February 27, 2011

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Finley T. and Mary Delight Clark Loudermelt - Corrections

Corrections/additions highlighted.

The Loudermelt surname is spelled any number of ways, depending, it seems, on the specific family.  One of my e-mail friends, Lloyd Coffey of Alexander Co., NC, wrote in response to my question about this, that families in his area of NC spell their surnames "Loudermelt", "Loudermilt", and "Lowdermilk".  His research into this family has uncovered such spellings as "Lautermilch," the original German spelling, as well as all of the above spellings except with the letter A instead of O.
Mary D. Clark Loudermelt
When Finley married Mary Delight Clark in Mitchell Co. on Dec. 25, 1883, his surname was spelled Lawdermilk on the marriage record.  In the 1920 census it was Loudermilk; Loudermelt in 1910 and Loudermilt in 1920.  I haven't found his death certificate, or any death record for that matter that would tell me how it was spelled on that document.  When Mary died in Taylorsville, Alexander Co. on Jan. 31, 1954, her name was spelled Loudermelt on the death certificate.  She was buried at Rocky Face Cemetery in Alexander Co.

Naming only their children known to have married Coffeys

Their first child was John Minford*, born Oct. 27, 1884, died Oct. 20, 1927.   John married Celia L. Coffey* on Oct. 7, 1910 in the Globe.  Celia was the daughter of Eldelano "Lano" and Mary E. Austin Coffey.  Celia was born in Caldwell Co., NC in Mar., 1891 and died Dec. 23, 1973.  Their children were Lottie, Eva Mae, Annie and Myrtle.  If the birth and death dates for John and Celia are close, then Celia lived for another 46 years after John died and, may have remarried.

Finley and Mary's fifth child was a daughter, Ella Mae, born Oct., 1891, died Feb. 11, 1975 in Lenoir, Caldwel Co.  She married Thomas Newton "Black Tom" Coffey on Dec. 5, 1909 in Mortimer, Caldwel Co.  Tom was the son of Jesse (Cleveland?) "Red Eye" Coffey and Lucinda Louise "Lou" Coffey Coffey.  Tom and Ella may had at least 13 children who produced a long line of descendants for the couple.  Please contact me for more info on their children.

Eliza Loudermelt Coffey
Jesse C. Coffey
Eliza was the sixth child born to Finly and Mary.  She was born Dec, 23, 1892 and died May. 18, 1987 at Hiddenite in Alexander Co.  Eliza married Jesse Cleveland, another son of "Red Eye" and Lou Coffey.  Jesse Cleveland was born Dec., 1888 in Caldwell Co., and died Sep. 28, 1923 in Norton, Wise Co., VA.  Jesse was shot and died of septicemia, and accounts of the shooting vary.  It appears to have been accidental.  Their children were six who also provided Jesse and Eliza with a long list of descendants.  Same offer as above for more info.  He is buried at Glenco Cemetery at Big Stone Gap, Wise Co., VA.  Eliza is buried at Rocky Face.

Romilous Linney followed Eliza in Nov., 1895 and married Alberta "Bertie" Coffey, a daughter of Samuel Monroe and Josephine "Josie" Dellinger Coffey.  Readers who need more info on Samuel and Josie should use the upper right "search this blog" window to find previous blogs about this family.  Romilous' death date and place of burial is not known to me.  Bertie is buried at Woodlawn Memorial Gardens in Lenoir.  I have only one child for the, a son by the name of Ronald "Ronnie" Loudermelt, born May 17, 1921 in Avery Co., died Apr. 28, 2010 in Lenoir. He is also buried at Woodlawn.

Ronald "Ronnie" was a son of Albert Abner Loudermilk by Bertie.   He and Bertie were not married.  Romilous "Rom" died of meningitis at age 19 and is buried at Lowdermilk Cemetery on Anthony Creek Road in Avery Co., near Carey's Flat.

When Romilous died in 1915, Bertie was just 10 years old and they were probably not romantically connected.  Bertie later married Clyde Johnson**.  This married produced at least one child, Essie Johnson.  I haven't found out what happened to Clyde but, sometime later she was with Albert Loudermelt**, a brother to Romilous.  Marriage - if there was one - to Albert apparently did not last too long because Albert married Julia Jennings** while Bertie was still living.  Finally, on May 25, 1926 Bertie*** married Andrew Jackson "Andy" Jennings and gave him at least eight children between 1925 and 1946.  Andy Jennings**** was brother to Julia who married Albert Loudermelt. Albert Abner (Ab) Loudermelt was shot and killed on Aug. 14, 1929 by Paris Coffey.

The last child that I am aware of being born to Finley and Mary was Mary Octavia on Oct. 9,1903 in Avery Co., died Mar. 31, 1977 in Boone, Watauga Co.  She married Fredrick Abner Coffey on May 12, 1922 in Carter Co., TN.  Fredrick was born Jan. 18, 1902 in Caldwell Co. to George Washington, Jr. and Tempey S. Calloway Coffey.  He died Apr. 6, 1930 in Banner Elk, then in Avery Co.  Frederick is buried at Boone Fork cemetery while Mary rests at Woodlawn Cemetery in Blowing Rock.  They had five children:  George, Mary Hazel, Roy Lee, Everette and Ola.

*Birth and Death dates unsourced.
**No marriage record found so far.

***Some of Bertie's marriages may be out of sequence or perhaps not marriages at all.  The only date that I have confirmed for Bertie is the one to Andy.
****He was also brother to Lavinia Jennings who married Raymond Dellinger, son of Reubed D. Keever and Rebecca S. Coffey Dellinger.  The Jennings were children of Van and Daisy Shelton Jennings.

February 26, 2011

Bold Hives

Usually, the cause of death recorded on certificates is clear and understandable to most lay people.  Causes such as pneumonia, failure of heart, arterio-sclerotic heart disease, myocardial failure, cardio-renal and vascular disease or chronic nephritis are - I believe - generally recognized for what they are by many people who do not necessarily have specific training.  Many of us become familiar with and understand the meaning of those terms just by watching today's pharmaceutical houses or trial lawyer commercials on TV.

I recently found one death certificate that identified the cause of death in an infant as "bolde hives."  Certainly, many of us know what the hives are and, how painful they can be.  But, "bolde hives" seems to be something else entirely.

In looking for a definition I found Anthony P. Cavender's book, Folk Medicine in Southern Appalachia (2003, Univ. of North Carolina).  Cavender describes Bolde Hives thusly:
"The terms 'bold hives,' 'little red hives,' 'bull hives,' 'boll hives,' and 'stretch hives' all referred to an infant-specific folk illness distinctly different from the type of hives (urticaria) recognized by official medicine. From the folk medical perspective, newborns entered the world with hives - a mysterious undefinable entity - inside their bodies. Like measles and chicken pox, hives had to be forced out before it 'turned inward,' thus transforming into bold hives. If the hives turned inward, normal body functions were adversely affected. Many people thought that bold hives 'wrapped around or 'attacked' the heart and lungs, and that if not properly treated, death was inevitable."
Cavender, based on an interview with someone from Western North Carolina, describes how this ailment was prevented or cured:  The older women in the community would have a small sack of ground and dried "ivy."  They would steep a bit and sweeten with a little sugar and spoon feed it to an infant.  In about a day the baby would break out with small pimples all over.  Those would eventually dry up and peel off and the baby would be "just as white and pretty as it should be."

This book is an interesting read and much more is written about "bolde hives."  It is available for review here.

February 23, 2011

Isaac Newton & Dorthula "Thula" Coffey Perry

Isaac was a son of Alfred D. & Margaret Ann Cabbage Perry.  He was born Apr. 27, 1892 in Tennessee, probably Grainger Co.  He was the youngest of Alfred and Margaret's 10 (at least) children.  Alfred and Margaret were married Jan. 12, 1871 in Union Co., TN but were in Grainger by 1880, where they remained until death.

John Alfred Coffey Family
Dorthula was the third of 10 (at least) children born to John Alfred and Cynthia P. Monk Coffey.  She was born Nov. 19, 1896 in Tazewell Co., TN and married Isaac in about 1912.  They were parents of three (at least) children, all born in Grainger Co.:  Flora, born Oct. 3, 1912, died Dec. 7, 1925; Lilus, born Sep. 26, 1916, died Dec. 9, 1925; and Herbert, born c1919.  Flora and Lilus are buried along with their parents at the Cabbage Family Cemetery in Washburn, Grainger Co.

Isaac's siblings were:

William N., born Oct. 25, 1870, died Mar. 3, 1950.  He married Sarah C. Hamilton on Apr. 4, 1892 in Union Co., TN.  Sarah was born in TN in June., 1870.  William is buried at Cabbage but Sarah's burial place has not been confirmed.

Mahaley L., born Jan. 17, 1874.  She married Joseph H. Collinsworth c1890.  Shortly after the birth of their first child, Milbane in Dec., 1890, the family moved to TX where William was born in Nov., 1893 and Albert in 1895.  They were back in TN by 1898 and in Union Co. by 1900.

The next two children were Rebecca J., born Feb. 10, 1876, died Feb. 17, 1891; and Nathan McD., born Feb. 2, 1878, died Nov. 27, 1900.  Rebecca is thought to be at Cabbage.  Nathan was buried there.  Neither are known by me to have married.

Darcus was next, born Mar. 11, 1880, died Dec. 1, 1932.  She married George W. Nicely, born May 10, 1872, died Dec. 10, 1947.  Both are buried at Cabbage.

The next two were James Andrew, born Jul., 1882, died Nov. 4, 1941, and Mary Ellen born Jan. 23, 1885, died Jun. 1, 1979.  No further information.

Lundie was child number eight.  She was born Sep. 15, 1887 and died Jan. 7, 1952.  She married Thomas Alexander Yadon, born Jan. 28, 1884, died Jan. 28, 1967.  Both are buried at Cabbage.

David was next to last, just before Isaac.  He was born Apr. 27, 1892 and Oct. 10, 1890 and was buried at Cabbage.

Brenton Moreland Coffey (1915-2011)

Brenton Morland Coffey was a son of Lewis Alexander and Hannah Catherine "Katie" Campbell Coffey.  He was born Oct. 15, 1919 in Saint Joseph, Champaign Co., IL and died Feb. 17, 2011 in Springfield, Sangamon Co., IL.

This was his obituary:

Obituary, The News-Gazette, Springfield, Sangamon Co., IL

Brenton Coffey

SPRINGFIELD – Brenton Morland Coffey, 91, of Springfield died at 6:38 a.m. Thursday (Feb. 17, 2011) at Capitol Care Center.

He was born on Oct. 15, 1919, in St. Joseph, to Lou and Hannah Catherine Campbell Coffey.

He is survived by a son, Lonnie (wife: Vicki) Coffey of Urbana; two grandsons, Cory Coffey of Urbana and Brandon Coffey of Maryland Heights, Mo.; and a special God-sent friend, Tina Heslop of New Castle, Pa.

Mr. Coffey had been a resident of Springfield most of his life. He attended Wesleyan Holiness Church and worked as a piano tuner in his younger years. He played the accordion at the Illinois State Fair and on the Old State Capitol Square for over 50 years.

Visitation will be from 10 to 11 a.m. Monday, Feb. 21, at Staab Funeral Home, 1109 S. Fifth St., Springfield.

Funeral services will be at 11 a.m. Monday, Feb. 21, at the funeral home, with Pastor Wilson Douglas officiating. Burial will follow in Oak Ridge Cemetery.

More information is available at www.StaabObituary.com.

This morning, the on-line News-Gazette published a short copyrighted bio about Mr. Coffey.  It can be read here.  I'm not certain how long it will stay on-line so check it early to be sure you get to read it.

Feb. 25, 2011 article from Southern.com.

Lewis was a son of Robert Washington and Margaret Adeline Blair Coffey.  I have very little info on Lewis and, indeed, did not know anything until I found Brenton's obituary and decided to track down his parents.  Please contact me if you can fill in some of Lewis and Katie's vitals.

February 22, 2011

Pittward "Pitt" & Flavonia Fletcher Coffey

I completed some additional work on Pittward this morning.  Readers are invited to click on the blog title to see the original blog about this family and, which contains a few of the updates that will be included here.

Pittward, or Pitt as he seems to have been called, was the eldest child and son of Charles Edward and Sarah Jane Ogden Coffey.  Charles Edward was a son of John Jack and Betsey Duff Coffey and, John Jack was the third son of Jordan and Betsey Rippetoe Coffey.  By now, descendants of Jordan should know that he was actually a Talliaferro (Toliver) and not a Coffey.  But, they are interesting folks and they do eventually get back together with the Coffeys through intermarriage.

Pitt was born in Virginia - and very likely Amherst Co. because his parents never left.  They lived there, raised their children there and are now buried there.  His first wife was Lucy Parks White, daughter of Henry A., and wife Elizabeth, born c1863.  She was the fourth of six children in the White household in the 1870 Peddlar Twp., Amherst Co. census.

Lucy apparently died in childbirth, c1882.  Her only child was Vernie Irvine, born Sep. 23, 1882, died Mar., 1970 in Buena Vista, VA.  Vernie married Robert L. Seay on Dec. 13, 1899.  He was also an Amherst Co. resident, having been born there on Oct. 25, 1875.  They had at least six children:  Evelyn, Vivia, John Robert, Henry Vaughn, Marion and William Lee.

Sometime between Vernie's birth and Sep., 1885, Pitt married Flavonia [sic] Fletcher, a daughter of Lucian and Maria Frances Crawford Fletcher.  Flavonia was born Apr. 8, 1869 in Amherst Co. and died on Jan. 4, 1955 at Fraziers Bottom in Putnam Co., WV.  Their first child was Jesse, born Sep., 1885, died unmarried on Feb. 12, 1918 at Charleston in Kanawha Co., WV.  He is buried at Spring Hill in Charleston, Kanawha Co.

The second child was Janet Aurelia, born Jul. 24, 1888 in Kanawha Co., died Mar. 27, 1945 at Huntington in Cabell Co., WV.  Janet died by suicide when she jumped off the 5th Ave. bridge spanning the Guyan River.  She was nearly 57 years old and was Mrs. Chester L. Martin.  Her first husband was T. Edward Berry to whom she was married on Nov. 19, 1908.  I have not found them in the 1910 census and do not know if any children resulted from that union.  Martin was her second husband, but I have not found a marriage date.  Chester died on Sep. 14, 1959 in Huntington.  His burial place is not known to me; Janet is buried at Spring Hill.

Third child was Alma Elizabeth, born at Jarretts Ford in Kanawha Co. on Mar. 1, 1890.  She was first married there to Thomas H. Young in 1911. They divorced sometime c1921 (it says so on the license for her second marriage) after giving birth to at least three children by Thomas:  Harless, c1913; Margaret, c1915; and Carroll Fletcher, c1918.  Alma married her second husband Frank C. Briscoe when she was 34 and he was a 51-year old widower.  They were married in West Virginia in 1924, and lived for awhile at 215 Hunt Ave. in Charleston where she gave birth to two of his children:  Mary, born c1925 and Joseph H., born c1927.  I haven't found a death record for James.  Alma died on Dec. 12, 1969 in Charleston but not before marrying again at age 73 to the 72-year old James Marshall Lawson on Apr. 25, 1963 in Kanawha Co.  Alma is buried at Spring Hill.  The buial places of her three spouses are unknown.

[Update] Child number four was Harry Clarkston, born Jun. 8, 1892 at Elkview in Kanawha Co., WV; died at Fraziers Bottom, Putnam Co., WV on Mar. 14, 1969.  His wife was Cecil Ann Fisher, born May, 1895 in Putnam Co. and died there in 1985.  She and Harry are buried at Saint Albans, Kanawha Co. WV at the Cunningham Memorial Park cemetery. I am still searching for a marriage date and place.

Number five was Fletcher Euick (?), born Jul. 5, 1895 in Charleston, died Nov., 1980 in Kanawha Co.  Also, no info on possible wife and children.

Six was Stoughton (I've seen it spelled Stephen, but it's Stoughton on his death certificate) Edward, born Feb. 27, 1897 in Kanawha Co., died of tuberculosis in Charleston on Apr. 17, 1918 at age 21,  He is also buried at Spring Hill.  He also was unmarried.

The last and seventh child that I have for Pitt and Flavonia was James Tinsley.  He was born Sep. 21, 1901 in WV and died from heart failure at age 330years Oct. 10, 1934 in Charleston.  He was also unmarried.

February 21, 2011

The Archie Coffey Store in Edgemont, North Carolina

While searching for a history of Edgement, NC I ran across a website prepared by Bob Heafner.  Bob used his site to describe a visit he made in the early 60's and again in the 80's to the Pisgah National Forest.  When first there, he stayed in Edgemont and visited with Archie Coffey in his general store.

Bob described Archie as: 
...a man that typifies mountain people everywhere; a person who has faced hardships and danger without losing faith; a person who has endured the changes of time and natural disasters only to become stronger in character and in faith. Archie Coffey is a mountain man and nothing, not economic hard times or natural disasters can separate him from his mountain home and way of life.
Archie provided a first hand account of how he and many of his family and friends climbed Jonas Ridge on Aug. 13, 1940 to escape the Wilson Creek flood that destroyed Mortimer, NC and nearly destroyed Edgemont.

There are a number of Coffey men named Archie that came out of Avery and Caldwell Counties, but I believe the Archie mentioned in Heafner's work is Archie L. Coffey, born in Wilson Creek Twp on Feb. 25, 1911, died Jan. 25, 1986* in Lenoir. His parents were Augustus F. "Gus" and Betty Beard Coffey. Archie's wife was Buena Adeline Silver, a daughter of David Alonzo "Lonnie" and Rose Zenea Norman Coffey.

You North Carolina Coffey descendants should read this one-page "tour" of the area. Click here, or on the blog title to read.

* Death Record: Name Archie Coffey Gender Male Burial Date 28 Jan 1986 Burial Place Edgemont, N.C. Death Date 25 Jan 1986 Death Place Lenoir, Caldwell, North Carolina Age 74 Birth Date 23 Feb 1911 Birthplace Avery, N.C. Occupation Postmaster/Owner General [store] Married Spouse's Name Betty Moore Minyard Coffey Father's Name G. F. Coffey Father's Birthplace Mother's Name Betty Beard Coffey Mother's Birthplace Indexing Project (Batch) Number B06346-3 System Origin North Carolina-EASy Source Film Number 1991199 Reference Number v 0B cn 581

February 18, 2011

Cornelius & Ailsy Elizabeth Greenfield Coffey

Betty Greenfield Coffey
Cornelius Coffey
Cornelius Coffey was the fifth child of at least 11 born to William Coffey, Jr. and his wife Margaret Robbins.  William, Jr. was a native of Yadkin Valley, born May 5, 1812 in that part of Wilkes Co., NC that later became part of Caldwell Co.  Margaret was born c1816 in North Carolina, the exact area is unknown.  He died May 8, 1893 in Buffalo Twp., Caldwell Co..  Margaret preceded him in death on Apr 26,1882.
Obituary, Lenoir Topic, Lenoir, Caldwell Co., NC, May 28, 1893

To the Editor of the Lenoir Topic:  Died at his home on Buffalo, in Caldwell county, May the 8th, 1893, William Coffey, aged 81 years and 8 days.  His wife, Margaret, also departed this life April 26th, 1882, in the 66th year of her age.  The Lord blessed them with a family of twelve children of which seven remain to mourn their loss.  Brother and Sister Coffey joined the Baptist church in 1847; was soon ordained in the office of Deacon and Deaconess, which office they executed well.  They both lived consistent Christian lives.  We were present at the funeral of Sister Coffey, and remember hearing Brother Coffey express his desire to be asleep in Jesus with his companion.  Since that time his greatest delight has been in the worship and service of the house of the Lord, often expressing a strong desire to be freed from the temptations and perplexities of this, and after an illness of about 6 months he fell asleep in the full triumphs of faith and was gathered to his loved ones that had gone before.  Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.  M.C. and J.H.J.
 Cornelius was born Jul. 27, 1844 at Buffalo Creek in Wilkes Co. and died Jun. 2, 1906 in Morganton, Burke Co.  He was enumerated as a a patient at the Broughton State Hospital in Morganton in 1900.  He is buried in the cemetery on the hospital grounds, his grave marked by a simple funeral home marker.  I have not yet found his wife's final resting place.

He married Ailsy Elizabeth "Betty" Greenfield on Feb. 20, 1868 in Caldwell Co.  She was born Sep. 7, 1850 and died Jun. 11, 1928, presumably in North Carolina.

Their children, all born in Caldwell Co., were:

William Larkin, born Jun. 19, 1870, died Jan. 5, 1953 in Granite Falls, Caldwell Co.  His wife was Alice Selma Setzer, daughter of Paul and Jemina Simmons Setzer, and was born Sep. 9, 1865 in NC, died Aug. 22, 1941 in Granite Falls.  Both are buried there at Pinecrest Cemetery.  Their children were Charles Mozer; Fannie C.; Claude Augustus; Ada M.; Walter Victor; Garland Cecil; Ethel; and Lucy Jane.

Elbert Finley, born Mar. 1, 1872, died Apr. 29, 1959 in Salisbury, Rowan Co., NC.  His wife was Mary Louise Lentz, born Jul. 19, 1903 in NC, died Dec. 25, 1990 in Salisbury.  Elbert is buried at Westlawn Memorial Park in China Grove, Rowan Co.  Mary Louise is probably there as well but, I have found no record of that.  Their children were at least two:  Jack Nolan and Robert J. "Bob" Coffey.

Martha Louisa, born c1874.  Her spouse was Roy Abernathy.  No other information on either.  Their children were also at least two:  Collis Odell and Julia.

John Oliver, born c1876, died May 19, 1947 in Hinesville, Liberty Co., GA.  His wife was Eva Broce, born Jan. 4, 1881 in Bristol, Sullivan Co., TN, died Jan. 20, 1946 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH.  After John's death, Eva married Berch E. Scott of Highland Co., OK.  He was born Aug. 12, 1872 and died in Cincinnati on Aug. 4, 1943.  Both are buried at Vine Street Cemetery in Cincinnati.  John's children with Eva were:  Bruce, born c1899 in TN; Ethel, born c1902 in TN; Fred Howard, born c1905 in TN and Edna Lucille, born c1907 in NC.

Mary Etta, born Jun. 10, 1878, died Apr. 24, 1952 in Lenoir, Caldwell Co.  She married on Aug. 25, 1900 in Watauga Co. to Larkin Solomon Presnell, born Feb. 10, 1870 in Watauga Co., NC to James H. and Rebecca Green Presnell.  Larkin died Jun. 24, 1941 in Caldwell Co.  He is buried at Howell Cemetery in Vilas, Watauga Co. while Mary Etta rests at Blue Ridge Memorial Park in Lenoir.  Their children were also at least two:  Clarence Haskel, born 1901 and Roy Lee, born 1903, both in Watauga Co.

Annie Elizabeth, born Aug. 22, 1881, died Sep. 14, 1946 in Lenoir.  She married Aug. 25, 1901 in Yadkin Valley, Caldwell Co., to Jesse Steele Johnson, a son of James Harvel and Zelphia Almida Sloan Johnson.  Jesse was born Jan. 24, 1881 in NC and died Sep. 12, 1965 in Lenoir.  They are buried at Belleview Cemetery in Lenoir.  They were also parents of at least two children:  Nellie Clyde, born 1903 and Lewis Albert.

The last child was George T., born Jul., 1883, married Jul. 27, 1902 to Nellie Taylor in Burke Co., NC.  I have only one child for them:  Billie, a daughter, born May 28, 1908 in Lenoir.

Photos of Cornelius and Betty courtesy of Donna Schultz

George Nelson Coffey

George was a son of Elijah L. & Mary Ann Nelson Coffey.  Click on this blogs title to read an earlier post.

George Nelson Coffey

"George N. Coffey received his PhD degree from George Washington, Washington, C.C., and worked as a geologist, doing a soil survey for the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture over a great portion of the United States, one of the first of its kind.  This first career ended as a research scientist at the Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station at Wooster, Ohio.  His father-in-law, William Francis Kean, an attorney and judge in Wooster, persuaded George to establish a land title business in Wooster, The Wayne County Abstract and Title Company.  He went to Law school and obtained the right to practice law, recommended for conducting a title business.  He continued in this second career until his retirement.

"George Nelson Coffey, Ph. D., University of Illinois, Urbana, IL was a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

"George Nelson Coffey joined the Bureau of Soils in 1900, the second year of its existence, and worked in the program for about 11 years. During those years he worked on soil surveys in many parts of the United States. Those surveys exposed him to a wide variety of soils. Because of his experience and knowledge, he was chosen to supervise soil classification and correlation after five years with the Bureau. During the time that he was in charge of soil classification and correlation, Coffey became acquainted with earlier soil studies, such as those of E.W. Hilgard in Mississippi, T.C. Chamberlain in Wisconsin, and the Dokuchaiev school in Russia. From those sources and his own field experience, Coffey developed and promoted his ideas of soil genesis and classification. Coffey's ideas were in marked contrast to the prevailing idea in this country that soils were simply a function of the underlying rocks. Coffey presented his ideas in journal articles for several years, culminating with the publication of USDA Bureau of Soils Bulletin No. 85 in 1912. Bulletin 85 is now recognized as a classic, but like Coffey's journal articles, it fell on deaf ears in 1912. Coffey left the soil survey program before Bulletin 85 was published and worked at the Ohio Agricultural Station, where he worked on soil mapping, an erosion study, and fertilizer trials. Later, Coffey moved on to the University of Illinois. In 1922 Coffey left soil science as a career but retained his interest in soils and geology. After he left the soil survey program Coffey's publications on soil genesis and classification were largely forgotten. About a decade later a profound change in the concept of soil and in the understanding of soil genesis began in the United States. Championed by Curtis F. Marbut, the change occurred gradually in the 1920s, 1930s, and beyond. A new group of American pedologists emerged who had learned of and from the Dokuchaiev school and had the benefit of the profound changes that had occurred in the United States. Those pedologists rediscovered Bureau of Soils Bulletin No. 85 and earlier publications by Coffey and recognized the advanced nature of Coffey's ideas of soil genesis and classification. Those ideas mark Coffey as one of the first, if not the very first, of the American pedologists."

Source:  Soil Science Society of America [no longer on-line].

February 17, 2011

Benjamin S. Coffey - Adair Co., KY

Benjamin S. Coffey was elected to the Kentucky House of Representatives for the period 1865-1867 but, resigned in 1866.
Click on images to enlarge
There was a Benjamin S., age 19, along with a Joseph Coffey, age 17, in the 1850 Adair Co. census.  He and Joseph were clerks working for the merchant Willis Wheat and were enumerated with Wheat and his family.

At the same time in Adair Co. was the family of Martial (Marshall) L. Coffey, age 31; Jane, age 69 and Eliza, 33; E. J. (Emily Jane), age 26; and L. C. (Louisa Caroline), age 23.  Marshall and the younger girls were children of Ananias and Jane Hindman Coffey.  Ananias died in Adair Co. before 1850.  In addition to Marshall and his sisters in this census, He and Jane had at least six additional children:  Nancy, 1809; Zidner, 1810; Cabaius, 1811; Harriett, 1813; Mary, 1814; and Eliza, 1815.

Benjamin S. appears next in the 1860 Adair Co. census with Jane, age 69 [sic] as head of household, another female, whose name is not recognizable by me and, Benjamin, age 29 with Elizabeth R., age 22, George A., age 3, and Carrie J., age 1.  Elizabeth and the children are probably Benjamin's wife and children*.

Jane Hindman is said to have been born in Rockbridge Co., VA in 1781 and, I have little doubt that she is the Jane with Marshall in 1850.  The Jane in 1860, same age as 1850 Jane, was born in KY c1791.  One plausible explanation could be a matter of simply forgetting her age and place of birth by one of the other family members (or even herself) who gave information to the enumerator.

However, neither a Benjamin nor a Joseph are known (by me) to be children of Jane Hindman and Ananias Coffey.  If Benjamin was born c1831 and Joseph c1833, it would mean that Jane Hindman Coffey was between 50 and 52 years old when they were born, making her a bit unlikely to be their mother.  If her birth year was say 1791 instead, it's conceivable (no pun intended) that she could have given birth in her early 40's to two additional children.  The two boys birth years fall somewhat neatly after the last known child, Louisa Caroline in 1827.  For argument's sake, I'm assuming that Benjamin and Joseph were brothers.

So, my questions are:  Was Jane in 1860 the same Jane in 1850?  If not, who was the spouse of 1860 Jane and the father of Benjamin and Joseph?  Was this Benjamin S. Coffey the same Benjamin S. Coffey elected to the Adair state legislature?

*Benjamin S. Coffey married Elizabeth R. McBeath in Columbia, Adair Co., KY on 9 Aug., 1854 (County Marriage Book 3, Page 101)

February 14, 2011

Robert Lee & Mary Louise Coffey Miller

Mary Lou Coffey Miller
Mary Louise was the last child of John William and Frances Little Coffey.  She was born Feb. 7, 1905 in Raleigh, Wake Co., NC and died there on Jan. 5, 1983.  She married Robert Lee Miller, a native of Concord, Cabarrus Co., NC on Apr. 3, 1937 in Wake Co.  He was born there on Aug. 26, 1908 and died in Durham, Durham Co., NC on May 19, 1954.  Like most of their family, they too are buried at Montlawn Memorial Park in Raleigh.

Obituary, The News & Observer, Raleigh, NC, 20 May 1954.  and Coffey Family Archive
Robert Miller Dies at Duke

N.C. Banker, Husband of Former Raleigh Woman, to Be Buried Here

ROCKINGHAM, May 18--Robert Lee Miller, 46, executive vice president of the Richmond County Bank in Rockingham, died Wednesday afternoon in Duke Hospital following an illness of three weeks.

He was born in Concord and moved to Hamlet at an early age, where he attended the public schools.  He married Mary Lou Coffey of Raleigh in 1937 and she survives him.  He is also survived by a daughter, Linda Anne Miller; his stepmother, Mrs. T.W. Miller, of Hamlet; seven brothers: Cole Miller of Monroe, Arthur Miller of Greenville, S.C., Jack Miller of Petersburg, Va., Paul Miller, Earl Miller and Glenn Miller, all of Hamlet, T.W. Miller Jr. of California; two sisters, Mrs. Lethia Milson of Charlotte and Mrs. C.L. Barnard, of New Orleans, La.; three half-brothers: Max Miller, Baland Miller, both of Pittsburg, Pa., and Jimmy Miller, of Chapel Hill; and one half-sister, Mrs. Bill Berry of Chapel Hill.  Funeral services will be conducted Friday morning at 11 o'clock in the Joseph G. Brown Chapel, Edenton Street Methodist Church.  Burial will be in Montlawn.

Funeral services will be conducted by the Rev. L.A. Tilley of the First Methodist Church, Rockingham, assisted by the Rev. Howard P. Powell of Edenton Street Methodist Church here.  Mr. Miller was a member of the Official Board of the Rockingham church.

Picture and obituary courtesy John Coffey of Raleigh

Garland Olando & Frances Elizabeth Coffey Green

Frances Coffey Green
Frances was the third child of John William and Frances Little Coffey. She was born Jul. 4, 1904 in Raleigh, Wake Co., NC and died in Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., NC on Sep. 19, 1979. Her husband was Garland Olando Green, Jr., a son of Garland, Sr. and his wife Nellie W. Bynum. He was born Apr. 21, 1901 in Stedman, Cumberland Co., NC and died on Dec. 6, 1963 in Raleigh. He and Frances were married on Nov. 5, 1927 in Raleigh.

I know of one child, Frances Nell Green, born May 18, 1933 in Raleigh, died Oct. 3, 2003 in Matthews, Mecklenburg Co. Frances married Herbert Basil Magill, born 1930 in Stanly Co., NC, on Aug. 21, 1957 in Raleigh. Frances is buried at Matthews in Mecklenburg Co.

Obituary, The News & Observer (Raleigh, NC), December 1963
Garland O. Green, 62, of 3127 Banbury Rd., died Friday at Rex Hospital. He recently had suffered a heart attack. Mr. Green was commercial sales representative for Carolina Power & Light Co. He was a member of the board of managers of the Illumination Engineering Society, a member of Edenton Street Methodist Church where he served several terms on the official board, and was also a 32nd degree Mason. Surviving are his wife, the former Frances Coffey; a daughter, Mrs. H.B. Magill of Charlotte; his mother, Mrs. Nellie B. Rives of Raleigh, and three grandchildren. Funeral services will be conducted at 10 a.m. today at Edenton Street Methodist Church. The Rev. Marvin Vick and the Rev. Kimsey King will officiate and burial will be in Montlawn with Masonic rites.

Obituary, The News & Observer (Raleigh, NC), 21 September 1997
CHARLOTTE--Mrs. Frances Coffey Green, 93, of Charlotte, died Friday, September 19, 1997 at Sardis Nursing Home.  A graveside service will be held at Montlawn Cemetery in Raleigh, N.C. on Thursday, September 25, 1997, at 11 a.m.

The family will receive friends Wednesday evening from 7-8 p.m. at Wilson Funeral Home, Charlotte, N.C.

Mrs. Green, a native of Wake County, N.C., was a graduate of Raleigh High School and NCCW College, which is now UNCG.  As a member of Edenton Street United Methodist Church in Raleigh, Mrs. Green was active in United Methodist Women.

Survivors include her daughter, Mrs. Fran G. Magill of Charlotte; nephews, John N. Coffey Jr. of Raleigh, and Thomas G. Coffey of Naples, Fla.; a niece, Linda Young of Raleigh; two grandsons; four great-grandchildren; and several great nieces and nephews.  Mrs. Green was predeceased by her husband, Garland O. Green.

Memorials may be made to Edenton Street United Methodist Church, 228 W. Edenton Street, Raleigh, NC 27603.

Arrangements are by Wilson Funeral Service.

Photo and obituaries courtesy John Coffey of Raleigh

John Nelson & Mary Thelma Gatewood Coffey

John Nelson Coffey
Mary Thelma Gatewood Coffey
John Nelson was the only son born to John William and Frances Little Coffey.  He was born Jan. 4, 1902 in Raleigh, Wake Co., NC and died there on Jul. 20, 1988.  He was married to Mary Thelma Gatewood, born May 22, 1906 on Jan. 28, 1928 in Danville, Pittsylvania Co., VA.  Mary was born in Wadesboro, Anson Co., NC and died in Raleigh on Dec. 27, 1988.  Both are buried in Montlawn Memorial Park in Raleigh.

Obituary, The News & Observer (Raleigh, NC), July 1988
J.N. Coffey, former council member, dies

John Nelson Coffey, 86, a former Raleigh City Council member and president of John W. Coffey & Son General Contractors, died Wednesday.

Coffey was on the city council in the late 1950s, serving as chairman of the public works committee.  He also was a longtime member of the board of directors of First Federal Savings and Loan Association.

A Raleigh native, Coffey graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  His son, John N. Coffey Jr., said  he was a former president of the North Carolina Aero Club and organized trips across the world for the group of private pilots.  Cuba, the Caribbean Islands and sites in the Mediterranean Sea were among some of the places he had visited, the son said.

"He loved to travel," the younger Coffey said.  "He took two trips overseas every year."  The younger Coffey described his father as a man who loved people.  "He never met a stranger," his son said.

Coffey is survived by his wife, Mrs. Thelma Gatewood Coffey; sons, John N. Coffey Jr. and Thomas Gatewood Coffey, both of Raleigh; sisters, Mrs. Frances Green and Miss Natalie Coffey. both of Raleigh; and seven grandchildren.

Funeral arrangements are by Brown-Wynne Funeral Home, St. Mary's Street.  The family will be at the funeral home from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday and at the home of John N. Coffey Jr., 3605 Dade St., during other times.

Photos and obituary courtesy of John Coffey of Raleigh.

John William & Frances Elizabeth Little Coffey

John Wm. Coffey
Fannie Little
John William was the second child and first son born to Elijah and Mary Ann Nelson Coffey.  He was born in Patterson Twp., Caldwell Co., NC on Jun. 18, 1869 and died June. 11, 1960 in Raleigh, Wake Co., NC.  He married on Dec. 14, 1898 in Raleigh Frances Elizabeth "Fannie" Little.  Fannie was born Mar. 7, 1878 in Concord, Cabarrus Co., NC and died in Raleigh on Nov. 30, 1967.  They lived out their lives in Wake Co., and are buried at Montlawn Memorial Park in Raleigh.

John and Fannie were the parents of three girls and one boy.  Natalie Little Coffey was their first born, Sep. 25, 1899, died Sep. 22, 1996.

Obituary, The News & Observer, Raleigh, NC, 24 September 1996

Natalie Little Coffey
RALEIGH--Natalie Little Coffey, died Sunday at age 96 at Mayview Convalescent Center.  She was born in Raleigh on September 25, 1899, the eldest child of John William Coffey and Frances Elizabeth Little. She attended public schools in this city, graduating from Raleigh High School in 1916.  She afterwards attended the North Carolina College for Women at Greensboro, graduating with an A.B. degree in 1920, and a M.A. in 1929.  Her affection for her alma mater was constant throughout her life, and for many years, she served as president of her class.

Education was her calling.  Miss Coffey was one of Raleigh's legendary teachers, honored and beloved by generations of students who cherished her as a counselor and friend.  She began her career in Rocky Mount where she taught for two years.  Returning to Raleigh, she served as an instructor in English and Spanish at Raleigh High School for two years, Hugh Morson High School for 30 years, and Broughton High School for 10 years.  She retired in 1965 after 44 years of service.  Her love and concern for her students extended far beyond the classroom.  Driving a little blue-and-black coupe, affectionately nicknamed the "Coffey Can," she would cheerfully ferry as many as seventeen kids to football games, plays, and concerts.  During the World War II she even coached the Hugh Morson golf team to a state championship.

For much of her life she lived in Boylan Heights with her parents.  In retirement she devoted herself to her family, especially to the children for whom she was their adored "Nannie."  She was a lifelong and devoted member of Edenton Street Methodist Church where she taught Sunday School.

She was preceded in death by her parents, her brother, John N. Coffey, and her sister, Mary Lou C. Miller.

She is survived by a sister, Frances C. Green of Charlotte; two nephews, John N. Coffey Jr. of Raleigh, and Thomas G. Coffey of Naples, Florida; two nieces, Mrs. Herbert B. Magill of Charlotte, and Linda M. Young of Cary; and 11 grandnieces and grandnephews.

A graveside service will be held 11 a.m. Wednesday, September 25, in Montlawn Memorial Park.
 Other children to follow.

Photos and obituary courtesy of John Coffey of Raleigh

Elijah L. & Mary Ann Nelson Coffey Family Update

I have written previously about the family of Elijah and Mary Ann.  Click on the blog title to read.

Harriet "Hattie" Coffey Stewart
Their first child was Harriet "Hattie", born May 15, 1868 in Patterson Twp., Caldwell Co., died Nov. 16, 1954 in Enid, Garfield Co., OK.  Hattie married James Alexander Stewart, born Apr. 24, 1858 in Canada to Scottish parents.  They were married on Dec. 22, 1896 in Harpers Chapel, Patterson, NC.  James died Mar. 3, 1929 in Enid, Garfield Co., OK.  Both are buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Minco, Grady Co., OK.  The couple emigrated to Indian Territory shortly after their marriage and appeared there on the Chickasaw Nation* census of Jun. 2, 1900.  They remained in Grady Co. through the 1920 census but, by 1930 were in Garfield Co.

Caldwell Native Dies in Okla.

News has been received here of the death of Mrs. Hattie Coffey Stewart of Enid, Okla., on November 16.

Mrs. Stewart was born near Patterson in Caldwell county on May 15, 1868.  She was the oldest daughter of Elijah and Mary Ann Nelson Coffey.

She is survived by one daughter, Helen, of the home; two brothers, John W. Coffey of Raleigh, and Dr. George N. Coffey of Wooster, Ohio; and one sister, Miss Mary E. Coffey of Lenoir and Enid, a teacher in the Lenoir High school for many years.
Enid, OK newspaper, 4 March 1929.

James Alexander Stewart
A heart attack yesterday morning proved fatal for James A. Stewart, 70, an elder and prominent worker in the Central Christian church, who died last night at 9 o'clock at his home, 1516 West Broadway.

Surviving him are his widow and a daughter, Mary Helen of the home.  Miss Stewart for several years has been instructor of English at Enid high school.

Eight years ago the Stewarts came here from Minco where they had resided many years.  Mrs. Stewart's sister, Miss Mary Coffey of near Raleigh, N. Car., recently came here to reside and it so happened that their brother, Lee Coffey and family of Minco had come for a week-end and were with Mr. Stewart when he died.

Funeral services will be from the Central Christian church in the morning at 10 o'clock, the pastor, Rev. R.C. Snodgrass officiating.  The body will be taken to Minco where a service will be held in the Presbyterian church and burial made in the Evergreen cemetery by the side of his son who died nine years ago.

The body was prepared for burial by the Henninger-Royer Funeral home.
 James and Hattie at two children, both born in the Chickasaw Nation:  Mary Helen, Sep. 23, 1897, died Sep. 24, 2003 in Edmond, Oklahoma Co., OK; and John Forbes, born Feb. 5, 1900, died Jul. 11, 1920 in OK.  John was a victim of an accidental drowning at age 20, and was buried at Evergreen Cemetery.

Oklahoma newspaper, September 2003

Mary Helen Stewart

Graveside services for Mary Helen Stewart, 106, were held on Sunday, September 28 at 2:30 p.m. at the Evergreen Cemetery in Minco, with Rev. Sam Scott of the Minco First Baptist Church officiating under the direction of the Huber-Reynolds Funeral Home of Minco.

Stewart was born on September 23, 1897 in Indian Territory now known as Minco to James Alex and Hattie (Coffey) Stewart and died on Thursday, September 25, 2003 at the Oklahoma Christian Home in Edmond, the day after her birthday.

She became a member of the First Christian Church in Minco at age 12, and after moving to Enid, became a member of the Central Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) where she was a member for sixty years.  In 1960 she started a church library.  She served as a deaconess two terms and was honored as Board member Emeritus
She received her BA in Education from the Oklahoma College for Women (now USAO) and a Master's degree from Phillips University.  She taught in Mangum and thirty-five years in Enid.  While in Enid, she did graduate work at the University of Colorado and the University of Missouri.  After retiring, she spent three years in Boone, North Carolina, where she worked at Appalachian State University.

She was a member in several local, state and national teacher's organizations: the American Association of University Women; Business and Professional Women;  the Altrurian Study-Social Group; the Westside Garden Club and the Women's Fellowship Guild of Enid.  She volunteered at Bass Hospital.

In 1983 she moved to the Oklahoma Christian Home Cottage Campus and transferred her membership to the Edmond Christian Church.  She moved into the nursing section in December of 1996.

She was preceded in death by her parents, James and Hattie Stewart and by her brother, John Stewart.

She is survived by two first cousins, Elizabeth Wormley of Chickasha and William Coffey of Schenectady, New York.
Elijah and Mary Ann were parents to four additional children.  More on those later.

Grady County originally part of the land given to the Choctaw in exchange for property in the southeastern United States. In 1837, the Chickasaw join them, and in 1855 a treaty separated the two tribes, and the Chickasaw acquired an area that included much of Grady County. The 1898 Curtis Act stripped the Chickasaw Nation of its authority, and communal land was forced into allotment, paving the way for statehood. When Oklahoma acquired statehood in 1907, Grady County was organized and Chickasha was named the county seat. (Wikipedia)

Grateful appreciation to John W. Coffey of Raleigh, NC for help with this research.

February 10, 2011

German J. & Mary Margaret Smith Coffey

German was one of the sons of Nebuzaradan and Elizabeth Easley Coffey.  He was born in Simpson Co., KY on Nov. 17, 1827 and was married to Mary Margaret on Jul. 6, 1856 in Lane Co., OR.  From at least July, 1860 through death, German and Mary Margaret resided in Marion Co., OR.  German died in 1874 and was buried at Aumsville Cemetery in Marion Co.  Mary Margaret outlived him by nearly 50 years.  She died in 1922 in The Dalles, Wasco Co., OR and is buried at the IOOF cemetery in Salem, Marion Co.

Mary Margaret was born on Feb. 18, 1838 in Abingdon, Knox Co., IL.  Her father was Hiram Smith who married a Miss Rivers.

She and German at at least seven children:  Mary L., born c1844; John Crittenden, born c1857; Denton Darby, born 1859; Edith L., born c1864; Ellen, born c1866; Tecumseh Sherman, born Apr., 1869 and Frank Nebuzaradon, born Dec., 1871, all in Oregon.

Denton Darby married Carrie W. Woodrum [sic], date unknown.  Carrie was born in Sep., 1866 in Nebraska to Elijah Woodrum and his wife Martha.  It is Carrie I am interested in because I find her maiden name a bit questionable:

In the 1870 Mills Co., IA census, Carrie's father's surname was spelled Woodran, and in 1880 Mills Co. IA  she was found in the household with parents whose surname was spelled Woodman, but Carrie's surname is spelled Woodner.  In that census, she appeared with her parents but on the page following her family's enumeration.  In 1900 her parents were found in the Portland, Multnomah Co., OR census, and the surname was spelled Woodrum.  Carrie's mother Martha was a widow in 1920 and enumerated in the household with Carrie and her new husband, Irving Alvard.  Martha's surname was spelled Woodrum.

So, anyone know which is the correct surname?

February 9, 2011

Citing this Blog

I crawl a lot of websites during the day, searching for accurate, usable Coffey/Coffee leads.  I am also a subscriber to Ancestry.com where there are literally thousands of unsourced Coffey family trees.  In addition, I have a number of "alerts" established in Google that sends me an e-mail whenever the name Coffey or Coffee shows up in news articles, blogs, and family websites.

As a result of all this, I am finding that some folks are using my blog entries - verbatim - without attaching a source.

Contrary to some opinion, the data I present - in the form presented - can be, and is copyrighted. Readers are not allowed to copy any part of my blog without citing me as the source.  I choose to give readers and researchers certain rights to my data by the following:

Creative Commons License
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There are many ways that my blog can be cited as the source of the information being copied.  One that is satisfactory to me is:

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I make a conscientious effort to cite MY sources.  I don't always post them in the blog because the Blogger editor is not ideal and entering sources for each date, comment, etc. would take forever.  But, for the most part, the sources are available for the asking.

Thank you for your consideration!

Woodson Robert & Frances C. Coffey Fitzgerald

Sorting out the Fitzgeralds, Campbells and Coffeys of Nelson Co., VA is like trying to put 1000 decks of playing cards back together after tossing them into the air during a hurricane!  Hopefully, I have correctly put together the following!

[Update:  11-11-11: Thanks to Brad Fitzgerald of Roanoke, VA I have been able to clarify and update some of the information about this family.  First and probably most important is the correction of the name Robert Woodson to Woodson Robert.  Other chances are noted below.]

Woodson Robert Fitzgerald was born in Nelson Co. on Oct. 31, 1807 and died there on Jul. 7, 1886.  He was married on Aug. 23, 1830 to Frances C. Coffey, a daughter of Reuben G. & Nancy Giles Coffey.  Reuben P.* [sic] Coffey was security.  Readers may know that Reuben was a brother to William who married Elizabeth "Betsy" Giles, both daughters of William and Margaret Giles. (anyone know Margaret's maiden name?)  Frances died Nov. 27, 1886 at Massies Mill in Nelson Co. Both are said to be buried at a Fitzgerald Family Cemetery** in Nelson Co.

Their children were at least six.  Approximately 4 years passed after their 1830 marriage before the first known child was born so, perhaps at least one other was born before 1834.

The first child was Mary Jane, born Mar. 17, 1834, died Feb. 14, 1922.  She married Hezekiah Coffey on Dec. 19, 1855 in Nelson Co.  Hezekiah was a son of Edmund Coffey and Martha Snead.  He died in July, 1863 at Gettysburg in Adams Co., PA.
Pension Application:  Hezekiah Coffey, 1889.  Made by his wife, Mary F. Coffey; Transcribed by:  Shirley Moore [w_moore@bellsouth.net]

      Application of a Widow of a Deceased Soldier, Sailor or Marine for a Pension.

     I, Mary F. Coffey, residing at ____ In the County of Nelson In State of Virginia, do hereby apply for aid under an act of the General Assembly entitled :An act to give aid to soldiers, sailors or marines of Virginia, maimed or disabled in the war between the States, and to the widows of Virginia soldiers, sailors and marines who lost their lives in said war in the military service."  And I do swear that I am the widow of Hezekiah Coffey who was a member of Co. F 49th Infantry Regiment and who, while in the discharge of his duty in military service during the late war between the States, lost his life.

And I do further swear that I am not receiving aid from or a pension from any State or from The United States, and that I do not hold any national, State or county office which pays me in fees or salary over three hundred dollars; that my income from no source amounts to three hundred dollars; and that I do not own in my own right property of the assessed value of one thousand dollars; ___ that I am now entitled to receive annually the sum of thirty dollars under the terms of the aforesaid act  of the General Assembly.

And I do further swear that the following answers are true:

1st,  What was the name of the applicants deceased husband?  Ans. Hezekiah Coffey
2d    When and where, as nearly as can be ascertained, did the applicant's husband die, and and from what cause?
Ans.  In July 1863 at Gettysburg _______
3d.   When and where were the applicant and her deceased husband married:
Ans.  In the year 1855 in Nelson Co. Va
4th.  Has the applicant ever married again? Ans. No

                                 Mary F. Coffey (signature)

I, T.P. Fitzpatrick, Judge of the County Court for the County of Nelson do certify that Mary F. Coffey, whose name is signed to the foregoing application, personally  appeared before me in open court, and , having the said application fully read and  explained to her, as well as the statements and answers therein made, she, the said  Mary F. Coffey made oath before me that said statements and answers are true.      Given under my hand this 22nd day of April, 1889.                                      Thos P Fitzpatrick (signature)

Nelson @ No 35
Co. of Nelson, TO-WIT:

I, Thos. P. Fitzpatrick, Judge of the ___ Court for the County of Nelson, do  certify that I have carefully enquired and examined into and am fully satisfied from  the evidence adduced before me that each and all of the facts set forth in the within  application are true; that the application is for these reasons approved, and it is  therefore certified  that Mary F. Coffey is entitled to receive annually from the  State of Virginia the sum of thirty dollars.

Given under my hand this 22nd day of  April, 1889.

Thos. P. Fitzpatrick (signature)
Mary Jane died Feb. 14, 1922 and was buried at the Achilles Fitzgerald Family Cemetery.  I think this cemetery is the one at Crab Tree Falls.

They had two children:  Martin Marcellus, born Dec. 27, 1854, died Sep. 24, 1932 in Augusta Co., VA.  His wife was Teressa Catherine Fitzgerald, daughter of James Milton and Ardenia Coffey Fitzgerald.  He and Teressa were married on Dec. 26, 1878 in Nelson Co.  Second child was Sarah Frances, born May 10, 1860 in Nelson Co. and, died Nov. 19, 1906.  Her husband was David Edward Painter, born to John Painter and Nancy Ellen Fitzgerald on Aug. 22, 1856.  He died Jul., 1945 in Nelson Co.

Woodson & Frances' second child was Edward Addison Fitzgerald, born c1838 in Nelson Co., died 1915 in VA.  He married Nancy E. Coffey on Jun. 2, 1865 in Nelson Co.  Her parents were Holloway Stewart Coffey and his wife, Catherine "Kate" Fitzgerald.  Holloway and Frances were first cousins, he a son of William Coffey and Elizabeth Giles.  Children of Edward and Nancy - as I know them - were Blanchetta, born c1866, John Silas, born c1868, Edward Alexander, born about May, 1870 and Raleigh Woodson, born Nov. 4, 1880.  All were born in Nelson Co.

[Update 11-11-11:  Another son, John C. has been found.  He was born c1842 in Nelson Co. and died during the Civil War.  He was a member of  the Nelson Light Artillery, Rives Battery.  He is believed to have died in a (field?) hospital rather than killed in action.  He appears in the Virginia Regimental History book as a member of the Rives Battery and that he was a brother to Philander Hersey Fitzgerald (Brad Fitzgerald of Roanoke provided info on this son)]

Following Edward Addison was Philander Hersey, born Feb., 1844, died Oct. 6, 1925 in Albemarle Co.  He married Amanda Jane Coffey, born c1849.  She was a daughter of Reuben G. and Margaret Snead Coffey.  This Reuben G. was a son of Edmond S. & Nancy Barnett Coffey.  Philander and Amanda were parents to 12  14 children: Ruth J., James Irvin, Linda J., Anna Parker, Perry Dickerson, Eudora, Richard, Gilbert Walker, Quintus, June C., Myrtle Lee, Mittie Jackson, Lloyd Washington, and Dulcie C.

Woodson and Fannie's next child was Sarah Ann, born Sep. 12, 1846, died Apr. 15, 1926.  She married Alexander S. Coffey, a son of the above Holloway Stewart and Catherine Fitzgerald Coffey.  Alexander was born Mar. 2, 1844 and died Jul. 20, 1929 in Nelson Co.  They were married in that county on Jan. 16, 1873.  Their children were: Frances "Fannie" Catherine, Adolphus Franklin, Mary Docia, Robert Alexander, and Charlie Cleveland.

Napoleon Dewey followed Sarah Ann.  He was born Apr. 20, 1847 and died before 1930  Nov. 18, 1922 in Nelson Co.  His wife was Lucinda C. Blackwell, born c1850 in VA.  They had at least 10 children:  William, Cornelia, Robert, Charles Napoleon, Lilly M., Serena, Ella G., Eliza J., Coral L., and Mary Lula.  Charles Napoleon was born Feb. 7, 1875 and died Dec. 26, 1949.  His wife was Melissa Stevens Truslow, daughter of Joseph Walker and Minerva Ann Thompson Truslow.  They were parents of at least nine children but I have not found any that married into the Coffey family.  Names and particulars are available if needed.

One last child of Woodson and Fannie is said to be Josephine, born c1852.  However, I have no other information about her.  She married in Nelson Co. on Dec. 30, 1869 to William H. Blackwell, born c1849 in Rockbridge Co., VA.

I could use some help sorting out the various Fitzgerald Cemeteries from someone with intimate knowledge of the area!

*This may be an error.  Frances had a younger brother named Reuben C.
**So far, I have discovered three Fitzgerald cemeteries in Nelson.  One is located on North Fork Road, some distance from Lovingston and is "high on a ridge."  The Fitzgerald Family cemetery referred to in the text is said to be located on the "back side of Fork Mountain" and about 4 miles from Lovingston.  A third is said to be at Crabtree Falls and referred to as the Achilles Fitzgerald Family Cemetery.  I do not yet know which is the correct cemetery for Woodson Robert and Frances.

February 5, 2011

Aaron & Susan Chrisman Barrier

Aaron and Susan of Wayne Co., KY had at least three children that eventually married into the Coffey family of that county.

The first was Richard, born Dec. 17, 1822, died Oct. 4, 1907 in Wayne Co.  Richard married Permelia Ann Loveall on Nov. 4, 1842.  Permelia was born May 7, 1826 in Wayne Co., and died there on Mar. 17, 1889.  Their daughter, Sarah Margaret Barrier was born Jan. 14, 1844 and died in Oil Valley, Wayne Co. on Dec. 2, 1932.

Sarah married James Nelson Coffey, a son of Nelson N. and Keziah "Kizzie" Watters Coffey.  James was born Mar. 23, 1835, perhaps in Eadsville, Wayne Co.  He died Feb. 20, 1915 in Oil Valley.  He and Sarah were married on May 9, 1861.  Both are buried at the Ingram Cemetery in Monticello, Wayne Co.

Sarah gave birth to at least 12 children:

Jane, born 1862, died 1927 in Wayne Co.,  Married Emerson Lafayette Foster on Jan. 15, 1885.  He was born May 11, 1863, died Apr. 21, 1937.  They too are buried at Ingram Cemetery.

Nelson C., born 1864, died 1934.  He married Sarah Emerine Worley, daughter of Willis and Rachel Jones Worley.  She was born Jan. 4, 1867 and died Oct. 10, 1957.  Both are buried at Ingram.  Children were: Rachel, Emmerine, James Nelson, Albert, Wilbern, Alice, Sarah Margaret and Kizzie Elizabeth.

Richard, born Apr., 1865, died Mar. 12, 1958.  He married Roseanna Foster c1889 in KY.  She was born in Aug., 1866 and died May 27, 1958 in Wayne Co.  Their children were Thomas, Martha L., Bertie, and Oliver.

Next in 1866 was Keziah.  No further information.

Amelia, born Mar. 15, 1868, died Jan. 24, 1943.  She apparently died unmarried and is buried at Ingram.

Henderson, born Oct., 1870, died Jan. 31, 1960.  He married Margaret Coffey, a daughter of Richard Henderson and Catherine C. Jones Coffey on Feb. 27, 1902.  Margaret was born Nov. 6, 1870 and died on Nov. 9, 1946.  They are also buried at Ingram.  Their children were Ida, Garnett, Walter, Lexie and Everett.

Pruda, born Mar. 15, 1873, died Jan. 14, 1965 in Monticello.  She married Calvin Koger, son of John and Elizabeth Gregory Koger on Apr. 7, 1898.  Both are buried at Ingram.  Children were Elbert G., Indie, Mack (?), Edgar and Fronia.

Adinna, born Jan. 24, 1876, married Cooper Burnett on Dec. 30, 1903.  No further information.

Mary Melvina, born Jun. 22, 1878, died Nov. 18, 1947, married John D. Cooper on Jan. 11, 1900 in Wayne Co.  John is buried at Ingram.  Best info I have on Mary is that she was buried at Oil Valley.  Children were Stella P. and Wilfred F.

Nancy, born Mar., 4 1881. No further information.

Burl, born Jan. 14, 1884, died May 15, 1971.  He married Camely Steele on Mar. 7, 1903.  She was the daughter of John M. and Eliza Steele and was born Dec., 1884.  Both are buried at Elk Spring Cemetery in Monticello.  Children were Mabel, Earnie, Oscar, Mayme, Mary Jane, Leslie, Frederic, Woodroe, Dortha, and Shoff G.

The last child was Susanna who married John Messer.  No further information.
Another of Aaron and Susan's children was Rachael, born c1824.  She married John Coffey, a son of James and Sarah Emerline Sumpter Coffey on Jan. 28, 1848 in Wayne Co.  Their children were Sarah Jane, Elizabeth, Shelby "Shelly," James A., Joseph and Francis M.

The third of Aaron and Susan's children to figure into the Coffey families of Wayne Co. was Elizabeth, born c1830.  She married Josiah Dodson c1850 in Wayne Co.  Their daughter Susan Ann, born Apr., 1855, married Leander T. Denney c1880.  Leander was born to Cyrus and Betsey Littrell Denney on Jan. 2, 1857 in Wayne Co.  He and Susan had several children including Lottie Susan Denney who married Albert Coffey.

Albert was another son of Nelson and Sarah Emerine Worley Coffey.  He was born Apr. 7, 1891 in Wayne Co. and died on Nov. 13, 1966 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH.  Lottie was born Nov. 11, 1893 and died in Cincinnati on May 7, 1969.  Their children were Earl Edison, Roy Lee, Clarence Nelson, James C., Ruby, James O'Dell, Wendell Albert, Susie O., Milus (?) E., Sarah Doris, Wallace Ernest and Ann M.

I have some descendants of most of their children and, of course, their ancestors.  Drop me a note to add to or correct any of this information.

Note:  I have seen references to Ingram Cemetery as Ingram-Coffey and Ingram-Vickery-Goddard Cemetery.  It is located about 5 miles SE of Monticello on the Ingram Coffey Cemetery Road.  A map link is included below.

February 4, 2011

Joel & Martha Sealey Stapp Coffey

I received the following a couple of days ago from James Scott of Logansville, GA:

I have the complete family of Joel & Martha Sealey Stapp Coffey, all the 9 children and all the grand children and some of te [sic] [the] great grand children 53 pages in all, if you or any one you may know wants a copy it is $20 in book form. The next brother Salathiel & Elizabeth Franklin Coffey, and all 11 of their children and grand children & great grand children, and most of their children has large families, the price will be 25¢ a sheet. Also I have all of Isaiah Neburzarden & Elizabeth Hayes's family, with children & grandchildren and great grand children, they had 9 children. The 25¢ cost covers copy cost, postage, & the book form.
If anyone would like to communicate about this with James, drop me a note and I'll send his contact information.

February 3, 2011

William Columbus & Mrs. Ada Elizabeth Worth Penn Coffey

Thanks to Lloyd Coffey for pointing out my (dumb) error.  The children Edgar and Thomas Finley were by William's first wife, Caroline L. "Carrie" Curtis.

I have previously written a bit of information about William.  Click on the title to see his photo and, to read that blog.

Ada Elizabeth Worth was born Jun. 4, 1866 in Ashe     Co.,   NC to David and Elizabeth Thomas Worth.  She  first married James Shelton Penn on Nov. 29, 1887 in Creston, Ashe Co.  James was born in 1858 and died in 1898.  Together they had at least four children:  David Worth, born Sep., 1888, died 1951 in Caldwell Co.; Elizabeth R., born Aug., 1891; William S., born Mar., 1894; and Allie Henry, born Oct., 1896, all in NC.

She married William on Jul. 25, 1908 in Ashe Co. and had two additional children:  Edgar S., born Jul., 1867.  He married Annie E. Parks, born May, 1874 in VA, on Dec. 19, 1894 in Watauga Co., NC.  Their children were:  Carrie L., born Oct., 1897; Ruth J., born Feb. 1900; Nellie E., born c1905; W. Hubert, born c1907; and Mary L., born c1909, all in Watauga Co.  Their second child was Finley Thomas, born Nov., 1868 in Watauga Co.

Ada died of a heart attack on Aug. 13, 1965 at the Vine Arden Rest Home in Morganton, Burke Co., NC and was buried at Hollywood Cemetery in Elkin, Surry Co., NC.

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