September 25, 2008

Orso William and Opal Taylor Coffey

Orso William Coffey was the fifth child of Jefferson and Lina Mae Barnett Coffey. he was born Apr. 1, 1916 in Wayne Co., KY and died in Monticello, Wayne Co. on Jul. 9, 1986. He married Opal Taylor (or Tucker?), born Jun. 11, 1912 in Monticello, and died oct. 28, 1986 in Somerset, Pulaski Co., KY.

Orso and Opal had at least three children, none of which lived beyond infancy.
They were:
Roy Thurman, born Apr. 26, 1942, died Apr. 26, 1942

Henderson, born Mar. 21, 1953, died Mar. 31, 1953

Preston L., born Apr. 4, 1957, died Jan. 6, 1958

This family is buried at Lockett Chapel in Monticello.

Jefferson & Lina Mae Barnett Coffey

Jefferson Coffey, born Jun. 25, 1884 in Wayne Co., KY, was the first son and fifth child of Lewis Jr., and Permelia Ann Tucker Coffey. He married Lina Mae Barnett, born Oct. 24, 1884 in Wayne Co., c1906.

Their children were:

Oscar H., born c1907

Eva J., born Jan. 24, 1909, died Mar. 30, 1975.  Eva married Sheard Martin, born Jul. 25, 1903, died Feb. 28, 1981 in Wayne Co. Both are buried at the Dodson Cemetery in Steubenville, Wayne Co.

Alfred Wilborn, born Jul. 29, 1911

Leonard C., born Nov. 8, 1913, died of tuberculoses and pneumonia on Nov. 22, 1917. According to Wayne County, Kentucky Cemeteries Book by B.B. Coffey, he was buried at Ross-Rhoda Dodson Cemetery in Montecello, Wayne Co. His death certificate reports only that he was buried at Dodson Cemetery.

Osro William, born Apr. 1, 1916, died Jul. 9, 1986 in Wayne Co. He married Opal Tucker [Taylor?], born Jun. 11, 1912, died Oct. 28, 1983 in Wayne Co. Both are buried at Lockett Chapel in Monticello.

Valda L., born Feb. 27, 1919

Alma E., born Jul. 27, 1921

Huey H., born Jun. 20, 1923. Huey appears with his parents in the photograph.

Separating cemeteries with similar names in the same general location is difficult. Please drop me an e-mail, or leave a comment, if you have more up to date information for any of these family members.

September 23, 2008

Coffey-Portwood Family - Update

See previous blog for un-marked photo and additional information.

Family members are identified as follows:

1 - Ruben Coffey 2 - Oscar Cather 3 - Ella May Cather 4 - Charles Coffey 5 - Bruce Portwood 6 - Mary Portwood 7 - Bill (William Jackson) Coffey 8 - Tommy Miller 9 - Pauline Logan Coffey 10 - Virginia Miller 11 - Lulu Coffey 12 - Bob (Robert E. Lee) Coffey

13 - Peggy Portwood 14 - Dorothy Coffey 15 - Dick Portwood 16 & 17 - Thomas Jackson and George Bruce Coffey 18 - Tom Portwood 19 - Billy Coffey 20 - Jack Cather 21 & 22 - Mattie Coffey and Bobby

The Miller girls are step-daughters of Oscar Cather.

September 22, 2008

Coffey-Portwood Family

This is another Coffey family photograph provided by Kevin Coffey of Franklin, TN.

Prior to her marriage to Thomas Jackson (Stonewall) Coffey, Mattie Payne had been married to and had a number of children by William Bruce Portwood.

William was born in Mississippi on Oct. 9, 1865 and died in Texas on Sep. 3, 1893. They were married in Texas on Oct. 15, 1890

After William died, Mattie returned to Russell Co., KY where she met and married Thomas c1897.

This photo shows Thomas on the left of the steps and Mattie on the right. Others in the photo are unidentified children and grandchildren from both of Mattie's marriages.

September 21, 2008

Thomas J. Coffey - Update

I received this photo of Thomas J. Coffey from someone, and have now lost the information that came with it.

Please contact me if you sent the photo or, if you can identify which Thomas this is.


Update 9/21/2008: The photo is of Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson Coffey, born Sep. 20, 1866 in Denmark, Russell Co., KY, died Dec. 21, 1945 in KS. He married Mattie Payne, daughter of William Pigg Payne and Mary Jane Tarter. Mattie was born Jul. 8, 1866 in Russell Co., and died Jul. 24, 1951 in Harper Co., KS. Thanks to Kevin Coffey for the photograph. Thomas was his Great-Grandfather.

September 18, 2008

Ben W. Duke Headstone

There are Blunts on my paternal side. Exie Marie (Jackie) Blunt was a second cousin, and descends from my GG-grandparents, Hugh R. and Beneta Bishop Blunt.

Jackie married Charlie Henry Duke, Sr. of Alberta, Bienville Parish, LA on Nov. 29, 1945 in Taylor, Columbia Co., AR. They became the parents of Margie Marie, Charlie, Jr., and Lonnie Gene.

Charlie, Jr. married Linda Ann Alison of Shongaloo in Webster Parish. Their children were Kimberley Renee (Kim) Duke and Benjamin Wayne (Ben) Duke.

Kim was born Aug. 19, 1972 and died Jul 24, 1987. Ben was born Mar. 2, 1975 and died Jun. 25, 2000.

I do not know what tragedies befell this family, but surely it was heartbreaking.

I think the headstone for Ben is remarkable.  It is not only a memorial to a dear son, it is also a work of art.

Guest Editors

The previous blog was number 773.  That's averages out to somewhere close to 200 blogs per year, or around 17 per month over the last four or so years.  I still have a lot of information to share, but I find that my time to extract, compile info, and write the blog is growing shorter.

I am sure that regular readers have noticed that I go for days - perhaps a week or more sometimes - without writing anything new. 

So, I have a proposal:

I'll open the blog to anyone who would like to contribute information as a Guest Editor.  He or she will present information in their own words with little or no interference from me so long as the language remains clean.  Your name as author will appear on everything you contribute.

Blogger isn't very good at handling items like family group sheets, etc., so just plain old narrative reports are what I default to.

If you haven't blogged before, Blogger makes it really easy.  I have chosen a pre-prepared layout, chose my own colors, placement, etc.  All I do is - essentially - fill out a form when I write.

You don't have to write all the time, or even more than one time.  And, you can write about your family as it connects to any Coffey/Coffee family. 

So, drop me a note if you would like to share this space with me.

Archelus and Jane Dean Coffey

It isn't clear to me if Archelus' name was really Achilles.  I sometimes think that they are used interchangeably, but that's only my perception.  He was another son of James M. and Frances Lane Coffey, and a brother to James, subject of the previous blog.  Dr. Marvin Coffey wrote that his name was recorded as Nicholas Coffey on his application for a marriage license.

Archelus was born Jul. 30, 1806 in Wayne Co., KY and died in Saline Co., IL on Mar. 10, 1883.  Marvin wrote that he received a commission as a second lieutenant on Dec. 19, 1825, and volunteered for the Black Hawk Indian War on May 12, 1832. After receiving a promotion to Captain, he became commanding officer of "Captain Coffey's company, 1st Regiment, 1st Brigade, Illinois Mounted Volunteers of the Black Hawk War." He was furloughed in August 1832 after losing his horse, saddle, bridle and blanket during a forced march. He was mustered out on Sept. 25, 1832.  In 1851 he received 40 acres of land for his service, and another 120 acres in 1855.

Jane "Jennie" Dean was the daughter of Jacob and Susannah Hatty Dean, but I have no birth or death dates or places for her.  They were married Apr. 23, 1824 in Hamilton Co.  Jacob was born Jun. 23, 1775 in Virginia while Susannah was born c1766, also in Virginia.  Jacob died on Aug. 5, 1851 in Hamilton Co.

There were at least 13 children born to Archelus and Jane, but only a few lived to adulthood:

Permelia, born c1825, probably in Gallatin Co., IL.  Her death date is not known.  She married Charles Samuel Sloan c1844.  He was born in 1814 and died in 1863.  There were nine children born to this union:  James, Mary, David, Samuel T., Melvina, Louisa Jane; William Monroe, Hannah and Sibelia Permelia.  Permelia married second to Abel Hunt on Dec. 13, 1866 and gave birth to at least one additional child, Paulina Hunt, born Jun. 14, 1868, died Dec. 20, 1957.  Paulina married Amon Hume Coffey on Sep. 8, 1886 in Harrisburg, Saline Co., IL.  Amon was her cousin, and a son of Lawrence Lasenby and Susan Melvina Barker Coffey.  Lawrence was a younger brother to Permelia.

Paulina, born Sep. 10, 1826 in Gallatin Co., died Jul. 26, 1843 in Saline Co., IL.

James Asbury, born Nov. 18, 1827 in Gallatin Co., died Jan., 1870 in Dodge City, Ford Co., KS.  He married Louisa Adelade Ferris Long Carnahan on Dec. 27, 1849 in Saline Co.  She was born c1833 in Wayne Co., KY.  Their children were:  John Jerry, Phoebe, Mary, Ebben Rice, Lulu, Irena R., Amy, and Elizabeth.

Sales M., born May 19, 1831, died Feb. 1, 1890.

Malvina, born Dec. 31, 1833 in Gallatin Co., and died Jul. 18, 1854, probably in Gallatin Co.

Louyica J., born Gallatin Co. on Aug. 5, 1836, died there on Jun. 28, 1838.

Laura, born Gallatin Co. on May 20, 1838, died Aug. 3, 1841.

Amanda E., born Gallatin Co., on Aug. 20, 1839, and died there Oct. 29, 1839.

Lawrence Lasenby, born Aug. 20, 1841 in Gallatin Co., and died Jun. 9, 1912 in Eureka Springs, Carroll Co., AR.  He married Susan Melvina Barker, born c1843 in IL.  They were married Nov. 20, 1862 in Hamilton Co., IL.  Their children were:  Orilla Jane, Amon Hume, Irene Ellen, Ethan Otho, Ollie Grace, Eddie Emmitt, Allie Elizabeth, Maude May, John Wilson, Shelby Carr, and Ethel Eva.

C. A., (gender?) born Dec. 3, 1841, died Dec. 5, 1841.

G. E. C., (gender?) born Feb. 7, 1843, died Feb. 8, 1843.

John McClernan, born 1847, married Mary Glaslock (or Glascock?) on Aug. 15, 1869 in Saline Co., IL.

Phoebe Ann, born Nov. 16, 1852, died Dec. 18, 1852.

Please send additions and/or corrections to me at the above e-mail address.

John and Nancy Snyder Coffey

This John was a son of James M. and Frances Lane Coffey.  He was born Apr. 22, 1810 in Wayne Co., KY and died Apr. 8, 1879 in Lookingglass, Douglas Co., OR.  Nancy was born Dec. 1, 1815 in Virginia and died Feb. 28, 1893 in Lexington, Morrow Co., OR.

He descends from Edward and Ann Powell Coffey through their son John and wife Jane Graves; their son, James and Elizabeth Cleveland; their son Archelus and Eleanor Wade.  Archelus and Eleanor were parents of James M.

John and Nancy were married on Sep. 13, 1832 in Gallatin Co., IL.  They settled there, and received a 40-acre land grand in 1835.  They sold this land on Sept. 20, 1841 and went to Missouri.  They were back in Illinois by 1848, and were on the Hamilton County, IL census for 1850.

By December 1852 the family was back in Missouri, probably preparing for their westward trek.  A family record cited by Marvin Coffey in his family genealogy says only  that "they moved from southern Illinois to Missouri joining a wagon train and crossing the plains in 1853."

The Coffey family arrived in Oregon on August 12, 1853.

Their children were at least 12:

Vandexer Lee, born Oct. 26, 1833 in Gallatin Co., IL, and died May 2, 1909.  He married Rebecca J. Wright, born Jan., 1854 in Indiana, on Jan. 5, 1871 in Marion Co., OR.  Vandexer died in Beech Creek, Grant Co., OR.

Miles, born c1835 in Gallatin Co.

James Bluford, born Oct. 11, 1837 in Gallatin Co., IL, died Jul. 3, 1924 in Adams, Umatilla Co., OR.  James married first to Mary Ann McCorkle on Oct. 19, 1862 in Marion Co., OR.  Mary Ann was born Nov. 26, 1847 in Marion Co., and died there on Jan. 30, 1853.  They had one child, George F., born Jan. 20, 1864, died Jul. 3, 1912 in Canada.  Mary Ann died 10 days after George was born.  He married second to Mary Elizabeth Bolin of Jul. 16, 1866 in Salem, Marion Co., OR.  Mary was born Jul. 24, 1848 in Indiana and died in Oregon on Apr. 26, 1927.  They raised at least 13 children.  This is the family of Dr. Marvin Coffey (dec'd).

Martha Ellen, born c1839 in Gallatin Co., IL and died (probably) in 1861 in Clackamas Co., OR.  She married William Arthur, Jr., born c1831 in Missouri.  They were married on May 8, 1856 in Clackamas Co.  Their known children were Mildred A., born 1857; Martha Josephine, born 1859 and William C., born c1861.

Julia Ann, born Oct. 10, 1841 in MO, died Nov. 25, 1928 in Portland, Multnomah Co., OR.  She was married to Joseph A. Hugh on Dec. 24, 1861 in Clackamas Co.  Their children were John L., born 1868, died 1960; Minnie V., born c1877; Sam J., born c1879; and Richard D., born c1881.

Eli D., born c1844 in Missouri, died between 1860 and 1879.

Infant daughter, born c1846.

Winfield W., born c Nov. 1848 in Illinois, died Nov., 1849.

Mary Jane, born c1850 in Hamilton Co., IL, died before 1900 in Morrow Co., OR.  She was married first to John Sloan in July 1874 in Douglas Co., OR.  They had at least one child, Nancy E., born c1875.    Her second husband was Arthur McCarty to whom she was married on Jan. 24, 1877 in Douglas Co., OR.  They had at least one child, Eli Howard, born Nov. 13, 1877, died Dec. 18, 1918.  Mary Jane's third husband was William W. Kirk, to whom she was married on Apr. 14, 1899 in Morrow Co.

John Achilles Winfield, born Dec., 1852, died Mar. 10, 1931.

Thomas Wesley, born Sep. 27, 1854 in Coos Co., OR, died in Portland on Sep. 2, 1939.  He married Amanda E. Coon on Jun. 27, 1878 in Douglas Co.  She was born to Jacob L. and Sarah Miller Coon on May 18, 1854 in Linn Co., OR.  Amanda died Sep. 27, 1903 in Camas Valley, Douglas Co., OR.  Thomas may have married again, but I had no information.  Their children were at least four:  Lillian L., born Jul., 1879 in Douglas Co., died 1956; Fred L., born c1881; Sarah; and Mildred V., born Oct., 1886, died Oct., 1870.

The last known child born to John and Nancy was Louisa, born and died in 1857.

Please send additions and/or corrections to me at the above e-mail address.

September 15, 2008

Thomas A. & Margaret Ann Coffey Wright Update

Some corrections as well as new information has been added to this blog.  Clich here, or on the title link to review.

September 8, 2008

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter: Report from the 2008 FGS Conference: Some Good, Some Not So Good

Personal opinion follows:

Dick Eastman's recent blog about expensive genealogy conferences are exactly why Coffey Cousins' do not hold their annual reunions at convention centers, or hotels that charge outrageous fees for parking, a bottle of water or a cold muffin.

A couple of years ago one of our Coffey Cousins attempted to lure us into a large convention center in Virginia for the 2008 reunion. When cost per individual was determined, the proposal was rejected out of hand.

With the welcome assistance of a couple of ladies in the area of Virginia where we wanted to convene, and with the help of some very nice management folks at the Days Inn, we pulled off a successful reunion. Hopefully, none of our cousins went home believing they had been overcharged for their rooms. The free continental breakfast every morning was filling, and there was no charge for parking. The conference room and dining room provided by Days Inn was also free for our use.

Something that Dick didn't mention - or I overlooked it if he did - that adds to the expense of attending one of the national conferences, are the huge fees charged by speakers. I'm fairly certain that some of those speakers make it a business traveling from one conference to another, and charging most of their expenses back to the taxpayer each April 15. Nothing wrong with that of course; I very much favor small business. But I can find a better use for my research money.

I'm not really sure who attends the national conventions. There seems to be maybe a half dozen or so a year, maybe more. I have never been to one. Perhaps one of these days I will, if for no other reason than to visit the vendor displays.

My belief is that most genealogists in the US are family historians who can figure out how to use library resources. We probably already know what records are available on our ancestors. I have seen some very nice published research by what the professionals might call "non certified" researchers.

Call me cynical, but what I can't learn on my own, is stuff that I'm not willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for someone to tell me about.


Peter Virgil (Squire) Coffey

Peter was a son of Charles B. and Theodora* Everette Coffey.  He was born Jun, 15, 1849 in Nelson Co., Va and died May 21, 1937 in Stuarts Draft, Augusta Co., VA.  He married Betty Catherine Kennedy Dec. 24, 1879 in Amherst Co*.  She was born Jul., 1857 in VA and died there on Jun. 17, 1930.

His obituary:

STUARTS DRAFT, May 28-, -- Peter V. Coffey, peacefully passed to his  heavenly home, at his residence at Stuarts Draft at one a. m. Friday,  May 21, 1937, after an illness of about a month.  He was born in Nelson  county June 15, 1849, of Scottish descent, his father having been Charles Coffey and his mother Ophelia Coffey (nee Everet). He moved to Augusta county when a young man and spent the rest of his long and useful life in, and in the vicinity of Stuarts Draft where he engaged in farming,  lumbering, etc. For the last twenty years of his life he was justice of the peace and was known as "Squire Coffey."

Mr. Coffey was united in marriage to Miss Bettie Catherine Kennedy, of  Augusta county, Dec. 24, 1879. To this marriage were born four daughters and five sons. His wife, who passed away June 17, 1930, and a son and two daughters preceded him in death.  Children survive: J. E.  and J. L., of Mint Spring; the Rev. H. S., pastor of Granbery Memorial  M. E. church, South, Covington; Mrs. M. E. Elliott, Staunton; Russel E., Bluefield, W. Va., and Mrs. Roy Black, Stuarts Draft, who tenderly cared for him after the death of Mrs. Coffey.

 Mr. Coffey united with the Baptist church in early life, but many years  ago transferred his membership to the M. E. church, South, in which he was  an efficient and faithful member and held an official relation for many  years, having been a delegate frequently to the annual and district  conferences and was a member of the board of stewards of Calvary church  at the time of his death.  He was interested in the work of his adopted church until his death, often inquiring about the progress of the work  through his pastor and others.  He spoke of death as one who was preparing  for a pleasant journey. Death did not hold any terrors to him. He had  implicit faith in God for the forgiveness of sin through the atonement of  Jesus Christ.  He loved his church and the ministry of his church; always  was ready to speak a good word about the former pastors of his church.  He dearly loved his children and was held in the highest esteem and devotion  by his children and his grandchildren, of which he had a number.  Mr.  Coffey had been a prominent figure in his community for many years, in his  church, in business, in clean politics, and in everything that was for the  betterment of humanity.

His funeral service was conducted from Calvary church Sunday, May 23,  at three p. m. by his pastor, the Rev. A. Van Devander, assisted by Dr.  E. L. Woolf, pastor of the Harrisonburg M. E. church, South; the Rev. H. W.  Craver, pastor of Greenville M. E. church, South, and the Rev. T. H.  Campbell, pastor of Stuarts Draft Baptist church.  His body was tenderly  laid at rest in the cemetery adjoining Calvary church.  It is said by some  that his funeral was attended by the largest concourse of people that ever assembled at Calvary church. Less than half of the people could get in the  church.

At his own request the stewards of Calvary church were the active  pallbearers:  J. T. Almarode, Alden D. Rader, A. G. Painter, C. L. Dodge,  I. F. Fitzgerald, H. L. Henkel, W. Y. Boyd, E. M. Conner, and Layton  Thacker.

The following hymns were sung: "The Solid Rock," "Home of the Soul,"  as a solo and "How Firm a Foundation."  His pastor chose as his theme,  "God's Harvest Home;" text, "Thou shalt come to thy grave in full age,  like as a shock of corn cometh in his season," Job 5:26.
Except for the 1880 census, I can account for Peter and/or his family from his date of birth through his death.  The couple settled in Augusta Co., and remained there for their lifetime.

According to some genealogy reports, and census records, Peter and Betty had nine children:

1 - John Emmett, born May 9, 1877, died Nov. 5, 1942.

His obituary:

John Emmett Coffey, sixty-five, died at eleven o’clock Thursday morning following a three hours illness. Mr. Coffey had gone to his work at the State highway camp near Greenville and suffered a stroke shortly after arriving. He was taken to the home of his daughter, Mrs. W. C. Yowell, where he died. Mr. Coffey was born in Augusta county May 9, 1877 and was the son of Peter V. and Betty Kennedy Coffey. He spent his entire life in the county, and for thirteen years was connected with the County Highway department, after which he went with the State Highway department. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Melissa Coffey; two daughter, Miss Inez Elizabeth Coffey, of Stuarts Draft; Mrs. W. C. Yowell, of Greenville; one son, Rudolph W. Coffey at home; six grandchildren; two sisters, Mrs. M. E. Elliott, of Staunton, Mrs. R. H. Black, of Stuarts Draft; two brothers, Russell E. Coffey, of Bluefield, W. Va., and the Rev. Dr. Harry S. Coffey, of Danville, Va.

Funeral Saturday.

The funeral will be held Saturday afternoon at three o’clock from the Mint Spring Methodist church of which he was a member, conducted by the pastor, the Rev. Z. V. Johnson. Burial will be in Calvary church cemetery. Active pallbearers will be W. P. Jennings, L. A. Campbell, Roy Glenn, P. G. Nuchols, Wallace Rosen, Charles Tyree, William Chandler, Walter Carrier, Ernest Coiner, and W. H. Agnor. Honorary pallbearers will be Russell Swisher, Roy Kesterson, Lewis Arehart, Mr. Proffitt, William Ramsey, W. L. Helmick, Wallace Hayes, Herman Coyner, W. H. Roadcap, Bedford Curry, A. Miller, Stuart Benson, Frank Glenn, Dr. W. C. Roller, E. J. Eavers and Mr. Cummings.
2 - James Leonard, born Nov. 11, 1879, died Jul. 14, 1941.  He married Bertie May Shue on Dec. 24, 1900 in Augusta Co., She was born May, 1881 to John W. and Elizabeth S. Alvis Shue.

His obituary:


James Leonard Coffey died Monday afternoon at five o'clock at his home in Mint Spring after being ill since Saturday night.

He was born at Stuarts Draft, on Nov. 11, 1879, and was a son of the late P. V. Coffey and Mrs. Betty Catherine Coffey. He has made his home at Mint Spring for many years where he was an active merchant and farmer. He was a man of sterling character and was held in the highest esteem by all who knew him, taking an active part in all community affairs and lending a helping hand to anyone who wished his advice or help in any way.

He has been a member of Mint Springs Methodist church for thirty five years. During his active membership he served in many capacities, including steward, superintendent of the Sunday school for many years, and a teacher of Ladies' Bible class.

He is survived by wife, Mrs. Bertie May Coffey, three daughters; Mrs. B. H. Hudson of Orange, Mrs. H. S. Strawn of Gary, Ind., and Mrs. J. Ray Strawn of Birmingham, Ala.; three sons: Paul H. Coffey of Roanoke, James A. Coffey of Palmyra, and Richmond Lee Coffey of Mint Spring; two sisters; Mrs. M. E. Elliott of Staunton, and Mrs. Roy Black of Stuarts Draft; three brothers, J. Emmett Coffey of Mint Spring, Dr. H. S. Coffey of Roanoke, and R. E. Coffey of Bluefield, W. Va. Three grandchildren also survive.

The funeral will be held Wed-nesday afternoon at two o'clock from Mint Spring Methodist church. The Rev. Z. V. Johnson, pastor, will officiate.

Place of internment will be announced later.

3 - Bessie Brown, born Jan. 1, 1882.  Bessie was either married or deceased by the 1900 census.  I have found no other information about her.

4 - Nannie B., born Sep., 1886.  She appeared in the 1900 census, but was gone by 1910.

5 - Harry Scott, born Dec. 6, 1889. He was with his parents in 1900 and 1910, but was married by 1920.

Harry registered for the draft in Rockbridge Co. VA on Jun. 5, 1917.  He was described as tall and slender with brown eyes and dark brown hair.  He was age 28 yrs., born Dec., 6, 1889 in Stuarts Draft, VA.  He was a minister in the Fairfield circuit, was married, and lived with his wife in Fairfield.
6 - Annie Bell, born c1890.  She did not appear in 1900, or subsequent census records.

7 - Russell E., born Mar. 13, 1891, died Aug. 12, 1975.  Russell married Ada C. Holtz, a daughter of David Lee and Minnie L. Holtz.  Ada was born on Jul. 12, 1892 in VA and died Aug. 8, 1959 in Mercer Co., WV.  Russell died Aug. 12, 1975 in Mercer Co.  Both are buried in the Maple Park Cemetery in Bluefield, Merecer Co.  They had at least three children:  Helen, born c1911; Russell Lee, born c1916; and Marjorie Elizabeth, born Oct. 5, 1923, died Mar. 27, 2006.

Her obituary:

Obituary, Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV, Mar. 30, 2006

 Miss Marjorie Elizabeth Coffey

ROANOKE, Va. — Miss Marjorie Elizabeth Coffey, 82, formerly of 3009 Bluefield Ave., Bluefield, died Monday, March 27, 2006 in a Roanoke nursing home.

Born Oct. 5, 1923 in Bluefield, she was a daughter of the late Russell E. and Ada C. Holtz Coffey. Miss Coffey was a member of the St. Mary's Episcopal Church of Bluefield, Va. and a graduate of Bluefield College. She was formerly employed at Bluefield Optical as an office manager.

In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her brother: Russell Lee Coffey, and sister: Helen Bone.

Survivors include a niece; Nancy Arwood of Kentucky and several cousins.

Graveside services will be conducted at 2 p.m. Saturday, April 1, 2006 from the Maple Park Cemetery located in Bluefield with the Rev. Russ Hatfield officiating.

In lieu of flowers memorial donations if desired, may be made to the Mercer County Humane Society, 1003 Shelter Rd., Princeton, WV 24740.

Those wishing to share memories or condolence messages may do so by visiting

Mercer Funeral Home and Crematory of Bluefield is serving the Marjorie Coffey family.
8 - Mary Sue, born Dec., 1892.  She did not appear in the 1900 or subsequent census records.

9 - Ruby Lee, born Jun. 23, 1895, died Jul. 6, 1991.  Ruby married Roy Hamilton Black c1916 in VA.  They had at least two children:  Inez, born c1916 and Sherwood, born Jul., 1926.  Ruby and her family were in the household with Peter and Betty at the time of the 1930 census.

Her obituary:

Mrs. Ruby Lee (Coffey) Black 96, widow of Roy Hamilton Black, and formerly  of Churchville Ave., died at 10:20 p.m. Saturday (July 6, 1991) in the  Liberty House Nursing Home,
Waynesboro after a three month illness.  She was born on June 21, 1895, in Augusta County, a daughter of the late  Peter V. and Betty (Kennedy) Coffey.  Mrs. Black was retired from the Leggett Department Stores with 17 years  service.  She was the oldest active member of Calvary United Methodist Church,  Stuarts Draft, and was a member of the Staunton Senior Citizens.   
Mrs. Black's husband preceded her in death on March 16,1951.    Survivors include a son, H. Sherwood Black, of Stuarts Draft; a  daughter, Ms. Margaret A. Black, of Staunton; 5 grandchildren; 8 great- grandchildren; and a number of nieces and nephews. Mrs. Black was the last  surviving member of her immediate family.
A service will be conducted at 6 p.m. Tuesday in the Calvary United  Methodist Church by the Rev. Dr. Roy O. Creech and Rev. Kenneth B. Frank.  Interment will follow in the church cemetery. Active pallbearers will be Bruce Frank, Dr. J.W. Forbes III, Walton  Henkel, Jack Crummett, Ralph Weaver and Jack Clem.  Honorary pallbearers will be Bobby Clark, Doug Hanger, Eddie Eavers,  Earl Fitzgerald, John Wood, Bob Puffenbarger, B.G. Fitzgerald Jr., Elliott  Boyd, Billy Dameron, Dr. Dennis Hatter and Don Crosier.
The family will receive friends this evening from 7 until 8 p.m. in the  Henry Funeral Home and other times at the home of her granddaughter, Mrs.  Linda Harris, 55 George St., Staunton or the home of H. Sherwood Black,  Rt. 1, Stuarts Draft.  It is suggested that those desiring may make memorial donations to  Calvary United Methodist Church P.O. Box 95, Stuarts Draft, Va. 24477.
Leave a comment or, contact me at the above e-mail address to add to or correct any of this information.

*Amherst Co. marriage records shows the bride's name to be Theodora as opposed to Ophelia in his obituary. [Chas B. Coffey & Theocler (an s is written above the r) Everett; witness Ittai Everitt; security: Andrew J. Everett; Jno Everett.  Based on the birth year of their first child, the marriage record may give an incorrect date!]

September 6, 2008

William Fine Coffey Family Update

Click here, or on the title link to view significant updates for this family.

September 4, 2008

A History of Maries County Missouri

I have not read through all of the file, but eventually will.  I stumbled over the file while searching for information on Marvel Coffey who married Rachel Boone.  I have never been able to figure out who his parents were.

On page 277 of this file, the author - thus far unidentified* - thought he was a son of Smith Coffey and a grandson of Israel Boone, Sr.  The author writes that "Marvel Coffey and his wife were the parents of seven living children when they came here with the Boone colony in 1834." 

Smith and Hannah Boone Coffey were married c1802.  If Marvel was the father of seven children in 1834 then we can approximate his age at that time as "thirty-ish" making his birth year sometime around 1804.  He could be Smith and Hannah's son but, of course, if he was older he probably is not Smith's son.

The author named all of the children of Marvel, including Irvin who married Nancy Hughes.

My file shows Irvin, born 1822, as a son of Charles Oliver and Mary Sally Ramsey Coffey.  He married Nancy Hughes on Nov. 3, 1842 in Jackson, Osage Co., MO.  In the 1850 census Irvin reported his birth state as Kentucky.

The document continues with Irvin's son, John M., born Dec. 15, 1844 in Maries Mo., MO who married Susan Vanderpool.

Most of the information about Irvin in the file, except for his parents, agrees with my information.

Please contact me if you have information about this Marvel and his ancestors and descendants.

*The file begins with page 11 and ends at page 828..  It can be downloaded by clicking on the title link.

We Survived!

Gustav made a visit just a few days after we had already received somewhere close to 11 inches of rain.  He dumped an additional 9 inches on us over two days.  All the time the rain was falling we were receiving 20 to 25 knot winds with gusts up to about 35 knots.

We live on a lake, the edge of which is about 20 feet from the deck.  Thankfully, the property slopes at about 45 degrees and for about 4 feet before it reaches the lake.  So, although we do have water where it normally isn't, we are in no danger of it getting into the house.

We have a spare fridge in the boathouse, some 50 feet or so out on the pier.  The water, normally at least 3 feet below the pier, was beginning to lap at the underside.  During the heaviest of rains my wife and I had to move the fridge and place it up on blocks to protect the motor.  It must have been then that I lost my wallet!  Thankfully, the lake quit rising just before the water got high enough to come up through the pier planking.

The sun came out today, clouds cleared and we have a nice day.  Surface water has drained off.  Except for the lost wallet, we fared well! 

Thanks again to all who sent e-mail inquiring about our safety.

September 2, 2008

Gustav Update

Heartfelt thanks to everyone that sent e-mail expressing concern for our safety.  We live in NE Louisiana and are on the east side of Gustav's path.  We received, and continue to receive some light to moderate rain and wind.  Total rainfall at our house was just a tad under 3".  Sometimes, we get that much rain in a few hours so it isn't a problem.  The property is sandy loam and drains rather quickly.

We have a small pecan tree grove in front of the house that we were concerned about.  When Rita passed near us a few years ago, the trees were severely damaged, and we feared even more damage this time.  Thankfully, daylight showed that there was no damage to the trees, the house or other out buildings on our property.  A trip around our neighborhood showed that no one had more than a few downed tree limbs.

We lost power around 7 last evening and it was not restored until around 8:30 this morning.  Fortunately, we have a generator equipped motorhome in which we could make coffee and watch storm updates this morning.

Again, thanks to all of you for your concern.


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