Mr. Coffey was an avid gardener and fisherman.
Claude is survived by his wife, Katie Williams Coffey of the home; daughters, Carol Lee Walters and husband, Ronald, of Gastonia, Betty Jo McMahan and husband, the Rev. Stanley, of Burnsville, and Wanda Scott and husband, David, of Morganton; a brother, Arnold Coffey and wife, Mary, of Morganton; a sister, Bertha Wilson of Danville, Va.; grandchildren, Jeffrey Walters and wife, Angie, Jennifer Stamey and husband, Donnie, Shelly Thompson and husband, Keith, Joel McMahan, Dana Dale and husband, Jason, and D.J. Scott; and great-grandchildren, Tabitha and Will Thompson and Tanner and Jacey Dale.
The funeral will be held at 6 p.m. today in the Colonial Chapel of Sossoman Funeral Home with the Revs. Roderick Randolph and Stanley McMahan officiating. Burial will be held at 11 a.m. Monday at Burke Memorial Park. The family will receive friends at the funeral home on Sunday afternoon from 4 p.m. until 6 p.m. before the service. At other times the family will be at the residence on Berry Street, Morganton. Memorial contributions may be made to Burke Hospice and Palliative Care, Inc., 1721 Enon Road, Valdese, NC 28690. Condolences may be made online at
My problem is not knowing who John Coffey was?  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

November 2, 2011

Sheridan L. "Sherd" & Sarah "Sally" Coffey Dobbs

Readers can find earlier blogs about this family here and here.

Photo courtesy of Darryl Dobbs
Photo:  Benjamin Franklin Coffey was a son of Nelson and Keziah and married Martha Cecilia Dobbs, daughter of George Washington and Lurany Strunk Dobbs.  Thomas "Tom" Dobbs, was Sherd and Sally's son and married Julia Jones.  The others are discussed more fully below.  The photo is said to have been taken c1920.  However, Luraney died before 1910 and her child Roxy was born c1901.  I suspect it was taken in the Spring or early Summer of 1902.

Short recap:

Sheridan L. "Sherd" Dobbs was born Sep. 4, 1844 in Wayne Co., KY to George Washington and Lurany H. Strunk Dobbbs.  He married Sarah "Sally" Coffey, born c1846 in KY, c1869.  Sally was a daughter of Nelson N. & Keziah "Kizzie" Watters Coffey.  Sally died Jan. 23, 1910 in McCreary Co., KY and Sherd died there on Dec. 17, 1941.  Both are buried in the Dobbs family cemetery in Stearns, McCreary Co.*

Their children, as I have them, were Benjamin Franklin, born ca Feb. 1870; Ollie, a daughter, born c1872; Emeline, born c1874; Angelina, born Nov. 7, 1876, died Jan. 29, 1958; Thomas, born Dec. 14, 1877, died Sep. 6, 1950, and Eli, born Nov., 1881.

Benjamin married Luraney Coffey, his mothers niece and a daughter of Henry Baker and Sarah Elizabeth Dobbs Coffey.  Sarah Elizabeth Dobbs and Sherd Dobbs were sister and brother, making Benjamin and Luraney double first cousins.

Luraney died before the 1910 census and probably at the birth of her fourth child.  Their children were Alice, born c1898, Roxie, born c1901, Florida, born Aug. 19, 1903, died Apr. 5, 1963 in Fayette Co., KY, and Esther Loraine, born Feb. 14, 1910, died Oct. 7, 1911.  Florida married Edgar Dobbs, her 4x second cousin.  Edgar was the son of Joseph and Polly Ann Coffey Dobbs.  Joseph was a son of James Shelby "Jim Frett" and Prudence Ann "Prudie" Coffey Dobbs.  Jim Frett and Sherd Dobbs were brothers.  Polly Ann Coffey was a daughter of Joseph & Louisa J. Jones Coffey, and Joseph was brother to Prudence.

Esther Loraine died at the age of 1 year, 7 mos., and 23 days.  Her death certificate lists "cause unknown."  She is buried at Rock Creek in Wayne Co.

I have no information on Ollie and Emeline Dobbs.

Angelina also married a Coffey.  He was James C. "Jim" Coffey, born Jun. 6, 1879 to Richard Henderson & Catherine C. Jones Coffey.  Richard was brother to Sarah "Sally" Coffey who married Sherd Dobbs.  Catherine, born Mar. 27, 1840 in Wayne Co., was a daughter of William McKinley and Mary Jane "Polly" Baker Jones.  Catherine died in McCreary Co. on Oct. 16, 1901; Richard on Aug. 6, 1920.

Jim and Angelina had at least eight children:  Twins, Ollie and India, born Dec. 7, 1903; Saphronia Katherine, Apr. 7, 1906; Marie, Aug. 31, 1910; James Beecher, born Mar. 8, 1911; Roberta, born May 7, 1913; Raymond R., born Jan. 29, 1915 and Lillie, born c1918.  More information is available on these children.

Thomas Dobbs married Julia Jones, thought to be a daughter of Charlie and Lizzie Jones.  She was born in Slavans, McCreary Co. on Feb. 19, 1879 and died in Cooperative, McCreary Co. on Feb. 21, 1940.  Thomas and Julia are buried at the James C. Coffey family cemetery in Stearns.  Their children were Lillie, born 1910, Parker, born 1913, Ester, born 1918, Dora, born 1920 and Edith, born 1929.  More info is also available on these children.

Sherd and Sally's last child was Eli, born Nov., 1881.  No death info has been found for him or his wife Lettie, maiden name unknown.  They had children Willer, born c1913, Austin, born c1918, Arthur, born 1920, Myrtle, born c1925 and Clifford, born c1929.  This family went to Florida sometime between 1920 and 1925 because the last two children were born in that state.

*Please contact me if you have geocoordinates for this cemetery.

November 1, 2011

Zachariah & Margaret E. Hailey Coffey

Zachariah was born in March, 1850 to Wayett Wesley (c1820-1859) and Nancy Coffey Coffey.  Wayett [sic] was a son of William and Betsy Giles Coffey;  Nancy's parents are unknown to me.

These Coffeys were mainly Augusta Co., VA families.

Margaret E. Hailey was born in Mar., 1860 to William W. & Mary Hardbarger Coffey.  She married Zachariah on Dec. 23, 1877 in Lyndhurst, Augusta Co., VA.  To them were born at least five children, two of which died in infancy and unnamed.  Their first child was Rosana, born c1879 in VA.  Second was Minerva, born Apr., 1881 followed by Eugene Bartley, born May, 1883, died Oct. 27, 1946 in Stuarts Draft, VA.

Eugene married Hurcy [sic] Lee Brooks c1906 in VA.  Hurcy was a daughter of Joshua Cyrus & Alice Elizabeth (or, Susan?) Forbes Brooks.  She was born in Augusta Co. in Mar. of 1887 and died at Stuarts Draft on Aug. 29, 1954.  Eugene died on Oct. 27, 1846.  Both he and Hurcy are buried at the Mennonite Church Cemetery in Stuarts Draft.
Obituary, Waynesboro News Virginian, Sep. 1, 1954
Mrs. Hersey Lee Coffey, 69, died at 4 p.m. yesterday at her home near Stuarts Draft, after a long illness.
She was born Oct. 14, 1884, in Augusta County, daughter of the late Joshua and Alice Elizabeth Forbus Brooks. She was a member of Rankin Methodist Chapel.
Mrs. Coffey was preceded in death by her husband, Eugene Bartley Coffey on Oct. 27, 1946. Survivors include three sons, Alfred, Elmer, and Phy all of Stuarts Draft; four daughters, Mrs. Lloyd Stinnett, Mrs. Guy England, Miss Minnie Coffey and Miss Hersey Ellen Coffey, all of Stuarts Draft; 11 grandchildren; two brothers, Sandy Brooks and Carl Brooks, both of Stuarts Draft; four sisters, Mrs. Nellie McCray of Waynesboro, Mrs. Otho Humphreys of Stuarts Draft, Mrs. Floyd Young of West Virginia and Mrs. Levi Fitzgerald of Crozet.
The body will remain at Etter Funeral Home and be placed in the Valley View Mennonite Church near Stuarts Draft, tomorrow at 1 p.m. Funeral service will be conducted at 2 p.m. by the Rev. E. B. White, assisted by the Rev. Jason Weaver, with interment in the church cemetery.
Active pallbearers will be William Tillman, Harry Hailey, Lyle Hailey, Lawrence Dameron, Ollie Fretwell and Walter Pannell.
This union produced at least seven children:  Willa Bell, Margaret R., Alfred Cyrus, Elmer Franklin, Minnie Lee, Fie Landon and Hurcy Ellen.

Willa Bell was born Jun. 30, 1908 at Stuarts Draft and died Feb. 5, 2001.  Her husband was Lloyd Lewis Stinnett, born Apr. 28, 1908, died Mar. 23, 1983.  Both are buried at the Mennonite Church Cemetery at Stuarts Draft.
Obituary, The Daily News Leader, Staunton, VA, Feb. 7, 2001
STUARTS DRAFT- Willa Bell Stinnett, 92, of 63 Vance Lane, died Monday (Feb. 5, 2001) at her residence.
She was born July 30, 1908, at Stuarts Draft, a daughter of Eugene Bartley and Hurcy Brooks Coffey.
She was a homemaker and a member of Stuarts Draft Mennonite Church.
She was preceded in death by her parents; her husband, Lloyd Lewis Stinnett; and a son, Bobby Stinnett.
Survivors include two daughters, Eunice Rachel Stinnett and Martha Elizabeth Stinnett, both of Stuarts Draft; a son and daughter-in-law, Orvin K. and Dawn Stinnett of Stuarts Draft; a daughter-in-law, Audrey Stinnett of Stuarts Draft; seven grandchildren, Rodney Stinnett, Regina Ott, Beth Campbell, Jennifer Eavers, and Jonathan, Amanda and Darrick Stinnett; and three great-grandchildren, Josh and Lindsey Ott and Isaac Campbell.
A service will be conducted at 2 p.m. Thursday at Stuarts Draft Mennonite Church by the Revs. Terry Miller and Charles Ramsey. Burial will follow at the church cemetery.
Pallbearers will be John Ott, Tim Campbell, Dave Harris, Maynard Weaver, Jerrel Suter, Eddie Burkholder, Billy and Grover Coffey.
Honorary pallbearers will be Steve Wallace, Tommy Fretwell, Larry Hepler, Frankie Robertson and friends attending the service.
The family will receive friends from 7-9 tonight at Reynolds Funeral Service of Stuarts Draft.
Margaret R. was born Dec. 14, 1909 and died Jan. 15, 1994.  Her spouse wasa Guy P. England, born Nov. 11, 1910, died Sep. 19, 1985.  They too are buried at the Mennonite Cemetery in Stuarts Draft.

Alfred Cyrus, born May 17, 1913, died Sep. 28, 1979.  Alfred married Tressia M. Fretwell, a daughter of William & Myrtle Fretwell, born Jun. 2, 1919, died Dec. 11, 1985.  Both are buried at the Rankin United Methodist Church Cemetery in Sherando, Augusta Co., VA.  Their children were Julia Marie Coffey Losh (1937-2009); Emily Jane Coffey Hepler (1939-2009), Annia Belle (1941-2004); Scottie Ray (1946-2003), Joyce, Becky and Billy.  Annia Belle married a Mr. Latsko.  She died on Jul. 8, 2004 and was buried at Rankin.  Scottie Ray married Mary Sue Fitzgerald, daughter of William Homer and Ruby Lee Vance Fitzgerald.  She was born Mar. 23, 1949 in Waynesboro, VA and died Oct. 30, 2011.  Both are buried at Rankin.
Obituary, Reynolds Hamrick Funeral Home, Stuarts Draft, VA, Nov. 1, 2011
Mary Sue (Fitzgerald) Coffey, 62, of Augusta County, passed away early Sunday, October 30, 2011 at Augusta Nursing and Rehabilitation.
Born March 23, 1949 in Waynesboro, she was the daughter of the late William Homer and Ruby Lee (Vance) Fitzgerald.
Mrs. Coffey retired from Hollister in Stuarts Draft. She also worked for Augusta County as a special ed driver.
In addition to her parents, she is preceded in death by husband, Scottie Ray Coffey; brother, John M. Fitzgerald; sister, Judith Quick.
Survivors include her children, Stacey Moreau and husband Andrew of Crofton, MD and Nick Coffey and wife Jennifer of Lyndhurst; grandchildren, Katie, Brodie, Josie and Emmie Moreau and Isaac, Asher and Noah Coffey; siblings, Betty Eckard and husband Richard, Henry Fitzgerald and wife Dottie and Patsy Lunsford and husband Byron.
A funeral service will be held at 2:00 P.M. on Wednesday, November 2, 2011 at the Stuarts Draft Chapel of Reynolds Hamrick Funeral Homes, 1870 Stuarts Draft Highway, with Pastor Matthew Coiner and Charles Ramsey officiating. Burial will follow at Rankin Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery.
Active pallbearers will be Nick Coffey, Andrew Moreau, Ricky Mutherspaw, Jerry Hite, Mike Elliott and Jim Addie.
Honorary pallbearers will be retired and current employees of Hollister and Augusta County.
There will be no formal viewing or visitation at the funeral home.
In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the Stuarts Draft Rescue Squad, P.O. Box 260, Stuarts Draft, VA 24477.
Arrangements under the direction of Reynolds Hamrick Funeral Homes Stuarts Draft Chapel, Stuarts Draft, VA.

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