August 31, 2006

Meredith and Solomon Coffey

The first born son of Rice and Elvira Trogden Coffey, Meredith was born Jun. 14, 1840 [MO Death Cert.] in TN and died Oct. 10, 1921 in St. James, Phelps Co., MO. He was buried in the Pine Hill Cemetery at Rollla, Phelps Co.

Rice and Elvira had married in Grainger Co., TN on Jun. 17, 1839 [see Marriage Bonds and Licenses, 1835-1866, Grainger Co., Tennessee, Book 2]. The family was in Crawford Co., MO by 1850. Meredith's siblings were: Solomon, born TN Mar. 1842, died 1920, Ottawa Co., OK; Adeline, born TN c1843; Deborah, born MO c1848; John, born MO, Jan. 1850; and Elizabeth Ann, born MO, Feb. 6, 1854.

Solomon served in Co. K, 4th MO Cav. (Union) during the Civil War. He married Elizabeth M., last name unknown, c1867 and they lived in both Lawrence Co. and Jasper Co., MO before relocating to Ottawa Co., OK. The family appears in the 1920 census for that state. Solomon is buried in the Wyandotte Cemetery in Ottawa Co.

Meredith first married Mary A., maiden name unknown. At least three children were born to this union: William R., born MO, c1862; Melvin, born MO, c1866, and Noah, born MO, Dec., 1869. The family appears in the 1870 census for Phelps Co., MO. Prior to that, he had served in the 11th MO Ca. Regt (Union).

Mary apparently died before 1880 when Meredith married Harriet A., last name unknown. The family appears in the 1900 [reported married 20 yrs.] through 1920 Phelps Co. census. Harriet was still residing in Phelps Co. at the time of the 1930 census.

There were apparently only two children born to the union between Meredith and Harriet: Mary A., born Apr., 1883 and Harriett E., born Apr., 1896. Both appeared in the 1900 census with their parents. However, in 1910 Harriet reported that she was the mother of four children, and that four were still living. Certainly more children could have been born to them between 1883 and 1896 but no records have been thus far found to support that.

I have not found any descendants of Meredith or Solomon's children.

Please contact me with additional or corrected information.

August 29, 2006

Asbury Madison Coffey

A sbury Madison Coffey was a son of Eli and Hannah Allen Coffey. He was born Jan. 25, 1804 in Wilkes Co., NC and died in Knob Noster, Johnson Co., MO on Nov. 28, 1897. He was married on Jul. 22, 1828 to Mary G. Bradford, a niece of Sarah Bradford who married Rice Coffey, a brother to Eli.

In 1814, when Asbury was about 10 years old, Eli moved his family to Wayne Co., KY where Asbury grew to manhood. He was graduated from Center College in Danville, KY in 1826 and moved to McMinn Co., TN where he taught school. It was here where he married Mary, a former pupil.

He and Mary lived in McMinn Co. until 1842 when the family moved to Pettis Co., MO. While still in McMinn Co. he was treasurer of the East Tennessee and Virginia Railroad. In MO, Asbury was elected to the legislature from Pettis Co., and in 1851 he was named Indian Agent by Pres. Fillmore. He lived among the Peories in Kansas until 1855 when he became a member of the first Terrirotial Legislature of Kansas.

Called the "Bogus Legislature," the body was primarily pro-slavery. Asbury was instrumental in forming the Kansas Militia on Aug. 31, 1855. He was a Major General in the Southern Division of the Militia and a leader in Kansas' pro-slavery movement.

In 1856 Asbury led a force of some 300 men on the camp of
abolishionist John Brown in an effort to rescue one of his men who had been captured by Brown. After determining that the man had already been released, Coffey withdrew through Osawatomie, KS where his men are said to have "committed gross depredations on the property of the citizens of that place." Gov. Shannon however did not place blame on Coffey.

The Coffey family moved in 1859 to Knob Noster, MO where Asbury farmed. But by 1873 he was back into politics and had been elected president of the Missouri State Grange (see He also served for many years on the local school board.

Two of his children were Oregon pioneers: Rachel, who in 1871 married Robert H. Walker, and Henry settled in Washington Co., OR.

Other children were:

Rufus L., born abt 1831, married Martha Ann Fowler on Oct. 23, 1851 in Pettis Co., MO. They had at least two children, Alexander B., born 1854 and Robert, born 1856. Rufus died Dec. 25, 1860, and Martha probably died around the same time. Their two children are found in Boone Co., MO in 1870 living with Ann Fowler, probably their maternal grandmother. By 1880 Robert had taken a wife, and the unmarried Alexander was living with them in Boone Co.

Alexander B., born abt 1832. I have read that he died in North Carolina while serving with Confederate forces.

Ellen B., born abt 1836, married John C. Corrum in Johnson Co., MO. they had at least five children: Mary, Alfred, Harry, John and Nellie. In 1860 they were in Johnson Co., MO.

Mary, born Jan., 1837. She never married, and remained with her parents until about 1900 when she joined Rachel and her family in Washington Co., OR.

Tipton H., born Feb. 18, 1846, died Dec. 19, 1860

Henry B., born Jul 8, 1848 [twin to Rachel], died Nov. 1934

Rachel Frances, born Jul 8, 1848, married Robert H. Walker on May 24, 1871. Rachel was mother of at least four children: Archibald, born Dec. 1872; Mary L., born Jul. 1875; Laura, born Sep. 1877; and William E., born Feb. 1880.

Please contact me to add to or correct this information.

August 27, 2006

Joseph C. Coffey

I have Joseph C. Coffey, born between 1802-05 in Nelson Co., VA, as a son of Edmond Stewart Coffey, Jr., and wife Matilda (Tildy) Fitzgerald. Joseph married Elizabeth Phillips in Nelson Co. on Nov. 3, 1825.

The only children that I have for them are:

  1. Matilda S., born Apr. 7, 1829 in Nelson Co., died Dec. 6, 1901 in Nelson Co. Married Edmund J. Campbell, born Aug. 10, 1822 in Nelson Co., died Mar. 23, 1896 in Nelson Co. I have recorded 11 children (one questionable) for them: Samantah, born c1845; William F., born c1848; Sarah J., born c1851; Drucilla, born c1853; Matilda, born Feb. 7, 1855, died May 27, 1934; Martha, born c1855; Ellis Henry, born Sep. 3, 1857, died Oct. 18, 1913; Arbelia, born c1860; James Forrest, born Jun. 1, 1866, died Dec. 25, 1932; E. J. W., born c1869, and Oscar Parker, born Jan. 24, 1876, died Nov. 1, 1963. Oscar is the one that is questionable. Although born in 1876, he was not enumerated with the family in the 1880 census.
  2. Joseph C., Jr., born Jun. 18, 1843. He married Mary Jane Coffey Apr. 27, 1865 in Nelson Co. She was the daughter of Rev. Henry Benjamin and Mary Sarah Campbell Coffey. Mary Jane was born Jun. 7, 1843 in Nelson Co. I have recorded four children for them: Alice E., born Mar. 25, 1867; Henry J., born Oct. 3, 1870, died Jun. 24, 1945; Rosa Lee (Rosie), born c1874, and Clara, born c1879.
In addition to Joseph C., Edmond and Matilda's other children, as I have them, are John W., born c1805, died Mar. 1864; Rev. Henry Benjamin, born c1808; Mary S., no dates; and Nancy, born c1810.

Please contact me if you can add to or correct this information.

Reuben G. Coffey

Reuben G. Coffey married Nancy Giles, sister of William's wife, Elizabeth. I have not researched the Giles family, and do not know of anyone currently researching that family. Some that I have exchanged info with tell me that the Giles sisters were daughters of William and Margaret Giles, but I have no independent supporting data. Reuben and Nancy were married Sep. 5, 1801 in Amherst Co., VA. Reuben died Nov. 24, 1845 in Nelson Co.

Nancy must have died sometime shortly after the birth of her 11th child in 1824, because Reuben married for a second time, this time to Margaret Snead. Their first known child was born c1832. But, because Reuben had so many young children to care for by himself, he and Margaret may have married much earlier than it appears by the birth date of that first child.

Children by Nancy:

Margaret Susanna, born c1803, died c1877, married John W. Coffey, son of Edmond Stewart, Jr., and Matilda (Tildy) Fitzgerald Coffey. Children: Nancy, born c1823; Mildred Annister (Milly), born c1828; John Henry, born c1832; Colston H., born c1833.

Mildred Ray (Millie), born Dec. 20, 1803, died Mar. 14, 1883, married John Everitt. Children: Nancy R., born Oct. 21, 1833, died Jan. 14, 1874; Susan J., born Aug. 13, 1836, died Dec. 23, 1905; Elias, born Dec. 12, 1842, died Sep. 13, 1931.

Nancy, born c1800, died c1874, married Garland Coffey Mar 17, 1825 in Nelson Co., VA, son of William and Elizabeth Giles Coffey. Children: William, born c1826; Nancy, born c1829; Reuben Wetzel, b orn Jul. 4, 1832,died Dec. 3, 1903; Jesse C., born Jan. 12, 1833, died Aug. 5, 1887; Elizabeth A., born c1834; John W., born c1839; Moses, born c1842; Harrison, born c1844; Alfred, born c1846.

Frances, born c1810, died Nov. 27, 1886, married Woodson Robert Fitzgerald on Aug. 23, 1830

Children: Mary Jane, born Mar. 17, 1834, died Feb. 14, 1922; Edward Addison, born c1838, died 1915; Philander Hersey, born Feb. 1844; Sarah Ann, born Sep. 12, 1846, died Apr. 15, 1926; Napoleon Dewey, born c1850, and Josephine, born c1852.

Winny, born Apr. 15, 1812, died Jan. 10, 1890, married Silas M. Ramsey May 3, 1834 in Nelson Co., VA.

Sarah Jane, born c1812, married William W. Coffey Feb. 18, 1832, another son of William and Elizabeth Giles Coffey. Children: James H., born c1833; William Montebello, born Apr. 15, 1834, died Jun. 26, 1905; Robert W., born c1834, died c1905; Peter J., born c1837, died Sep. 28, 1925; Marvel Maurice, born c1838, died May 20, 1862; Joseph Rodney, born Sep. 29, 1841, died Jun. 5, 1883; Elizabeth, born Jun. 21, 1845; Zachariah, born c1849; Mary, born Jun. 8, 1853.

Reuben C., born c1814, married Margaret Bolling May 7, 1840 in Nelson Co. Children: Marcellus B., born c1843 and Augustus, born c1847; Elizabeth, born c1816, married Joshua Madison Ramsey Sep. 30, 1850 in Nelson Co. One known child was Editha Ramsey, born c1860. Joshua's previous wife was Nancy Steele. Mary, born c1820, married Zephaniah Fitzgerald Aug. 27, 1833; Achiles Washington, born Aug. 8, 1844, died Feb. 5, 1917; Emily, born c1821; Lucy Ann, born c1824.

Children by Margaret Snead:

Meredith J., born c1832, married Mildred H. Carr Mar. 24, 1854 in Nelson Co. Children were Mary Jane, born Mar. 4, 1855, died Jun. 24, 1939; Martha N., born c1858

James Solomon, born c1833, married Elizabeth Hatter Mar. 19, 1855; children: Queenetta; Susanna R., Anna S., Amelia M., Lallie T., and James P.

Missouri A., born c1836

Amanda Jane, born c1846, married Philander Hersey Fitzgerald, son of Woodson Robert and Frances C. Coffey Fitzgerald. Frances was daughter of Reuben and Nancy Giles Coffey. Children were Ruth J., James J., Linda J., Anna P., Perry D., Dora, and Gilbert W.

The Will of Reuben G. Coffey:

Will: Reuben G. Coffey Source: Nelson Co., VA Will Book G, Page 173.

Contributor: Shirley Houk

I Reuben G. Coffey, of the County of Nelson & State of Virginia being of sound mind and disposing memory, but weak in body, do make and constitute this to be my last will and testament revoking all will or wills made by me.

1st. My desire is that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid in the most convenient way that my executors may think proper, whom I shall hereafter name

2nd. I give to my daughters Betsey and Lucy and my son Reuben C. Coffey my tract of land on the Fork Mountain where Forbesh formerly lived, to be equally divided between them, share and share alike.

3rd. I give to my Reuben C. Coffey, my Cupboard and Bureau extra for past favors he had done for me which he shall not be accountable to my estate for in any future division. I also deem it unnecessary to say anything about the disposition of the negro girl Daskus which I formerly owned as I have heretofore sold and she is now the property of my son Reuben C. Coffey for which he has the bill of sale.

4th. I heretofore sold a tract of land lying on the Fork Mountain known by Clarks place to William W. Coffey for the payment of Six Thousand pounds of Toba which is hereafter to be paid and my desire is that the said sale shall stand good by one third of the payment or bond for said payment to be given to my wife, Margaret on the condition that she joins my executor or legal representative in making right of said to the said William W. Coffey.

5th. I give to my beloved wife, Margaret during her natural life or second marriage the one third part of all my estate of every description, which is not before disposed of to be enjoyed by her and her three children Meredith, Soloman and ____ and at the death of my wife Margaret, or second Marriage, she is at liberty to dispose of ?? childrens part between all my children in any that she may think proper, of the third part left to her.

6th. The other two thirds of my estate, at my death, my desire is that it shall be equally divided between all my children Milly, Polly, Nancy, Susan, Jane, Betsey, Fanny, Reuben, Winny, Lucy, Emily, Meredith, Solomon and ____ share and share alike taking into consideration what I have heretofore advanced to them which advancement I have made in writing.

7th. The One third part of my estate which I gave to my beloved wife Margaret during her natural life or second marriage after the childrens part, I gave her the liberty to take out at her death or second marriage my will is that the balance be also equally divided between all my children as before named share and share alike.

Lastly I do hereby appoint my son Reuben C. Coffey my executor of this my last will and testament. Given under my hand this 22nd day of September 1825.

Reuben G. (X) Coffey
Joseph B. Coffey
Nancy Campbell
Nancy Parrish
Sylvanus Meeks

At a Court held for Nelson County the 2_th day of November 1845 This last will and testament of Reuben G. Coffey decd, was this day presented in said Court and proved by the oaths of Sylvanus Meeks and Joseph B. Coffey, two subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded. And on the motion of Reuben C. Coffey the executor named in said Will, who made oath thereto and together with Nelson Clarkson his security entered in and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of Six hundred dollars conditioned according to law certificate is granted him for obtaining probate of said Will in due form of law.
Teste Sp. Garland, Ck.

August 19, 2006

William and Reuben G. Coffey

William, born c1775 and Reuben, born c1777 were brothers, sons of Edmond Stewart and Nancy Barnett Coffey. They married sisters: William to Elizabeth (Betsy) Giles on Apr. 18, 1800 in Amherst Co., VA; Reuben to Nancy on Sep. 5, 1801 also in Amherst Co. Parents of the Giles women are thought to be William and Margaret Giles.

William and Betsy had at least seven children:

- Garland, born c1802, died c1874. He married his first cousin, Nancy Coffey, daughter of his uncle Reuben G. and Nancy Giles Coffey. Their children were: William, born c1826; Nancy, born c1829; Reuben Wetzel, born Jul. 4, 1832, died Dec. 3, 1903; Jesse C., born Jan. 12, 1833, died Aug. 5, 1887; Elizabeth A., born c1834; John W., born c1839; Moses, born c1842; Harrison, born c1844; and Alfred, born c1846

- Holloway Stewart, born c1803 in Amherst Co., died Mar. 24, 1878 in Nelson Co., VA. He married Catherine (Kate) Fitzgerald on Aug. 11, 1831 in Nelson Co. She was born c1814, and died Jun. 12, 1855. Their children were: Dadid A., born c1832, died c1894; Ardenia, born c1835; Nancy E., born c1841; Alexander S., born Mar. 2, 1844, died Jul. 20, 1929; Fluvanna Margaret, born c1850, died 1934; and Aquilla E., born Nov. 20, 1852, died Apr. 17, 1911.

Holloway was married at least four times. His second wife was Caroline Campbell, but there were no known children. He married Delilah Snead May 24, 1864 in Nelson Co., and at least one child, William H. (1865-1930) was born to that union. He married his fourth wife, Virginia E. Bryant on Sep. 2, 1869 in Nelson Co. Their children were: Willie Anna, born c1872; Holloway Stewart, born Nov. 25, 1872, died Jul. 16, 1953; Elvira F., born Apr. 7, 1877, died May 29, 1960; and Charles A., born Oct. 23, 1878, died May 3, 1953.

- Annister, born c1805; no information

- William W., born c1811, died Jul, 1886. He also married a first cousin, Sarah Jane Coffey, sister to Nancy who married Garland. They were married Feb. 18, 1832 in Nelson Co. Sarah was born c1812. Their children were: James H., born c1833; William Montebello, born Apr. 15, 1834, died Jun. 26, 1905; Robert W., born c1834, died Jun. 26, 1905 [death dates are questionable for both Wm. and Robert]; Peter J., born c1837, died Sep, 28, 1925; Marvel Maurice, born c1838, died May. 20, 1862; Joseph Rodney, born Sep. 29, 1841, died Jun. 5, 1883; Elizabeth N. J., born Jun. 21, 1845; Zacchariah, born c1849; and Mary S., born Jun. 8, 1853.

There is a William, age 44, and Jane, age 43 in the 1850 Nelson Co. census. Some of the children's name match those of this William and Jane, but not all, and not all ages matches those of the children here.

William Montebello enlisted on July 10, 1861 at Fairfield, Va at the age of 27 years old into Capt. William Long's "Waynesboro Guards " Co. B, 52nd Va Infantry. On Sept 28, 1861 he transferred to the 2nd (VA) Rockbridge Light Artillery. On May 31, 1862 he was marked AWOL, but also marked present. On Nov 15, 1862 he was marked AWOL. On Dec 11, 1862 he was hospitalized at Staunton, Va., and on Jan 15, 1863 he was on the rolls and present for duty. On June 8, 1863 he was again hospitalized, and on Sept 15, 1863 marked Present. On Dec 7, 1863 he was hospitalized at Charlottesville, Va, and on April 30, 1864 marked present on the rolls. On Sept 30, 1864 he was hospitalized and furloughed to Arlington at Richmond, Va. On Feb 15, 1865 he was again absent due to sickness.

Robert enlisted at about the same time as brother William Montebello at Fairfield, Rockbridge Co., VA into Capt. William Long's Co., B, 52d VA Inf. On Oct. 14, 1863 he was wounded at Bristor Station, VA. He is also credited with service in the Rockbridge, VA Light Artillery.

Peter enlisted on July 10, 1861 at Fairfield, Va at the of 25 years old in Capt. William Long's Co. "Waynesboro Guards," Co. B, 52nd Va Infantry. On Sept 28, 1861 he transferred into the 2nd (VA)Rockbridge Light Artillery. He was later absent without leave, and was courtmartialed, and fined $24.00. On Jan 15, 1863 he was marked Present. On Feb 15, 1863 he was promoted to 3rd Corpl, and on April 13, 1863 reported absent due to sickness. On May 15, 1863 he was again marked Present but on June 6, 1864 marked Absent, sick. On Sept 30, 1864 he was hospitalized with "debility" in Richmond, Va. On Nov 15, 1864 he was marked Present. He was Surrendered at Appomattox Court House, Va. on Apr. 19, 1865.

Marvel enlisted on July 10, 1861 at Fairfield, Va at the age of 21 years old into Capt. William Long's Co. " Waynesboro Guards " Co. B, 52nd Va Infantry. On Sept 28, 1861 he transferred to the VA 2nd Rockbridge Light Artillery, and on May 20, 1862 he died of disease at Staunton, Va.

- Edmund, born c1812 married Martha Snead on Aug. 25, 1834 in Nelson Co. They had at least 10 children: Hezekiah, born c1834, died Jul. 1863 at Gettysburg while serving with Co. F., 49th Inf. Reg., CSA; Wyatt W., born c1838; George Washington, born c1840 in VA, and appeared with his wife and family in Nelson Co. from 1860 to 1880, and 1900 and 1920 as a widower in that county. I have not found him in the 1910 census; James E., born c1843; Robert Wesley, born c1835, married first cousin, Elizabeth Coffey, dau. of Garland and Nancy Coffey Coffey. He later married Mary Etta Bryant in Nelson Co. on Feb. 24, 1904; William D., born 4 Oct. 1845, died Mar. 1916 in VA. Married Samantha Elizabeth Campbell in 1866 and appears in the 1870-1880, and 1920 Nelson Co. census record; Floyd Lee, born 22 Sep, 1848, married Mrs. Mary Jane Weaver on 11 Dec. 1873 in Nelson Co. They appear in that county's census in 1880, and 1900-1910; Mary Ann, born c1851, married Lewis Perkins Fitzgerald on 5 Mar. 1868. I found this in 1880 in the Nelson Co. census; Martha Jane, born c1856, married William H. (Bill) Taylor in 1875; Alice, born c1862 in Nelson Co.

Edmond later married Mary (Polly) Monroe on Sep. 5, 1867 and had children Henry Thomas, born Jun. 19, 1867, died Jan. 19, 1955; and Anna Bell, born Oct. 15, 1865, died Jun. 17, 1939.

- George Washington, born c1814, married Rachel A. Their children were: Letitia, born c1842; Ryland, born c1846; Lahai, born c1852; Joseph Marshall, born Jul. 18, 1854, died Feb. 27, 1930; Violet, born c1959, and William Henry, born c1862.

- Wyatt Wesley, born c1820, died Oct. 1, 1859, married Nancy Coffey [parents unknown], born c1827 in VA. Their children were J. H. Vanvert, born c1849; Zachariah, born c1852; Mildred, born c1854; Elizabeth, born c1856; and Cyrus, born May 6, 1860, died Jan. 23, 1930

Reuben and Nancy had at least 11 children. I will write more on them in a future release.

Please contact me with additions or corrections.

August 18, 2006

Henry Spencer and Phoebe Coffey Dix

Phoebe was born Dec. 8, 1874 in Chapin, Howell Co., MO, the daughter of Arnette and Kissiah Gray Coffey. She died Jul. 10, 1957 in McCrory, Woodruff Co., AR. She married Henry Spencer Dix Jan. 7, 1896 in West Plains, Howell Co., MO. Henry was the son of Charles A. and Martha Segar Dix. He was born May 6, 1873 in Paulding Twp., Paulding Co., OH, and died Dec. 31, 1944 in Memphis, Shelby Co., TN.

At least nine children were born to the union of Phoebe and Henry:

- Alfred Sidney, born Nov. 11, 1896, died Nov. 20, 1981. He married Lula Euphena Goss on Sep. 19, 1919 in West Plains. They had at least six children: Harold, Lester, Doris, Lewis, Robert and Charles. The family can be found in the 1920 and 1930 Jackson Co., AR Federal census record.

- Caroline, born Dec. 6, 1899 in Chapin, Howell Co., and died Oct. 8, 1989 in [probably] Arkansas. She married James David Jacobs on Dec. 12, 1920 in Beedeville, Jackson Co., AR. Both are buried in the Eight Mile Cemetery in Jackson Co., AR

- May Oma, born Dec. 10, 1901 in Chapin, died Aug. 9, 1991 in Poplar Bluff, Butler Co., MO. She married John Ephriam Marr on Sep, 4, 1921 in McFadden, Jackson Co., AR. They had at least three children: Juanita, born c1922; Earl, born c1924; and Lula Mae, born c1926. All of the children were born in Arkansas. The family appears in the 1930 Poplar Bluff, Butler Co., MO Federal census record. Both May and John are buried in the City Cemetery, Corning, Clay Co., AR.

- Lula, born Aug. 28, 1904 in Chapin, married John Bullington Sep. 29,1923 in Jackson Co., AR.

- Ollie, born Apr, 14, 1906 in Chapin, died Oct. 14, 1987 [location unknown]. She married Alfred Jacobs who was born Dec. 30, 1902, and died Aug. 13, 1966. Both are buried in the Eight Mile Cemetery, Jackson Co., AR.

- Ira, born Feb. 7, 1910 in Chapin, married Nora Williamson, born c1912

- Dorthea, born Jul. 26, 1912, married Eual Duffel Jun 8, 1929 in Jackson Co., AR

- Henry Charles, born Sep, 2, 1916 in Chapin, died Jun. 20, 1992

- Lawrence Irwin, born Apr, 13, 1919, married Lucille

Please contact me with updates and corrections.

Sources: US Federal Census; Descendants of William E. Coffee, prepared by Shirley Dawson, 11215 County Road 8470 West Plains, MO 65775 , July 19, 2005

August 17, 2006

Clark W. Coffey

Clark was a son of John D. and Mary Margaret Walton Coffey. He was born in Madison Co., KY in 1904, and died in that county on Jul. 13, 1974. He married Zelma Lee Marshall, born Oct. 12, 1904 in Madison Co., died Sep. 25, 1984, on Jan. 22, 1925. They had at least two children: Louise, born c1926, and William, born c1927.

Census, 1930, Madison Co., Union Twp., ED10, Sheet 2A, dwelling/family 31, Coffee , Clark, head, rents, $5, male, white, age 25, married at age 21, born KY, parents born KY, farmer; Zelma, wife, female,white, age 25, married at age 21, born KY; Louise, dau., female, white, age 4, born KY; William, son, male, white, age 3, born KY

John and Mary Margaret had at least 12 children; Clark was the ninth and sixth of eight sons. His siblings were:

- John Dillard, born Dec. 16, 1892 in Jinks, Estill Co.

John Dillard Coffey registered for the draft in Madison Co., KY on Jun. 5, 1917. He was of medium height and slender build with grey eyes and light colored hair. He was 24 yrs. old, and gave his birthdate as Dec. 16, 1892 at Jinks, Estill Co., KY. He was unmarried, and a share farmer with John Doty at Rt. 3, Richmond, KY. He claimed parents and siblings as partially dependent on him for support.

- David, born Aug. 5, 1894 in Jinks

David Coffey registered for the draft in Madison Co., KY on Jun. 5, 1917. He was of medium height and slender build with dark brown eyes and light colored hair. He was 22 yrs old., born Aug. 5, 1894 in Jinks, Estill Co., KY. He was a share farmer with John Doty of Rt. 3, Richmond, KY. He was single and listed parents and siblings as partially dependent on his support. He signed the registration card with his mark.

- Betty L., born Nov. 1895 in KY
- James A., born Oct. 1896 in KY
- Mirty A., born Oct., 1896 in KY
- Hobart, born May 1899 in KY
- Betty F., born c1902 in KY
- Alma, born c1903 in KY
- Clark
- George P., born c1907 in KY
- Robert H., born c1908 in KY
- Beulah B., born c1910 in KY

Parents John and Elizabeth can be found the 1870 through 1900 Estill Co. Federal Census. Mary Margaret was the daughter of Marcus Lafayette and Rachel Hopkins Walton of Estill Co.

Clark is the only child for whom I have any descendant information. Please contact me if you have additional information or corrections to any of the above.

August 16, 2006

William Coffey, Jr. (1812-1893)

Update Apr. 29, 2012

After writing yesterday's update I decided to re-review my notes on this family.  In that file I discovered an e-mail received sometime ago from John W. Coffey of Raleigh, NC pertaining to an earlier assertion that I made stating that John Wilkerson Coffey was a son of William Coffey, Jr.

Here is what John wrote:
Dear Jack,
I am full of admiration for your online descendancy [sic] of the Coffey family. I do still want to quibble about your placement of John Wilkerson Coffey in the family of William Coffey Jr. and Margaret Robbins Coffey. For one, John Wilkerson is not listed in the family Bible record of William Coffey Jr., which lists the children beginning with Elbert (b. 3 Jan 1837).
According to that same Bible record William and Margaret were married 2 Jan 1836—well after the presumed 1830/31 birth date of John Wilkerson. Another, tangential piece of evidence is a letter written by John W[ilkerson] Coffey to Elijah Coffey during the Civil War in which John reports that “I was at your fathers to day & they was all well.” This indicates to me a close but not father-son relationship.
What makes more sense is that John Wilkerson is a half-brother to William [Jr.]. After the death of Mary (Polly) Coffey ca. 1828, William Sr. marries ca. 1830 another Margaret Robbins—the aunt of the Margaret Robbins who married William Jr. By this union two children are born: John Wilkerson (b. ca. 1831) and Nancy E. (b. 13 Aug 1832). The widow Margaret and her two children are enumerated in the 1850 census as neighbors of William Jr. Jack Hawkins.
( <>) has done much to unravel the Robbins-Coffey confusion.
John Wilkerson Coffey appears to have been regarded almost as an older brother by William Jr.’s son Elijah. He was, after all, far closer to Elijah’s generation than that of his half-brother William, Jr. During the Civil War, John Wilkerson apparently remained at home while Elijah and his brothers joined the Confederate army. John Wilkerson sent Elijah the lyrics for patriotic ballads and on at least one intriguing occasion advised Elijah on the legal limitations of habeas corpus protection in cases of desertion or harboring deserters. And it is well to note that John Wilkerson named his first son Elijah and Elijah named his first son John W[illiam]—my great-grandfather and namesake.
I have long since moved John Wilkerson to make him a son of William, Sr. and second wife, Margaret Robbins.  However, I did not follow up on an important part of John's e-mail; e.g., that William Jr's wife, Margaret Robbins was a niece of William Sr's wife of the same name.  It also gives me a marriage date for William Jr. of Jan. 2, 1836.

Update Apr. 28, 2012

All Coffey researchers know that keeping all of the William Coffey men straight is a chore!

This William Coffey, Sr. a son of Benjamin and Mary Hayes Coffey, is said to have married twice. His first wife was his first cousin, Mary Coffey, a daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Smith Coffey. Thomas was brother to Benjamin Coffey, who married Mary Hayes, and they were William, Sr.'s parents.
Wm. & Mary Coffey Marriage Record
William, Sr. married Mary Coffey on July. 3, 1796 in Wilkes Co., NC, as evidenced by their marriage license. I have four children born to this union: Austin, born c1800, married Sarah Hawkins on Aug. 24, 1822 in Wilkes Co.; Elizabeth, born c1805, died c1836, married Sarah's brother, Samuel Hawkins on Dec. 14, 1825 in Wilkes Co.; Elijah, born c1807, married Elizabeth "Betsy" Robbins on June 1, 1831 in Wilkes Co.; and, William, Jr. who married Margaret Robbins, sister to Betsy, both daughters of Thomas and Mary Morphew Robbins.

Wm. & Margaret Robbins
Mary Coffey is said to have died c1828 and William, Sr. then married Margaret Robbins in 1829. This Margaret was born c1798. Margaret gave birth to at least two children, John Wilkerson, born c1831 and, Nancy E., born Aug. 13, 1832. John Wilkerson married Mary Lindsey Robbins, another daughter of Thomas and Mary Morphew Robbins. That marriage took place of Nov. 11, 1856 in Yadkin Valley, Caldwell Co.

Nancy married J. Melvin Hawkins on Nov. 20, 1855 in Caldwell Co. and were parents of at least three:  Calvin, Luther and John.

Update Jan. 25, 2015

William, Jr., a son of William and Mary (Polly) Coffey Coffey, was born May 5, 1812, probably in Caldwell Co., NC. He married Margaret Robbins, daughter of Thomas and Mary Morphew Robbins on Jan. 2, 1836* in Caldwell Co. Margaret was born c1816 in North Carolina, died Apr. 26, 1882. William died May 8, 1893 in Patterson, Caldwell Co.

There were at least 11 children born to William and Margaret:

- Elbert, born c1837, who married Eliza Powell in 1860.  Parents of at least one child, Monroe.  Elbert died at Big Creek Gap in Campbell Co., TN in 1863.   [COFFEY, Elbert, Private (Company E) Born in Caldwell County and was by occupation a farmer prior to enlisting in Caldwell County at age 25, July 5 1862. Reported present in January – April 1863. Died at Big Creek Gap, TN, May 15, 1863 of disease. See:]

- Elijah, born c1839, married Mary Ann Nelson at had children John W., who married Frances Little; Hattie, who married Alexander J. Stewart; Lee T., who married Isis O. Winfree; George N., who married Clara Keane, and Mary E.

- Larkin, born 1840 Buffalo Creek in Wilkes Co., enlisted in Co., A, 22 NC Inf Regt. on Mar. 19, 1862, captured and later died in 1864 at Point Lookout, St. Mary's Co., MD.

- Bartlett, born c1842, married Mrs. Mary Messick and had children Thomas, born c1876, and married Mary Linglefelt; Bynum Nelson, born Oct. 14, 1880, married Eva M. Crisp; and Ada who married Robert Woods.

- Cornelius, born Jul. 27, 1844, died Jun. 2, 1906, married Ailsy Elizabeth Greenfield, born Sep. 7, 1850, died Jun. 11, 1928, on Feb. 20, 1868 in Caldwell Co. They had at least seven children: William Larkin, born c1869, married Alice Selma Setzer; Elbert Finley, born c1872; Martha Louisa, born c1874, married Roy Abernathy; John O., born c1876; Mary E., born c1879, married Larkin Pressnell; Annie, born Aug. 22, 1881, died Sep. 14, 1946 in Lenoir, Caldwell Co., married Jesse Steele Johnson, born Jan. 24, 1881, died Sep, 12, 1965 in Lenoir; and George, who married Nellie Taylor.

- Elizabeth, born c1846, married James Robbins and had children: William who married Ellen Edmisten; Larkin who married Mary Coffey [see above] and had children: Marguerite, Ida, Mary, James, John, Rufus, Nancy, Alice and Lawrence.

- Thomas, born Aug. 1849, married Rachel M. Coffey Oct. 18, 1871 in Caldwell Co. Rachel was born Apr. 1850 in North Carolina and was a daughter of McCaleb and Elizabeth Collett Coffey. They had children: DDS Louis McWill, born Apr. 27, 1874, married Annie Pernell; James Larkin, born Nov. 1875 in North Carolina and married Rachel E. Robbins c1896 in North Carolina. They had children Frances Amelia, born May 23, 1897; Collett Columbus, born Nov. 30, 1898; and Clarence Pickens, born Apr. 24, 1906.

- Mary, born c1851, married Larkin Robbins in 1877, son of Thomas Robbins and Holly Day. Parents of at least nine children:  Margaret, Martha, James, Mary, John, Rufus, Nancy, Rena Alice, and Lawrence.

- Sarah, born 1853, died 1854.

- William M., born 1855, died 1932 at Lincoln Co., NC.  Married Martha Jane Sharpe in 1878, Yadkin Valley.  They were parents of at least nine children:  Mildren, Richard, James, Jesse, Annie, Bessie, Bertha, Gertrude and Ruth.

- Margaret, born 1858, died 1930, married Thomas C. Coffey, son of Smith W. and Elizabeth Redmond Coffey. Thomas was born c1859 in Caldwell Co. They had at least four children: Lula V., born Jul. 1883. Her husband is unknown, but is said to have had two children: Collis H., born c1905, and Jessie M., born c1912. Second child was Finley Houck, born Aug. 22, 1886, married Effie R. [last name unknown] about 1909. They had at least eight children: Blanche V., born c1911; Vilas L., born c1915; Ruby Irene, born Sep., 1917; Clyde F., born c1921; M. Coline, born c1923; Lloyd T., born c1926; Lois E., born c1926, and Ernest E., born c1928. Third child was Jesse C., born Dec. 1890 who married Ruby M. Hawkins c1912 in North Carolina. They had at least two children: Ruth J., born c1920, and Jesse A., born c1927. Fourth child wasa Margaret, born Aug., 1893.

More information is available.

This has been a difficult family for me to understand.  There are probably still some errors or misunderstandings reflected here.  Please contact me with corrections or additions.

*John W. Coffey, PDF, Descendants of William Coffey, Jan., 2015, citing the William Coffey Family Bible Record.  Two dates given for marriage: 2 Jan 1836 and 2 Jun 1836.  Given that first child was born 3 Jan 1837, the earlier date appears to be more accurate.

August 15, 2006

Calvin and Serena White Coffey

I have found conflicting on-line information concerning Calvin Coffey. Some researchers say that he had a second wife named Nancy Tuttle, but that Calvin was the son of Wellborn Coffey, and born some 24 years later than the Calvin who married Serena White.

At least one researcher wrote about a family story which relates that Calvin died from a broken leg as he returned home from the Civil War in about 1865, and that Serena raised her children alone until 1895 when she married A. J. Watson.

The 1870 census for Ellendale, Alexander Co., NC lists Serena as a widow, but her second to youngest child Salina was born about 1865, and Sophronia, the youngest, was age 2 indicating that she was born in 1868. Unless these children were born out of wedlock, Calvin survived the Civil War, if indeed he did serve. Serena did appear in the 1910 Alexander Co., NC census as the widow Serena Watson in the household with her son, William.

See my file on this family by clicking on the title link.

Please contact me with additions and corrections.

August 14, 2006

William Franklin Coffey

William was a son of Calvin and Serena White Coffey. He was born in Sep. 1840 in North Carolina and died about 1921 in that same state. He was married to Sarah Holsclaw c1873 in North Carolina. Together they had at least seven children, all born in North Carolina.

- Frances L., born Jan., 1874
- Mary Jane, born c1875, died c1920
- Rosabelle, born Sep., 1880, died Nov. 12, 1949
- Nora Ainer (or Aner), born Jan., 1878
- Rebecca D., born Jun., 1885
- Ida, born Apr., 1887
- George Powell, born Jun., 1889, died bef. 1930

Frances married James Kellar c1898 in North Carolina and had at least one child, Franklin E., born Jul., 1899. They were enumerated in Alexander Co., NC Federal Census on 2 Jun. 1900.

Mary Jane married Hiram Jefferson Pennell c1893 and had at least five children: Julia, born Nov. 1894; William J., born Feb., 1896; Virgil [?], born c1899; Thomas D., born c1903, and A?, born c1909. Mary Jane died c1920 in North Carolina. Hiram died Jan. 9, 1949 in Alexander Co., NC. In 1910 the family appeared in the Alexander Co., NC Federal Census record.

Rosabelle married Joseph Joshua Pennell c1897 in North Carolina. He was born Aug., 1880, and she in Sep., 1880, both in North Carolina. They had at least one child, Arthur, born Jun., 1898. In 1900 this family was enumerated in the Caldwell Co., NC Federal Census.

Nora Ainer [Aner?], married Andrew Pennell who was born Jul., 1875 in North Carolina, and died c1956, also in that state. They had at least one child, Pearl, born Aug., 1898. This family was enumerated in Caldwell Co., NC in the 1900 Federal Census.

Rebecca - no information

Ida - no information

George Powell married Sarah Frances [Sallie] Brown, born c1879 in North Carolina. They had at least four children: Buna Z., born c1914; Ralph L., born Sep., 1915; Vonna Belle [Vonabel?], born Nov., 1916; and Mavis Juanita, no information. George registered for the WW1 draft on 5 Jun. 1917. He was 27-yrs. old at the time, and gave his birthdate as Aug. 4, 1890. He was a farmer with a wife and children and claimed exemption because of health. He was described as being tall and slender with light blue eyes and black hair. He and his family appeared in the 1920 Alexander Co., NC Federal Census.

Please contact me if you can add to or correct any of this information.

August 11, 2006

The American Battle Monuments Commission

According to the website, The American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC) tends to 24 overseas military cemeteries that serve as the final resting place for almost 125,000 American War Dead. The Commission also cares for the Tablets of the Missing that memoralize more than 94,000 servicemen and women.

The ABMC maintains a database of burials in Mexico from the Mexican War, the US Civil War, and the Spanish-American War, European burials of WWI, and WWII, and world wide deaths during the Korean War.

Click on the title link to read more, and to make your own search.

The Demise of the Y Chromosome

According to an article appearing on an ABC website in Australia, the Y chromosome is on the verge of demise. This prediction comes from Prof. Jenny Graves of the Australian National University at Canberra.

The Prof. says that men without a Y chromosome would be largely infertile; some would not be and still able to reproduce. By passing on this new gene, men would eventually evolve into a new hominid species.

Because there are only 45 genes remaining on the Y chromosome (we men apparently began with 1400), and is expected to disappear completely in 15 million years!

Men, store some genes now so your male descendants will have something to fall back on.

Read the entire article by clicking on the title link.

Robert Marvin Coffee

Robert Marvin Coffee was a son of John Fielding and Fannie Thompson Coffee. He was born Sep. 30, 1879 in Arkansas, and died Apr. 14, 1944. He is buried in the Jewella Cemetery in Shreveport, Caddo Parish, LA. He can be found in the Hempstead Co., AR census records from 1880 to 1920, and in Bossier Parish, LA in 1930.

Robert was married four times:

- Martha Della Livingston on Jul. 1, 1900 in Hempstead Co. She was born about 1880. Della apparently died shortly after the marriage. There were no known children.

- Dec. 23, 1903 to Alice M. Jones. Alice, a daughter of Ab. [Abraham?] and Josephine Jones, was born Dec. 1879 in Arkansas and died Aug. 11, 1907 in Hope, Hempstead Co. There were two children born to this marriage: Johnnie [female], born c1905 in Hope, and Robert Donald, born Nov. 6, 1906 in Hope. Robert married Ruby Fuller on Jun. 1, 1945. He died Sep. 20, 1974 in Shreveport, Caddo Parish, LA.

- Third marriage was to Lucy Bell Conway, a daughter of Ninian S. and Rebecca Frances Jones Conway. He and Lucy married Dec. 24, 1907 in Hempstead Co. and were parents of two children: James Harold, born c1913, and Delores Dale.

- Fourth marriage was to Ruby G. [last name unknown], in about 1924. There are no known children from this marriage.

On Sep. 12, 1918 Robert registered for the draft in Hempstead Co. He listed his age as 38 yrs., born Sep. 30, 1879. He was a farmer who lived with Lucy Coffee at Rt. 5, Hope. His card describes him as being tall with a medium build, gray eyes and light colored hair.

Please contact me if you have any information on the descendants of Robert and any of his wives. His father and my GG-grandfather were brothers.

August 10, 2006

James Coffee/y of Surry Co., NC

Fred Coffey, our Coffey Cousins' DNA expert, wrote to me with a question concerning his Walker family. He wanted to know if Robert Walker, Esq., who was a county commissioner, or a justice in Surry Co. court minutes (1772-1789) had any family relation to James Coffey.

He pointed out that the same minutes contained 29 references to James Coffee (variously spelled), who may also have been a Justice of the Peace or other officer of the court. The first reference was in the year 1779 when he "delivered up the body of Daniel WELLS" to the court. The last reference to him is dated Aug. 14, 1789 when he served on a committee considering repairs to the Surry Co. courthouse.

Please contact Fred if you can help with this search. You can also chat with him about Coffee/y DNA should you have any interest in being tested.

German J. Coffey

German was a son of Nebuzaradan and Elizabeth Easley Coffey. Neb and Elizabeth were married Sep. 13, 1810 in Wayne Co., KY and apparently left Kentucky after about 1834 because most of their children were born in that state, the last in 1834. However, I have not found a reliable source for the birth of their last two children, Denton and Lowisa [sic]. Both Neb and Elizabeth died in Oregon and are buried in the Aumsville Cemetery in Marion Co., OR.

German was born Nov. 17, 1827 in Eadsville, Wayne Co., KY and died 1874 in Marion Co., OR. He married Mary Margaret Smith, place not known but probably Oregon. She was born Feb. 18, 1838 in Abingdon, Knox Co., IL and died May 3, 1922 in The Dalles, Wasco Co., AR. Six of their seven children were born in OR, and likely all seven.

Children were:

Mary L., born c1844
John Crittenden, born c1857, died Jun. 24, 1929, Salem, Marion Co., OR
Denton Darby, born Jun. 1859, died Jan. 13, 1921 in Portland, Multnomah Co., OR
Edith L., born c1864
Ellen, born c1866
Tecumseh Sherman, born c1869, died Nov. 4, 1930 in Wasco Co., OR
Frank Nebuzaradon, birth date and place not yet found

Click on the title link to view additional information about Neb's family. That info was submitted by Beverly Gilson of Aumsville, OR, and includes photographs of family headstones.

Please contact me if you can add to or correct any of this information.

August 8, 2006

Tillman Taylor Coffey (Update)

Dottie Crawford, a daughter of George Norman Coffey (Nessel), he a son of Augustus Benjamin (Buster) Coffey, has updated the information contained in the original article about Tillman Taylor Coffey, a brother to Augustus. Click on the title link to read that information.

Dottie's listing of Tillman and Gladys' children is as follows:

June J., born 1916
Gladys Emma, born 1919
Vera A., born Aug. 23, 1922, died Oct. 16, 2000
Bernice Lorraine, born Dec. 16, 1924, died Dec. 19, 1995
Mamie Helen, born Jan. 26, 1927, died May 28, 1977
John Taylor, born Jun. 17, 1929, died Sep. 19, 1995
Vernon, born Aug. 5, 1931
David Lloyd, born Dec. 25, 1936
William Carl, born May 17, 1937

August 7, 2006

Sarah Ellen Coffee (1869-1952)

Sarah Ellen Coffee was sister to my grandfather, Albert Lilburn Coffee. They were children of James M. and Mary Elizabeth Bowman Coffee.

Sarah was born Sep. 19, 1869 in Texas (probably Bowie Co.; was there in 1880 census) and died Nov. 15, 1952 in South San Gabriel, Los Angeles Co., CA. She was 83 years old and buried in the Rose HIll Cemetery in San Gabriel, Los Angeles Co.

There were two men in Sarah's life. Her first husband was P. B. Hill who she married on Mar. 21, 1886 in Hempstead Co., AR. My research has found only one child from this marriage. He was James Walter Hill born Jan. 3, 1888 in Arkansas and died in Jan. 1972 in Los Angeles. James married Lillian May Brazzil c1908 in Arkansas and vanished into history until I found his death record. Descendants of Sarah's second marriage have told me that there were three children born to James and Lillian: Hazel who married a Mr. Billmeyer, or a Mr. Bill Meyer; Marydale who married Dave Charrell; and David who married but spouse's name is unknown.

A death record for P. B. Hill has not been found. However, he must have died shortly after James was born, because Sarah married her second husband, the oft married Johnathan K. Polk Sutton on Apr. 13, 1890 in Hempstead Co., AR. Mr. Sutton had been married three times prior to his marriage to Sarah: 1) Mary Elizabeth Sisco in 1868; 2) Susan Bearden in 1874; 3) Duclsey Guillams in 1888. Sarah had just turned 20 while Johnathan was 43 at the time of their marriage.

The Sutton marriage produced three children, all daughters: Mamie, born Dec. 1890; Lillian Ann, born Jun. 6, 1894; and Violet M., born Sep. 21, 1899.

Second marriage sources mentioned above have told me that Mamie married Raymond Stewart and had at least one child, a daughter named Pauline who married a Mr. Moreland.

Lillian married Harry Richard Basher, an English emigrant from Gunwallace, Cornwall, on Nov. 15, 1920. They had only one child, a daughter Dorothy Ellen Basher. Lillian also raised a son, Guy Geoffery Basher, child of Harry by his first wife who had died c1920 in Bakersfield, Kern Co., CA. Guy passed away on Dec. 11, 1988. When Harry registered for the WW1 draft on Jun. 5, 1917, he claimed English citizenship, and was employed by Kern Four Oil Co. as a driller.

Violet married Walter Allen Ballew in 1919. Walter was born on Apr. 26, 1894 in St. Louis Co., MO, and died Sep. 10, 1975 in Ellijay, Gilmer Co., GA. Violet died Jul. 30, 1979 in Ellijay. Both are buried in the Pleasant Gap Seventh-day Adventist Cemetery in Ellijay.

Violet and Walter had only one child, a son named Daniel Alvin Ballew. Unfortunately, I have not found any additional information on Daniel except that he may have lived in Hot Springs, AR.

By 1920 Sarah was a widow and residing in Little Rock, Pulaski Co., AR. She continue to live in that city through 1930, but moved to the west coast before 1940, and died there in 1952.

I am very anxious to locate descendants of Sarah. Please contact me if you have any clues.

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