June 29, 2007

Lilburn Warren Coffee, Jr.

This photo is of the 1911 graduating class of Central Ward High School in Big Spring, Howard Co., TX. Not all names were provided. Standing at upper left is Lilburn Warren Coffee, Jr.

The school was built shortly after 1902. Fifteen years later it was replaced by what became Runnels Junior High. The old school stood on the corner of Fourth and Surry in Big Spring, where the Howard County Library now stands.

When Lilburn Warren Coffee, Jr. registered for the draft in 1917 he was described as being of medium height and build with blue eyes and light brown hair. At the time he was employed as a bookkeeper for the West Texas National Bank in Big Spring. He was also unmarried.

After graduating high school, "Lib" continued his education at the Westman Business College in Poughkeepsie, NY. When he left his job at the West Texas Bank he worked for awhile with the Cattle Loan Company before heading off to WW1 where he served with the 90th Div. in Germany. On his return he spent 20 years in the life insurance business. Over the years he served as general solicitor, district manager and vice president of the Texas Association of Life Underwriters.

On April 20, 1920 he married Miss Gladys Opal McNew, a daughter of George Edmund and Fannie Laura Kennedy McNew. Opal was born Jun. 13, 1896 in Bowie, Montague Co., TX and died Jan. 4, 1967 in San Angelo, Tom Greene Co., TX.

In 1941 "Lib" became office manager for a drilling contractor in Lubbock, TX. In 1944 he went into the drilling business for himself and continued until his death in 1948. Opal continued to run the business but finally sold it in 1952.

Only one child was born to "Lib" and Opal: Marjorie Frances, born Sep. 28, 1929, died Mar. 31, 1988. Marjorie married Elmo Eugene Marable on Aug. 16, 1952 at Fort Stockton, Pecos Co., TX. Elmo died there in 1997; Marjorie in 1988.

More Photos from Lilburn Warren Coffee Family

On the right is Abram Tyree Hardy, husband of Lula Edna Coffee, daughter of Lilburn Warren Coffee. He was born Jul. 17, 1870 in Columbus, Lowndes Co., MS and died Apr. 13, 1906 in Big Spring, Howard Co., TX. He and Lula were married Jun. 7, 1899 in Colorado, Mitchell Co., TX. The photograph was made by the W. F. Hughes studio in Colorado City, and may be a wedding photo. The man on the left is unidentified, but could be one of his brothers.

Abram was a son of William W. and Sarah Frances Marshall Hardy. William was born c1818 in VA, and Sarah c1826, also in VA. Two other children were Marshall, born c1867 and Cornelius, born c1869.

This photo is of five of the 10 children of Lilburn Warren and Margaret Goode Coffee. Seated l-r: Margaret (Maggie), Rubye, and Jerry. Standing l-r: Lolis and Lillian.

June 28, 2007

Lilburn Warren Coffee

In a previous blog about Lilburn Warren Coffee, son of my 3G-grandfather Lilburn Coffee, I did not have any information about the family of his wife, Margaret Goode.

Repeating a bit of that earlier blog, Lilburn Warren was born Sep. 1, 1850 in Hempstead Co., AR and died in Big Spring, Howard Co., TX on Mar. 30, 1918. He married Margaret Goode on Oct. 26, 1876 in Hays Co., TX

Margaret was born May 7, 1855 in TX, and died Mar. 16, 1946 in Big Spring. She was the daughter of Wadsworth F. "Watt" Goode and Nancy Emeline Moose. "Watt" was born in Jan., 1825 in Alabama; Nancy was born Mar., 1834 in either Mississippi or North Carolina. She listed both places in various census records.

According to his Civil War Pension Application dated Aug. 2, 1899, and approved Dec. 22, 1899, "Watt" served in Capt. Clay Davis' Co. from Apr., 1864 to Apr. 1865 in Rancho Davis, TX.

[According to the Handbook of Texas Online Rancho Davis was a town "on the Rio Grande near the site of the former Carnestolendos Ranch." At the end of the Mexican War in 1848, it because part of Nueces Co. "Camp Ringgold, later Fort Ringgold, was established at Rancho Davis on Oct. 26, 1848, the year the county was organized and named for James Harper Starr, Rancho Davis was renamed Rio Grande City and made county seat."]

"Watt" married Nancy Emeline Moose on Aug. 15, 1851 in Fayette Co., TX. They are found later in the 1860 and 1870 census record in Austin Co.; 1880 in Hays Co., and finally in Yoakum, DeWitt Co. According to the Texas Death Index (1902-2000), "Watt" died in Lavaca Co. on Nov. 20, 1914. He was buried in Yoakum Co. in the Oak Grove Cemetery.

I have not found a death date for Nancy Emeline.

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Milton Wolford and Amanda Lewis Coffey Photos

These photographs appeared in the newspaper article cited previously in the Milton Wolford and Amanda Lewis Coffey blog.

Click on each one to view original size.

Milton Wolford and Amanda Virginia Lewis Coffey

The following appeared in The Lone Grove Ledger, Lone Grove, OK on Jun. 26, 1985, and was authored by Sue Miller:

Milton Wolford "Mint" Coffey and Amanda Virginia Coffey were married in 1869 at Colbert Station, south of what is now Durant, and moved to the Lone Grove area shortly afterward, although their descendants have been unable to establish the exact date.

It is believed by family members that all of their eleven children - William,Taylor, Ivy, Myrtle, Merrit, Ernest, Mary, Anderson, Salathial, Walter and Gertrude - were born after the couple moved to this area.

Research done by the family indicates that Mint and Amanda settled two miles south of (now) Highway 70 on (now) Brock Road. In 1903, Amanda, who was a Chickasaw Indian, was allotted their homestead, which has never left the family.

Three of the many Coffey cousins - Leona Coffey Sanders, Cleo Coffey Jones, both of Lone Grove, and Stella Lee Coffey Stogsdill, Duncan, - shared memories of their grandparents recently.

Mint Coffey was a farmer and rancher and is remembered by his granddaughters as a handsome man. Amanda is recalled as a very small, extremely clean woman, and an excellent cook.

Mint died in 1922 at the age of 76, and Amanda was 73 at the time of her death in 1924. Both are buried in the Lone Grove Cemetery, as are most of their 11 children. None of their children are living and all are buried in Carter County.

William Lee Coffey married Lillie Cannon. He was a farmer-rancher, as were his two sons, Dorris O. and Joyce, who owned and operated ranches in Carter and Love County. They also had one daughter Lillian Idell.

Dorris was married to Wail Wilkerson.

Lillian and her husband, T. J. Kennedy, make their home in Norman, where he retired as a division manager for General Motors.

Taylor Otis "Odie" Coffey never married. He was a deputy U.S. Marshal in Lone Grove for many years.

Ivy Coffey was a farmer in this area for some time before he moved to Duncan, where he later served as a city commissioner.

He and his first wife, Stella Masterson had three children, Stella Lee, Finis, and Eulis.
Stella died when Stella Lee was just hours old, and Stella Lee lived with her grandmother, until Amanda's death when Stella Lee was 14.

StellaLee and her husband Gilbert Stogsdill now make their home in Duncan.

Finis also lives in Duncan. Eulis died in 1923 at the age of 18.

Ivy Joseph and his second wife, Nellie, had one daughter, Ivy, who is a retired feature writer for the Daily Oklahoman.

Myrtle Gayle Coffey married Wood Herndon, who was a farmer-rancher. They had three sons, Milton, Ono, and Clyde.

Milton, a farmer-rancher near Ardmore, married Carmen Byrd.

Otto, who ran a store in Ardmore, was married to Betty Davis.

Clyde was a rancher in Wyoming.

Merritt Price "Doc" Coffey married Willie Ann Byrd. They had one daughter, Virginia Catherine, who died as a youth.

Doc was a pecan producer in the Lone Grove area, and we well-known for developing a process to graft paper shell pecans.

Ernest Wilson "Ern" Coffey and his wife, Ninnie Cannon, had one daughter, Cleo Ernestine. Cleo was married to Ray Richards, and later to Warren Jones.

Ern was a farmer, and later worked for the county and state in a supervisory position. He and the [sic] Jones also operated a mercantile store in Lone Grove at the time the highway was built through town. The store was located on the corner that is now home to Lone Grove Hardware, recalls Cleo.

Anderson Wolford "Wolf" Coffey also ran a mercantile in Lone Grove for many years, that was located on what is now the northwest corner of Newport Road and Highway 70, where Holt's Grocery stands.

It is interesting that his grandson, John Sanders, now owns a similar modern-day store in Lone Grove.

Wolf was married to Louella Carroll. They had six children, Jewell, Leo W., Ivy Jerome, Leona, Kathleen and James Glenn.

Jewell was married to Clarence O. Bigbie, a Baptist preacher, who preached in Long Grove and Southern Oklahoma, and later was chaplain at the state penitentiary in McAlister.

Leo and Irene Coffey and Ivy Jerome and Georgia Lou Coffey operated a Freight bus in this area for many years.

Leona and Newt Sanders live south of Lone Grove, and Newt manages Sanders' A & M Feeds here.  They are planning to build a home on the property where Mint and Amanda Coffee [sic] made their home and raised their children. The property has been named "The Wolf Coffey Ranch," bearing the name of both Leona's father and grandfather.

Kathleen Walker is a retired beautician and lives in Lone Grove.

James Glenn and Angie Coffey live in Phoenix, where he is a realtor.

Cleo and Leona recalled the stores operated by their fathers during the depression.

The Coffey-Jones Mercantile boasted a filling station, clothing, dry goods, and groceries,. Cleo said. Leona remembered her father selling pickles and crackers from barrels, thread and ribbon, and groceries.

When the highway came through Lone Grove, he expanded the store to feed the men who were building the road. Papa made chili and stew and sold beef he had raised. He also served ham and eggs to the workers," Leona stated.

When Wolf died in 1927, Louella sold the store to Marion Fowler.

It was about this time that Ern Coffey bought a circus wagon from the Ringling Brothers Circus and converted it to a chuck wagon, Cleo said.

Ern took Wolf's sons, Leo and Ivy, with him, and the three followed the highway construction, living and cooking in the wagon, and feeding the construction workers.

Salathial "Sale" Coffey married Selma Baker. He was a pecan producer, a butcher, and an oil landman, and, for awhile, a deputy U.S. Marshal. They made their home in the Lone Grove area.

Sale and Selma had one daughter, Bernice, who married Dale Montgomery. They make their home in Lone Grove, where Dale is a dairyman and carpenter.

Walter Jerome Coffey was a deputy sheriff under Buck Garrett. He told family members that the famous lawman deputized him when he was 18. Walter "always" had a gun on him, the family remembers.

A niece, Patty Coker, remembers Walter and Sale as being fun-loving. She recalls when she was small, that the two came to visit the family and "cooked little biscuits on a toy stove" for her and her sisters.

Patty said that every Christmas, Santa Claus in his red and white suit would come to visit their house loaded down with toys for the girls. As she grew older, Patty recognized the shoes worn by "Santa" as those of her Uncle Walter.

Gertrude Coffey, the youngest child of Mint and Amanda, died as an infant.

Update 2/15/2013

Salathial or Salathiel, known as Sale, was born on Dec. 6, 1889 in the Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.  He was married first to Ida L. Elvira Yell on Feb. 23, 1908 in Ardmore, Carter Co., OK.  Ida was born c1889 in TN and died before 1910 in Carter Co.  I do not know of any children.

His second wife was Selma Estelle Baber, born in GA in 1889, died in Carter Co. in 1923.  They were married in Carter Co. on May 7, 1914. and had at least three children, only one of which survived.  The son Billy Milton died an infant in 1923.  Lucille died in 1916.  Bernice was born in 1917 and was still alive at age 12 and living with her widower father in 1930.  Sale has not been found in the 1940 census.

Sale's WWI draft registration card is extremely difficult to read.  It does seem to report on line 10, Race, that he was Indian.  Or perhaps, it merely reports that he was born in Indian Terr.  What do you see?

In the 1920 census he was enumerated as "Indian;" his wife as "white."  Bernice was also recorded as "Indian."  In earlier and subsequent census records he was recorded as "white."  His siblings as well as his parents were always enumerated as being "white."

Sale died on Feb. 17, 1957 in Carter Co. and was buried there with Selma at the Lone Grove Cemetery.

June 27, 2007

Francis Richmond Coffey

Francis Richmond Coffey was a son of Silas Carroll and Eleanor (Nellie) Green Coffey. He was born in March of 1863 in the Globe community of Caldwell Co., NC. He died in that state on Jun. 13, 1928. He and Etta May Hayes were married in the Globe on Dec. 25, 1891.

Etta was born Jul. 23, 1876 in Caldwell Co. to Richard and Delphia L. Hayes Hayes. She died April 10, 1932 in North Carolina.

There were at least 13 children born to this union. I have some descendant information for seven of them:

Mary E., born Jul. 1, 1894, died Jan. 7, 1896. She died unmarried and is buried at the New Hopewell Baptist Church Cemetery near Cary's Flat in Avery Co., NC.

Netie L., born Dec. 1896

Queen Vester, born Oct. 8, 1898 and died Sep. 2, 1988. She married Sylvestere Gragg on May 2, 1920 in NC. he was born c1891 in that state. I do not yet have a death date or parents for Sylvester. She and Sylvester had at least 10 children: Goldie, Hobert, Rolhen Sylvester, Mabel, Agnes, Lewis, Russell, Cecil D., Herman Ray and Dorothy Jean.

[It appears that Sylvester is the son of Luther Burgess and Mary J. Crump Gragg. His birth year c1891 fits in with the other three identified children of Luther: Cora Ella, born Feb. 1894, died May 14, 1973, married Grover C. Coffey, son of David Columbus and Julia N. Beard Coffey; William E., born Nov., 1896; and Sanford Robert, born Jan. 25, 1899, died May 20, 1992, married Edna Mae Raby]

Exie Mae, born Oct. 21, 1901 in NC, and died in that state on Feb. 15, 1926. She married Ivey Watson Coffey, date unknown. He was born May 10, 1900 in Gragg, Avery Co., and died Oct. 20, 1982 in that county. They had at least three children: Odell Joseph who married Velma Gragg; Janet Ruth, and Opal. Ivey was a son of David William and Gertrude Trivette Coffey. After Exie's death, Ivey married Virginia May Woodie, born May 30, 1892, died Jun. 1976 in Caldwell Co. She was the daughter of Rufus Asbury Woodie and Sara Elizabeth (Betty) Reed.

Ellis, born Jul. 10, 1903 in Avery Co., died Apr. 15, 1994 in Banner Elk, Avery Co. She married Walter Raleigh Gragg, a son of David Obodiah and Frances Elizabeth (Fanny) Dellinger. Walter was born Oct. 18, 1900 in Avery Co., and died Mar 12, 1987 in Watauga Co. Ellis is buried in the Gragg Family Cemetery - which I understand is also the Hopewell Cemetery. They were parents of at least eight children: Rome, Ruth, Howard, Ethel, Dallas, Alma, Irene E., and Rachel R.

Dartha (Dolly), born Mar. 8, 1904 in Avery Co., died Mar. 20, 2006 in Caldwell Co. She married Virgil Clingman Gragg on Jul. 24, 1920 in Caldwell Co. He was the son of Larkin Henderson and Lee Ella Gragg Gragg, and was born Jul. 31, 1900 in Caldwell Co. He died there in 1980. There were at least five children in this family: Orville, born c1922; Homer Lee, born 1924, died 1989; Troy, born c1926; Jesse, born c1928; and Lafayette Anthony, born 1945. This last child seems to have been born a bit too long after Jesse, but his birth to this couple is recorded in Caldwell Co. birth register, book 32, Page 1042.

Donald, born May 20, 1906

Fred J., born Aug. 23, 1907, died Feb. 22, 1958.. He married Nellie Gragg, dau of Tilmon Monroe and Lillie May (Mary?) Fortner Gragg.

Nellie was born c1908.

Dallas, born c1910

Edgar, born c1912

Netta Belle, born Feb. 13, 1915. She married Alfred Argie Gragg, a son of John Robert Joshua Gragg and Mary Adelaide (Addie) Coffey. Addie was a daughter of Julius Calvin and Eugenia Lavinia (Genie) Dellinger Coffey. Alfred and Netta Bell had at least 10 children: Busalee, born Jan. 7, 1935; Lela D., born May 15, 1936; Ramona, born Jul. 13,1937; Nellere, born Apr. 17, 1939; Patie, born Jul, 13, 1942; John R., born Nov. 14, 1942 (unlikely, but their births are recorded as such in the Caldwell Co. records); Magatha, born Mar. 7, 1943; Alfred Deane, born Feb. 22, 1948; Billy Brown, born Mar. 5, 1950, died Apr. 2, 2006; and Linda Faye, born Nov. 18, 1952.

Esselene, no birth or death information. She married Shelby Delon Gragg on Oct. 23, 1937 in Watauga Co. He was born Sep. 20, 1915 in Caldwell Co., and died there on Sep. 28, 1974. He was a son of Leason Carrol and Dora Belle Bean Gragg. Esselene and Shelby had at least five children: Billy Wess, born 1936; twins David L., and Kenneth, born 1039; Lois, born 1941 and Shelby Wayne, born 1943.

And finally, Lois Agnes, born Jun. 30, 1919. No other information.

Please send additions and/or corrections to me at the e-mail address below.

Update, Oct. 14, 2010:  Another child of Rufus and Sarah Reid Woodie, Alfred Wilson Woodie, married Viola Gertrude Coffey, a daughter of Julius Adore and Aster Jane Dellinger Coffey.  Alfred was born May, 1894 and died May 12, 1979 in Banner Elk, Avery Co.  Viola was born in 1903 and died May 23, 1986 at Blowing Rock.

Update, Jul. 28, 2011: Ivey Watson and Exie marriage date was Dec. 28, 1918 in Avery Co., NC.  Odell Joseph Coffey and Velma Gragg were married Mar. 10, 1941 in Carter Co., TN.  Odell died Nov. 14, 2005 in Newland, Avery Co.; Velma on Nov. 19, 2009 in Linville, Avery Co.

Update, Aug. 23,2011:  Louise Woodie, daughter of Alfred Wilson and Viola Gertrude Coffey Woodie, born Jun. 3,1924, passed away on Apr. 25, 2007 in Burke Co. She was first married to Floyd Clark and second to a Mr. Lane.

Her obituary:

Louise Woodie Clark Lane, 83, of Robey Street, Morganton, made an unexpected move to heaven on Wednesday, April 25, 2007.

Born in Avery County, on June 3, 1924, she was a daughter of the late Alfred and Gertrude Coffey Woodie.

She was a retired employee of Broughton Hospital and was a member of Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church. Throughout her life, Louise was a tower of strength to her family and was a loving, caring and sharing woman who adored her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She always offered a ready smile, a hug and food whenever visitors came to her home. Her accomplishments were many but her greatest ones were the strength, love and faith she instilled in her children and grandchildren. Louise's passing on will leave a vast empty space in many lives; but her arrival in Heaven is reason to rejoice.

She is survived by her children, Jerry Lynn Clark of Morganton, Jean C. Harrell of Asheville, Lonnie F. Clark and June Kunhe of Morganton, and Janell C. Wakefield and her husband, Charles, of Morganton; grandchildren, Chris Clark and his wife, Anita, of Denver, Stacy Clark and his wife, Dana, of Bardstown, Ky., Joel Harrell and his wife, Jenny, of Raleigh, Monica Wakefield, Lisa Dooley and her husband, Floyd, and Stephanie Clark, all of Morganton; great-grandchildren, Zane and Wylie Clark, Camden and Bailey Dooley, Marcus Clark and Elias Wakefield; brothers, Roy Woodie and his wife, Irene, of Jonas Ridge and Ralph Woodie and his wife, Anna, of Oak Hill; a sister, Myrtle Clark of Jonas Ridge; a sister-in-law, Christine Woodie of Jonas Ridge; many special nieces and nephews who loved her as a second mother and all of their spouses and children; and special friends, Jettie Causby and Verna Beach. In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by a brother, Ronald Woodie; and infant sisters, Mary and Betty Woodie.

The funeral will be held at 2:30 p.m. Sunday at Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church with the Rev. Bill Holland officiating.

Burial will follow in the Calloway Cemetery at Jonas Ridge.

The family will receive friends at the church on Sunday beginning at 1:30 p.m. At other times the family will be at Mrs. Lane's home, 103 Robey St. Memorial gifts may be made to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, 501 St. Jude Place, Memphis, TN 38105-1942 or to Calloway Cemetery, c/o Long Ridge Baptist Church, Newland, NC 28657. Sossoman Funeral Home is assisting the family.
Note: Bettie, born Apr. 27, 1936, died Jun. 7, 1938. No information on Mary.  Ralph Woodie died Jun. 23, 2009 and is buried at Zion Baptist Church Cemetery in Oak Hill, Burke Co.

More about George Hamilton Hayes

While updating family files using census records I discovered that George Hamilton Hayes, born Jan. 5, 1868, died Aug. 23, 1953, was a son of Joseph Hayes and Eliza Hodges.

Joseph was born Oct. 23, 1828 in Watauga Co., and died Apr. 28, 1907 in that county. He married Eliza Hodges on Oct. 10, 1848 in Ashe Co., NC. Eliza was born Jan. 6, 1829 in North Carolina, and died in Boone, Watauga Co. on Aug. 3, 1887. Joseph was a son of Ransom Hayes and Sarah Greene.

There were other children born to Ransom and Sarah, but I have only looked at Joseph and Richard. Richard was born in May 1849. He married Delphia L. Hayes. I have not yet found a blook link between Delphia and Richard. They were the parents of Etta May Hayes who married Francis Richmond Coffey on Dec. 25, 1891 in Globe Twp., Caldwell Co., NC.

Ransom was born c1805 in Caldwell Co., NC, a son of George Hayes, Sr., and Mary Judah (Polly) Mills Hayes. Mary was a daughter of William Mills and Sarah Ellis.

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June 22, 2007

Lee Thomas and Isis Orpha Winfree Coffey

Lee Thomas Coffey was born in North Carolina on Jun 24, 1871, a son of Elijah and Mary Ann Nelson Coffey. He appeared in the census on Jun. 8, 1900 in Patterson Twp., Caldwell Co., NC as head of a household that included his widowed mother.1 He also appeared in the census on Apr 16, 1910 in Grady Co., OK enumerated as a single man in the household with his brother-in-law, James Alexander Stewart, who had married Harriet Coffey, Lee's older sister. Lee next appeared in the census on Jan. 7, 1920 in Grady Co., OK with Isis and two-year old daughter, Elizabeth.2 Lee died on Apr 15, 1952 in Grady Co., OK and was buried in the Everegreen Cemetery, Minco, Grady Co., OK.3

Lee Thomas and Isis Orpha Winfree were married about 1916. They appeared in the census on Apr 24, 1930 in Minco, Grady Co., OK.4 Isis, the daughter of James M. Winfree and Emma M. (LNU) was born in Illinois on May 30, 1890. She appeared in the census on Jun 11, 1900 in Washington, Nashville Twp., IL in the household with her parents. At the census on Apr 16, 1910 in St. Louis, MO she was enumeraed as a lodger and single woman residing in a boarding house and working in St. Louis.5 She died on Mar 10, 1976 in Minco, Grady Co., OK,6 and was buried in the Everegreen Cemetery, Minco, Grady Co., OK.7

Lee was in the retail hardware business in Minco, and Isis was his bookkeeper.

Lee and Isis had the following children:

i. Elizabeth COFFEY was born in Oklahoma about Jun 1917.

1 United States Federal Census for years indicated. 1900 Caldwell Co., Patterson Twp., ED31, Sheet 4B, dwelling/family 78, Coffey, Lee T., head, white male, born June 1871, age 28, single, born NC, parents born NC, farmer; Mary A., mother, white female, born Feb. 1843, age 57, widow, mother of 2, 2 living, born NC, parents born NC; Mary, sister, white female, born May 1880, age 20, single, born NC, parents born NC. [The family of James Nelson, age 25, was a neighbor].
2 Ibid., 1920 Grady Co., Minco town, Union Twp., ED180, Sheet 3A, dwelling 53, family 57, Coffee [sic], Lee T., head, male, white, age 48, married, born NC, parents born NC, hardware merchant; Isis, wife, female, white, age 27, married, born IL, parents born IL; Elizabeth, dau., female, white, age 2 yrs., 7 mos., born OK, father born NC, mother born IL.

3 Rootsweb. [http://www.rootsweb.com/~okcemete/grady/evergreen/c/c2evergreen.htm].
4 United States Federal Census. 1930 Grady Co., Union Twp., Minco town, ED20, Sheet 8B, Second St., dwelling 152, family 171, Coffee [sic], Lee T., head, male, white, age 59, married at age 45, born NC, parents born NC, hardware dealer; Isis O., wife, female, white, age 40, married at age 27, born IL, parents born IL, store bookkeeper; Elizabeth, dau., female, white, age 12, born OK, father born NC, mother born IL.
5 Ibid., 1910 St. Louis city, ED71, Sheet 2B, 1814 Washington St., dwelling 39, family 53, Winfree, Isis O., lodger, female, white, age 20, single, born IL, parents born IL, milliner,.
6 Social Security Administration. Social Security Death Index, Master File. Provo, Utah: MyFamily.com, Inc. Name: Isis Coffey SSN: 445-42-8810 Last Residence: 73059 Minco, Grady, Oklahoma, United States Born: 30 May 1890 Died: Mar 1976 State (Year) SSN issued: Oklahoma (1959-1960 ).
7 Rootsweb. [http://www.rootsweb.com/~okcemete/grady/evergreen/c/c2evergreen.htm].

Please contact me at the e-mail address below with additions and/or corrections.

Thanks to Donald M. Coffey of Yorktown, VA for additional information and corrections.

June 20, 2007

John Wesley and Ella Adelaide Henderson Coffey

Click on the title link to read an earlier blog with information about the family of John and Ella. The photo of the man in the white hat was taken from a newspaper and did not reproduce well. It is a photo of Roby Columbus (Uncle Potter) Coffey, brother to John Wesley Coffey.

This is Coffey Call Blog No. 500

June 19, 2007

William Fine Coffey (1830-1864)

Update Jan. 17, 2015. Some changes are highlighted, others are not.

William was born Jan. 28, 1830 to the union of Calvin and Elizabeth Fine Coffey. Calvin was a son of Nathan and Elizabeth Gilbreath Coffey. Nathan is in the Chesley Coffey, Jr. line.

Priscilla Howard, born 1826 in Mount Pleasant, Maury Co., TN, married William Fine on Dec. 24, 1850* in Maury Co. William died Aug. 24, 1864 in Mount Pleasant, and Priscilla on Aug. 17, 1899 in Farmersville, Collin Co., TX. William is said to have been the victim of an ambush before leaving Tennessee**. He is buried in the Howard Cemetery in Maury Co. Priscilla is thought to be buried in the IOOF cemetery in Farmersville.

Photo Courtesy of Melonie Masih
She and William were the parents of at least six children:

Calvin Jefferson, born in Maury Co. on Aug. 27, 1851, died Dec. 19, 1906 in Farmersville and was buried at the IOOF in Farmersville.  His wife was Frances Hinton.  They were married c1876.  They had two children but, only one survived to the 1900 census.  She was Sallie Bell, born in Oct., 1881 at Maury Co.

Equilla Howard, born Oct. 2, 1856 in Maury Co., died Jul. 30, 1920 in Farmersville. He married Margaret (Maggie) Elizabeth Scott - date unknown - who was born Jul. 27, 1857 in Mount Pleasant, Maury Co., TN, daughter of William Scott and a Miss Walker. Maggie died in McKinney, Collin Co. on Mar. 16, 1937. The only census record that I can find for them is dated Jan. 22, 1920, just a few months before Equilla died. Equilla is buried in the IOOF Cemetery in Farmersville; Maggie is also buried there, Collin Co.   They had at least three children:  Tennee, female, born c1877; Hattie D., born c1879 and Herchel Alexander, born 1888.

Isaac Fountain, born Aug. 10, 1857 in Maury Co., TN and died Nov. 26, 1927 in Farmersville. He married Martha Asia Wilcoxson on Jan. 8, 1880 in Collin Co. Martha was born Jan. 27, 1858 in Tennessee and died Apr. 2, 1947 in Collin Co. Together they had at least five children: Ada, born Apr. 1881; Will T., born May, 1883; Dessie, born May, 1887; Emer, born Sep., 1889; and Emmet, born c1894. Emmet married Eva Carver, and had at least one child, a son named Gordon Phillips Coffey, born c1923. Isaac and Martha are buried in the IOOF cemetery at Farmersville.

William Daniel, born May 8, 1860 in Mount Pleasant, married Mary Alice Wilcoxson, likely a sister to Martha who married Isaac, on Aug. 20, 1882 in Farmersville, Collin Co. Mary Alice was born Jul. 15, 1865 in Farmersville, and died Apr. 3, 1954 in Victoria, Victoria Co., TX. They were the parents of nine children:
Webb Granville., born May. 28, 1883, died Apr. 19, 1929 in an automobile accident in Wharton, Wharton Co., TX. Webb's death certificate indicates that he was married at the time of death. He is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Victoria.*

Lottie Viola, born Jun. 22, 1886 in Farmersville, died Oct. 8, 1966 in Victoria Co.. Lottie married Dave Byrd Yeary on Jan. 16, 1907 in Collin Co. Lottie died of acute myocardial failure and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Victoria.
Clara Gertrude, born Feb. 6, 1888, died of sarcomatosis on Jul. 24, 1950 in Victoria Co. She married Herbert Edgar Evans on Jun. 2, 1906 in Farmersville. Clara is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in Victoria.
Pearl Drusilla, born Oct. 26, 1892 in Farmersville, and died there on Nov. 26,1893
Stella Eudora, born Jun. 29, 1896 at Farmersville, died Jun. 28, 1994 in San Bernardino, San Bernardino Co., CA.  She was returned to Victoria, TX for burial in the Evergreen Cemetery.  She was married to a Mr. Skinner but I have found no information for him.

Thadius Elmo, born Apr. 19, 1900, married Ruth Crawford and had at least one child, a daughter named Eleanor, born c1922.  Thadius died in MS in Mar., 1967 and was returned to Mission Valley in Victoria Co., TX for burial in the Mission Valley Community cemetery.  Nothing is yet know of Ruth.  They had at least three children:; Thad, Jr., Eleanor and William Stark.

Mary Prucilla or Pricilla, born Jul. 19, 1903, died May 20, 1998 at Goliad in Goliad Co., TX and buried at Memory Gardens in Victoria, Victoria Co.  She married a Mr. Jacobs but nothing yet known of him.

Jack Daniel, born Oct. 17, 1906 in Collin Co.  He married Dorothy Heinke c1929. Dorothy was the daughter of Arthur and Maggie Wilden Heinke. She was born Sep. 7, 1908 in Victoria, and died of Uremia on Sep 19, 1953. She is buried in Catholic Cemetery No. 3 in Victoria along with Jack who died in Oct., 1984.  They were parents of at least three:  Jack Arthur, 1931-2005; Carolyne Sue, 1935-?; and James Ross, born 1936.  Jack Arthur married Patricia Ann Everton and they had at least three children: Deborah Sue, Daniel Ross and Michael Harold.
Franklin Penn, born Feb., 1862, married Mollie Brewer in 1884 in Farmersville. Mollie was born in Apr., 1866 in Alabama. They had at least six children: Clovie, born Mar., 1886; Roy F., born Jan., 1888, married Mary Jones; Mamie, born Feb., 1891; Raymond, born Mar., 1896; William H., born c1903; and Mary Frances, born c April, 1910.  Frank died in 1956 in Fort Worth and was buried at Vernon in Wilbarger Co., TX.  Mollie died in 1945 in Vernon.  Both she and Frank are buried at Eastview cemetery in Vernon.

Please send additions and/or corrections welcomed.

Update Mar. 14, 2012

According to his death certificate, Webb Granville Coffey's given name was Webb.  I have seen other genealogies that report his call name was "Wibb" or "Wibbie."

His wife, Katherine Agnes Hartsell was the daughter of James Joseph and Henrietta Whitmarsh Hartsell, already married emigrants from England in 1871.  The couple seems to have first settled in MS because I find them in 1880 living in Yalobusha Co., MS.  Four of their six known [to me] children were born in MS; the last two in TX.  In addition to Katherine, there was W. J., born c1875; Charlotte H., born May 1878; Lily, born Feb., 1891.  Texas born children were John Joseph, born Jan., 1893 and Walter J., born Aug., 1894.

Katherine's death certificate reports she was born Oct. 25, 1885 in Jackson, Hinds Co., MS and, died May 13, 1964 in Victoria.  She is buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Victoria.  Until Apr. 11, 1930 Katherine was still a widow residing in Victoria.  Sometime after that she married a Mr. Holland who also preceded her in death.  I hope to find out who Mr. Holland was from the soon-to-be-released 1940 census.

James Joseph Hartsell died in Victoria, Victoria Co., TX on Aug. 22, 1941 and is buried at Farmersville in Collin Co., TX.  I have not found a death record or burial site for Henrietta.  According to his death certificate, James was born in London on Nov. 24, 1849 and was a retired horticulturist at the time of death.

Katherine's son, Lawrence Granville Coffey, born Nov. 19, 1905, was married to Issetta [sic] Marie Hadley and were the parents of at least three children:  Beverly, Sandra and Robert Lawrence.  I have not found any information pertaining to her daughter, Ruth Agnes Coffey.

William Daniel and Mary Alice Wilcoxson Coffey had at least two additional children: James Ross, born Dec. 11, 1894 in Collin Co., died unmarried on Oct. 16, 1970 in Travis Co., TX. and Edith, born c1904 in Collin Co.

Thadius Elmo and wife Ruth Crawford had at least two additional children:  Thad, Jr., born 1921 and William Start, born 1929.

This family are descendants of the mythical Chesley Coffey.

* Update May 5, 2015: The informant on his death certificate was his brother Thadius, who apparently gave the name Webb to authorities.  Of course, dialect could have been at play here.  The news item announcing his death names him "Webb."  His headstone reads "Wibb,"  Melonie Williams-Masihm whose grandmother was Webb/Wibb's sister, writes today that the family Bible names him Wibb and that his daughter Ruth, told others at a Coffey family reunion "a number of years ago" that his name was Wibb.

This would be a good time to find a birth certificate.

*Elmer C. Gilbreath, compiler, Coffee - Gilbreath - Turnbow Families (Oklahoma City, OK: (Reprint) Gene Brewington from microfilm in LDS Library, Salt Lake City, UT, Orig. Pub. 1958)
[This source gives bride's name as Driscilla Homan. It is likely incorrect. William is known to have had only one wife, Priscilla Howard]

**Howard Cemetery, Enterprise, Maury County Tennessee, online [http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~maury/cemetery/HowardCem/Coffey01.htm],
COFFEY, William F., 28 Jan 1830 - Killed 24 Aug 1864. " by Major Howell and Sam Morrow two "local self styled Federals", Mason. (Co. B, 48th Term., C. S. A., married Priscilla Howard on 24 Dec 1850, She was the daughter of Willoughby & Frances [Cochran] Howard). Pricilla removed with her family of six or so children to Collin County, Texas where she lived there with her family until her death in 1899. Photo & info by Wayne Austin 4/10/04.

June 18, 2007

Elkanna and Elizabeth (Betty) Godsey Dellinger

Elkanna was a brother to Reuben. He married Betty on Mar. 15, 1848 in North Carolina, and probably in Rockingham Co. They appeared there in the 1850 and 1860 census. Elkanna is thought to have died in 1865 and Betty in 1900.

There were at least nine children born to this couple:

Obedience C. Dellinger, born c1849 - no other information.

Mary Frances Dellinger, born c1851, died Jun. 27, 1931. She married her cousin James Pinkney Dellinger. Read Reuben's blog entry for more information.

Martha A. (Mattie) Dellinger, born c1854 in Rockingham Co., died 1930 in Caldwell Co. She married Thomas Coffey in Caldwell Co. in 1891. Thomas had previously been married to Martha Cordelia Gragg and had children: Monroe, born 1883, died 1955; John Sherman, born May 1886; and William Kelly, born 1888, died 1940. It is yet unclear whether he and Mattie had children of their own.

Thomas R. Dellinger, born c1856 in Rockingham Co., married Eveline McKinney. There are two know children: Sarari Josephine (Josie), born Jan. 1, 1883, died Mar. 19, 1979. She married Samuel Monroe Coffey on Dec. 15, 1901 in North Carolina; and Samuel Dellinger, born c1888, who married Julia Coffey c1911. Julia was a daughter of Eldelano (L.D.) and Mary E. Austin Coffey.

Joseph C. N. Dellinger, born Nov. 1858, died 1938 in North Carolina. He married Nancy Elizabeth (Lizzie) Coffey, born Mar. 1860, died 1940. She was the daughter of Zacheus (Zack) and Margaret (Granny Peggy) Coffey Coffey. Joseph and Lizzie had at least five children: Margaret, born Aug., 1879; Thomas B., born Aug., 1881; Mary M., born Jul. 1885; Rosa Belle, born Sep. 19, 1890, died Aug. 1, 1973; and Dora S., born Aug., 1896. Rosa Bell married Samuel Keller.

Frances Elizabeth (Fanny) Dellinger, born 1864 in Caldwell Co., died 1946 in Norfolk, VA. She married David Obadiah Gragg, a son of Leason and Martha Renia Coffey Gragg. They had at least 10 children, some of which married back into the Coffey, Gragg and Dellinger families. I will write more about this family at a later date.

Walter Dellinger married Polly Woodie - no other information except that they had a son named Charles.

Biddie Dellinger - no other information.

John Dellinger - no other information.

Please contact me with additions and/or corrections at the e-mail address below.

June 15, 2007

Collettsville, NC Historical Society (Update Jun. 1, 2008)


This website is now off-line.


A new website is now available for western North Carolina family researchers. The recently formed Collettsville Historical Society, Inc. has claimed space on the web to display their work, membership information, and other items of interest to genealogists. One of the first large projects to be included thus far are the cemeteries of the area.

According to the website, their area of interest is the "northwestern section of Caldwell County from Wilson Creek, including Johns River to Mulberry Creek."

The village of Collettsville is located in the foot hills of western North Carolina in northwestern Caldwell County. The town is at the confluence of Mulberry Creek and Johns River. We have recently been discovered by the outside world of land developers as a wonderful place to live. We agree. At the same time we realize that our heritage and culture as we know it today will rapidly change.
The introduction further explains that many of the first settlers of the area were the Collett, White, Webb, Estes, Greene, Franklin, Coffey and Gragg families.
If your family came from this area of Caldwell County you probably will want to visit this site on a regular basis. Because it is new, it will continue to grow and add material almost daily.
It is also a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation which means that all donations to it, monetary or otherwise, are tax deductable.
Click on the title link to visit the Society's website.

June 14, 2007

Coffee/y in Nelson Co., VA Census 1810 to 1840

The following are Coffee/Coffey families found in the Nelson Co., VA census record from 1810 to 1840. The data reads l-r: Year of Census, Name in Census, Age Range, Year Born Range, and Who that person is/may be.

1810 Edmund Jr 26 to 44 1766 to 1784 s/o of Edmond Stewart and Nancy Barnett Coffey & h/o Matilda Fitzgerald
1810 William 26 to 44 1766 to 1784 s/o of Edmond Stewart and Nancy Barnett Coffey & h/o Elizabeth Giles
1810 William 16 to 25 1785 to 1794
1820 Edmund 45 and up 1765 or earlier Maybe Edmond Stewart, Sr., s/o of John and Jane Graves Coffey
1820 Nancy 45 and up 1775 or earlier
1820 William 45 and up 1775 or earlier May be s/o of Wm. and Eliz. Osborne Coffey
1820 Edmund F. 26 to 45 1775 to 1794 May be Edmond F., h/o Elizabeth Burgher, s/o Wm. and Eliz. Osborne Coffey
1820 Reuben 26 to 45 1775 to 1794 s/o of Edmond Stewart and Nancy Barnett Coffey
1820 William 26 to 45 1775 to 1794 s/o of Edmond Stewart and Nancy Barnett Coffey
1830 Edmond S. 50 to 60 1770 to 1780 *May be s/o of Edmond Stewart and Nancy Barnett Coffey
1830 Edmund F. 50 to 60 1770 to 1780 s/o of William and Elizabeth Osborne Coffey
1830 Reuben 50 to 60 1770 to 1780 s/o of Edmond Stewart and Nancy Barnett Coffey
1830 William 50 to 60 1770 to 1780
1830 John 30 to 40 1790 to 1800
1830 Garland 20 to 30 1800 to 1810 s/o of William and Elizabeth Giles Coffey
1830 Joseph 20 to 30 1800 to 1810 s/o of Edmund Stewart, Jr., and Matilda Fitzgerald Coffey
1830 Peter C. 20 to 30 1800 to 1810 s/o of Edmund F. and Elizabeth Burgher Coffey
1830 William 20 to 30 1800 to 1810
1830 William 20 to 30 1800 to 1810
1830 Francis 15 to 20 1810 to 1815
1840 Edmund F. 60 to 70 1770 to 1780 s/o of William and Elizabeth Osborne Coffey
1840 Edmund S. 60 to 70 1770 to 1780 s/o of John and Jane Graves Coffey
1840 Mary 60 to 70 1770 to 1780
1840 Nancy 60 to 70 1770 to 1780
1840 Reuben 60 to 70 1770 to 1780 Reuben G., s/o of Edmond Stewart and Nancy Barnett Coffey & f/o Reuben
1840 William 60 to 70 1770 to 1780 s/o of Edmond Stewart and Nancy Barnett Coffey & h/o Elizabeth Giles
1840 Garland 30 to 40 1800 to 1810 s/o of William and Elizabeth Giles Coffey
1840 Holloway 30 to 40 1800 to 1810 s/o of William and Elizabeth Giles Coffey
1840 John W. 30 to 40 1800 to 1810
1840 Joseph 30 to 40 1800 to 1810 s/o of Edmund F. and Elizabeth Burgher Coffey
1840 Osborne 30 to 40 1800 to 1810
1840 Peter C. 30 to 40 1800 to 1810 s/o of Edmund F. and Elizabeth Burgher Coffey
1840 William 30 to 40 1800 to 1810 s/o of Edmund F. and Elizabeth Burgher Coffey
1840 William A. 30 to 40 1800 to 1810 s/o of William and Elizabeth Giles Coffey
1840 Benj. 20 to 30 1810 to 1820 This may be Benjamin J., h/o Candis W. Coffey (neither parents known)
1840 Benj. 20 to 30 1810 to 1820 This also may be Benjamin J., h/o Candis W. Coffey (neither parents known)
1840 Charles 20 to 30 1810 to 1820 s/o of Edmund F. and Elizabeth Burgher Coffey
1840 Edmund 20 to 30 1810 to 1820 s/o of William and Elizabeth Giles Coffey
1840 Frances 20 to 30 1810 to 1820
1840 Reuben 20 to 30 1810 to 1820 s/o of Reuben G. and Nancy Giles Coffey
1840 Henry 15 to 20 1820 to 1825

h/o = husband of; s/0 = son of
Surname for all families was spelled COFFEE until 1840 when it became COFFEY

Please help fill in the blanks or, correct any data. Contact me at the e-mail address below.

June 13, 2007

Oliver Hill Coffey (1851 KY - 1950 IA)

Oliver Hill Coffey was born Dec. 11, 1851 in Jamestown, Russell Co., KY to James L. and Susan Ann Bradshaw Coffey. James was a son of John Hayes and Mary Burkett. Oliver married Elizabeth Frances Tiller on Feb. 1, 1874 in KY.

Elizabeth was born Feb. 4, 1857 in Jamestown to Edward Tiller, an Englishman, and Emily J. Lair of Russell Co. Elizabeth died Jan. 14, 1942 in Hamburg; Oliver died there on Nov. 25, 1950. Both are buried in the Mt. Olive Cemetery in Hamburg. Edward Tiller is said to have died in Oregon c1862, and Emily in Hamburg in 1911.

Children of this union were:

James Edward, born Jan. 1, 1875 in Jamestown, died Jun. 7, 1927 in Hamburg. He married Mary Etta Pauley, born 1875, died 1951 in Hamburg. James' WW1 draft registration card revealed that he was tall with a medium build, brown eyes and black hair. He was a farmer who resided with his wife at RFD 2 in Hamburg.

Everly Judson, born May 22, 1879 in Jamestown, died Apr. 17, 1960 in Saskatchewan, Canada. He married Laura Janette Proctor, born in Hamburg on Mar. 1, 1886. She died Feb. 16, 1972, also in Saskatchewan.

Nellie May Coffey was born Nov. 11, 1881 in Hamburg, and died there on Apr. 1, 1969. She was twice married. I believe her first husband was Martin Jenkins Travis, born Nov. 3, 1879 in Council Bluffs, IA, died Dec. 2, 1946 in Hamburg. Her second husband was Dee Notson who died in Hamburg in 1967.

Mollie, born Dec. 14, 1883 in Hamburg and died there on May 16, 1958. She married Victor Catlett, born Sep. 26, 1885 in IA and died in Hamburg on Sep. 14, 1961.

Emma, born Sep. 25, 1885 in Hamburg, died there on Jan. 19, 1969. She married Harry Houts, born in MO on Sep. 23, 1883 and died Jun. 15, 1969 in Hamburg. They were married on Feb. 10, 1910 in IA.

Hattie, born Nov. 16, 1887 in IA, died 1970 in Hamburg. She married Henry Clayton.

Jack Boyce, born Aug. 2, 1889 in Hamburg, died Oct. 17, 1972 in Omaha, Douglas Co., NE. He married Esther Baldwin. She was born in 1894 and died Mar. 10, 1946. Jack registered for the draft in Hamburg on Jun. 5, 1918 when he was 27 years old. He was described as being tall and stout with gray eyes and black hair, and a farmer employed by Victor Catlett, his brother-in-law. Boyce - as named in the census (Jack Boyce on WW1 registration) - was unmarried and living with his parents at the time of the 1920 census.[*]

Thomas Tiller, born Aug. 2, 1892; a death date has not been found. He also registered for the draft in Hamburg on Jun. 5, 1918. He gave his age as 24 [**] and was said to be of medium build and height with gray eyes and dark brown hair. He was unmarried, and like Jack was employed by Victor Catlett. Thomas claimed exemption from the draft because of "weak eyes."

[*] I received the following on Apr. 7, 2016: "Hello. I am a descendant of Oliver Hill Coffey.  I was reading your site and noticed that one of his children was noted as 'Jack B' Coffey, who was married to Esther Baldwin.  This was my great grandfather.  He had a son named Boyce Baldwin Coffey.  I wanted to note a necessary correction:  'Jack B' was actually Boyce Brodus.  He registered for the WWI draft as 'Jack B' because he was previously turned down by the draft board due to a medical condition (a poorly healed leg fracture).  He used an alias to join the Army.  His discharge certificate hung on my grandfather's office wall for years.  Anyway, the information you have is technically correct, but I wondered if it may have prevented any further lineage trace because he used his real name on my grandpa's birth certificate.  He (Boyce Brodus, aka Jack B) and Esther Baldwin had a son, who in turn had 3 kids (Charles, Mark, and Crystal).  Mark is my father and lives in Montana.  I also have a son (Maol-Eown).  Just thought you might find this information interesting."

Riley Coffey | riley.coffey@gmail.com

[**}Given birth date and registration date, Thomas was really closer to being 26 years old when he registered for the draft.

June 12, 2007

Louis Jasper Coffey (1860 NC-1947 MO)

Lewis Jasper Coffey was born Oct. 6, 1860 in North Carolina to Eli and Louisa Caroline Storie Coffey. He died Dec. 15, 1947 in Pettis Co., MO.

Eli was born c1813, a son of James and Delilah Ferguson Coffey. Louisa was a daughter of Eli and Mary (Polly) Carlton Storie, and was born Apr. 1831 in NC, died after 1910 in MO.

Lewis' siblings were James, born c1853; Joshua, born c1854; Louisa C., born Sep. 12, 1856, died Feb. 19, 1942 and Isaac Milton, born c1858.

Lewis Jasper and Alice Ann Moulder, who was born Jan. 5, 1868 in MO and died Feb. 28, 1944 in Camden Co., MO, were married on Jan. 7, 1886 in Camden Co.

There were at least 10 children born to this union:

Buford Garfield, born Oct. 7, 1889, married Delphia A. Campbell c1912 in MO. Delphia was the daughter of Charles R. and Emily M. Campbell and was born Sep., 1895 in MO. Their children were Verdie, born c1913; Finis A., born c1915; Agnes Verna, born c1918; Hurle or Hurley Boss, born c1921; Charles Lewis, born c1926; and Clayton A., born c1929.

George B., born Feb. 8, 1892, died Mar. 3, 1893

Autis Belford, born Jan. 9, 1893 in MO, died Feb. 12, 1968 in Kansas City, Wyandotte Co., KS. He married Edith Estelle Toby, born Sep. 29, 1896, died May 6, 1993. Their children were: Charles Leslie, born Dec. 26, 1918, died Jan. 2, 2000, married Ellen Moss; Ila May, born c1922; Emil Ray, born May 26, 1923; Russell Glen, born Nov. 12, 1928, died Sep. 2002; Paul Marvin, born Mar. 27, 1931, died Nov. 26, 1983, married Myrtle Darlene McClain.

Leslie D., born Feb. 16, 1896 in MO, died Feb. 3, 1979. Married Della M. Edison, born Sep. 8, 1898 in MO, died Oct. 12, 1986. Their children were Hilda F., born c1922; Frieda, born c1924; Lew Dwight, born c1926; Donald, born c1927; Berna Dale; Eurla Jane.

Millie May, born Apr. 12, 1898, died Jan. 29, 2005

Elza S., born May 30, 1901, died Feb. 28, 1947

Ida Mabel, born c1905

Aubra B., born c1907

Shelby R., born Mar. 22, 1908, died Oct. 18, 1974

Lily Fay, born Oct. 18, 1912

Lewis and Alice were enumerated in the 1900 through 1930 census in Camden Co., MO. Both are buried in the Green Cemetery at Climax Springs, Camden Co.

Please send additions and/or corrections to me at the e-mail address below.

Photo courtesy Carol Hall

June 11, 2007

Lottie J. Coffey Trevey

Lottie J. Coffey Trevey
Lottie J. Coffey was the daughter of Charles Edward Coffey, Jr., and his wife Sallie M. White. Charles is in the Jordan Coffey line.

She was born Dec. 21, 1883 in Virginia, and probably in Amherst Co., and died there on May 7, 1939. She married Moses Hill Trevey c1902. Moses was born Jan. 22, 1878 in (probably) Amherst Co., VA and died there on May 23, 1954.

There were five children born to the marriage: Norman, born c1906; Harry Andrew, born May 18, 1908, died Apr. 24, 1924; Helen Audrey, borm May 18, 1908; Hesper D., born c1915, and Hill, born Jun. 12, 1923, died Jun. 9, 1926.

Lottie's sisters and brothers were Hester; Ashby Darmon, born Feb. 20, 1884, died Jul. 23, 1929; Inez, born Apr. 13, 1885; Hattie, born Apr. 2, 1888; and Beulah, born Oct. 25, 1889.

Beulah married Leonard Tyree Mason Jan. 7, 1910 in Lynchburg, VA. He was born Jul. 7, 1888 in Campbell Co. I know of only one child: Thomas B., born Jan. 12, 1919, died Mar. 8, 2007:

Obituary, The News & Advance, Lynchburg, VA, Mar. 8, 2007

Thomas B. Mason, 88, of Roanoke, died Thursday, March 8, 2007. Born in Lynchburg, Jan. 12, 1919, he was the son of the late Leonard Tyree Mason and Beulah Coffey Mason. He was married to Emily Ann Wilkins Mason for 58 years.

He attended public schools in Lynchburg, graduating from E.C. Glass High School in 1936. He attended Hampden-Sydney College and received his law degree from the University of Virginia School of Law in 1941. He was associated with a law firm in Arlington, from June 1941 until January 1942.

He served as a Naval Officer in World War II from 1942 to 1946, two years of which were in the South Pacific (Solomon Islands) and Philippine areas where he commanded PT Boat 179. He participated in the landings at Leyte, Philippines, on Oct. 20, 1944.

He engaged in the private practice of law in Lynchburg from 1946 to 1956, then became a trust officer with the Peoples National Bank and Trust Company of Lynchburg (now Bank of America). He was appointed by President Kennedy as United States Attorney for the Western District of Virginia in 1961, with offices in Roanoke. His family moved to Roanoke in 1962. He was re-appointed by President Johnson in 1965 and served in that office until 1969. The present U.S. Attorney's offices are located in the Thomas B. Mason Building at 105 Franklin Road.

He then became associated with the Law Department of Norfolk and Western Railway Company (now Norfolk Southern Corporation) from which he retired in 1983. He held memberships in the American Bar Association, Virginia Bar Association, Lynchburg and Roanoke Bar Associations and the Judicial Conference for the Fourth Judicial Circuit of Appeals Courts.

Tom had a long-time interest in theater and was a member of the company at Barter Theatre in Abingdon, during the summer of 1937 (its fifth season), when the late Robert Porterfield, its founder, was executive and artistic director. Tom was then 18-years old and appeared in six plays. While in Lynchburg, he performed in numerous plays at Lynchburg Little Theatre, one of the oldest Community Theaters in the nation. In Roanoke, he appeared in plays at Mill Mountain Playhouse, where some may remember his performance as Elwood P. Dowd in "Harvey". Following his retirement he acted professionally at regional, summer and dinner theaters in several other states; playing Norman Thayer in "On Golden Pond" among other roles. Tom appeared in three feature films, (Crimes of the Heart, Mississippi Burning and Gods and Generals) and seven television films. He was a member of the Screen Actors Guild and Actor's Equity Association.

Tom was active in his church, having served as deacon, elder and trustee of First Presbyterian Church of Roanoke, and previously as a member and officer of First Presbyterian Church of Lynchburg.

In addition to his wife, he is survived by two daughters, Martha Mason Malloy and husband, Joe Malloy, of Vesuvius, and Polly Mason Dunn of Greenville, N.C.; grandchildren, Luke Malloy, Courtney Dunn and Mason Dunn; nephew, Thomas R. Mason and wife, Karen, of Alpharetta, Ga.; nieces, Anne Leadbetter and husband, Gig, of Grand Junction, Colo., and Marsha M. Matter and husband, Kevin, of Aurora, Colo.

A memorial service will be held at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, March 10, 2007, at First Presbyterian Church in Roanoke, with the Rev. Robert D. Smith officiating. A graveside service will follow at 2:30 p.m. Saturday, in the Presbyterian Cemetery, 907 Bailey Street, Lynchburg.

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to First Presbyterian Church of Roanoke, P.O. Box 8538, Roanoke, VA 24014; your own church; or a charity or organization of your choice.

Arrangements by Oakey's Roanoke Chapel and Crematory, (540) 982-2100.

June 5, 2007

Reuben and Mary Jane Coffey Dellinger

Update 2-28-2011:  Sevina W. Dellinger and Eugenia Lavinia (Genie) Dellinger are the same person. I mistook an S for an L in the 1860 census. Thanks to Lloyd Coffey for pointing this out.

Reuben Dellinger was born Oct. 20, 1920 in Lincoln Co., NC, the son of Henry and Katherine Setzer Dellinger. Reuben was a brother to Elkanna Dellinger, born c1818, died 1865, who married Elizabeth (Betty) Godsey of Rockingham Co., NC.

Mary Jane Coffey was the daughter of Jesse and Margaret Edmiston (var.), born Oct. 19, 1827 in Caldwell Co., NC and died Apr. 11, 1859 in Yancey Co., NC. I have not found a marriage date for them, but it was likely c1846 as their first child was born in December of 1847.

Mary's father was a son of Reuben and Sarah (Sally) Scott Coffey; her mother a daughter of William Harrison and Mary Suddreth Edmiston. Reuben was a son of John and Jane Graves Coffey.

Children of Reuben and Mary Jane Coffey Dellinger were:

James Pinkney Dellinger, born Dec. 31, 1847, died Jun. 21, 1896. He married his first cousin, Mary Frances Dellinger on Aug. 24, 1872. Mary Frances was the daughter of Elkanna and Betty Godsey Dellinger. James and Mary's children were (as I have them) Astor Jane, born May 25, 1882, died Feb. 10, 1963 who married her distant cousin, Julius Adore Coffey. The second child of James and Mary was Fannie Mae, born May 3, 1884 and died Oct. 26, 1966 in Watauga Co., NC. Fannie married her first cousin, Leason Elkanah Gragg, a son of David Obadiah and Frances Dellinger Gragg.

Elkana Hunter Dellinger, born c1850 - no other information.

David R. P. Dellinger, born c1853 - no other information.

Melvin William Dellinger, born Sep. 24, 1855 - no other information.

Eugenia Lavinia (Genie) Dellinger, born 1857, died 1897, married her first cousin, Julius Calvin Coffey, a son of Zacheus (Zack) and Margaret (Granny Peggy) Coffey Coffey. They had at least eight children: Mary Adalaide, born c1880; Rachel Carathia, born Oct. 20, 1882, died Feb. 22, 1972; Reuben Zachariah, born Jun. 15, 1884, died Jun. 12, 1961; Serena Leantine, born Apr. 1887; Julius C., born May, 1889; Flavah M., born Dec., 1890; Nora Celia, born 1882, died Feb. 22, 1951; and Zack, no dates.

Sevina W. Dellinger, born c1858 - no other information.

For most of their lives Reuben and Mary Jane lived and raised their children in Watauga Co. (1850 and 1860 census). I understand that Reuben was buried in Mitchell Co., NC. Mary Jane died as a result of being crushed while grinding corn at Reuben's mill.

The following is from Toe River Valley Heritage - North Carolina, Vol. 1, Page 193:
"Kathy Gunter Sullivan writes that according to David Dellinger's," (sic) [I believe "Bible" is the missing word] "his mother Mary Jane (Coffey) died on 4/11/1859. The circumstances of her death appear in a personal journal kept by Jacob ("Uncle Jake") Carpenter. Though Mr. Carpenter's recollection of the date differs from the Bible entry, the indelible horror of that day is easily imagined. Here is Mr. Carpenter's account: "1859. Mary Dilinger ag 49 was cilde in mill her tress was cot rond shaf and mashed flat gin trane she lay 3 ours in mill for was fond Jun 11 I holp pol out Jacob Carpenter." The version in modern spelling and punctuation, reads: "Mary Dellinger, aged 49 (actual age was 31), was killed in a mill; her dress was caught round the shaft and she was mashed flat by the gin (engine) in the trane (drain/channel). She lay three hours in the mill before she was found, June 11 (actually April). I helped pull her out. (signed) Jacob Carpenter.
"Mary Jane's broken body was laid to rest in the Methodist churchyard adjacent to the graves of Reuben's parents. One family tradition is that her tombstone was erected by son David Dellinger after he became an adult, and there it stands: Mary J., wife of Reuben Dellinger, died April 11, 1859, aged 31 y, 5m, 12d.
"David Dellinger spoke of his mother to his grandchildren, who report: "Grandpa said he was only six years old when his Mother was killed in a mill, but he remembered how she would pick him up and carry him to the house when he would follow her to the mill barefooted" (Ruth Dellinger Lamkin). He recalled, too, how his Aunt Katherine (Dellinger) Carpenter had gathered Mary Jane's five bereft children into her own large brood and had mothered them along with her own."
[Update Jul. 5, 2007: Check out the Dellinger Grist Mill website]

Archelaus Coffey (1810-1900)

(Updated 1-28-2008)

Archelaus Coffey was born in Wilkes Co., NC on Mar 1, 1810, and died on Dec 27, 1900 in Clay, Spencer Co., IN.1 He was another son of James D. and Hannah Alloway Strange Coffey.

Archelaus is mentioned in Tales of Pioneers: History of Owen County, Indiana, Vol II, Chamber of Commerce, Spencer, IN 1963

ARCHELAUS COFFEY, an old citizen and farmer of Clay Township, Owen County, Ind., eldest son of James and Hannah Coffey, of North Carolina, was born in Wilkes County, that State, March 1, 1810. He came with his parents into Indiana in the year 1834, and located in Monroe County, where he lived until 1860, removing thence into Owen County, where he purchased the land upon which he has since resided. He was reared upon a farm, and educated at the subscription schools of his native state. January 23, 1834, he was married, in Ashe County, N. C., to Rachel WILSON, who bore him eleven children - an infant died not named; Sallie Ann; James D.; John W.; Jonathan, deceased; William A.; Zacariah, deceased; Noah; Joseph M.; George M. and Levi W. With the exception of a small inheritance from the estate of his father, who died in 1869, subject has been dependent upon his own labors for the competency he has acquired. He owns a fine farm of 200 acres, nearly all in cultivation, well improved, stocked and fully equipped with the necessary agricultural implements and machinery. Though upward of seventy years of age, he enjoys good health, is in possession of all his faculties, keeps mind and body occupied, and bids fair to live yet many years of usefulness in a community where he is universally known and esteemed.

Archelaus COFFEY and Rachael WILSON were married on Jan 23, 1834 in Ashe Co., NC. They appeared in the census on Sep 30, 1850 in Monroe Co., IN.,2 the census on Aug 17, 1860 in Monroe Co., IN.,3 the census on Aug 20, 1870 in Owen Co., IN.,4 and the census on Jun 4, 1880 in Owen Co., IN.5 Rachael was born in North Carolina about 1815. Archelaus and Rachael had the following children:

i. Sarah Ann (Sallie) COFFEY was born in Indiana about 1836.
2 ii. James D. COFFEY, born about 1838, Indiana; married Martha J. __________.
iii. Jonathan COFFEY, born Jun, 1840, died Aug. 3, 1841, buried in Hopewell Cemetery, Clay Twp., Owen Co., Indiana
iv. John W. Coffey was born in Indiana about 1843.
3 v. William A. COFFEY, born about 1845, Indiana; married Mary A. FRANKLIN, on Dec 20, 1866, Owen Co., IN6. Mary is probably the daughter of Abner and Malinda Franklin who resided in Clay Twp., Owen Co., IN in 1850.
4 vi. Noah W. COFFEY, born about 1847, Indiana; married Tacy J. PARRISH, on Dec 23, 1869, Owen Co., IN7,8.
vii. Zacharia COFFEY was born in Indiana about 1849.
viii. Joseph M. COFFEY was born in Indiana about 1851.
ix. George M. COFFEY was born in Indiana about 1855.
5 x. Levi W. COFFEY, born about 1859, Indiana; married Laura THOMAS, on Feb 2, 1881, Owen Co., IN7,9.

Second Generation

2. James D. COFFEY (Archelaus-1) was born in Indiana about 1838.

James D. COFFEY and Martha J. LNU appeared in the census on Jun 8, 1880 in Owen Co., IN., 10 and were married. Martha J. was born in Indiana about 1841. James and Martha J. had the following children:

i. John Mc., COFFEY was born in Indiana about 1863.
ii. Rosy E. COFFEY was born in Indiana about 1868.

3. William A. COFFEY (Archelaus-1) was born in Indiana about 1845.

William A. COFFEY and Mary A. FRANKLIN were married on Dec 20, 1866 in Owen Co., IN.6 They appeared in the census on Jun 3, 1880 in Owen Co., IN.11 Mary was born in Indiana about 1842. William and Mary had the following children:

i. Charles A. COFFEY was born in Indiana about 1868.
ii. Malinda J. COFFEY was born in Indiana about 1870.

4. Noah W. COFFEY (Archelaus-1) was born in Indiana about 1847.

Noah W. COFFEY and Tacy J. PARRISH were married on Dec 23, 1869 in Owen Co., IN.7,8 They appeared in the census on Jun 4, 1880 in Owen Co., IN.12 Tacy was born in Indiana about 1847 and was probably the daughter of William and Elsa Parrish who in 1850 were residing in Ray, Morgan Co., IN. Noah and Tacy had the following children:

6 i. Etta A. COFFEY, born about 1874, Indiana; married Joseph A. MANERS, on Mar 28, 1891, Owen Co., IN7,13.
7 ii. Doney C. COFFEY, born about Mar 1880, Indiana; married Daisy D. DOWELL, on Oct 5, 1899, Owen Co., IN7,14.

5. Levi W. COFFEY (Archelaus-1) was born in Indiana about 1859.

Levi W. COFFEY and Laura THOMAS were married on Feb 2, 1881 in Owen Co., IN.7,9 No information has been found for Laura THOMAS.

Third Generation

6. Etta A. COFFEY (Noah W.-2, Archelaus-1) was born in Indiana about 1874.

Etta A. COFFEY and Joseph A. MANERS were married on Mar 28, 1891 in Owen Co., IN.7,13 Joeph was born in IN in Nov., 1870. He and Etta were parents of Ward Earl, born Mar. 11, 1892; Nora G., born Dec. 16, 1894; Coy Rex, born Jul. 20, 1897; and Wilson A., born c1905. They were residents of Clay Twp., Owen Co. in 1900. In 1910 and 1920 they resided in Spencer, Washington Twp., IN.

7. Doan Cavens COFFEY (Noah W.-2, Archelaus-1) was born in Indiana in Feb. 1880.

Doan Cavens COFFEY and Daisy D. DOWELL were married on Oct 5, 1899 in Owen Co., IN.7,14 Daisy was born Aug., 1878 in Indiana. They were parents of one child, a daughter Gail, born c1903. In 1900 the family resided in Spencer Twp., Owen Co. In 1920 they moved to Columbus, Bartholomew Co., and in 1930 they were residents of Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana. Doan was still living in April, 1942 when at age 62 he was required to register for the WW2 draft. He was an employee of Standard Oil Co.


1. Various Indiana county death records indexed by the Indiana Works Projects Administration. Indiana: circa 1938-1941. Name: Archelaus Coffey Date: 27 Dec 1900 Location: Clay Township Age: 90 yr Gender: Male Race W Source Location: County Health Office, Spence Source Notes: The source of this record is the book H-15 on page 4 within the series produced by the Indiana Works Progress Administration.
2. United States Federal Census for years indicated. 1850 Monroe Co., Richland Twp., Dist. 74, Page 252, dwelling/family 447, Archilles [sic] Coffey, age 40, male, farmer, $600, born NC; Rachael, age 35, female, born NC; Sarah A., age 14, female, born IN; James D., age 12, male, born IN; John W., age 8, male, born IN; William A., age 5, male, born IN; Noah W., age 3, male, born IN; Zacharia, age 1, male, born IN.
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4. Ibid., 1870 Owen Co., Clay Twp., White Hall PO, Page 21, dwelling 186, family 163, Coffey, Archelaus, age 60, male, white, farmer, $4000, $1050, born NC; dwelling 187, family 163 [sic], Rachel, age 56, female, white, keeping house, born NC; John W., age 26, male, white, farmer, born IN; Joseph M., age 18, male, white, born IN; George M., age 14, male, white, born IN; Levi W., age 11, male, white, born IN.
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11. Ibid., 1880 Owen Co., Clay Twp., ED259, Page 5, dwelling/family 40, Coffey, William A., white male, age 35, married, farmer, born NC, parents born NC; Mary A., white female, age 38, wife, keeping house, born IN, father born NC, mother born VA; Charles A., white male, age 12, son, single, born IN, parents born IN; Malinda J., white female, age 10, dau., born IN, parents born IN.
12. Ibid., 1880 Owen Co., Clay Twp., ED259, Page 7, dwelling/family 60, Coffey, Noah W., white male, age 33, married, farmer, born IN, parents born NC; Lacy A., white female, age 33, wife, married, keeping house, born IN, parents born KY; Etta A., white female, age 6, dau., born IN, parents born IN; Doany C., white male, age 3 mos., son, born IN, parents born IN.
13.Original Data: Works Progress Administration. Index to Marriage Records Indiana: Indiana Works Progress Administration, 1938-1940. Name: Etta A Coffey Spouse Name: Joseph A Maners Marriage Date: 28 Mar 1891 Marriage County: Owen Source Title 1: Owen County, Indiana Source Title 2: Index to Marriage Record 1850 - 1920 Inclusive Vol Source Title 3: W. P. A. Original Record Located: Compiled by Indi Book: 33 OS Page: 27.
14. Ibid., Name: Doney C Coffey Spouse Name: Daisy D Dowell Marriage Date: 5 Oct 1899 Marriage County: Owen Source Title 1: Owen County, Indiana Source Title 2: Index to Marriage Record 1850 - 1920 Inclusive Vol Source Title 3: W. P. A.

Please send additions and/or corrections to me at the below e-mail address.

John Davidson COFFEY (1821-1909)

John Davidson Coffey was a son of James D. and Hannah Alloway Strange Coffey. James was born Oct. 23, 1786 in Globe, Caldwell Co., NC and died Oct. 27, 1868 in Owen Co., IN. Hannah was born Feb. 18, 1790 and died Dec. 14, 1871. Hannah likely died in Indiana, but I have not confirmed that. James was a son of Reuben and Sarah (Sally) Scott Coffey.

John Davidson COFFEY1 was born in Ashe Co., NC on Jul 8, 1821, and died on Jan 5, 1909 in Ellettsville, Monroe Co., IN.2

John D. Coffey, retired farmer, is a son of James and Hannah (Alloway) Coffey, natives of North Carolina, and respectively of Irish and English extraction. John D. was also born in North Carolina July 8, 1821, whence when he was eleven years old, his parents removed to this county and purchased a timbered tract near Ellettsville, in the clearing of which our subject took a full part and remained with his parents until he was twenty-three years old, when he married his first wife, Mary A. Whisnand, and who died in 1846, leaving one son - James W. His second marriage took place December, 1848, the bride being Miss Mary A. Mayfield, who died May 2, 1878, leaving two sons - William R. and Anderson T. His third marriage was with Miss Mary J. Ridge, who died May 18, 1883. After his first marriage he leased twelve acres, and after his second marriage he purchased a small farm, where he resided until 1855, and two years later located near Ellettsville, improved land and lived until 1869, as which time he purchased part of his father's farm. In addition to a good farm, he has some village property, and has a comfortable living. Mr. Coffey is a member of the Masonic order and of the Baptist Church.1

John Davidson COFFEY and Mary Ann WHISENAND were married on Sep 12, 1844 in Monroe Co., IN.3 Mary Ann WHISENAND was born in Eadsville, Wayne Co., KY about 1823, and died in 1846 in Indiana. John and Mary Ann WHISENAND had the following children:

i. James W. COFFEY was born in Indiana about 1846. He appeared in the census on Apr 16, 1860 in Monroe Co., IN, enumerated in the household with his Coffey grandparents.

John Davidson COFFEY and Mary A. MAYFIELD were married on Dec 23, 1847 in Monroe Co., IN.4 They appeared in the census on Sep 19, 1850 in Monroe Co., IN., 5 and the census on Aug 24, 1860 in Monroe Co., IN.6 Mary A. MAYFIELD died on May 2, 1878 in Indiana. John and Mary A. MAYFIELD had the following children:

i. William R. COFFEY was born in Aug 1849.
ii. Anderson T. COFFEY was born in Indiana about 1863.

Based on the large difference in years between William and Anderson's birth, there were perhaps other children. I have been unable to find this family in the 1870 census.

John and Mary J. RIDGE were married in 1874. They appeared in the census on Jun 22, 1880 in Monroe Co., IN.7,1 Mary J. RIDGE died on May 18, 1888 in Indiana.

Additions and corrections welcomed.


1. Charles Blanchard, Editor, Counties of Morgan, Monroe and Brown, Indiana. Historical and Biographical. (Chicago, IL: F. A. Battey & Co., Chicago, IL, 1884). 2. Indiana Deaths, 1882-1920 Original data: Various Indiana county death records indexed by the Indiana Works Projects Administration. Indiana: circa 1938-1941. Name: John D. Coffey Date: 5 Jan 1909 Location: Ellettsville Age: 87 yr Gender: Male Race: W Source Location: City Health Office Bloomington Source Notes: The source of this record is the book H-11 on page 45 within the series produced by the Indiana Works Progress Administration. 3. Indiana State Library Genealogy Database: Marriages through 1850, Indiana State Library online [], accessed Sep.,2005. Coffey, John D. [to] Whisenand, Mary, Monroe Co., 9-12-1844. [There is also a marriage record for John D. Coffey to Mary Ann Wayfield [Mayfield] on Dec. 23, 1847 in Monroe Co.]. 4. Ibid., Coffey, John D. [to] Wayfield [sic], Mary Ann, Monroe Co., 12-23-1847. [Counties of Morgan, Monroe and Brown, Indiana gives marriage date as Dec., 1848]. 5. United States Federal Census for years indicated. 1850 Monroe Co., Richland Twp., Dist. 74, dwelling/family 303, John D. Coffey, age 29, male, farmer, born NC; Mary, age 27, female, born KY; James, age 4, male, born IN; William, age 10 mos., male, born IN. 6. Ibid., 1860 Monroe Co., Richland Twp., Ellettsville PO, Page 107, dwelling 778, family 754, John D. Coffey, age 39, male, farmer, $3000, $600, born NC; Mary, age 38, female, born IN; Riley, age 11, male, born IN. 7. Ibid., 1880 Monroe Co., Richland Twp., ED280, Page 26, dwelling 245, family 250, Coffey, John D., white male, age 59, married, farmer, born NC, parents born NC; Mary J., white female, age 47, wife, married, keeping house, born IN, father born MD, mother born KY; Anderson T., white male, age 17, son, single, laborer, born IN, father born NC, mother born KY.

June 4, 2007

David N. Coffey

In the photo from left to right, is Arthur Hill Dula*, his wife Mary Jane Coffey; Theodicia Coffey Blalock, and David Nathaniel Coffey.

Mary Jane and Theodocia are sisters, and children of Thomas Avery and Louisa E. Gragg Coffey. Thomas Avery and Nathaniel were brothers, sons of Austin Coffey and Mary Blalock.

Theodocia married Columbus Filmore (Lum) Blalock, a son of William McKesson "Keith" and Sarah Malinda Pritchard Blalock. "Keith" was a son of Mary Blalock by an unknown father.

David Nathaniel married Caroline Lavinia Coffey, a daughter of Levi L. and Temperance Calloway Coffey. Levi and Austin were second cousins.

The dress seems to indicate that the photo was taken in the 1920's. Columbus (Lum) and Theodocia went to Bend, OR where they were enumerated in the 1920 census. Lum died in Bend on Oct. 6, 1925**. Theodocia later married Luther Farthing, and died in Watauga Co., NC on Feb. 14, 1941. Lum had been previously married, first to Emma McNeely in 1884 and second, to Esther Caldonia Calloway.

*See earlier blog on this family
**Oregon Death Index, 1903-98. Salem, Oregon: Filmed by the Oregon State Archives and Records Center, [1998-] . Name: Blalock, Columbus Filmore County: Deschutes Death Date: 6 Oct 1925 Certificate: 118

Arthur Hill and Mary Jane Coffey Dula

Arthur Hill Dula and Mary Jane Coffey were married in Watauga Co., NC on Oct. 11, 1892. Mary Jane was the daughter of Thomas Avery and Louisa E. Gragg Coffey.
Arthur & Mary J. Coffey Dula

Arthur, called Hill, was born Jan., 1867 in NC and died Sep. 7, 1948 in Watauga Co., NC. Mary Jane was born in Aug., 1874 in Caldwell Co., NC and died May 26, 1955 in Watauga Co. Both are buried at Boone Fork Baptist Church Cemetery in that county.

Nine children were born to this marriage:

Clyde Lester Dula, born Jul. 23, 1893, died Aug. 2, 1973. Clyde was first married to Bertha May Robbins, born Mar. 9, 1897 in Watauga Co. His second wife was his cousin, Katherine Gwendolyn Coffey, born Aug. 1, 1919 to Austin Blaine and Emma Mahalia Harris Coffey.

Charlotte Nevada Dula was born Jan., 1894 and died Jul. 14, 1989 in Asheville, NC. She married Julius Allen Gragg, born Jun. 25, 1892, died Jun. 17, 1979 in Boone, Watauga Co.

Olive M. Dula, born Feb., 1899

Beatrice Rema Dula, born Jul. 7, 1902

Ruth Virginia Dula, born Aug. 5, 1904

Earnest Dula, born c1908

Ruby Evelyn Dula, born Jan. 19, 1910. Ruby was married on Nov. 19, 1938 to Murray Harris Coffey, born May 9, 1915 in Hudson, Caldwell Co., and died Apr. 5, 2003 in Blowing Rock, Watauga Co. Murray was a brother to Gwendolyn who married Ruby's brother, Clyde Lester. Their children were Imogene Dula Coffey, born Aug. 19, 1930; Vernon Coffey, born Oct. 5, 1939, and Terry Lee Coffey, born Nov. 3, 1947.

Lois Esther Dula, born Jun. 3, 1912

Cleda Elizabeth Dula, born Sep. 17, 1917

Additions and corrections welcomed.

June 3, 2007

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June 1, 2007

2008 Reunion Update

Click here for important information concerning the 2008 Coffey Cousins' Reunion!

Sophia Suttenfield Porter (1815-1897)

Sophia Porter, North Texas pioneer, was born on December 3, 1815, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the second child of William and Laura (Taylor) Suttenfield (or Suttonfield). Little is known of her childhood, but many stories exist about her adult life and her four marriages. In 1833 she married Jesse Augustine Aughinbaugh (or Auginbaugh), a druggist and teacher. In 1835 the couple arrived in Nacogdoches, where she said Aughinbaugh deserted her. As a participant in the Runaway Scrape, Sophia claimed to have arrived at the battle of San Jacinto and to have nursed Sam Houston there. Holland Coffee, a member of the House of Representatives and an Indian trader, successfully lobbied the Texas Congress to pass a bill granting Sophia Aughinbaugh a divorce from her missing husband, and on January 19, 1839, she and Coffee were married at Independence in Washington County. From there the couple traveled over 600 miles to Coffee's Station on the Red River in Grayson County. There they developed Glen Eden Plantation and the town of Preston until Coffee was killed in 1846. In December 1847 Sophia married Maj. George N. Butt (or Butts), who helped her run Glen Eden until he was killed in 1863. Butt reportedly was ambushed by a member of William C. Quantrill's gang. The sobriquet "Confederate Paul Revere" was given Sophia during the Civil War, when she is said to have ridden her mount across the Red River to warn Col. James G. Bourland and his men that Union troops were at her plantation. The story continues that Mrs. Butt supplied the enemy with enough wine that they remained unaware of her departure. One account claims she locked the inebriated men in her wine cellar while she rode off. Other variants say either that Bourland escaped the Unionists or that he came to Glen Eden and captured them. On August 2, 1865, Sophia Butt married Judge James Porter, and they lived together at Glen Eden until his death in 1886. Sophia joined the Methodist church in Sherman in 1869. She had no children, but she raised two of Holland Coffee's nieces. She died on August 27, 1897, and was buried near Glen Eden. When the area was to be inundated to form Lake Texoma, her home was dismantled with the intention that it be reassembled as a museum of Grayson County history, but the wood was mistakenly burned.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Holland Coffee Papers, Sherman Public Library, Sherman, Texas. Mary Daggett Lake, "Glen Eden, Red River Valley Landmark," Southern Home and Garden, March 1936. Graham Landrum and Allen Smith, Grayson County (Fort Worth, 1960; 2d ed., Fort Worth: Historical Publishers, 1967). Sherrie McLeRoy, Mistress of Glen Eden: The Life and Times of Texas Pioneer Sophia Porter (Sherman, Texas: White Stone, 1990). Audy J. and Glenna P. Middlebrooks, "Holland Coffee of Red River," Southwestern Historical Quarterly 69 (October 1965). Glenna Parker Middlebrooks, "Sophia Coffee, History's Firefly," True West, October 1973. Sophia Porter Papers, Sherman Public Library, Sherman, Texas.

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