August 31, 2008

Gustav and Hannah

We are hosting some folks who evacuated south Louisiana ahead of Gustav.  As a result, I will likely not be writing a new Coffey Call until the danger has passed.

We are on the extreme eastern side of north Louisiana and are expected to receive rain and some winds - perhaps 25-30 mph, but nothing more serious.

Hannah, now off the east coast of Florida will, unless nature takes it more to the NE, likely move into the Gulf sometime next week.

August 27, 2008

Jesse and Eleanor Coffey Compton

According to some sources, Eleanor Coffey was born Jan. 9, 1793 in Wilkes Co., NC to John Coffey and Mary Hall.  Mary's maiden name has also not been agreed upon,  Some research shows it as Hull or Harbord.  I do not know which is correct.

John, born c1753, probably in Albemarle Co., VA, was a son of James and Elizabeth Cleveland Coffey.  He died Dec. 27, 1825 in Wilkes Co.  Mary was born Dec. 18, 1755, location unknown.

James Coffey, born Jul 4, 1729 in Essex Co., VA, was a son of John and Jane Graves Coffey.  Elizabeth Cleveland is said by some to be the illegitimate daughter of Grace Cleveland who may have been a daughter of Alexander Cleveland.  Some researchers believe that Elizabeth was the daughter of Edward Coffey, a son of Edward and Ann Powell Coffey, because he eventually married Grace.

By tradition, Alexander's wife has been named Mildred (Milly) Presly.  Her name is also the subject of some controversy.

In my opinion, and to my knowledge, this family arrangement has not been satisfactorily researched.

Eleanor is believed to be the ninth of 11 children born to John and Mary.  Jesse was the son of Hezekiah and Jane Fields Compton.  Jane Fields was the daughter of Thomas Fields and Elizabeth Coffey.  Eleanor is in the fourth generation of descendants of John and Jane Graves Coffey.  Jane Fields is in the third genereation of descendants.

Jesse Compton and Eleanor Coffey are said to have married in Feb., 1819.  They were in Forsyth Co., GA in 1840 and remained there at least through the 1850 census.  Eleanor seems to have died before 1860.  That year found Jesse in the household with his son Marshal in Polk Co., TN.

In addition to Marshall, born c1835, Jesse and Eleanor had at least three other children:  Jane Elvira, born c1821; Mary, born c1825; and Sarah, born c1832.  There were likely others.

Marshal is the only child for whom I have found descendants.  He married Jane, born c1829 in Kentucky, c1856.  Their first two children were Henry, born c1858 and Georgia, born c1859 and were born in TN.  The next child was Lovedy [sic], born c1862 in GA.  In 1870 Jane appeared as a widow in the 1870 Whitfield Co., GA census with those three children as well as a son Caswell [?], born c1867 in GA. 

Marshal enlisted in Co. H., 36th Inf. Regt., GA on Apr. 24, 1862.  He died on May 16, 1863 at Bakers Creek in MS from wounds received there.

Bakers Creek was a battle fought between Union and Confederates as part of the battle at Champion Hill in Hinds Co., MS.  The Raymond Road forded Bakers Creek, and was a Confederate escape route to the Vicksburg road and, of course, into Vicksburg.  The Confederates lost some 4,300 men in the campaign.

Please contact me at the above e-mail address to add to or correct any of this information.

August 25, 2008

Find A Grave

I have been "using" the Find A Grave website for about a year, searching with some success for various grave sites, and in particular for photographs of headstones.  So, as a way to sort of "pay back" this excellent service, manned totally by volunteers, I took the plunge and today uploaded some photos and headstone information for the Allwood (aka El Bethel) Cemetery in Amherst Co.,  VA.

The photos were generously provided to me by the now famous "Coffeytown" John Taylor.

I have more cemetery information and photographs from John that I plan to upload in the near future.  I can tell you though, uploading one picture at a time is sure a time waster!  The Find A Grave website is (in my estimation) somewhat difficult to navigate when uploading.  Perhaps it's because I'm a "newbie!"

If you're interested in the Coffey and Coffey connected families buried at this cemetery, check out Find A Grave.  You can reach the Allwood site by clicking here.

August 22, 2008

Wyatt Coffey

A recent query in the Coffey Ancestry forum wondered about Wyatt Coffey, found in the 1860 Plumas Co., CA census.  After checking my files I found that there was a Wyatt Coffey, born c1835 in TN to Thomas and Mary S. (Polly) Hipshire Coffey for whom I had little information.  I also found a note from a researcher who reported this Wyatt had moved to CA before 1860.  Except for that, she had not provided any additional information.

Other researchers had reported the marriage of Wyatt to Julia A. Hipsher on Oct. 4, 1854 in Grainger Co., TN.  She was the daughter of Colbert and Jane Hayes Hipsher.  Wyatt appears to have abandoned or divorced Julia to head west.  Some years later (Aug. 30, 1883) Julia married Joel Mallicoat in Grainger Co.

A quick search of the census records found Wyatt Coffee, age 25, in the 1860 record for Indian Valley, Quincy PO, Plumas Co., CA.  He was unmarried, living alone, and employed as a "packer."

By 1870 he was married and had two children.  His wife was enumerated as Polly, age 30, an "Indian" born in CA.  Their children were Thomas, age 9, and Martha, age 4, both born in CA and enumerated as "Indian."

The family was still in Plumas Co. in 1880.  Children were Jeff, age 17; Martha, age 15; Ira, age 12; Harry, age 9; Rosa, age 4; and Eda [sic], age 1.  Polly and the children were enumerated as "Indian."

Polly apparently died before 1885 when Wyatt was enumerated in the Clark Co., WA  Terr. census.  W. Coffey, age 45 (or, 49?), born in TN, was a saloon keeper.  In the household was Ira, age 18; Harry, age 14; and Rosa, age 10.

I have not found any further information about Wyatt or any of the children except Rosa.  The 1900 census for Salmon Creek, Clark Co., WA enumerated Rosie E. Coffee [sic], born July 1876 in CA, as a servant in the Andrew Belongia household.  Rosie reported that her father was born in TN and her mother in CA.

A check of the WW1 draft registration cards found an Ira Coffey, age 24, in Vancouver, WA.  He was born Jun. 26, 1892 in Vancouver, and was probably not the son of Wyatt and Polly.

Note that in The Edward Coffey Project I have mis-identified this Wyatt as having enlisted in the CSA on Sep. 15, 1862 at Richmond, VA.  The Wyatt that enlisted was the son of Edmund and Martha Snead of Nelson Co., VA.  The correction will be made in the next update of that project.

Anyone with additional information or corrections can contact me at the above e-mail address, or leave a comment in the space below.

August 21, 2008

So, you think you know how to write an obituary!?

If you think you know how to write an obit, you may want to reconsider after reading this one!

What Happened to the Harden Coffey children?

Harden Coffey, a son of James and Sally Sumpter Coffey, was born c1822 in Eadsville (probably), Wayne Co., KY.  He died in Pulaski Co. (probably), KY before 1870.  He and Tamsey Ballou were married on Oct. 20, 1853 in Pulaski Co.  She was born Feb. 10, 1833 in KY and also died before 1870 in Pulaski Co.* (probably).

Harden was almost 30 yrs. old when he and Tamsey married, and she was 20.  In July of 1854 they became parents of Thomas J.  Sarah J. followed in Feb., 1856 and Easter in about 1859, all born in Pulaski Co.

The book, An Elaborate History and Genealogy of the Ballous in America; Carefully compiled and edited by Adin Ballou,* reports that Tamsey was Tamzon Ballou, a daughter of the Rev. James and Frances Jones Ballou.

According to the book, "Rev. James Ballou was a minister of the Regular Baptists, but attended largely to farming interests.  He lived first in Ashe Co., N.C., then awhile in Va., then in Pulaski Co., Ky., but in 1861 removed to Boone Co., Ind., were he died of pneumonia in 1863, a. about 64 yrs.  His widow d. in 1869, a. 63 yrs."

There were a number of children born to Rev. James and Frances, including sons Allen and Joseph.  In the 1870 Pulaski Co. census two of Harden and Tamsey's children, Thomas and Easter, were residing in the household with Joseph and his family.  The middle child, Sarah, was in the household with Allen and his family.

What happened to the children after 1870?  Names like Thomas, Sarah and Easter  make it difficult to follow them.  Please contact me at the above e-mail address, or leave a comment below if you know where these children were in 1880.

*Ariel Ballou, M.D., and Latimer W. Ballou, LLD; Printed "Press of E. L. Freeman & Sons, State Printers, Providence, RI, April 1888
This source also reports that both parents (Harden and Tamsey) were deceased "before 1876"

August 18, 2008

New Coffee Web Site

I have just received an e-mail from my friend Kathy Coffee Simmons informing me that she has fired up a new web page on

Here's how the page begins:

"This genealogy is mostly the work of others, including my grandfather, Woodson Coffee, and his son, Woods Coffee, Jr.

He began searching for his roots in the 1920's, and 1930's, and kept it all in writing. Bless him, and all the other "cousins" who have so generously shared their findings over the years."
In addition to a family tree showing the descendants of Nathan Coffee, born 1760 in Wilkes Co., NC, Kathy has also included an autobiography of Woodson Coffee, and a report on the descendants of Logan Coffee.

I'm certain she will be expanding the site as time permits.

Give it a look here.

The Edward Coffey Project (Update 3)

I have just uploaded the latest version of The Edward Coffey Project. 

Like the previous update, I have not included photographs or sources in this upload.  An explanation is on the opening page of the file.

As always, additions and corrections are welcomed!

Look to the right side of this page for info about ordering a Project CD with all sources and photographs.

Click here to begin viewing the files.

Martha Coffey

Martha - sixth child and second daughter of Rice and Dorotha Jane Medaris Coffey:

According to her death certificate Martha was born in 1847 in Brasstown, Clay Co., NC.  It is more likely however, that she was born while the family resided in Cherokee Co., NC where she was found with her parents in the 1850 census.

Martha and her parents were in Towns Co., GA in 1860 but by 1873 she was in Brasstown, Clay Co. where she was married to William Columbus (Lum) Beach on Aug. 25th of that year.

Lum and Martha remained in that area the remainder of their lives.  She died there from influenza on Apr. 9, 1926, and was buried in the Copperhill Church Cemetery in Brasstown. Lum died the next day, also from influenza.  He was also buried at Copperhill.

I have found only three children for Lum and Martha:

Hanible, born c1874 in Clay Co., and married Martha L. c1898 in NC.  She was born in Apr., 1881.  In 1900 there was only one child in the household:  Willie, born Feb., 1898
The other two children were Georgia, born c1877 and Mary, born Oct., 1880.

Please contact me at the above e-mail address to correct or, to add additional information.

Coffeytown Weather

This site is essentially a weather station for Coffeytown.  But, the background is a series of rotating photographs of the area.  Give it a look!  I think you'll like it.

Click here to visit!

What is this child's name?

The attached census record is part of the 1910 DeSoto Parish, LA enumeration.  It shows the family of L. J. (Lafayette Jackson) Coffee.  The enumeration records that Mrs. L. J. Coffee was the manager of a boarding house while her husband, L. J., enumerated second, was an engineer at a "planing" [?] plant. 

Children in the household were George, a 6 yr. old son born in Texas; Nellie, a 3 mo. old daughter born in Louisiana; and Lola, a niece [daughter of Lafayette's brother, Albert], age 15, born in Arkansas.  It is the second child (after George) whose name I cannot read.  She is a female, age 3, born in Texas.

Please drop me a note at the above e-mail address if you can decipher the name.

[Click on image to enlarge it]

August 17, 2008

Newton and Adelia Gertrude Robinson

Newton Coffey was born Sep. 23, 1875 in Terre Haute, Vigo Co., IN to William and Malcena Barbre Coffey.  He married Adelia Gertrude (Gertie) Robinson on Mar. 10, 1892 in Wayne Co., IA.  Adelia was born Sep. 12, 1878 in Wayne Co., and died Jan. 16, 1973 in Leon, Decatur Co., IA.  Newton died on May 26, 1969 in Leon.

Their first child was Carl Edward, born Sep. 17, 1897 in IA and died Sep. 22, 1987.  He first married Mary Hoffman on Jun. 6, 1920 with whom he had several children.  His second wife was Alice Ella Hacker, born Nov. 19, 1900 in Decatur Co., and died Feb. 1979 in Leon, Decatur Co.

This photo of Carl was taken c1930.

Born second was William Moody on Aug. 14, 1899.  William married Lucy Pearl (Lucille) Patterson.  She was born Sep. 11, 1902 in Fayetteville, Washington Co., AR and died in Carmichael, Sacramento Co., CA on Feb. 28, 1994.

This photo of William was also taken c1930.

Third born was Leo Newton on Jul. 22, 1901 in Iowa.  He married Elsie Maureen Walker who was born Nov. 20, 1903 near Van Wert in Decatur Co., IA.  She died on Mar. 12, 1983 in Leon; Leo died Oct. 26, 1998 in Lamoni, Decatur Co.

This photo of Leo was taken c1975.

This photo of Elsie was also taken c1975.

Fourth born was Opal Leota, born Jan. 27, 1903, died Jan. 21, 1964.  Opal was a career US Army nurse, having entered the service on Aug. 8, 1941 and retired on Jan. 1, 1963.   Opal died on Jan. 21, 1964 at Fort Bliss in El Paso, TX and was buried there in the National Cemetery.  Opal never married.

Other children born to Newton and Adelia were:

Mildred V., born c1904; Carol C., born c1906; Velma, born c1908; Emma, born c1911; Raymond Donald, born Aug. 23, 1913, died Mar. 16, 1997; and Dorothy, born c1918.

More information on this family can be found by clicking on the title link.

Photos and other information courtesy of Fred Coffey

August 16, 2008

Levi Coffey

Levi - first child and son of Rice and Dorotha Jane Medaris Coffey:

This child was born in North Carolina c1829 and died Jul. 20, 1863 in Knoxville, Knox Co., TN from wounds received while serving with Co. G., 65th Inf. Regt., GA in the Civil War. He married Catherine Kilpatrick c1852 in (probably) Cherokee Co., NC.

Catherine was born Nov. 24, 1830 in Haywood Co., NC and died between 1910 and 1920 in (probably) Shoal Creek, Cherokee Co., NC. She was the daughter of Balis Jackson and Mary E. Hunter Kilpatrick,

Levi and Catherine's children were:

1 - Susan Malissa, born in Cherokee Co. in Feb., 1853, died there on Oct. 19, 1944. She married Jesse Coleman on Mar. 10, 1870 in Murphy, Cherokee Co. He was born Apr., 1850 in Cherokee Co., and died there in 1925.

Their children were:

Laura, born Dec., 1870

Martha Jane, born c1873

Mary Etta, born Oct. 11, 1875

William, born Feb. 6, 1878

Monroe, born May, 1881

Milos Milton, born Jun., 1886

2 - Ann, born c1853

3 - Mary Jane, born Mar., 1857, died Mar. 26, 1931 in Benton, Polk Co., TN. She married William Elrod on Oct. 26, 1882 in Shoal Creek. He was born in May, 1854 in Georgia and died Apr. 10, 1923 in Fairplay Twp., Fannin Co., GA.

4 - William, born Feb., 1858 in Cherokee Co., and died in Polk Co., TN c1898. His wife was Sarah Saleny Womble, a daughter of early Polk Co. settlers, George and Mahala Vaughn Womble. Sarah was born Feb. 7, 1853 in Polk Co., and died Jun. 30, 1916 in Campbell Co., TN.

Their children were:

Emma Jane, born 1888, died c1956

Mary Adeline, born Feb. 17, 1891, died Jun. 26, 1920 in Knoxville, TN. She married Simon Peter Angel on Oct. 19, 1912 in Campbell Co. Their children were Nellie Leoma, born Jan. 28, 1916, died Mar 21, 1981; and Edith Ella, born apr. 13, 1918, died Dec. 31, 2005.

Margaret Catherine, born Jan. 14, 1894, died Jan. 2, 1971
Dock Charles, born May 10, 1896 in Polk Co., died Jun., 1973 in Clermont, Butler Co., OH. Dock married Elizabeth Jane Turner on Jul. 25, 1920 in Polk Co. She was born May 27, 1903 in Cumberland Co., TN, died Feb. 8, 1981 in Chattanooga, Hamilton Co., TN. Their children were Charles, born Jun, 18, 1921; Robert Lee, born Jan. 2, 1923, died Feb. 11, 1989; Myrtle Marie, born Dec. 10, 1924; Paul Erskine, born May 21, 1927 and Betty June, born Jun. 10, 1929.
5 - Adaline Ann Dorcus, born c1860

6 - John J., born May 1862 in Cherokee Co. He married Mary Burnett in 1884 in Cherokee Co. She was born in NC in May, 1874.

Their children:

Charles, born May 29, 1889, married Birdie Wilhoit

Lillie - no other information

William Fredereick, born Jul. 26, 1895 in Ducktown, Polk Co., TN. He married Laura, last name unknown.

John Oscar, born NC on Sep. 23, 1898 died Jul., 1878 in LaFollette, Campbell Co., TN. He married Pearl May Pierce.

Emma Helen, born Aug., 1899. She married Rosco Hooks.

Florence, born 1902, married Jake Smith
Please contact me at the above e-mail address to add to or to correct any of this information.

Rice Coffey [follow-up]

A little more research, and additions/corrections by Janine Ramsey, has revealed more information on Rice Coffey, a son of Levi and Dolly Edmundson Coffey.

We do not yet know when Rice died.  He has been found in the 1870 census residing in the household with the John and Rachel Padgett family in Hayesville Twp., Clay Co., NC, and was reported to be "insane" in that census.

Rachel Padgett is believed to be a younger sister of Rice's wife, Dorotha Jane Medaris.  Dorotha probably died prior to 1870, and Rice prior to 1880. 

John Padgett was born c1803 and Rachel c1813, both in NC.  Two children have been found:  Roseline, born c1849 and Festus Lander, born c1851.  Roseline was unmarried and found in both the 1870 and 1880 census with her parents.  Festus was found with the family in 1870.  I am still searching for them in 1850 and 1860.

August 15, 2008

John Coffey - Fort Hembree, Cherokee Co., NC

Some of the Coffey families on this census page are in one way or another connected to the Rice Coffey-Dortha Jane Medaris family.

However, I have been unable to connect the John Coffey family to anyone.  Based on the surname of the children, it appears that John married Mary, the former wife of a Campbell.

If anyone can identify John, please contact me at the above e-mail address.

August 12, 2008

Rice Coffey

This particular Rice Coffey was born c1802 in North Carolina to Levi and Dorothy (Dolly) Edmundson Coffey.

Janine Ramsey is a descendant of Rice through his son Levi.  I believe this is the Levi born c1829 in NC, died Jul. 20, 1863 in Knoxville, Knox Co., TN from wounds received while serving with Co. G., 65th GA Infantry Regiment during the Civil War.1

Levi married Katherine Kilpatrick, a daughter of Balis Jackson and Mary E. Hunter Kilpatrick. Katherine's brother, Abner married Levi's sister, Dorothy Coffey. Abner and Dorothy had at least one son, William Riley, born Jul. 14, 1872 in Cherokee Co., and died there on Dec. 5, 1947.

Janine has been searching for the maiden name of Rice's wife, known until now only as Jane, born c1804 in NC. Janine recently sent an e-mail to which she attached a Cherokee Co., NC death certificate for Doratha [sic] Kilpatrick, born Sep. 22, 1832 in NC, died Nov. 29,1922 in Cherokee Co. Doratha's parents were reported on the certificate as Rice Coffee [sic] and Dartha [sic] Medaris. Janine believes that Dartha was Dartha Jane Medaris, the daughter of William H. Medaris and Susanna Nicholson who lived in Cherokee and Burke Counties, NC.

To add more credibility to the find, Janine included a page from the 1850 Cherokee Co., NC census showing a William Medaris family as next door neighbors to Rice and Jane. This William is about 11 years younger than Dartha, but his surname lends additional evidence.

The death certificate for Doratha indicates that her husband was Riley Kilpatrick, but this is an error. Riley was actually her son, William Riley, born Jul. 14, 1872 in Cherokee Co., and who died there on Dec. 5, 1947.

Abner and Doratha [which was likely actually Dorothy] had two additional children:  Lillie E., born c1875 and remained single and with her mother at least through the 1920 census; and Andrew, born c1876.

Congratulations to Janine for this find!

Please contact me at the above e-mail address to correct or add to this information.

1Name: Levi Coffee , Residence: Towns County, Georgia Enlistment Date: 22 December 1862 Distinguished Service: Side Served: Confederacy State Served: Georgia Unit Numbers: 417 417 Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 22 December 1862  Enlisted in Company G, Smith's Legion Infantry Regiment Georgia on 22 December 1862. Transferred Company G, Smith's Legion Infantry Regiment Georgia on 15 March 1863 Transferred in Co. G, Smith's Legion Inf. Regt. on 15 March 1862. 

August 7, 2008


I have placed download links to the two Coffeytown files prepared by John Taylor.   Either or both can be downloaded by clicking on the links.  Note that the PDF files will not be viewable on this site, but will download directly to your computer.

Look to the right and down a bit to find the links.

Both links worked when I placed them there, but feel free to contact me at the above e-mail address should something not go as expected.

August 6, 2008

Cold Mountain Cabbage

John Taylor has provided a chapter from his new undertaking, Cold Mountain Cabbage, a more up-to-date history of the Coffey families in Coffeytown, VA.

The file is PDF and can be downloaded by clicking on the title link.  It is also in landscape mode, so set your printer appropriately if you want to preserve it on paper.  The file size is a tad over 2mb.

If you are currently using the free version of Adobe PDF viewer, I suggest dumping that hog.  I use the free PDF-XChange Viewer by Tracker Software Products.  There are too many good features in PDF-XChange to list here, however one feature that I like is the ability to add notes to a file.

August 4, 2008

One Story of "Coffeytown" in Amherst County, Virginia 1827-Present

Back By Popular Demand
One Story of "Coffeytown" in Amherst County, Virginia
by John Taylor

This file is the complete handout prepared and presented to those who made the trip to Coffeytown in Amherst Co., VA during the 2008 Coffey Cousins' Reunion.  It is a PDF file and can be downloaded and printed in full color on your home or office printer.  You can also take it to Office Depot, Staples or Kinko's, for example, and have it printed and bound.  The complete file is approximately 2.6 megabytes.

August 3, 2008

Thomas Jefferson Coffey

Thomas Jefferson Coffey was born on Feb. 16, 1805 in Burke Co., NC to Ambrose and Mildred (Millie) Moore Coffey.  He died Nov. 1, 1858 in Brazoria Co., TX and was buried in the Sandy Point Cemetery in that county.

He was married to Malinda Graves Haley on Jul. 17, 1827* in Hinds Co., MS.  Malinda was born Nov. 17, 1808 in TN and died in Brazoria Co. on Dec. 24, 1857.  She is also buried at Sandy Point.  I have wondered if perhaps Malinda had been previously married to a Mr. Haley and, if Graves was her maiden name!?

According to several genealogies that I have seen, Thomas and Malinda were parents to at least eight children.  I have been unable to confirm the first two; America and Eugenia.

Their third child was Minerva who married Thomas Lobdell.  They had at least one child, Henry Lee, born Sep. 5, 1850 and died Aug. 23, 1852 in Brazoria Co.  Henry is buried at Sandy Point.

Their next child ws Aaron, born 1832, died 1912.  Aaron is said to have married Mary Summerville Smith on Mar. 28, 1860 in Galveston Co., TX.  I know of two children:  Julia Summerville Coffey, born Dec. 8, 1864.  She is said to have married a Mr. Ridgeway.  The second child was a daughter, Cassie Kyle.  Aaron died in 1912 and was buried at Pecan Grove Cemetery in McKinney, Collin Co., TX.**

Ellen came after Aaron.  She was born Jun. 17, 1835 in MS and died Apr. 1, 1866*** in Brazoria Co.  She is also buried at Sandy Point.  Ellen married a Mr. Tankersley, and may have been married more than once.

Ambrose, born c1838 and Henry, born Nov. 24, 1840 followed Ellen.  I have no information on Ambrose.  Henry died Nov. 9, 1857 in Brazoria Co. and is buried at Sandy Point.

The last child was Roxanna, born Oct. 28, 1842 in MS and died aug. 22, 1860 in Brazoria Co.  Given her age at time of death, she likely died in child birth.  Her husband was William Ward, born c1838 in AL.  Roxanna is buried at Sandy Point.

I would like to know more about these children and their descendants.  Please contact me at the above e-mail address to add to or correct any of this information.

*Dodd, Jordan, Mississippi Marriages 1826-1900
** Burial & Memorial Locator, Dept. of Vet. Affairs:  COFFEY, AARON      US ARMY  CONFEDERATE STATES DATE OF BIRTH:  1832 DATE OF DEATH: 1912 BURIED AT: PECAN GROVE CEMETERY MCKINNEY, TX 75069 (972) 542-2601
***An inventory of the Sandy Point cemetery can be found at

August 1, 2008

Ernest Webster and Ethel McClung Stratton Coffey

Ernest Webster Coffey was a son of Arthur and Virginia Anne (Jenny) Davis Coffey and, was born Feb. 5, 1888 in Amherst Co.   He was married on Feb. 16, 1910* to Ethel McClung Stratton, a distant cousin, in Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD.  Ethel was the daughter of George Baxter and Elianna Coffey Stratton.  Ethel was born 1892 in VA, and died there in 1965.  Ernest died in VA in 1982.

In Feb. 1910 the couple resided with Ernest's cousin, Robert L. Seay in Amherst Co.   Robert was the husband of Vernie Coffey, a daughter of Pitt and Lucy Parks White Coffey.

When Ernest called to register for the draft in WWI on Jun. 4, 1917, he was a farmer in Alto, VA and claimed exemption based having a wife and two children, as well as on an unnamed physical disability.  

Their child Ernest Webster, Jr. was born Nov. 7, 1912 and died Jan. 13, 1913.  The two children living at the  time were Doris, born Dec. 9, 1913 and Audrey, born c1917, and before Jun. 4.

On Jan. 21, 1920 the family was in the Pedlar Dist. of Amherst Co. where Ernest was farming.  In addition to Doris and Audrey, a third child, Juanita, had been born on Aug., 6, 1918.  A fourth child, Ray, was born later in 1920.

By 1930 the family was in Lexington, Rockbridge Co.  The children Doris, Audrey, Juanita, and Ray were still living with them, and two more had been born  after Ray:  Clayton Webster in 1923 and Norman Elwood in 1929.

Ernest was once again called upon to make himself available to the military draft.  He registered in Rockbridge Co. on Apr. 27, 1942 at the age of 54.  The record indicates that he was 5' 11" tall, had brown hair and eyes.

Upon their deaths, both Ernest and Ethel were buried in the Green Hill Cemetery in Buena Vista, VA.


Doris, born Dec. 9, 1913, died Jul. 31, 2005 in Frederick Co., MD.  She married Donald Hafle, born Jun. 1, 1914, died Jan., 1985 in Frederick Co.

Audrey, born c1917, married a Mr. Holtzbach.

Juanita, born Aug. 6, 1918 in Amherst Co., died Oct. 5, 2006 in Lexington.  She married Henry V. Blosser.

Her obituary:

BLOSSER, Juanita Coffey

Juanita Coffey Blosser, 88, of Lexington, died Thursday, October 5, 2006, at The Mayflower of Lexington.

Born August 6, 1918 in Amherst, she was the daughter of Ernest W. and Ethel Stratton Coffey.

She was a member of St. John's United Methodist Church.

Her husband, Henry V. Blosser preceded her in death.  Also preceding her in death were her daughter, Sherry Blosser Fry; two sisters, Audrey Holzbach and Doris Hafle, and two brothers, Clayton Coffey and Norman Coffey.

Surviving are her daughter and son-in-law, Carolyn and Edmund Cox of Blacksburg; grandchildren, Torrie Ruther, Leslie Knutson, Vaughn Cox, and Jill Burnett; five great-grandchildren; a brother and sister-in-law, Stratton and Evelyn Coffey of Lexington; two sisters-in-law, Rita Coffey of Lexington and Dorothy Blosser of Lynchburg; and ten nieces and nephews.

A graveside service will be 11 a.m. Monday, October 9, 2006, at Green Hill Cemetery with the Rev. Deborah A. Koontz officiating.  There will be no visitation at the funeral home.  The family wishes to thank the wonderful staff at The Mayflower, Lexington and the Rockbridge Area Hospice.

Memorial donations may be made to the Rockbridge Area Hospice.  Lomax Funeral Home is handling the arrangements.
Ray Stratton, born c1920.  No other information.

Clayton Webster, born Jul. 13, 1923 in Amherst Co., died Jan. 30, 2001 in Lexington.  He married Gladys H., last name unknown.

His obituary:

The Roanoke Times, Feb. 1, 2001

Coffey, Clayton Webster, 77, of Lexington, died Tuesday, January 30, 2001.

Mr. Coffey was born July 13, 1923 in Amherst County, son of the late Ernest W. Coffey and Ethel Stratton Coffey.  He was a member of New Monmouth Presbyterian Church.  He was a retired construction worker.  He was a veteran of WW II and served in the Pacific and European Theaters.

Mr. Coffey was preceded in death by a brother, Norman E. Coffey and a sister, Audrey Holtzbach.  He is survived  by his wife, Gladys H. Coffey; one son, Arthur David Coffey and wife, Mary Ann of Owingsville, Ky.; two stepsons, Edgar Hamilton of Peters Burg and Ralph Hamilton of Buena Vista; two sisters, Juanita Blosser of Lexington and Doris Hafle of Frederick, Md.; one brother, Ray Stratton Coffey, Sr. and wife, Evelyn of Lexington; sister-in-law, Rita Coffey of Lexington; five grandchildren, Shannon Ann Maria Coffey, Alphonzo Coffey, Bartholomew Coffey, Rosita May Sutton, Arthur Clayton Coffey; ten great-grandchildren.

Funeral service will be conducted at 11 a.m. Friday, February 2, 2001 at Bolling, Grose & Lotts Funeral Chapel, Buena Vista with the Reverend Martin Stokes officiating.  Interment will be at Green Hill Mausoleum.

The family will receive friends from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Friday at the funeral home.
Norman Elwood, born Dec. 31, 1929 in Rockbridge Co., died Dec. 11, 1999 in Lexington.  He married Rita Garrett.

His obituary:

The News-Gazette, Lexington, VA, Dec. 15, 1999

Norman Coffey, Longtime Store Owner, Dies

Norman Elwood Coffey, 69, of Lexington, owner of a Lexington furniture store for almost 25 years, died Saturday, Dec. 11.

Mr. Coffey bought the furniture business he was to become known for, Norman Coffey Furniture, from Blosser Furniture Co. in the '70s and ran the store in two locations until 1981 when he consolidated the store into its location on South Jefferson Street.  He operated the store, with the familiar oak rockers out front, until he closed the business and retired in late 1996.

Before entering the furniture business, he was a farmer, running one farm outside of Lexington and a cattle farm on Plank Road.  He grew up working at his family's business, Coffey's Amoco Station on U.S. 60, later buying the business and running it until the 60s.  He also worked for a time as a carpet inspector at Lees Carpets.

He was born Dec. 31, 1929, in Rockbridge County, son of the late Ernest Webster Coffey and Ethel Stratton Coffey.  He was married to Rita Garrett Coffey and was a member of Trinity United Methodist Church.  In the past few years he has been a door greeter at Wal-Mart.

In addition to his wife, he is survived by four children, Pam A. Coffey and Tracy L. Coffey, both of Roanoke, Victor A. Coffey of Bedford and Melodie Hoy of Wake Forest, N.C.; two brother, Stratton Coffey and Clayton Coffey, both of Lexington; two sisters, Juanita Blosser of Buena Vista and Doric C. Haffle of Fredrick, Md.; and four grandchildren. 

A memorial service will be held at 2 p.m. today, Wednesday, at Trinity United Methodist Church by the Rev. Mark Reuter and the Rev. Fred Arndt.  Memorial contributions may be made to the Goshen Rescue Squad, the Rockbridge County Sheriff's Department D.A.R.E. program or Trinity United Methodist Church.  Arrangements are by Harrison;s Funeral Home.
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*Handwritten note by Doris Coffey Hafle on the newspaper clipping announcing the elopement reports 1901 as marriage year.  It appears that she transposed the 0 and 1.  Otherwise, Ernest would have been 13 yrs old at the time and Ethel only 9 yrs old.

Walton Wilmuth Coffey

Walton Wilmuth Coffey was a son of William H. and Martha Jane Davis Coffey.  He was born Mar 12, 1889 in Amherst Co., VA and died in Lexington, VA in Oct., 1968.  In c1916, Walton married Lula Elizabeth McCormick, born c1899 in VA, a union that produced at least two children:

James Francis Coffey, born May 11, 1916 in Buena Vista, VA, and died Jan. 8, 2007 in Lexington.  According to his obituary, James married Hilah Pendleton Reid on Nov. 6, 1939 in Lee Chapel on the campus of Washington and Lee University in Lexington.  Hilah died in VA in 1997.

His obituary:

James Francis Coffey

Building Contractor Was Involved In Many Restoration Projects

James Francis Coffey, 90, of Lexington, died on Monday, January 8, 2007 at the Stonewall Jackson Hospital.

He was born in Buena Vista, Virginia on May 11, 1916, the son of Walton Wilmoth and Lula Elizabeth McCormick Coffey.

He is survived by his two sons, David Walton and Daniel Calvin Coffey; his daughter-in-law, Macy Brittigan Coffey; two grandsons: Daniel Brittigan and Talmadge McClellan Coffey; a sister, Ruth Eloise Coffey Yeager; and a brother-in-law, James R. Yeager, Jr., all of Lexington.

He is also survived by a niece, Caroline Elizabeth Yeager Ramsey of Marietta, Georgia.

In 1997, he was preceded in death by his wife, Hilah Pendleton Reid Coffey, whom he wed in Lee Chapel on November 6, 1939.

Mr. Coffey moved to Lexington with his family in the early 1920s where his father was a general contractor and the builder and owner of the Mayflower Hotel, which is now an assisted-living center where Francis Coffey lived for the last few years of his life.

Francis Coffey graduated from Washington and Lee University in 1939 with a B.S. degree in Commerce. While at W&L, he was selected for membership in Beta Gamma Sigma, an honorary fraternity for commerce and business students.

After serving in the U.S. Navy during World War II, he returned to Lexington and joined his father in the construction business, then renamed W. W. Coffey and Son. After the death of his father in 1968, Francis Coffey became president of the firm. He retired in 1984. In his last years as a building contractor, he was heavily involved in restoration projects in Lexington, serving as general contractor for the restoration of many of the historic buildings in downtown Lexington, including the Stonewall Jackson House.
Francis Coffey was a member of the Lexington Presbyterian Church, where he had served as an elder. In the 1950s, he was a founding member of the Rockbridge Camp of the Gideons International and was elected as an officer of the local branch on numerous occasions.
Following a private burial in Stonewall Jackson Cemetery, there will be a memorial service at the Lexington Presbyterian Church at 11 a.m. on Thursday, January 11, 2007.

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to The Gideons International, P. O. Box 942, Lexington, Va. 24450.

Ruth E. Coffey, born c1921.  I have no information on this child.

Walton registered for the WW1  on Jun. 5, 1917 in Buena Vista at age 28.  He was married with one child and self-employed as a manufacturer of building materials.  He described himself as being tall with medium build, blue eyes and black hair.

In the census of 1930 he reported his occupation as hotel manager; Lola was the hotel restaurant manager.  The family then resided at 416 Main St. in Lexington.

On Apr. 27, 1942, at age 53,  he again registered for the draft in Lexington where he was described as weighing 200 lbs., and was 5' 11" tall.  His eyes were still blue but his hair was gray.  He was self-employed, and resided with his wife at 308 S. Main St. in Lexington.

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