October 30, 2006

Austin and Mary Blaylock Coffey

Austin Coffey Austin was born c1818 in Burke Co., NC to Jesse and Margaret Edmiston Coffey. Mary Blaylock (variously spelled) was born Mar. 25, 1818 and died Jan. 19, 1905. Blaylock was her maiden name, and she is said to have been the mother of two children born out of wedlock: Keith, born c1838, and Mary, born c1842.
Mary Blaylock

Children born to Austin and Mary were:

Margaret Ann Coffey, born c1847, married Thomas Wright Thomas Wright and Mary Coffey David Nathaniel Coffey, born c1852; Thomas Avery Coffey, born c1855, married Louisa Gragg; Jesse Filmore Coffey, born Oct. 22, 1858, died Aug. 22, 1931, married Mattie Storie, born Mar. 26, 1852, died Apr. 25, 1892. Children were Edna, born Aug. 4, 1882, died Mar. 3, 1942; and Jesse L., born Feb. 29, 1888, died Nov. 16, 1956.

I have previously provided some information about Austin and Mary in a blog about William Clayton Coffey, a brother to Austin.

The photographs were generously provided by Margaret Coffey Farley, great-great granddaughter of Austin and Mary.

October 13, 2006

Cemetery Records

Included with the Coffey information provided by Frederica Burt Wyatt of Junction, TX, were some cemetery records:

Junction Cemetery
Sam Coffey - died 12-28-1950
Mary Coffey - buried 9-3-1966

Noxville Cemetery
J.W. [John Wright] Coffey, June 21, 1856 - Aug. 30, 1934 [Masonic Emblem]
M. [Mary] A. Coffey [Mrs. J. W.], Jan. 30, 1858 - Dec. 20, 1919 [O.E.S. Emblem]
Walter L. Coffey, Aug. 17, 1880 - Oct. 21, 1931 r[Masonic Emblem]
Jess Coffey, Aug. 11, 1897 - Mar. 6, 1936 [Masonic Emblem]
Susie [Coffey] Whetstone, June 16, 1884 - Mar 28, 1945
Dee H. Whetstone, May 19, 1871 - [blank]
George Nathan Walker, Jan. 27, 1877 - July 10, 1951
Lillie [Belle] Coffey Walker, July 15, 1881 - Dec. 28, 1965

Coffey Family Cemetery
Charley R. Coffey, 1890 - June 13, 1958
Mary B. Thurman Coffey, 1896-1967

London Cemetery
Arzela E. Rush Coffey, 12-21-1875 - 11-9-1953

October 12, 2006

George Nathan & Lillie Belle (Coffey) Walker

The following is a continuation of the Families of Kimble County [Texas] blog.

George Nathan & Lillie Bell (Coffey) Walker

by Lilburn Walker

George Nathan "Nath" Walker, son of Seth B. Walker & Sarah H. Harrell, was born Jan. 27, 1877 in Erath Co. TX. He was the youngest of 9 children, 5 boys and 4 girls. His father, Seth B. Walker, served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War with Co. F, 11 Regt, TVI [TN Vol. Inf.?].

On Oct. 24, 1899 in Noxville, TX, George Nathan married Lillie Belle Coffey, daughter of John Wright & Mary Adeline (Brown) Coffey. Lillie Belle was born Jul. 15, 1861 in Concho Co., TX. Nath & Lillie had 12 children b. in Kimble Co., TX except Wm. & Susie, b. Menard Co.

Clabe [Claiborne?] Wright, b. Oct. 26, 1900, d. Mar 19, 1981, Kimble Co., TX, m.1) Pearl Seal, m. 2) Cleora Aridia Dodd.

Iva Maude, b. Jul 25, 1903, m. William Oilver "Bill" McKinney.

Simon, b. Jul. 15, 1905 m. Ruth Johnson.

Arthur Holland, b. Oct. 31, 1907, m. 1) Nettie Schmidt, 2) Ollie Davis.

Walter Edd, b. Dec. 21, 1909, m. Jessie Cowsert [Cowert?].

Ola, b. Jan. 26, 1912, m. Paul Foster.

William Henry, b. May 19, 1914, m. 1) Evelyn Nochols, 2) Murdell Rowlett

Susie, b. Dec. 21, 1916, m. 1) George Ivy, 2) Colman Solursh [Solrush?].

Earl, b. Oct. 29, 1919 m. Margie Harper.

Verda Fannie, b. Feb. 21, 1921, m. Phillip Braden.

Myrtle, b. May 13, 1924, married John Lewis Weaver.

Lillie John, b. Apr. 2, 1927 m. Edward Wm. Brown.

Nath and Lillie spent most of their married life on a ranch in Kimble Co. near Noxville, then lived for a few years in Harper. Nath died July 10, 1951 in Harper. Lillie died Dec. 28, 1965 in Menard. Both are buried in Noxville Cemetery.

[Note: In all three of the Families of Kimble County blogs, remarks contained in [brackets] are mine. The authors of the articles were not consistent in grammar, punctuation and syntax. I have added some corrections [not in brackets] to improve the flow.]

Jesse and Fannie (Coffey) Walker

The following is a continuation of the Families of Kimble County [Texas] blog.

Jesse and Fannie (Coffey) Walker

by Mary Ellen Walker Thornton

In 1896, Jess Allen Walker, son of Seth B. and Sarah Walker, decided to quit working on the Schreiner Ranch and purchase his own land. Born Jan. 31, 1869, Jess had made numerous trail drives to Dodge City, St. Joseph and Chicago. Interviewed in 1941 by J. Evetts Haley, author of Charles Schreiner General Merchandise, Jess stated: "The hardest day's work I ever did in my life was quit working for the Schreiners." With their backing, he bought a section of land in the White Bluff Community in Kimble County. On Sep. 1, 1897, he married Fannie Josephine Coffey, a descendant of the first permanent white settler in Concho Co. The Coffey ancestry has been traced for ten generations and has been published in several historical papers. The late Dr. D. D. Tidwell of Waco was particularly instrumental in collecting the Coffey family history.

Fannie was the daughter of John Wright Coffey and Mary Brown Coffey and the granddaughter of Richard Coffey and Sarah Greathouse Coffey who came to Parker County from Georgia in 1855 and settled in Concho Co. in 1862. John Wright Coffey and his family also owned land and lived in the White Bluff Community.

Two children Hattie Adline (b. April 7, 1905) and John William (b. June 17, 1909) were born to Jess and Fannie while they lived at White Bluff.

Fannie's Bible contains the following information: "Fannie Walker and Jess Walker were baptized June 7, 1908 by Bro. P. D. Swift and were both sanctified and joined the Congregational Methodist Church under Br. J. W. Taylor's preaching, Sept. 20, 1909."

The Walkers sold their land at White Bluff and purchased land near London. Two more children, Radie May (b. Mar 27, 1913) and Charlie George (b. Nov. 8, 1916) were born. Fannie died Nov. 12, 1920 and is buried in the Little Saline Cemetery. Jess later married Ethel Ford Parker, a widow with four children. Jess died June 17, 1953 and Ethel was killed in a train accident near San Angelo in 1958. Both are buried at Little Saline.

Hattie married Robert Lee Dodd Sept. 9, 1923 and they lived in Kimble Co. until she died in Sept. 1947. Robert died in 1975 and they are both buried in Saline Cemetery. They had no children.

John married Minnie Elizabeth Jacoby in Junction on Nov. 25, 1932. They lived near Junction for several years before moving to Hext and later near London, where Minnie still lives. [as of Sept. 1996] John died Dec. 4, 1970 and is also buried at Saline. They had one son, Charles William (Cracker) who with his wife, Elleen, live in Bossier City, LA. Cracker has four children living in or near Austin.

Charley, the youngest son of Jess and Fannie, married Augusta Leigh Hull at the First Presbyterian Church, Kerrville, on Oct. 9, 1938. Augusta is the daughter of Melvin Custer Hull and Mary Matilda Apelt Hull, who were Kimble Co. residents. Charley and Augusta purchased the Jess Walker homeplace near London and lived there until they moved to Fredericksburg in Sept., 1962. They have 3 children: Mary Ellen (b. Mar. 9, 1942), George Allen (b. Oct. 21, 1947), and John Lee (b. Sept. 6, 1953). Mary Ellen married Dr. Joe Frank Thornton & they had 1 son, Robert, & live in Houston. George married Pamela Pratt Walker & they have 1 daughter, Elizabeth & live in Colorado City. Dr. John Walker D.D.S. married Regina Brown and lives in Houston. Charley & Augusta still live in Fredericksburg. Radie the youngest daughter of Jesse & Fannie Walker, married Jack Ryan. Jack is dead & is buried in California. They have 1 son, Jack Dalton, who with his wife, Linda & 2 children live in Santa Ana, CA. Radie is in a hursing home in Santa Ana.

October 11, 2006

The Oregon Trail

According to the website, The Oregon Trail was created by "...Mike Trinklein and Steve Boettcher, creators of The Oregon Trail, the award-winning documentary film which aired nationally on PBS."

The site is divided into five sections:

- All About the Trail - a "mini textbook on the Oregon Trail"

- Historic Sites on the Trail - "Fron St. Louis to Oregon City, travel to all the key sites."

- Fantastic Facts about the Oregon Trail - "Wind-powered wagons, a $100 drink of water, and much more."

- Trail Archive - "Full-text of Trail diaries and books."

- Shop the Oregon Trail - "Videos, books, kids books, audio tapes, and computer games."

There is also a link especially for teachers.

My personal favorite, and the page that I visit most often is the Trail Archive. This is where you will find diaries, memoirs and period books.

William Porter, one of the diary authors, was the husband of Sarah Coffey, daughter of Nebuzaradon and Elizabeth Easley Coffey who left Wilkes Co., NC for Oregon in about 1847-48.

Click on the Archive link above, or the title link to start at the beginning.

Patterson Vance Coffey

I previously wrote a short item about Patterson Vance Coffey, born c1845 in North Carolina. He married Nancy Martisha Estes on Dec. 24, 1868 in Caldwell Co., NC. Since then I have completed a bit more research and offer the following:

Patterson and Nancy had at least five children:

- Dr. Robert Calvin Coffey, born Oct. 20, 1869, died Nov. 9, 1953. He married Clarissa Ellen Coffey, a daughter of Drury Dobbins and Harriet Elizabeth Collett Coffey on Aug. 9,1893, probably in Caldwell Co., NC. Clarissa's father was born Apr. 23, 1838 in Burke Co., NC, and died 1913 in Caldwell Co. Her mother was born Nov. 25, 1840, probably in Caldwell Co., and died Jan. 12, 1921 in that county. They were married Aug. 25, 1859 in Caldwell Co. Clarissa's siblings were Finley Hezekiah Coffey, born Apr. 20, 1861, died Aug. 4, 1943, and Daniel Silvester, born May 20, 1866.

Robert Calvin and Clarissa (see 1910-1920 Multnomah Co., and 1930 Clackamas Co. OR census) had at least three children, and perhaps four.

Their oldest son, who also became a physician, was Jay Russell Coffey (see 1920-1930 Multnomah Co., OR census) born May 31, 1896 in Idaho, died May, 1985 in Warrenton, Clatsop Co., OR. He married Josephine Richardson about 1915 in Oregon. Josephine was born about 1897 in Texas. Their children were Jay Russell, Jr., born May 31, 1915, died June, 1978; Thomas R., born about 1917, and John F., born about 1919. Jay R., Sr. registered for the draft on Jul. 5, 1917 in Multnomah Co. He was 22 years old at the time and gave his birth date as Jun. 24, 1894 in Moscow, ID. At that time he was married with two children, and was a self-employed farmer and stock raiser on Sauvis Island and Vancouver.

Robert and Clarissa's second child was Wilson Bryan Coffey (see 1930 Clackamas Co., OR census), born about 1898, died Sep. 1, 1959. He married Marjorie Campbell who was born about 1900 in Washington. They had at least two children, both born in Oregon: Joan C., born about 1925 and Mary E., born about 1927. In 1930 Wilson was the business manager for a hospital in Clackamas Co.

The third child was Robert Mayo Coffey, born Dec. 18, 1906, died Sep. 12, 1972. In 1930 he was still in the household with his parents, and no additional information has been found.

The fourth child is said to have also been a son, Herbert Spencer Coffey. However, I have found no birth or death date, and nothing to show to whom he was married.

The second child of Patterson and Nancy was James Alexander Coffey, born July 4, 1872, probably in Caldwell Co. He married Josephine Andrews. No other information has been found.

Other children of Patterson and Nancy were: Rosella, born about 1879, married Harry E. Powell; Vanda, born about 1888, and Ada. I have no additional information on these children.

Please contact me if you have additional or corrected information.

October 9, 2006

Family History Archives

Have you checked out the Brigham Young University on-line Family History Archives?

I did a quick search and found three fully reproduced books that contain references to some Coffey families available for download:

The Hawk Family by E. L. (Ellis Leroy) Hawk, Nov. 15, 2000. A description of the book reads: Ellis Leroy Hawk, Jr. was born 24 March 1926 in Seymour, Indiana. His parents were Ellis Leroy Hawk (b. 1898) and Edna Linke (b. 1901). Chapter XXVII begins with Edward Coffey and Ann Powell and continues through Chapter XXX with Calvin Coffey and Josephine Simmonds. Chapter XXXI covers Thomas Powell and Mary Place. There is one page of photographs of the Calvin Coffey family.

The well-known Laurence H. Coffey book Thomas Coffey and his Descendants is also available for download.

The third book is titled Wolfe and Hickman of East Tennessee by David B. Trimble, © 2004, Austin, Texas. The index contains references to a number of Coffey families.

There were no results when I searched for Coffee.

Click on the title link to visit the archives.

Families of Kimble County [Texas]

The following appeared in the Coffey Cousins' newsletter of Sep. 1996. It was presented by the editor Bonnie Culley from information received from Frederica Burt Wyatt of Junction, TX when she (Bonnie) visited the Junction Museum in June, 1996. At the time, the contact address for Frederica was PO Box 271, Junction, TX 76849.

John Wright Coffey by Lilburn Walker and Johnnye Walker Brown

John Wright Coffey, son of Richard Coffey and Sarah Greathouse, was born June 21, 1856 in Granbury, Hood Co. He went to Concho Co. as a small child where his father established the Rich Coffey Ranch where John grew to manhood.

On Dec. 31, 1874, he married Mary Adeline Brown. Mary was born Jan. 30, 1858 to Albert Burlison and Sarah Upton Brown.

John and Mary's children were: Fannie Josephine, born Feb. 28, 1876 in Concho Co., died Nov. 12, 1920, married Jesse Allen Walker; Samuel Albert, born Nov. 9, 1878 in Concho Co., died Dec. 27, 1950, married Alice Van; Lillie Belle, born Jul. 15, 1881 in Concho Co., died Dec. 28, 1965 in Menard Co., married George Nathan Walker; Sarah Susan, born June 16, 1884 in Concho Co., died March 29, 1945, married Dee H. Whetstone; twins - Walter Lee, born Aug. 17, 1890 in Kimble Co., died Oct. 21, 1931, married Anna Terry; Charles Richard, born Aug. 17, 1890 in Kimble Co., died July 13, 1959, married Belle Thurman; Jesse born Aug. 11, 1897, died Mar. 6, 1936, married Nola Taylor.

In 1886 John and Mary Coffey brought their family from Concho Co. to Kimble Co. where they settled on a ranch on Little Devil's River. He was a life-long member of the Masonic Lodge. Mary Coffey died Dec. 19, 1919. She is buried in Noxville Cemetery.

While a great portion of John Coffey's life had been spent in the cattle business, in the years before his death he stocked his rance with goats and was considered one of the region's most substantial citizens. He was a consistent believer in progress and was always to be in the forfront [sic] of every movement for the betterment of his community. He believed in good schools and roads, and it was one of his cherished ambitions to see his community be connected with Junction, the county seat by a highway. He saw the realization of that hope in the last five years before his death.

He was known as "Uncle John" to hosts of friends. He also was known as "Colonel" Coffey to many, although he never saw service as a soldier.

John Coffey married Libbie Rush of London, TX on Nov. 30, 1933. He died Aug. 21, 1934 at his ranch in Kimble County. He is buried in the Noxville Cemetery.

[See http://www.rootsweb.com/~txrunnel/submitted/bio-coffey.htm for additional information on Rich Coffey]

October 7, 2006

Rice Abner Coffey

Rice was a son of Alexander Hamilton and Nancy E. Weatherly Coffey. He was born in Bedford Co., VA on Dec. 24, 1833, and died Apr. 9, 1896 in Scottsboro, Jackson Co., AL. He was married to his first cousin Mary Ann Coffey, a daughter of Benjamin B. and Mary E. Roach Coffey on Oct. 29, 1857. Rice was buried in the Cedar Hill Cemetery in Scottsboro. Alexander Coffey was a son of Rice and Sarah (Sally) Bradford Coffey.

Rice and Mary Ann had three children: Theodosia, born Aug. 1, 1858; Nancy Elizabeth, born May 23, 1861, died May 16, 1918; and Mary Ann, born Dec. 31, 1863, died Dec. 21, 1921. Spouse Mary Ann died Mar. 28, 1864 in Roaches Cove, AL at age 21 years.

Rice married a second time to Sarah Jane (Sally) Helton on Sep. 11, 1870. She waas born Jul. 5, 1851 in Stevenson, Jackson Co., AL,, and died Apr. 22, 1930 in the same place. Sarah Jane was buried in the Helton Cemetery in Jackson Co. She and Rice were the parents of nine children:

- Pleasant Hamilton, born Mar. 9, 1873, died Oct. 27, 1927; married Mary Ann Wynn, born Sep, 6, 1884, died May 2, 1935 on Oct. 21, 1903. Children: Pleasant Lee, born May 30, 1905; Alva Avery, born c1908; Truett, born c1914, and Mark Raymond, born c1916.

- Angelina (Lina), born Sep. 30, 1875, died 1953; married Rev. Willis Walter Lee, born Jul. 11, 1869 in Rome, Floyd Co., GA, died Dec. 13, 1935 in Harlingen, Cameron Co., TX. Children: William Rice, born Jan. 12, 1903, died Jun. 1, 1931; John Samuel, born May 16, 1904, died Jul. 12, 1919; Willis Walter, Jr., born Sep. 7, 1905, died Aug. 17, 1982; Dallas Powell, Sep. 29, 1907, died Mar. 29, 1999; Ruth, born Jan. 14, 1909, died May 3, 1911; Ralph Barrett, born Aug. 18, 1912, died Jan. 1997; Frank Coffey, born Apr. 23, 1914, died Feb. 28, 1917; and Howard Cecil, born Dec. 28, 1916, died Oct. 16, 1997.

- Rice A., born Aug. 13, 1877, died Oct. 23, 1878

- Weightstill Avery, born Dec. 7, 1878, died Mar. 27, 1950; married Venue Lava Meeker on Jun. 8, 1904. She was born Jul. 29, 1881, died Sep. 9, 1905. They had one child, born Aug. 5, 1905, died Nov. 29, 1905. Weightstill remained a widower for many years before remarrying c1925 to Mary V., LNU. There were no known children from this marriage, and no known descendants from either marriage.

- Sarah Belle (Sallie), born May 9, 1881
- Arcina Elvira, born Sep. 20, 1882
- John Napoleon, born Oct. 7, 1885
- Emma Veral, born Oct. 31, 1886, died Jul. 12, 1887

- Charles Helton, born Feb. 11, 1889, died 1946; married Nannie Ellison, born c1889, died Dec., 1937 in Jackson Co. Children: Rice, born c1914, and Evelyn Louise, born about Dec., 1915.

Sources: Descendants of Rice Abner Coffey, Al Carhart who cited "Diary of the Home and Doings of the Family of Willis Walter & Angelina Coffey Lee; Sarah Frances Johnson of Houston, TX; family papers provided by Sandra (Lee) Durrett; Howard and Milly Stokes of Sugarland, TX. Other sources include the United States Federal Census for various years through 1930.

Cemetery Photos can be seen here.

October 4, 2006

Jasper Hill Coffey

Jasper Hill Coffey has appeared here previously. See Coffee/Coffey Call: Jasper Hill Coffey for earlier information.

The following appeared in the Coffey Cousins' Clearinghouse newsletter of Dec., 1995 on pages 5-7. It was provided by Ray Coffey who had extracted it from The Albany Capitol Newspaper dated Thur., Sep. 1, 1921. The paper was found at the Albany city library.

Death of Rev. J. H. Coffey

After a brief sickness, from heart trouble and other complications, Rev. Jasper Hill Coffey, one of the oldest and most widely known ministers of the Christian Church in north Missouri, died at the home of his son, R. K. Coffey, on South Hundley Street last Sunday morning at 2:20 o'clock, aged 84 yrs. Of the four surviving sons and three daughters, all were at their father's bedside in his last days except Omer, who is somewhere in the west and could not be reached by message telling of his fathers condition. The other living sons and daughters are: R.K. of Albany; James of Miami, Okla,; Holt of St. Joseph; Mrs. Hattie Hawk of Oklahoma City, Okla; Mrs. Edna Lierley of Salt Lake City, Utah and Mrs. Ethel Martin of Albany.

Rev. Coffey had been for more than sixty years a minister of the Christian Church, having resided at Albany most of the time. After the death of his wife seventeen years ago, he had made his home with his daughters in the west and southwest and with his son Dick in Albany.

He had officiated at more weddings, conducted more funerals, preached to more people and won more men and women to the church and right living than most ministers, and the high regard in which he was held over a large section of this part of the state was probably best attested by the large number of warm friends who came from neighboring towns and communities to pay their last respects in the funeral service, which was conducted by Rev. J. D. McClure of Albany and Rev. Chally Graham of Oxford, at the Christian Church last Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock.

The church was packed to overflowing and the beautiful song service, the eloquent tribute of the ministers, the many beautiful flowers brought and sent by friends, told of the large impress[ion] which this good man had left on the community in which he had lived for over sixty years.

There were in the big audience one or two men who had heard Mr. Coffey make his first talk in Gentry county - at school house near where Gentry now stands, where his brother was teaching school when he first came out from Indiana: there was one or two present in the meeting when he united with the Christian church, out at the "Old Brick." There were a number of husbands and wives at whose marriages he had officiated: There were sons and daughters, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of couples whom he married. It was truly a gathering of friends who felt a great lover [sic] for, and a real sorrow at the going of this good, genial, kindly man who had given his life in service for his Master and his fellow-men. After the service at the church, the remains were conveyed to Highland cemetery, and laid by the grave of the wife and companion who had preceded him.

As a part of the funeral service, Rev. Graham read the following, which had been prepared by himself and by Rev. McClure, at the request of Rev. Coffey, some time ago:

"J. H. Coffey, son of Lewis and Harriet Coffey, was born on Aug. 6, 1838. He was reared on the farm where he was born, and early in life learned to take care of stock and do farm work: and through his entire life took great pride in having a neat garden and in cultivation of small fruits, and was a blessing to every community. In Worth county in 1860, he was appointed school commissioner of that county, which position he held until after the south had surrendered to the victorious forces of the Union army and peac was restored through-out the land.

On Dec. 13, 1862, he was united in marriage with Miss China Frances Culp, at the home one and one-half miles east of Albany. Ten children were the result of this union, seven of who are now living, four boys and three girls, two having died in infancy, and one Dollie Whitman three years ago.

For over fifty years he was before the people as a regular minister, but when old men were no longer in demand, his modesty forbade him applying or even making an effort for a position among the people he had faithfully served and had loved so fondly. Like B. U. Watkins, he would say, "These gray hairs have knocked me out of many years work in the prime of my life." He meekly accepted the situation and was content with the occasional acting as a supply and speaking words of comfort on funeral occasions to those who were burdened with sorrow for the dead.

The greated part of his life as a minister has been spent in Gentry county and northwest Missouri. He never courted debate, but when in his judgement it became necessary, would willing stand in defense of truth. In 1868 he debated with John Shin, a Universalist minister in Dallas City, Ill. In 1870 he met a Baptist minister, by the name of Chenaworth in Gentryville. In about 1871 or 1872 he met Brother A. F. Dugger of the Church of God in a three day debate. he would say "If I am worth anything to the church, it is as an enlister, and I don't want to spoil myself by imbibing too much of the spirit of controversy." He believed that it was "more blessed to give than receive" and was therefore liberal in his gifts for charity and to the church, and what remained of his income he willingly laid at the feet of his family, to which he was strongly attached and much devoted.

"Of all the college socities to which he belonged, he gave to the Sigma Chi, a Greek fraternal society a front rank, on account of the close relation existing among the members and a disposition on their part to help one another. But with him, no human institution or fraternity could take the place of the church, to only divinely appointed institution, showing God as father and men as brethren."

October 3, 2006

John Coffey Family from Lee, MA to Woodbury Twp, NY

The following appeared in the Coffey Cousins' newsletter, Sep. 1994. It was in turn extracted from The New England Connexion, Vol. 2, No. 3 newsletter, July 1994. It was authored by Marjorie Smeltzer-Stevenot whose book of the same title as this report, was to be released in 1994, but I have no further information.

"John Coffey, Sr., who laid out a family cemetery before his death in 1818 on his farm in Central Valley (now Woodbury Common), NY lived in Lee MA before coming to Orange Co., where he is listed in the 1790 census. Deeds show he purchased property in Lee and neighboring Tyringham in 1783 and sold it in 1785. He was an assessor in Lee in 1781 and was named among the "ancient worthles of Lee" at its centennial. Know there as "the Irishman," he was probably born in Ireland. The Coffey Sept has been traced back by genealogists to royal lines in Spain and Gaul in the 12th century.

John's wife Experience was a member of the Congregational Church in Lee. the Coffey's four older daughters were Baptist in the church there. John Jr. went back to Lee for a bride, Rachel Bassett, youngest daughter of Cornelius and Remember Bassett, Mayflower descendants. Many of the settlers in Lee came from Cape Cod. John and Rachel were married at the Congregational Church in Canaan, New York, just across the Massachusetts' border.

John, Sr. was a prosperous farmer, surveyor and supervisor of the Town of Monroe in 1805. In his will, his occupation is listed as "gentleman." His son John Jr. gave the land for the Methodist church in Southfields and maintained a popular summer boarding inn near Monroe Works. Other family members leased mining rights on their extensive properties to the Parrotts.

The Coffeys, their descendants and the Coffey/Galloway Cemetery (also known as Dickerman/Peckham Cemetery) are the subject of a book in preparation by Marjorie Smeltzer-Stevenot of 150 Johnstown Road, Sloatsburg, NY, who submitted this article."

Those interested in this line should contact the New England Connexion at PO Box 621, Goshen, NY 10924, or the author at the above address. Should both addresses prove out of date, the New England Genealogical and Historical Society librarian may be able to help. She can be contacted via e-mail.

David A. and Mary Jane Fitzgerald Coffey

David was the son of Holloway Stewart and Catherine Fitzgerald Coffey. He was born 1832 in Virginia and died in Nelson Co., VA in 1894. Mary Jane was born 1843, probably in Virginia, and died 1923 in Virginia. They were married Nov. 16, 1858* in Nelson Co., VA. Both are buried in the White Rock Cemetery in Nelson Co.

Their children were:

- Dilly Jane, born c1860, Nelson Co., VA
- Nicey, born c1864, Nelson Co., VA
- Nancy E., born c1867, Nelson Co., VA. Nancy married A. J. Bryant, born c1862 in VA, married Nov. 21, 1883 in Nelson Co.
- Eli Davis, born Feb. 2, 1868, died Oct. 29, 1942.

Eli married his first cousin Frances Catherine Coffey, daughter of Alexander S. and Sarah Ann Fitzgerald Coffey. Alexander and David were brothers. They were the parents of Simona A., born c1890-91; Zina, born c1892, died Feb. 27, 1927, married Henry Taylor; Hercy F., born Jul. 9, 1895, died May 28, 1956; Guandora, born c1898; and Lester Thornton, born Jun. 12, 1901, died Aug. 26, 1964.

- Mary J., born c1872
- Malinda F., born c1874
- Floyd Fletcher, born 1878, died Mar. 20, 1934.

Floyd married Lola Bertha Fitzgerald Jan. 4, 1900 in Nelson Co. They were parents of Lydia Bell, born Jan. 15, 1905, died Aug. 13, 1990; Louise R., born c1910; Mamie G., born c1913; and Virginia, born c1916. Floyd died Mar. 20, 1934 in Nelson Co. Lola's death date is unknown, but both are buried in the White Rock Cemetery in Nelson Co.

- Belle, born c1884

Please contact me if you can add to or correct any of this information.

*Marriage Register, Nelson Co., VA, Book No. 2, 1854 - 1926; 16 Nov 1858, David A. Coffey, age 27 yrs., to Mary J. Fitzgerald, age 16 yrs., parents of groom: Holloway and Catherine Coffey; parents of bride: Spottswood and Nancy Fitzgerald

October 2, 2006

Samuel and Mildred Coffey Coleman

Samuel Coleman was born c1752, probably in Virginia, and died Jul. 23, 1824 in Eadsville, Wayne Co., KY. He was the son of James and Elizabeth Leake Coffey who also had a daughter named Lucy, who married Evan Thomas Watson.

Mildred was the fourth child and second daughter of William and Elizabeth Osborne Coffey, and was born c1765 in Virginia. She died Sep. 28, 1823 in Todd Co., KY.

Samuel and Mildred were married c1783 in Virginia.* The couple had at least seven children:

- Elizabeth Leake, born May 6, 1786, died Aug. 2, 1862, married Collin McKinney Apr. 8, 1805 Lincoln Co., KY
- Ann C., born Aug. 12, 1788, died Sep. 24, 1856
- James, born c1790, died Dec. 5, 1852
- John, born c1792, died 1833, married Susannah Watson Feb. 1, 1814 in Madison Co., KY
- Martha (Patsy), born 1794
- Polly O., born 1802, died 1837, married Ambrose Douthet Mar. 20, 1820 in Christian Co., KY
- Lucy, born Nov. 17, 1803, died Apr. 13, 1862, married Coleman Watson Sep. 13, 1821.

The children's grandfather was William Coffey who married Elizabeth Osborne. William was a son of John Coffey and Jane Graves. It is suspected that William and Elizabeth's second child and first daughter, Jane, born c1761, was the mother of Jordon Coffey by an unknown father. Jane eventually married Benjamin Hawkins Fitzgerald.

Jordon has been written about in this blog several times as the founder of "Coffey Town" in Amherst Co., VA. William and Elizabeth spent most of their lives along the Tye River in Amherst Co., that was later in Nelson Co. Some records for William can also be found in Augusta Co. dating from 1780 to 1792, and some as late at 1819.

Please contact me if you can add to or correct any of this information.

*Marriages of Fredericksville Parish, in Papers of the Albemarle Co. Historical Society, Vol 6, p57

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